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J-Shaped Association Seen for BMI, Hodgkin Lymphoma

There is a strong positive association between body mass index (BMI) and incident Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), with the positive association seen at BMIs greater than 24.2 kg/m², according to a study recently published in the British Journal of Cancer. Helen Strongman, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and colleagues examined the shape...

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Health Tip: Causes of Lightheadedness

-- Feeling woozy or lightheaded is often rooted in a simple cause, says Harvard Medical School. Common reasons for faintness include: Dehydration. Medication side effects. Sudden drop in blood pressure. Low blood sugar. At its most serious, faintness could be a sign of heart attack or stroke. If you suspect you're having a heart attack or stroke,...

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Health Tip: Improving Your Memory

-- Memory loss is common, but should not be taken lightly, says Mayo Clinic. If you have difficulty remembering things, Mayo Clinic offers a few simple ways to sharpen your memory: Stay physically and mentally active. Socialize often. Stay organized. Sleep well. Eat healthy. Manage chronic conditions. If memory loss affects your ability to complete...

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Loan Forgiveness, Educational Debt May Affect Practice Patterns

Increased educational debt appears to directly influence physician practice choice, according to a study published in the April issue of the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. Caleb J. Scheckel, D.O., from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, and colleagues assessed intended practice patterns of recent graduates of colleges of osteopathic...

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Many Teens Don't Know They Are Vaping Nicotine

As e-cigarette use soars in high schools across America, new research shows many people don't understand the amount of addictive nicotine they're inhaling with every puff. In a new survey, many teens said they regularly used e-cigarettes, but swore they only vaped nicotine-free products. However, urine tests for a "marker" of nicotine use came up positive...

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Babies Still Dying Due to Unsafe Sleep Practices

The death of a baby is always tragic, but safe sleep practices could have prevented some recent suffocation deaths, new research claims. The study found two factors appeared to be behind a majority of infant deaths by suffocation: A baby not sleeping on his or her back. A baby sleeping in an adult bed. "Although this is a small proportion of sudden...

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Medical Marijuana Use Rising Among Cancer Patients

Americans with cancer are more likely to use marijuana and prescription opioids than those without cancer, and the use of medical marijuana by this group is on the rise, new research shows. Pain is common among cancer patients, but many do not get adequate pain relief, the researchers noted. The new study looked at more than 800 adults with cancer who...

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Strict Blood Pressure Limits for Kids Tied to Heart Health Later

Tighter high blood pressure guidelines for children might better spot those at risk for heart disease in adulthood, a new study suggests. Compared to 2004 guidelines, the updated 2017 guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics increased the number of children considered to have high blood pressure. But it wasn't known if the new guidelines would...

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Asparagus: A Tasty Spring Veggie That Boosts Gut Health

Asparagus is a great spring vegetable that can be a tasty side dish or the starring ingredient in a main course like risotto. And it's more than just delicious -- asparagus is great for digestive health, too. It's a prebiotic food, meaning it feeds the helpful bacteria that live in your gut. These good bacteria are responsible for everything from signaling...

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How to Make Your Workplace a Healthier One

Even if you love your job, your workspace might not love you back. Because people may spend 40 or more hours on the job, often at a desk, all that exposure to less-than-inspiring surroundings can negatively influence health. While some people suffer emotional and physical problems from a stressful job, for others, it's the physical environment that...

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The Veneral Pest Returns

The history of syphilis makes interesting reading. For a start, there’s controversy about its origins. Some believe it to have been prevalent from at least 3000BC, whereas the more popular theory links its general introduction to the world to the return of the Columbus navigators from the New World in 1493. Regardless of its actual […]

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The Feverish Pricing of MS Treatments

Towards the end of March, the FDA approved two new treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS): Mayzent (siponimod) and Mavenclad (cladribine). Both represent important breakthroughs for people with certain types of MS. But they come at a cost. The wholesale acquisition cost of Mayzent is $88,500 per year. Mavenclad is $99,500 annually. Even for those with […]

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Unique and Totally Interesting

Autism is a childhood condition that always seems to be surrounded by a cloud of myths and misconceptions. Myths such as it is caused by vaccination, bad parenting, or a poor diet. Misconceptions that children with autism can’t learn, don’t want to make friends, or don’t feel emotions. Not one of those is true. Nowadays, […]

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