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Is propranolol effective for anxiety ?

Posted 20 minutes ago by Jonathan_cordyceps 0 answers

I am currently taking 40mg propranolol twice daily but not feeling much of an effect from it. Also I am taking 10mg citalopram but looking to stop the medication with approval from my local gp. I am wondering if the propranolol will reduce the anxiety from coming off citalopram as I have not ...

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Lexapro - I have 2 questions. 1: if you've suffered from PTSD in the past could this cause panic?

Posted 22 minutes ago by Simplysusan 0 answers

... attacks. 2: once going off of this does anxiety & depression reoccur? My Dr. Has suggested this as an aid to quit smoking

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Radical prostatectomy done in july. Tried viagra with no response. Now got cialis 5mg. Insurance?

Posted 30 minutes ago by Karendoug 0 answers

Allows 6 per month. Has anyone had a good response with this drug?

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What kind of pain meds do doctors give when you have an peptic ulcer and have pleurisy?

Posted 45 minutes ago by knippd85 0 answers

I've been diagnosed with peptic ulcer. My question is what do doctors give for pain when you have pleurisy going on too? Tylenol doesn't do anything for my pleurisy and I know I can't take ibuprofen because that irritates my stomach and of course leading cause of stomach ulcer. ...

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I have been bleeding on the active birth control of Jolessa, is this just my body getting used to?

Posted 52 minutes ago by aive9949 0 answers

My family has not had good history with the pill, both me and my sister were conceived on the pill. I took the pill for two months with no period but then I started bleeding and it stopped for two days, and then continued much more profusely with light bleeding in the morning but heavy bleeding at ...

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I am getting ready to start this cream on my face, legs and chest. I am most concerned about my leg?

Posted 1 hour 22 minutes ago by river123 0 answers

My derm told me to where shorts , but it is winter and I don't even know if she wants me to put the cream on my thighs or just my calves and shins where you can see some AK. I am just nervous to start this treatment period. I have seen videos and it does not look pleasant. I am also worried ...

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Voltaren gel - how long to wait before applying heat or wrapping knee?

Posted 1 hour 30 minutes ago by KneesAreKillingMe 0 answers

The directions say "Do not use heating pads or apply bandages to where you have applied . . . gel" Ever? Within an hour? The gel won't help keep my knee from giving out - I have neoprene knee sleeves I've been using all day. Also, what about soaking in a hot tub? Never? ...

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How much is the Caffeine Citrate Oral Solution 60mg/3ml for New born Baby?

Posted 1 hour 56 minutes ago by Sassyaaloha1115 0 answers

Good day; I live in Seattle, Washington. I just want to ask if i can purchase a medication Caffeine Citrate Oral Solution 60mg/3ml over the counter. My nephew 8 mos. premature baby needs this medication, but unfortunately this is not available and out of stock in their country Philippines. He is ...

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Can I take a small dose of Lexapro for sleep?

Posted 2 hours 4 minutes ago by astandish 0 answers

I was taken 20mg a day for 20 years and stopped taken it 4 months ago. I'm having real sleep problems. I though maybe I could take 10mg and get some sleep. will it cause me harm or will it help?

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Guanfacine - I have a generic question?

Posted 2 hours 30 minutes ago by greeneyedfae 0 answers

My son has ADHD(combined) and was prescribed a form of Guanfacine twice, I will explain why. I can't remember then name of the first but he would take half at night and it would make him sleepy enough and he woke up calmer, which was amazing. When I went refill it they gave me this generic ...

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For clarity, I'm on birth control, and I always use a condom. And I've never had a condom break. My?

Posted 2 hours 40 minutes ago by batman_97 0 answers

... period last month started with a week of dark brown blood and was followed by about 2ish days of regular bleeding. Now my period for this month should have started 3 days ago. Is there any chance I could be pregnant?

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I was given 2 Zithromax packs and the dr told me not to take the second one?

Posted 2 hours 43 minutes ago by Mzks 0 answers

It expired 2 years ago. Can I still take it?

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Did you ask take the pill they give with Taxol?

Posted 3 hours 3 minutes ago by Kkerrigan 0 answers

My aunt has the same cancer as you and they would like her to start Taxol and a pill we wanted to know if you are also on the pill

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Xifaxan - How long does this drug stay in your system after you stop taking it?

Posted 3 hours 9 minutes ago by Jushaun 0 answers

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Qsymia - Can you buy it at the pharmacy?

Posted 3 hours 35 minutes ago by Malin9 0 answers

Is it possible to buy this at the pharmacy?

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