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Can Soolantra be used for acne?

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How long do you take Zytiga for?

How long does a Tysabri infusion take?

Escitalopram - Increasing dose of lexapro from 10ml to 20ml?

Has anyone any experience of going from 10ml lexapro to 20ml? I was on 10ml for 3 months and increased to 20ml 3 weeks ago but seen little...

Anyone had success on 5mg escitalopram?

I'm aware that the optimum dose of escitalopram is 10mg, but after two weeks on 10mg I was so tired and hardly able to keep my eyes open, that I...

Entresto - Has anyone experience irregular heartbeat on this medicine if so how long does it take...

... this side effect to go away?

Oxycodone - Who do you notify when a pain clinic ignores level of pain?

I have chronic pain lumbar area. Cancer in 2013 required titanium rod cage and bolts around lumbar spine Fragile bones have 5 different cracks. I...

Exhausted and no motivation?

Started on escitaloprám several months ago with 10mg... increased to 15mg for awhile... then a few months ago increased to 20mg. In the past...

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