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Does this happen often with treatment?

Posted 24 minutes ago by Munchiebeau 0 answers

Used monistat 1 during my menstrual cycle. Only a small, and I mean small amount came out during my period and that was it. Fast forward... several days pass, period gone and that was that. No symptoms at all... until I had sex with my boyfriend. A dark green discharge that smelled like s&$@ ...

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Hi there I had the Mirena coil inserted on the 19th and was wondering how long the cramps last?

Posted 57 minutes ago by AMC93 0 answers

Also wondering how soon after getting it I should check for the strings? Thanks.

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How long after I use Monistat 7 does the discomfort and/or discharge go away?

Posted 1 hour 51 minutes ago by Allthingsconsidered 0 answers

It’s 2 days after and it still feels and smells weird down there.

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My 11 yr old Jack Russell is panting and very distressed. He's on 1/2 prednisolone every other day.

Posted 1 hour 51 minutes ago by Esporta46 0 answers

Can I give him Piriton tonight also? He suffers badly from hay fever. Thank you

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Bumex - does bumetanide get low sugar levels?

Posted 2 hours 3 minutes ago by alibra109 0 answers

only on bumetanide 3 days and I am getting lower sugars is this possible? or is it my machine

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Can someone develop stage 3 chronic kidney disease in a year?

Posted 4 hours 36 minutes ago by Felicia1979 0 answers

I just got my blood work back and it says my creatinine is 1.26 and eGFR is 54. I just had blood work last year and it was perfect. It this possible? I'm a bit concerned.

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Erectile Dysfunction - If you can order Cialis over the internet without a prescription, seems...

Posted 5 hours ago by JustMeandMyman 0 answers

... pretty clear it's not the real deal. Right?, How else could the companies selling without the prescription not be violating the US drug laws

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How long does it take for fenofibrate to be effective?

Posted 6 hours ago by jmeoni 0 answers

I took fenofibrate 160 religiously for 6 months with a starting Triglyceride level of 230. My labs in 6 months my level was at 594 and HDL was 27. I also take Crestor.

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Thoughts on Wellbutrin XL on Strattera?

Posted 6 hours ago by Mcheat625 0 answers

I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL and Strattera today for major depression. I wanted a stimulant instead of Strattera but my NP didn't offer it to me. Can I get some opinions on how these drugs have worked for others? I just don't see how Strattera is going to help me focus and have energy ...

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Am I getting false glucose readings?

Posted 7 hours ago by rob52570 0 answers

I have always had difficulty controlling my high blood sugar but recently was hospitalized for emergency surgery. As a consequence of the surgery the doctors discovered a fluttering heart rate. I have been able to drop a few pounds and have made dietary changes since getting out of the hospital. ...

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Lomustine - Can it be used for treaomedulla blastoma type IV?

Posted 7 hours ago by Karthigayan 0 answers

What is a good medicine for treating medulla blastoma?

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I take Eliquis 5mg bid, could I cut the pill in half and take it qid?

Posted 8 hours ago by dianegramke 0 answers

I bleed heavily vaginally during menstrual cycle and also when I am very active. Can I cut the Eliquis 5mg pill in half and take 2.5mg every 6 hours rather than 5mg every 12 hours? I have tried this, and it helps substantially with the heavy bleeding.

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Is 50mg doxycycline the same as 40mg Oracea?

Posted 8 hours ago by PD2 0 answers

I’ve been taking 40mg Oracea. Went to get a refill and bc of insurance deductible, the cost is over $500. Would 50mg doxycycline (it’s considerably cheaper) work the same as 40mg? The 40mg is timed Trieste whereas the 50mg is not. I also want to preserve the good gut bacteria which I ...

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Can I take antibiotics (Teva Cephalexin & Benadryl for my eye infection (Left eye swollen)?

Posted 10 hours ago by newyorkraja 0 answers

My Left Eyelid (top) got swollen and I was given the Teva Cephalexin antibiotics 4 tabs a day for 7 days? But some say, it can be cured by just taking Benadryl allergy medicine. Appreciate your useful input. Thanks, Raja

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