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What's the recommended time gap between taking a generic of Pomacta and a generic of Cellcept?

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

My hematologist prescribed these medicines to me and I want to know if there is an adverse effect if the drugs are taken at the same time. Is it...

I am currently on 40 mg of Paxil. Almost through 5 weeks and think I am having slight...

Posted 13 days ago 4 answers

... improvement. I literally have seen thousands of stories of people stating how absolutely horrible it is to get off of. I find it hard to believe...

Sertraline 50mg- tell me it gets better?

Posted 5 days ago 3 answers

Severe GAD just climbed on the sertraline 50 mg train 2 days in and?hating it.. So many uncomfortable sensations to say the least my head feels like...

Gabapentin - How did you all stop, is there a suggested way to do it???

Posted 7 days ago 2 answers

How did you all do it? Did you continue to drink and it just made you want to drink less? I would like to use it and taper, is this a good Idea. I...

Switching from Lexapro to Paxil for anxiety?

Posted 7 days ago 1 answer

So I had been on Lexapro 20mg for 5+ years and last summer I was weened off the medication because my psychiatrist and myself thought I no longer...

Is there such a thing as too many meds?

Posted 8 days ago 3 answers

My mother has CHF and COPD and is rapidly declining. As of 4 months ago she was not oxygen dependent and active. She was hospitalized duxto SOB 2...

I have tapered off of Effexor and titrated up on Paxil 40 mg at the same time.

Posted 19 days ago 3 answers

The doctor said that would keep me from discontinuation symptoms. I have been off the Effexor for 10 days now. I started the taper 4 weeks ago and...

I've been on Ingrezza for about two and half months now.

Posted 15 days ago 2 answers

Has anyone else who has taken Ingrezza gained weight or had their TD got worse? I'm only taking 40mg due to the side effects I experienced when...

What does this exactly mean? I see it on alot of sites. (Xanax)?

Posted 16 days ago 0 answers

In the treatment of an anxiety disorder, Xanax may be prescribed to be taken in doses between 0.25 milligrams and 0.5 mg three times a day, up to 4...

Effexor XR - Can someone please help me?

Posted 12 days ago 2 answers

I’m 23 years old I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was a kid. In November I had a miscarriage, I felt like I wasn’t able to really...

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