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How long does it take for premarin cream to get totally out of your system? I am experiencing?

Posted 12 minutes ago by CO gal 0 answers

... really bad hair loss, and I think it's from the premarin. Went to gyn, had lab work and everything (hormones and thyroid) is normal; went to skin clinic and nothing appears to be wrong with my scalp or hair, though he did take iron and ferratin tests; my iron is high, ferratin is low, but ...

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Has formula for Gabapentin been changed?

Posted 3 hours 24 minutes ago by Elinor Popinjay 0 answers

Six yrs ago I took Gaba (300 mg at night) for sciatica; worked so well! Now have sciatica again, dr. said double up to 600 mg of Gaba before bed, does absolutely nothing to relieve pain or even make me sleepy. What's up with Gaba?

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How long after stopping doxycycline can I drink alcohol ?

Posted 3 hours 45 minutes ago by Janetlynnxx 0 answers

I'm taking 100mg 2x daily for 4 days. I stop on Wednesday. I am going on vacation on Friday... will it be safe to drink about 48 hours after ending the medication ?

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Can you get pregnant from pre ejaculate while on my period and birth control?

Posted 3 hours 52 minutes ago by Lm21005 0 answers

His penis was just rubbing around my vagina and there was potentially pre ejaculate on his penis. That couldn't get me pregnant since i'm on my period and birth control pills, correct?

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I can't tell if I'm pregnate help please?

Posted 4 hours 11 minutes ago by Nelly426 0 answers

I've had this nexplanon in my arm for about 5 years next year will have to be the replacement but my period had ended Middle of june and I have not had a period since am I pregnant or not my stomach feels more hard then usual I'm more thirsty than usual no morning sickness I didn't ...

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Can I buy brexin from Thailand?

Posted 6 hours ago by Rosa Granda 0 answers

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Pregnancy - I keep having sharp pain in my lower, upper sides of my belly?

Posted 9 hours ago by Lcurtis9297 0 answers

Nipples are tender when I bump them and my boobs got a little bigger since I had sex. Could I be pregnant?

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Prozac with epsom salt bath?

Posted 10 hours ago by Mallymoo99 0 answers

So I was wondering if there were any drug interactions with Prozac and epsom salt if I only did an epsom salt bath. I looked up information on here about possible interactions but I think they were talking about if you ingested it that's what could happen.

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Bleeding about more than a weak?

Posted 11 hours ago by ayaanbinasad 0 answers

I had a sex with my partner from evening 9th, 10th and till 11th morning ,but she had taken a pill on the 10th day.And after a weak she got start bleeding at the 15th day of her regular cycle, now she has a 9th day and still bleeds. Is there any kind of seriousness...

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I got my Kyleena 3 days ago.i have had cramping on and off since,wondering if this is normal?

Posted 13 hours ago by Stace86 0 answers

I got the Kyleena 3 days ago,felt cramps and dizzy during insertion but after it eased up but still getting cramps on and off.

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Can I take gabapentin for sleep?

Posted 13 hours ago by Lonyea Nikitia 0 answers

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Hello, I took raltegravir at 4pm and then at 3:30am. My normal dose is 3:30pm then 3:30am, I?

Posted 14 hours ago by Jackson121 0 answers

... had forgotten to take it and as soon as I realized I took it at 4pm. Is it OK if I took my 2nd dose at 3:30am (instead of waiting 12 hours)? Thank you in advance for your help

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Hi Friends! First time here, and I have a few questions?

Posted 15 hours ago by MomInSeverePain 0 answers

Has anyone ordered controlled (for pain) from here and a) gotten the legit product, and b) not got caught, in any way, by authorities? I'm really nervous.

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Its my first time taking Jolessa, only taking it because I get very bad cramps. My period started..

Posted 15 hours ago by Rennia 0 answers

... today july 23. Was wondering will my period come the same time next month august 23?

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