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IBM Watson Micromedex Detailed Consumer Information

IBM Watson Micromedex Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer provides comprehensive consumer information on a wide variety of medications. Information includes a list of commonly used brand names, drug descriptions, warnings and precautions, and detailed information on the proper use of each drug. Side effects and instructions on how to handle missed doses are also included, as are guidelines for when to seek medical assistance or supervision.

IBM Watson Micromedex Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer helps reinforce treatment instructions and patient understanding of their medications. The drug information is compiled and intensively reviewed by an editorial staff that includes physicians, pharmacists, nurses, toxicologists and other qualified drug experts.

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IBM Watson Micromedex Detailed Consumer Information A-Z Index


A-Caro-25 → Actiq Actisite → Afstyla Aftate → Allersol Allerx-D → Aminocaproic acid Aminofen → Antacid Antagon → Apraclonidine Apremilast → Aspirin, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid Aspirtab → Axumin Aygestin → Azulfidine Entabs


Babee Cof Syrup → Bentoquatam Benylin E Extra Strength Chest Congestion → Biothrax Biotin → Buphenyl Bupivacaine → Byvalson


C-500 → Carboxine Cardene → Cerdelga Cerebyx → Ciclodan Ciclopirox → Clodronic acid Clofarabine → Conjupri Consensi → Cuprimine Cutaquig → Cytra-K Crystals


D-Alpha Gems → Dengue tetravalent vaccine, live Dengvaxia → DHT Intensol Diabeta → Divalproex sodium Divigel → Duofilm Duoforte 27 → Dysport


E-400 → Embeline Scalp Application Emcin → Eptifibatide Eptinezumab-jjmr → Estratest Estring → Ezol


FA-8 → Firdapse First - Lansoprazole → Fluticasone Fluticasone → Fycompa


G Phen DM → Genvoya Geocillin → Growth hormone Guaifenesin → Gynodiol


Habitrol → Hyalgan Hyalgan → Hyzine


I-Prin → Indocin Indocin → Ionil Plus Ionil-T Plus → Izba


Jack & Jill Cough Syrup → Jynneos


K-10 Solution → Koate DVI Kola-Pectin → Kytril


LA-12 → Levodopa Levodopa → Lo Minastrin Fe Lo / Ovral → Luspatercept-aamt Lusutrombopag → Lyza


M-End Max D → Megace Megace ES → Methylnaltrexone Methylnaltrexone bromide → Mirapex Mirapex ER → Mycinette Myclo-Derm → Mytrex


Nabi-HB → Neofrin Neomycin → Nipride RTU Niraparib → Novo-Cholamine Light Novo-Clavamoxin 125 → Nyvepria