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Has anyone tried generic brand Sandoz for Clonazepam??

Posted 24 minutes ago by Celest47 0 answers

I was on Sandoz 1mg for about 20 years & it worked great. In 2017 my pharmacy gave me Teva for clonazepam as they no longer carried Sandoz. Than 2018 Teva stopped making Clonazepam & now choices are Accord, Actavis & I hear some have Sandoz in .5mg only... Has anyone tried the .5 mg in ...

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Anyone ever heard of taking pregabalin for anxiety and depression? As a lot of you know I am...

Posted 2 hours ago by Hysterical 0 answers

... taking Effexor and Ativan currently for an anxious depression that has lasted two years with little relief . Now Dr wants To explore bipolar and mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics. I ruminate a ton and feel most of my problem is anxiety. Has anyone taken pregabalin for anxiety and has it ...

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How long does it takes to be approved for Epclusa?

Posted 2 hours ago by BobbieCa 0 answers

Have been denied from insurance a couple of times. Has it been hard for anyone else to be approved from insurance?

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What can cause my problem erections?

Posted 2 hours ago by arty123 0 answers

I am 70 years old and Ii have recently started taking amiodarone for a heart condition. Ever since I have been having constant very hard erections at my age. I haven't had strong erections for quite a while and I find this problem a little strange.

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Tramadol withdrawal in newborn?

Posted 3 hours ago by hannah37 0 answers

Hi all, I am currently 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and have been on tramadol mg entire pregnancy. I am scheduled for a c-section at 39 weeks. My doctor had weened me down from tramadol the last trimester and said as long as we stopped at least 3 weeks before I deliver, my baby should have no withdrawal. ...

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Toxicity of OTC sleep aid toxicity and long term effects?

Posted 3 hours ago by VN of hip 0 answers

I was diagnosed 2 months ago with fibromyalgia. After 7 years of trying to pinpoint the cause of so many health issues over the years, insomnia was my first symptom. I literally would go 3-4 days without being able to get my body to fall asleep. I started off taking 25mg of Tylenol PM 8 years ago. ...

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Please help me, had sex 5 days after starting birth control?

Posted 3 hours ago by vesper_night 0 answers

I got on birth control and was instructed to start the Sunday after my period came. However, I took provera to make my period come because it was delayed (i have very irregular periods). So I got my period October 2nd on a Tuesday in the morning and I started my Nortrel Sunday morning October 7th ...

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What is the medical equivalent of nalfurafine in the USA?

Posted 4 hours ago by Terry Castleberry 0 answers

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I’ve been on topiramate 100 mg twice a day for two years. How should I taper off?

Posted 5 hours ago by Kattenberger 0 answers

I’ve been on topiramate for migraines. I’m afraid my migraines will get worse. But I am getting low blood pressure so I need to decrease some of my medications.

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Which pharmacies provides Recombinant flu vaccine?

Posted 5 hours ago by vansam 0 answers

For patient over 85 years old. They have just finished radiotherapy.

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Can Zyprexa cause a long term side effect on someone?

Posted 6 hours ago by Askingforafriend11 0 answers

I took Zyprexa for about a week only and wasn't eating anything for those days I would just wake up and take the medicine and go back to sleep, after 4-5 days I woke up and the medicine stop making me sleepy so I couldn't fall asleep and I got an anxiety attack (first one I had every ...

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After not bleeding for months and now I'm bleeding after intercourse on Depo shot. HELLP!9?

Posted 9 hours ago by BabyDavid Mother 0 answers

Hello I am currently on the Depo shot I have been on the shot since June 2018 with no bleeding or no spotting since then here it is now October 2018 and I am spotting blood after I had intercourse yesterday what does this mean.

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