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Can I take paracetamol when taking metformin?

Posted 11 minutes ago by bowlsplayer51 0 answers

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Period Starting then Stopping?

Posted 1 hour 5 minutes ago by skyclark 0 answers

My period startes the day it normally would, at night, but at around 12 in the afternoon i stopped bleeding. Then that night at about 10 pm i started again. Thought it was just due to stress because i was flipping out that I might be pregnant. But the same thing happened the best day. I stopped ...

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Can chlamydia live in your gut after treatment?

Posted 1 hour 33 minutes ago by Jayl100787 0 answers

Hi, I've read that chlamydia is able to live in your gut after treatment. Is this possible?

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My son 2yrs 4mnths old is loosing stools 4 times in a day,what should I do?

Posted 2 hours 4 minutes ago by premeshor 0 answers

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Trichomoniasis - I had sex with my bf and he had trich I had extra pills from before it's only been?

Posted 2 hours 48 minutes ago by Symonjasmine 0 answers

... one day can I take them?

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I have been on tamoxifen for 13 months now. My periods stopped shortly after starting this med?

Posted 2 hours 49 minutes ago by Tksadler 0 answers

I just recently started my period and it is extremely heavy. Is this common?

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Topomax for weight loss side effects?

Posted 2 hours 49 minutes ago by Alina8403 0 answers

Hi my name is Robin I was put on topomax or topramine for weight loss I started at 25 mg for a week now been at 50 for 5 days and having really bad nausea does anyone know how long this will last? On the upside my appetite had decreased dramatically! I also have pins and needles in my feet and ...

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What time of day do you take Miramax?

Posted 3 hours 12 minutes ago by Books2017 0 answers

How do drugs like cymbalta and lyrica and lexapro work with Genvoya are there any side effects?

Posted 4 hours 40 minutes ago by Carcs2 0 answers

I have neuropathy and just switched to genvoya and my nurologist wants to put me on lyrica. Plus I want to start lexapro for depression.

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Dears in I am a 35 years man .i have hypertension from 3 years ago .i use lisnoprill 10 m?

Posted 4 hours 49 minutes ago by mostaf 0 answers

Need your answer please

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I took movantix at 5pm yesterday and I haven't been to restroom in 5 r 6 days. I still haven't went?

Posted 6 hours ago by Cutiecajun 0 answers

... this morning. Can I take dulcolax now?

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I was prescribed diphenoxylate for diarrhea which occurs usually 20 minutes after I eat?

Posted 6 hours ago by Maryjaneb1 0 answers

Instructions state to take one tablet twice a day as needed. Do I take these in the morning and evening or when the cramps/symptoms begin to happen?

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