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How long does it take for cipralex to work?

Posted 24 minutes ago by lol3145 0 answers

I am currently taking 10mg of cipralex. I forgot it for about 2 days but immediately came back to it once I realized it. However with recent events which made me depressed and still need to recover from it, as it might take up to a week to forget about it, I think its effects got a little weak. ...

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Fluoxetine - Higher dose required for bulimia treatment?

Posted 60 minutes ago by A8899 0 answers

My general practitioner prescribed Prozac for my anxiety. I did not tell her that I was interested in taking it for my eating disorder because I didn't inform her of my bulimia. She prescribed 10mg for the first week and then 20mg thereafter. I'm reading the reviews and it sounds like the ...

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What anti-inflammation medicine can I take safely while taking Xarelto?

Posted 1 hour ago by jshores 0 answers

I have serious pain in my back caused by stenosis an inflammation. I am on Xarelto for clotting problems. What over the counter medication can I take safely for anti-inflammation while taking Xarelto?

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Would a breast infection be connected in any way to a stiff and painful neck?

Posted 1 hour 22 minutes ago by jaylisakate 0 answers

Last year I had a bad infection in my breast milk gland at the same time I had a stiff neck which was extremely painful with little movement.. now the same breast has become infected again and I also have a very painful neck again so severe I can not move it without it going into a spasm do you ...

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Use of losartan side effects on me?

Posted 1 hour 39 minutes ago by Bradley is 57 0 answers

I have a dozen symptoms listed on this web information including severe chest pain and coughing, leg spasms, cold sweats, light colored stool, dark amber urin, palm of hand is beginning to peal, dizzy, foot pain and diarrhea Is there a chance of death resulting from continued use of this product ...

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So my mom has had high blood pressure for last 20yrs and now it's off the charts ex: 230/95?

Posted 1 hour 51 minutes ago by Hauckd 0 answers

... ,236/80,191/73 ,,so they changed here pills increase, decrease the mg but now she dizzy,lack of balance eyes get blurry ,and just no energy , so when it get high take her to the er ,they say o u need fluids keep u over night ,and ur kidney levels are nth right

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Monistat 3 - How long should I lay down when using monistat 7?

Posted 2 hours 1 minute ago by Danielle9 0 answers

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So I'm on the pill and brown stuff has started but I'm not sure if it's my period or spotting?

Posted 2 hours 10 minutes ago by Sallygirl112 0 answers

I think it's more my period. I'm 14 and I have not skipped any but I didn't take my inactivate last month because I was on a holiday now I have missed the inactivate ones again and then my period has came. How do I stop it? Or is it just spotting?

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Cyproheptadine - Vertigo as a side effect?

Posted 2 hours 13 minutes ago by Tuff33 0 answers

Whilst periactin has helped reduce the amount of migraines i have been getting i am starting to wonder if the vertigo i have had the last few days is a side effect. i usually take 1 or 2 4mg tablets at night because it sometimes makes me drowsy. Have been taking them for about 2 months with no ...

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Gabapentin Side Effects ... False sense of well-being?

Posted 3 hours 17 minutes ago by itsjustmeuknow 0 answers

In researching Gabapentin in regards to a loved one, under the side effects I am seeing "False sense of well-being" and am very confused by this and am unable to wrap my head around this side effect. Is this in regards to their mental state, their physical state or their initial ...

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I have been taking Ruxolitinib 15mg twice daily for 18 months. I have Myelofibrosis and Essential?

Posted 4 hours 11 minutes ago by Peter Bloch 0 answers

... Thrombocythemia diagnosed 2010. Athough i get very tired and weak after 10 minutes normal exertion (I am 75) i recover well after a 20 minute rest. I am quite happy with this treatment

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My son rinsed his mouth with betadine liquid as bit his tongue. He has rinsed with mth wash?

Posted 5 hours ago by Bernice Tait 0 answers

He has bitten a piece out of his tongue and rinsed with betadine. Will there be a problem? He said it stung and he broke out in a sweat.

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