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From Fentanyl 50mg to Oxycodone?

Posted 24 minutes ago by poptom 0 answers

I have been on Fentanyl patches for about 16 years and since all of the doctors having to get you off of the patches to just Oxycodone what strength of Oxycodone should you be on? I hate this is happening as Im know many are.

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Is the new Q-var canister less effective than the old one?

Posted 11 hours ago by Ministrymom 0 answers

I have taken Q-var for about 6 years and it has been very effective in controlling my asthma. I used to have problems with the canister not delivering the doses though. Now they changed canisters and my asthma symptoms are so much worse. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Nuvaring - I’m 21 having pain during sex after using Nuvaring?

Posted 21 hours ago by Elizabeth1994pf 0 answers

I switched to Nuvaring after giving up on the pill. Thinking I’d be easier. After 6 months of being on it I started getting sharp pains in my uterus. Me and my boyfriend were together for 3 months at the time. Sex was amazing. Then all of a sudden sex was unbelievably painful. I went to my ...

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Morning sickness like symptoms on Nexplanon implant?

Posted 1 day ago by hlk10 0 answers

Hello, I had a Nexplanon implant inserted in March 2018, I had spotting for the first month but after that no symptoms. Fast forward to June 2018 and the week my period would have been expected I had awful nausea and vomiting. Once the week passed, I went back to feeling fine with no symptoms. The ...

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Premarin Vaginal - After applying the Premarin cream at bedtime is it expected that the user...

Posted 1 day ago by cameralady 0 answers

... not go to the bathroom? Many of us have to get up one or more times a night to pee. After applying the cream, does one have to recline flat for hours without getting up? Will the behavior of walking to the bathroom, urinating, and wiping, remove some of the cream before it has a chance to ...

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How long does it take till you can conceive after using Xulane?

Posted 1 day ago by curioususer101 0 answers

So I've been on the patch for 5 years and we decided to take it off last night, is it possible to still conceive since I've been on it for so long, and if so how long will it be till we can get pregnant?

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Where can I purchase the Pentrax shampoo? Thank you?

Posted 1 day ago by Melissa K Smith 0 answers

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I have been on Chantix for 13 days. I was a 1/2 pack smoker. Before cigarettes I smoked black n mi?

Posted 1 day ago by segreenwade 0 answers

Been on Chantix for 13 days. I was a 1/2 pack smoker. Before cigarettes I smoked black n milds (about a pk a day). I can say I haven't had any dreams at all. I never dreamed before taking Chantix or i just dont remember. Nothing weird going on. I feel fine. This last pk I bought lasted me an ...

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I used Chantix twice. Successfully stopping a small smoking habit I had for many years.

Posted 1 day ago by imnvs 0 answers

Now I am smoking much more than ever after Chantix?

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What tablets are these???

Posted 1 day ago by Jazzer 0 answers

Found 4 different tablets in same container, can’t identify 2 of the 4, the tablets are: -APO ALL 100 (apprently allopurinol) - 40 (white, round tablet, scored underneath 40, nothing on back) - 20 (white, round tablet, scored underneath 40, nothing on back) - F 2 (white, round tablet, 2 is ...

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Will alcohol based hand sanitizers react to Vivitrol injection?

Posted 1 day ago by CapeCodLPN 0 answers

In recovery and about to receive a Vivitrol Injection. But I work in the medical field where alcohol based hand sanitizers are constantly used. How will the Vivitrol and alcohol from the hand sanitizer interact?

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Klonopin clonazepam wafer orally disintegrating tablet?

Posted 1 day ago by GSH76 0 answers

After Teva, Mylan, Northstar and many other manufacturers have to decided to quit manufacturing the regular tablet form of clonazepam in the last few months I have decided to look into switching to the wafer form also known as Orally Disintegrating Tablets. As far as I can see there are only 3 ...

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Trintellix - Eye puffiness, chapped lips?

Posted 1 day ago by Fahrahri 0 answers

I started on 10mg per day a month ago. I developed a chapped bottom lip with a split in the middle of lip. I can not get it to heal. I’m also now getting eye pressure and really bad eye puffiness. My fingers have fluid in them as well. Anyone have this issue?

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