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For Healthcare Professionals provides access to healthcare information tailored for a professional audience - sourced solely from the most trusted, well-respected and independent agents such as the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), FDA, Truven Health Analytics, Harvard Health and Cerner Multum.

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Professional resources

Professional resources


AHFS DI Monographs

AHFS DI from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) is the most comprehensive source of unbiased and authoritative drug information available to health professionals today. A wholly independent staff of drug information pharmacists and other professional editorial and analytical staff thoroughly research AHFS DI content.


FDA Professional Drug Information

FDA product labels provide professional information, package inserts and medication guides. This professional information presents product monographs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and compiled by drug manufacturers. reformats the style of these monographs, but the content is a duplicate of FDA-approved labeling.

Drug Interaction Checker

The Drug Interactions Guide explains the mechanism of each drug interaction, the level of significance of the interaction (major, moderate or minor), and in certain cases, can provide the recommended course of action to manage the interaction. Members can also save multiple interactions lists.

Micromedex Carenotes

Micromedex Patient Carenotes

Micromedex Carenotes contain concise, easy-to-understand information relating to standard treatments for a variety of diseases and conditions. The carenotes cover general information on the nature of the disease/condition, possible causes, signs and symptoms, and standard means of care and support.

Harvard Health Publishing

Harvard Health Topics

Sourced from Harvard Health Publishing, these articles include detailed information about medical conditions, diseases, procedures and devices. Includes definitions, descriptions, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, prognosis and other resources.

A-Z Professional Patient Advice provides A-Z Patient Advice for the professional.

Natural Product Information for Professionals

The Natural Product Information Professional database is a comprehensive source of information on traditional and/or conventional uses of natural products. A basic overview of each product is provided (including dosages, possible drug interactions, side effects and contraindications) along with safety and/or efficacy ratings.