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I used Monistat 3 and after the 3rd treatmeant I’m still feeling a bit of discomfort but I no?

Posted 28 minutes ago 0 answers

... longer have the cottage cheese discharge or anything. What should I do? Is it safe to use another monistat product? I need to know before going to the doctors

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Is it considered doctor shopping if one medication isnt a narcotic??

Posted 2 hours ago 0 answers

I have one doctor who prescribes me anti-depressants and anxiety medication. The anxiety medication is a benzodiazepine(which is a narcotic). Would I get in trouble if I went to see another doctor to get prescribed gabapentin ( which is non-narcotic)? Doctor shopping with two narcotics I know is ...

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I am looking for someone, other than myself, that has been in a clinical trial on Tanezumab?

Posted 2 hours ago 0 answers

I have been in the clinical trial for low back pain. Phase 111 sub Q injections every 8 weeks ? Anyone else?

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Can I take amoxicillin for a spider bite?

Posted 3 hours ago 0 answers

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Do you think it’s in my system and I’ll be fine or no?

Posted 3 hours ago 0 answers

I took azithromycin and a hour later I vomited just a little. I need opinions!

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Has anyone experienced horrible gas and gas pains with Paxil?

Posted 4 hours ago 0 answers

I'm having awful gas and gas pains. I'm wondering if it's a side effect of Paxil

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I have been taking Vraylar for 8 days now. And I love the results. Except for the nausea?

Posted 4 hours ago 0 answers

Is the nausea short term? Is this unusual? I hate to change meds when I just started to feel normal.

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Valsartan and amlodipine dosages increased due to recall?

Posted 4 hours ago 0 answers

Before the recall of Valsartan, my blood pressure was fine, 135-80. Since recall, am still taking Valsartan made by a different laboratory and my systolic number is up to 160. Doctor is increasing my dosage of Valsartan from 160mg to 320 mg. Also increasing Amlodipine Besylate from 2.5 mg to 5 mg. ...

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Can Linzess be taken at night?

Posted 5 hours ago 0 answers

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Hi, I know someone that is giving away their prescription meds. Who can I talk to to get that...

Posted 7 hours ago 0 answers

... person in trouble? Or to try and make them stop giving them away?

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Does anyone else experience increased energy and stamina with 2mg Dilaudid?

Posted 7 hours ago 0 answers

Is it just me, I don’t ever feel sedative effects from 2mg Dilaudid? It helps me focus and be way more productive. I’m wondering if it’s because it’s helping relieve my pain significantly enough so I’m not stuck in pain on the couch or in bed all day. It feels like I ...

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Will a single Norco a day hurt me?

Posted 8 hours ago 0 answers

I’m talking about the standard dosage and without combining it with any other drug. I’m young, healthy and eat a clean diet. I just found it helps with my OCD anxiety when nothing else has. I have amazing self-control and don’t want to harm myself.

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Ilevro - I have nepafenac from my 2017 cataract surgery. Could my husband use it for his cataract...

Posted 9 hours ago 0 answers

... surgery this next week?

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Are these medications: amphetamine/dextroamphetamine & amphetamine salt combo the exact same?

Posted 9 hours ago 0 answers

I have been taking 30 mg amphetamine salt combo for over 2 yrs. When every pharmacy in my small town was out of my monthly prescription for the amphetamine salt combo, I had to resort to buying it at from a locally owned pharmacy, (with a shady reputation). However, they filled the prescription ...

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How long after withdrawal for amlodipine cutaneous side effects to go away?

Posted 11 hours ago 0 answers

My BP was high due to the holidays (measured 140/100) so I re-started amlodipine after a long time... on top of a low dose of ibersartan (which I'm always on) on 12/26. On, 12/28 AM, after just two doses, I walked to my car in the sun and drove 10 minutes and both arms had sun burn. I assumed ...

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