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Hematuria - What is the little black pill call that was given in the 1990 that made boys pee blood?

Posted 2 hours 45 minutes ago by Henp33 0 answers

Was given the people the had lump in their neck.

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Liver Cirrhosis - I heard there is a new experimental drug for cirrhosis. Is this just a rumour?

Posted 6 hours ago by stephie36 0 answers

I have cirrhosis with hyper portal tension from alcohol and hep C.

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Could I be pregnant?

Posted 7 hours ago by tamu123129 0 answers

I'm on birth control and missed 1 pill on week three, but immediately took it the next day when I remembered. The day after that I missed another pill but took it again the next day. I had sex 2 days later. The guy said he pulled out, but I was still scared so I took plan B like 8 hours later. ...

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Bupropion and drinking? (college kid)?

Posted 8 hours ago by mageeokay 2 answers

I have been on bupropion for about 9 months. 2 times I drank a little and had terrible seizures, paranoia, hallucinations, etc. I didn't realize until the second time when someone looked it up that drinking with this med causes all those things. I am in college and occasionally at parties want ...

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If you take 1 100mg of gabapentin at 8:30 pm how soon can you take another one? This is for carpal?

Posted 8 hours ago by Leasha9527 0 answers

I'm taking this for carpal tunnel but my nerve is pinched and hand is numb

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If you take Amitiza can you have a glass of wine?

Posted 8 hours ago by Darlene43 0 answers

When taking Amitiza can you have a glass of wine with dinner or one in the evening?

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Had a root canal and pain still after 3 naproxen. I have Flexeril and Mobic?

Posted 9 hours ago by Ciearcie 1 answer

I have Mobic and Flexeril. Can either of these relieve the pain? Also are any of these a substitute for amoxicillin, which I was prescribed?

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Strange spider bites?

Posted 10 hours ago by alice56565 0 answers

I woke up in the morning to find what looked like spider bites on my arms, legs, and hands. They are all about the size of a dime and red. Later that day I woke up from a nap to find many small semi red dots only on my right cheek. I was afraid it was bed bugs so I stripped my bedding and ...

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Has anyone experienced racing heart with citalopram?

Posted 10 hours ago by Ms Cheryl 0 answers

I've been on citalopram 10 mg for anxiety for almost a year now. My doctor upped the dose to 20mg a month ago. The past week I have been having troubles with my heart beating rapidly and my chest hurting and feeling tight. It is causing me to feel anxious. I'm not anxious about any one ...

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I didnt start my period on my off week but have all the symptoms of a period, should I be worried?

Posted 10 hours ago by keshia24 0 answers

i have been on the Xulane patch for months now, and I normally have my period a couple days after I take my patch off the off week. But this week I didn't start my period but I have all symptoms that I should start. It's past the whole off week and no spotting. I have cramps and lower ...

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Dr say I have phlebitis in my leg? Is it suppose to spread?

Posted 10 hours ago by Lynash 0 answers

It started in my left leg on the side about 2 in diameter, now it is cleared up there but all the way around my leg and up past my knee. It is very painful, red, swollen, hot and it hurts to walk. Wat should I do?

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Does taking meloxicam make others feel tired and groggy the next day?

Posted 11 hours ago by Jointpain 0 answers

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