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Medicine best for anxiety attacks?

Posted 3 days ago 3 answers

Related support groups: anxiety, medicine

Started Cymbalta without prescription?

Posted 5 days ago 3 answers

I didn't want to wait to find a doctor and all that so I am taking my moms Cymbalta just to see if it helps. What's the worst that could ...

Related support groups: cymbalta, depression, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, ...

I just quit taking tramadol and much pain started?

Posted 4 days ago 3 answers

... through this pain for like 2 weeks now. its hard for me like the foods am eating not digesting . feeling the pain all of my body sometimes. what ...

Related support groups: depression, anxiety, pain, back pain, tramadol, food

What are the blue specks in the pill T192?

Posted 13 days ago 0 answers

Related support groups: pill

Propranolol - Terrified I have to stand up in front of a group and introduce myself?

Posted 4 days ago 3 answers

In a week I have to stand up in front of a group of about 50 people and say my name, what department I work in and where I used to work. Seriously ...

Related support groups: sta-d, anxiety, propranolol, performance anxiety

Wellbutrin - Ringing in the ears and high blood pressure after starting bupropion 1 1/2 years ago?

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

As a result I now take Coreg which is causing hair loss. So I was thinking of going off bupropion because it was after starting that med over a year ...

Related support groups: wellbutrin, high blood pressure, bupropion, hair, ear

Does anyone have any non painful experiences with Epclusa?

Posted 7 days ago 4 answers

I was supposed to start it last month but I'm disabled and I live alone and the reviews are horrible - the ringing in the ears the weakness in ...

Related support groups: vomiting, headache, pain, bones, bone, ear, epclusa

Ciprofloxacin - Is there an alternative to the ciprofloxacin?

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

I have had UTI problems and have taken nitrofurantoin... now my doctor wants me to take the Cipro. After reading these responses I do not want to ...

Related support groups: cipro, urinary tract infection, bladder infection, prevention of bladder infection, ...

Why does my young husband struggle with frequent urination?

Posted 4 days ago 2 answers

my husband (20) sometimes has bouts of frequent urination when he’s trying to sleep. He’s just gone 8 times in a 1 hour period. There is ...

Related support groups: urinary tract infection, sleep, bladder, frequent urination, ...

I took Plan B and take action?

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

Can I be pregnant. I feel anxious I have anxiety. Are the pills making me nervous. I need advice. I had sex Thursday 10 pm took take action Friday ...

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