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User Reviews for Azithromycin

Also known as: Zithromax, Azithromycin Dose Pack, Z-Pak, Zmax

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Mycoplasma Pneumonia
2 reviews 36 medications
Cystic Fibrosis
1 review 102 medications
Gonococcal Infection, Uncomplicated
4 reviews 61 medications
Lyme Disease, Erythe...hronicum Migrans
1 review 34 medications
7 reviews 47 medications
Chlamydia Infection
500 reviews 58 medications
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
50 reviews 119 medications
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection
6 reviews 162 medications
Mycobacterium avium-...ulare, Treatment
2 reviews 13 medications
115 reviews 248 medications
Otitis Media
13 reviews 137 medications
165 reviews 287 medications
58 reviews 86 medications
26 reviews 185 medications
Bacterial Infection
51 reviews 171 medications
1 review 32 medications
Bacterial Endocarditis Prevention
2 reviews 56 medications
COPD, Acute
4 reviews 25 medications
STD Prophylaxis
1 review 25 medications
BabesiosisNot rated - Add rating1 review 9 medications
Summary of Azithromycin reviews 7.1 1,010 reviews

Reviews for Azithromycin

PrettyBoy · Taken for less than 1 month July 9, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "So I found out I had this (like everyone else on here). I had eaten pretty good through the day (fried food though) I got a shot on the right side of my buttocks and felt nothing I went to CVS pharmacy to get the two pills 500mg (must take both at the same time equaling 1000 mg!) I didn’t feel much until (even managed to cook some spaghetti) HOWEVER about 2 hours later I felt funny got hot as anything, had nausea, laid down, mouth formed with Salvia then it hit me like a rocket I was like omg u gotta run to the bathroom thankfully no one was in there as I sure did poop a lot- like never before & then it was coming out like pee. I got scared in fear I might get dehydrated, after all the pooping I felt a little strong so I took a shower & washed my hair now I’m lying in bed scared to eat the spaghetti I cook due to the extreme diarrhea. Scary lmao definitely wrapping it up from now on!!! Not worth the stomach cramps and pains and diarrhea"

User1234 · Taken for less than 1 month June 30, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I found out I had Chlamydia after I was sexually assaulted, first thing I did was read these reviews, I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT!!! I have a phobia of being ill, even the slightest headache or tummy ache and I'm having panic attacks! Anyway, I was prescribed four 250mg tablets, and was told to take them all at once, so I ate some toast and had a cup of tea just to line my stomach at around 10am, felt sick just taking them due to the reviews, took all four tablets around 10:30am and waited for the inevitable, but never the less, two days later and I had NO SYMPTOMS, very very slight nausea about half an hour after taking them but wouldn't even call it nausea, just the feeling as if you've eaten a bit too much! Nausea from anxiety is way worse than what I experienced with these tablets, don't scare yourself with the reviews, some of the people on here just had very unfortunate reactions! But it's not the same for everybody"

Stephy2009 · Taken for less than 1 month June 29, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: "I had a real bad chest infection and was Spitting blood everyday with foul smelling yellow mucus. After taking first dose of azithromycin pills I haven't seen any blood in my mucus what so ever I'm so excited ! I've had some kind of infection since taking dulera but my only symptom was bloody mucus when I woke up. no cough no fever nothing well my chest hurts but steroid is taking care of that 4 months ago I had a clear chest ct scan and a clear larengoscopy just recently . I've been dealing with this for 4 months and had no idea what it could be . Apparently some sort of bacterial infection cuz I'm only spitting yellow today no blood !Thankful to god! !"

Anonymous June 25, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I was prescribed two 500 mg tablets to take at the same time I took them after eating a half of sandwich and about 10 mins later I felt very dizzy and nauseous like I was getting ready to throw up! Then the headache came which sent me to the bed and I couldn’t move. Then came the watery diarrhea which I’ve had all day it’s been about 12 hours now. But I took a Tylenol to relieve my headache which also helped with the nausea and I was honestly back feeling normal within a hour after taking the pills. After that hour I ate some crackers and drank some ginger ale and my stomach was pretty much settled. And some of my symptoms have started to go away so idk I hope it clears everything up and I NEVER have to take this medication again... the nausea and headache is TERRIBLE! Be safe!"

First hour was horrible · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I just took 4 pills and ate some yogurt as the pharmacist told me to do if my stomach was feel blah. After I had only a couple small spoonfuls of yogurt, I was sooo nauseous and dizzy and sweaty. I did gag a couple times but didn’t throw up. I then put an ice pack on my neck and lay down on my bed. Then I switch the ice pack to my chest. I lay there for about an hour with stomach pains and a nauseating feeling. When the hour (or a bit less) was up I was feeling fine again. I would suggest to people to lay down and close your eyes. This feeling will pass and you’ll be fine. Don’t read all the comments because I did and I started freaking out. You’ll survive."

Buddy June 17, 2019

For Not Listed / Other: "Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my recent experience with the antibiotic. After reading these reviews I got horrified and did not want to take it and ended up having a very bad panic attack. All I can say is just relax have a meal before hand and just try to have a good mind set. After my panic attack I was fine and the only side effect I had was diarrhea the next morning. Don’t let these reviews scare you as much as they did me. You’ll be okay!"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 15, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I had to take these twice because I got reinfected and didn’t abstain from sex for 10 days. Both times, I’ve gotten no side affects. The comments I’m reading are unfortunate. I know my male partner was nauseous, had diarrhea and all of that but not me."

Amino · Taken for less than 1 month June 12, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I’m sharing my experience here to help everyone. I took this medicine (azithromycin) for chlamydia. One dose of two 500g tablets, had normal side effects like headache and some stomachache but it didn’t work for 10 days then I took another dose and waited 10 days again got retested again and it didn’t work. The way body react to antibiotics is different from a person to other also the way your body absorb it, and how strong your immunity system to work along with the antibiotic, or sometimes the bacteria is resistant which is rare in chlamydia. I discussed with doctor and he suggested whether to continue use it with high dose till it clear symptoms or change to doxycycline 100mg twice a day for 7 days better on empty stomach to be absorbed better, with some probiotics to reduce the side effects, I hope it work this time."

Anonymous June 12, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "First time I took azithromycin no problems at all. Second time my stomach felt like I was super hungry for a while and I had diarrhea for about an hour after I took it. My partner and I have been very itchy though even after a week and not sure when this should end. Not sure if my symptoms even went away yet so I'm still skeptical about having sex, but overall the drug seems effective and helpful."

Me June 9, 2019

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: "Azithromycin really messed up my face. I was prescribed it by a doctor and I had no qualms about it since I'm also a healthcare professional and I haven't really had any bad encounters with it of my patients complaining about serious side effects of the drug. A day after I had taken it, weird itchy pimple-like rashes started popping out on my T-zone. I stopped the meds when I realized that I was experiencing a delayed hypersensitivity reaction to the drug. I went back to the same doctor who advised me to stop taking the drug and prescribed me an antihistamine. It's been 3 days already and I don't see my skin getting better anytime soon. It's so itchy and scaly. My esteem has dipped since getting this rash on my face because I've always had really clear skin. I would not recommend this drug at all...."

Bob · Taken for less than 1 month June 8, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I took this azithromycin medicine like 10 days ago for chlamydia, I had some headache and stomachache but it didn’t last longer. I read it takes 7 days to clear symptoms it’s day 10 and I still have symptom not strong as before but I will wait to day 14 and go see the doctor again for another dose if I still have the symptoms."

Smm June 5, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "This guy I had sex with called me about a week after our incident saying he went to go get checked and was positive and told me to go get checked as well, so I did. This is my 2nd time getting it and honey the first time I had got the one single dosage powder and I did not experience any nausea or upset stomach just diarrhea and that lasted for about 2 weeks "

Anaonymus · Taken for less than 1 month June 4, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "Did anyone experience extreme inflammation or what appeared like bloating or weight gain the week after the 1 day 4 pill dose. ? I’m six days in and man am I bloated. I feel like I put on 20 pounds. Been drinking lots of water and taking probiotics. Just wondering if anyone experienced this too"

Olivia · Taken for less than 1 month June 2, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: "Worst experience on an antibiotic ever. I usually have bowel issues as a common thing but this medicine gave me stabbing pains in my gut and watery poops. After I took the med I went to sleep and woke up the most nauseous I’ve ever felt in my life. This med does help with whatever you’re dealing with but you gotta work through these horrific side effects."

Tamtami · Taken for less than 1 month June 2, 2019

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: "This is one of the best drug for strep infection omg!! It is a life saver from pain just, 30 min after I took one I already felt better could swallow easily! and its only 5 day meds!"

notbad · Taken for less than 1 month May 30, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I tested positive for chlamydia and was prescribed two azithromycin 500mg pills. The nausea was awful and I had really bad stomach cramps for about an hour, but nothing else after that. A week later and I am still experiencing symptoms so I am PRAYING that this medicine worked!!!"

Annie · Taken for less than 1 month May 22, 2019

For COPD, Acute: "Zpack OMG!!! Took it once I got home from ER and 30 min later I've got stuff coming out both ends and just wanna lay on the bathroom floor. Hot baths or showers relieve the pain temporary. The abdominal pain and sweating is insane. My hubby thought I was dying it was scary!"

Jane Doe May 18, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "So to get to the point, this medication is effective. This is the second time I’ve been diagnosed with Chlamydia (I was stupid enough to believe the lies that were told to me TWICE), the first time I took this medication I had no side effects nothing. This second time man "

Bianca · Taken for less than 1 month May 15, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I’m really annoyed as these reviews had me scared for days to take azithromycin medicine. I was tested positive for Chlamydia and my nurse practitioner prescribed me 4 pills 250mg (1 dose). I ate a meal but not way too much. Just enough to coat my stomach. I wait 30 minutes to an hour and then took the pills. About 30 minutes later I started feeling slight burns in my stomach and was letting off gas. I also felt a bit drained or tired. An hour later I had to poop twice and stools were loose/watery. After that stage passed, I was feeling better, and became super hungry around bedtime. I took the meds at 8:15 pm and it is now 12:50 am. I have not thrown up, felt nauseous, nor had severe pain yet. Just hungry and a little stomach noises or gas moving around that’s it. If you eat well but not too much and wait about 30 minutes before taking it, you should be fine."

Heatison · Taken for less than 1 month May 13, 2019

For Bronchitis: "I had a sinus and bronchitis infection got the 5 day azithromycin treatment pack. Also given 5 days of steroids. Feeling better after second full day of treatment so amazing how quickly it worked. I did sleep 12 hours the first day of treatment which helped. I had been coughing up nasty stuff for a week. Side effects aren't bad just follow Dr orders. Eat with the z pack pill . drinks lots of water 6 bottles a day and get tons of rest if you can. If you get a headache take what you normally take to get rid of it. All in all the z pack works for what it's meant for. I'm glad it works for me..just eat, drink lots water & rest if you can."

Sheba · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 11, 2019

Azithromycin Dose Pack (azithromycin) for Sinusitis: "This azithromycin antibiotic is the best! I’m a first grade teacher and seem to get sick easily even with homeopathic medicines and extreme hygienic practices. It starts with sore throat then congestion in nose and throat. Excessive phlegm development and coughing. I try OTC first NYQUIL Mucinex and Vick’s rub, but the 5 day azithromycin Z pack always gets rid of it! I worry about being on it now 2x a year but I heard it is less harmful or strong as others so it’s safe."

this sucks · Taken for less than 1 month May 3, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "So I found out I have chlamydia and took azithromycin two hours ago and felt fine. Now I am super nauseous, have diarrhea and a headache. I just hope the azithromycin is effective against the the chlamydia bug."

Neener · Taken for less than 1 month May 2, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "Well I hadn’t experienced any symptoms of chlamydia but got a call that I was positive for chlamydia, they gave me 100mg azythromycin in two pills, one the first day then the other two days later. I ate a moderate dinner about 3 hours before taking the pill and took a pepto about 1 hour before. I took the pill and went straight to sleep because I heard about the side effects. I woke up feeling fine my guts just hurt a little. The next time I took the pill I did the same procedure but without pepto and woke up feeling fine, insides not hurting this time around. Now I go back in a month and we shall see "

Bigboy299 · Taken for less than 1 month May 2, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I took two 500mg of azithromycin tablets and had mild stomach grumblies but after an hour I was okay. However I must add this is my second time taking this prescription. Why? Well apparently the first time it didn't cure me of chlamydia. I read up on somewhere that during treatment chlamydia has a chance of hiding out in the gut and re-emerging. I guess that's what happened because theres no other possible explanation. I hope it works this time."

Laney April 23, 2019

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: "Azithromycin made me awfully sick, I was constantly shaking and could not keep my food down, was very stomach sick but it did clear my tonsillitis and strep (I had both at the same time) considering it rebounded."


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