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Video said to not use microwave while wearing Neulasta. What other devices are you not supposed to..

Posted 1 hour 26 minutes ago by netcha 0 answers

... use?

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I have been on 150mg Wellbutrin for 5 days and feel absolutely nothing. Is this normal?

Posted 1 hour 33 minutes ago by Wheezy27 0 answers

Should I bump the dose up to 300mg? I don't take anything else

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Melatonin - Any side effect with this product like severe leg cramps (charlie horse)?

Posted 1 hour 53 minutes ago by Mary Boles 0 answers

No one seems to know what causes leg cramps and I have used every vitamin, mineral etc. and have had some relief until lately. Now that I'm on the melatonin I seem to be experiencing them frequently (nightly).

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What is Lodigrel? I am a diabetic that has suffered a strike this drug was prescribed?

Posted 3 hours 28 minutes ago by lambert plummer 0 answers

What is Lodigrel? I am a diabetic that has suffered a strike this drug was prescribed.

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I was diagnosed with E. coli in my sputum?

Posted 3 hours 42 minutes ago by pauljazz 0 answers

I have been getting shots of rocephine for 10 days. It's day 5 and still have yellow sputum. Is the drug working?

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Why is Gralise not given if your over 65+?

Posted 3 hours 51 minutes ago by Frog Girl 0 answers

Im taking gabapentin 300mg 3x a day. My doctor change me to Gralise 900mg once a day. Im concern about side effects.

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How do I recover from myasthenia gravis?

Posted 4 hours 23 minutes ago by Harv61 0 answers

How long will it take before the Flomax will start making me feel better?

Posted 5 hours ago by Keathavisel 0 answers

How long will it take for the Flomax to start making me feel better

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Can going to sleep not long after taking Zithromax make the antibiotic not work?

Posted 5 hours ago by Lsmith123 0 answers

I took 4 tablets all together for the treatment of chlamydia. 2 hours before and after food. But i fell asleep a bit after taking them and I’ve heard some people saying it may not work

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How well does naltrexone work for people with bipolar?

Posted 5 hours ago by Albertsons 0 answers

Does it work well for people with bipolar and alcohol problems?

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I just finished my first pack of Marlissa birth control pills and wanting to start new pack?

Posted 6 hours ago by cali_sun 0 answers

I finished all the active pills and took one inactive pill yesterday. Can I start new pack today? If I can, do I just take one pill or two pills as if I missed one yesterday?

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