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I just started venlafaxine ER about 3 weeks. I was on 37.5 mg The first 3 weeks because I am sensit?

Posted 5 minutes ago by Mang133 0 answers

To medications, plus I was coming off Trintellix. Now he wants me to start on 75 mg. He said I could take 37.5 2 times a day because I am sensitive to medications. Is this ok to take like this?

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Is there a chance i’m pregnant?

Posted 53 minutes ago by vukture 0 answers

hello everyone, i’m a 17 year old with a 28-day cycle. it began on Nov. 3rd and I’d expect it to come at the very beginning of december. i had sex on the 8th. we used condoms and changed them 3 separate times and he never ejaculated near me. on the 12th i woke up with severe nausea, ...

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Does anyone on here have Lyme disease?

Posted 2 hours ago by martann48 0 answers

I have untreated Lyme disease and have been dealing with this for 3 yrs . OMG there is not a part of my body that don't hurt or have some issue . Some times the pain almost unbearable . Now I have a horrible pain in my lower back on the left side that's getting worse by the hour . ...

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Has anyone experienced twitching and cramping while on warfarin?

Posted 2 hours ago by Jacobrhoten28 0 answers

I was placed on warfarin last year after bilateral clots in my lungs. I also learned after genetic testing that I have to take blood thinners forever. About 8 months in I started experiencing twitching and cramping in random places daily. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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Contrave and insomnia and nausea?

Posted 5 hours ago by Dendale1 0 answers

I am on week 3 and take 2 pills a.m. and one late afternoons. I have nausea in the mornings and have really bad insomnia. My appetite is suppressed but im not sleeping. Any advice

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Veterinary - What can cause flatulence in my dog, and is the best way to treat it ?

Posted 5 hours ago by jcrom109 1 answer

Our dog is older, 9 years old. We feed him a good grain free food. But of late he has had some gas, and may have a bacterial disorder. We were told that a small amount of yogurt should his stomach back in order. ( Non-vet ).

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How long do symptoms last when tapering off metoprolol succinate ER?

Posted 6 hours ago by GLR702 0 answers

I took propranolol 10mg 4 times a day for a week. Had horrible side effects, was switched to metoprolol succinate 25mg once a day for 2 weeks, felt a little better but still many side effects, so I was on it for about 3 weeks only. I tapered down and took the last dose is 4 days ago. The first day ...

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Why does my anxiety seem to get worse when I've been sick?

Posted 7 hours ago by TKMarsh711 0 answers

My anxiety was almost non existent for probably a month now. I was looking forward to anxiety free Thanksgiving. Then I got a cold, just a cold, was home a few days. Now, my anxiety is back. The only thing I've taken differently is mucinex and I had a Rocephin shot. Why does this happen??? ...

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I have been taking 15 mg of Mobic for arthritis for about 15 years and have stopped because I’m...

Posted 8 hours ago by Cathycats4 0 answers

... afraid of serious side effects from long term use. Am I doing the right thing? What can I take in place of it?

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What is and what causes hypokalemia?

Posted 9 hours ago by lady1947 1 answer

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Zyclara - How long for skin to heal?

Posted 9 hours ago by gt2003 0 answers

I just finished the 14th day of treatment (treat 14 days, rest 14 days, treat 14 more) with many red, blotchy, itchy spots mostly on my cheeks and around my eyes. I'm keeping my skin hydrated now and hoping it will heal quickly. How long did it take for your skin appearance to improve. ...

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My insurance will not cover temporary dentures while I wait for my gums to heal. Will my gums heal?

Posted 10 hours ago by Kazza523 0 answers

I am getting full teeth extraction but my insurance will not cover temporary dentures so I will have nothing until my gums have healed and get the permanent dentures put in. Is this normal and will I have any problems

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Are the white pills at the end of lessina prevent your period?

Posted 10 hours ago by Cbaker93 0 answers

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What is clopidogrel used for?

Posted 11 hours ago by popiebutch 1 answer

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