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I am experincing a Weak Stream when urinating, NO PAIN, NO BLOOD?

Posted 1 hour 2 minutes ago by chips1857 0 answers

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I bought a box of Monistat 3 to treat what I'm pretty sure is a yeast infection from taking?

Posted 1 hour 44 minutes ago by cac3ca 0 answers

... Amoxicillin, but the directions are scaring me because I have never had a yeast infection before/had it diagnosed by a doctor. I don't have insurance so seeing a doctor isn't the easiest option for me. I'm assuming that is geared at people who could have a UTI or STD but I know I ...

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Duofilm - Warts are turning black do I continue using or not?

Posted 2 hours 15 minutes ago by PumpyPea 0 answers

I've been using duofilm and my planter warts are turning black do I wait for it to die on the outside or continue putting duofilm on the black wart

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What over the counter pills are white round?

Posted 2 hours 41 minutes ago by Wendyburke2002 0 answers

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I have been on Saphris for a year?

Posted 3 hours 4 minutes ago by Mommymurf83 0 answers

I just went to the hospital for high pulse and chest pain and they did a drug teat and it came back that I had methamfidmen in me and I swear I have bnwver done that in my life.. Could it be possible

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Do varicose veins swell and become painful and get infected?

Posted 3 hours 4 minutes ago by kittycat50 0 answers

My vv in my leg is swollen, red, and extremely painful. It is warm to the touch. I had the same thing happened to this vein about 3 or 4 months ago. Can this be dangerous?

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I am a female fifty two have been on pantoprazole for 8 months then got C-diff on flagyl for 14 days

Posted 3 hours 18 minutes ago by MamaMimi63 0 answers

... relapsed one month after but on vancomycin and then a tamper for 3 months then relapsed again one month later I am know going to try a fecal transplant could the pantoprazole have caused the C-diff, I took myself off of pantoprazole on the second time that I got it

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Could I just be late for my period, not have a period at all or am I pregnant?

Posted 3 hours 23 minutes ago by Aparker22 0 answers

My boyfriend nutted in me 5 days after I got my shot. And I was suppose to get my period last Thursday.

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Who do I get in touch with about pain management?

Posted 3 hours 50 minutes ago by TLA912SEPTEMBER 0 answers

I had a pinched nerve sciatca, I fell into a metal pole the swelling was so bad it took 6 months to diagnose, I now have numbness so bad in my right side I broke and spraned my right ankle I didn't know it until I went to a 24 hr. Clinic, my doctor told me to go to another clinic she was ...

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Mycophenolate Mofetil - Cell crept . Is any one else taking it ? Having success?

Posted 4 hours 48 minutes ago by maryscomputer 0 answers

For rheumatoid arthritis?

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Daughter stopped taking her vimpat for 3 to 4 weeks. She started to take it again. Is this harmful?

Posted 6 hours ago by What todo 0 answers

Vimpat is seizure medicine. Daughter it's prescribed to take 500mg twice a day. I am concerned because I told her that this is very bad when She misses her doses. And made her start taking it again.

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I ate regular meals and spinach pie can I still take suprep bowel prep kit?

Posted 6 hours ago by 123missions 0 answers

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy for Tuesday, February 21 and I ate a regular meals and spinach pie, can I still take suprep bowel prep kit?

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Cefdinir - Can capsules be broken and put in applesauce to swallow?

Posted 6 hours ago by Flora47 0 answers

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Microgestin 1/20 - Is the entire bottom row of the pack placebo pills?

Posted 7 hours ago by gmarentis 0 answers

What should I do if I don't want to get my period? And can I stop taking the placebo pills and start a new pack even though I have been taking the pack normally for a few months?

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