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Does anyone know the difference between Mylan and Mallinckrodt fentanyl patch?

Posted 4 days ago 4 answers

My pharmacy is only going to carry the Mallinckrodt brand now. I have been on Mylan brand for many years because it doesn't have gel. Can anyone ...

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I just started taking Lamictal and am on 60mg of Prozac. I recently found out that I have bipolar 2

Posted 4 days ago 3 answers

I am so ready to turn my life around and feel better. I have been on many many many different anti depressants that have either caused more problems ...

Related support groups: lamictal, prozac, depression, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, ...

Lexapro makes me feel spaced out?

Posted 5 days ago 4 answers

Hello. I have never asked a question on here and I have been going through a pretty rough time. So I was originally on Cymbalta and buspar for about ...

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Is it advisable to stop tramadol quickly without any side effects?

Posted 4 days ago 3 answers

I had a fall at work in 2013 which subsequently lead to an operation to remove the meniscus from my left knee, because I had a sever limp since the ...

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Duloxetine - Advice on what I should do?

Posted 6 days ago 4 answers

I've recently started taking Duloxetine for past two weeks,after many years on many other anti depressants/ Anxiety tablets 1st week started on ...

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Will sleep troubles on Lexapro resolve?

Posted 4 days ago 2 answers

I have been having trouble getting to sleep for most of my life. It got worse a couple years ago. I was given trazodone which helped a bit. Then my ...

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I am taking amlodipine and my feet ankles and legs keep swelling... can I just stop taking this med?

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

I have not been on it for very long and also take hydrochlorothiazide and verapamil for high blood pressure as well

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Pain after taking prednisone?

Posted 5 days ago 3 answers

I do not take prednisone often but I do have it handy because I occasionally get fluid buildup in the eustachian tube in my ear which causes pressure ...

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Contrave and fatigue- when does the energy kick in?

Posted 5 days ago 2 answers

I’ve been on this for almost 3 weeks and have been very fatigued. I am usually very tired as it is due to my thyroid being removed and ...

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