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My face is breaking out while in Beyaz?

Posted 1 hour 19 minutes ago by Red bumps - pimples 1 answer

I was having pimples here and there and sometimes with big red bumps. My dermotologist prescribed everything possible and said that I would need to go into birth control for acne and adviced me to go visit a gynecologist. Visited a gynecologist and she prescribed me BEYAZ for the acne. I had no ...

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Is it normal it swell up, burn or itch very bad after taking the azithromycin?

Posted 3 hours 45 minutes ago by Smyles 1 answer

I am having discharge I am red and swelled. Burning and itching so bad. Took the azithromycin about 10 hours ago.

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Mononucleosis - my very active 13 yr old grand-daughter was treated for strep back in dec-16, her?

Posted 3 hours 53 minutes ago by pcearns 0 answers

... condition turned into mono. followed rest anf fluids. now it has been nearly 6 months and her condition has gotten so bad she sleeps all the time and has no appetite. We have taken her to many dr's with no good results, we need help were feeling like she is slipping away. Help oh also her ...

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Renal Cell Carcinoma - My husband could not tolerate votrient in 6 months he took anywhere from?

Posted 4 hours 29 minutes ago by Jamiecook777 0 answers

... 2-4 a day. Headache was unbearable. He started Optivo yesterday he is very hard to control hes angry and doesn't know why. The headache is still here because the votrient is still in his system. Please help if you can

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I have a bottle of clindamycin?

Posted 4 hours 47 minutes ago by Mo_17 1 answer

That was prescribed to me 9/17/2015 I want to know if it is still safe to take

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I feel so much better since I quit taking my Synthroid?

Posted 6 hours ago by Virginia rhoades 0 answers

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Why am I bleeding for a week straight?

Posted 7 hours ago by help908 0 answers

First month of birth control and I'm bleeding? I thought you only had your period when you took the inactive ones? Is it normal for the bleeding to last a week? I'm on my last week of pills now but it started on my third week of pills

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Hi I've been taking Trintellex for about 3 weeks , I woke up with back pain today ( I have a bad?

Posted 8 hours ago by Please advise 0 answers

... muscle spasm on my back) I took the Trintellex at 8am and I took a tramadol at 10pm . What are the chances of a severe drug interaction occurring . This is the first time I've done this since I started taking Trintellex and I've read that there is high risk of drug interaction

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Chance for pregnancy having I pill?

Posted 8 hours ago by Aneesha sfx 0 answers

Hi.. Any chance for pregnancy having i pill tablet after having sex with in 20hrs. any chance??

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I took 40 mg of simvastatin at 2am on Saturday morning before bed. Then again on Saturday eve at?

Posted 8 hours ago by Andrewr 0 answers

... 11pm forgetting I went to bed so late the night before. It's only been 21 hours instead of the recommended 24. I also take fenofibrate with each dose. Should I be concerned about the 3 hour mishap??

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Is PS4 gaming bad for a healing wrist in a cast?

Posted 9 hours ago by JohnT123456 0 answers

About 3 weeks ago I broken my right scaphoid in my wrist and had surgery on it immediately to put it back in place and allow it to heal. I'm 19, and am off work for a month or so to allow it to heal. My cast allows me to play PS4 well enough but I'm scared that playing PS4 will slow down ...

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Mirena is ruining my life!?

Posted 9 hours ago by Nessa2020 0 answers

I have been on my period for 15 days for over a year while having Mirena. Any recommendations?

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I used fluorouracil for 13 days and stopped for 2, does anyone know if it's ok to start up again?

Posted 9 hours ago by Jakeslicks 0 answers

Script was once a day for four weeks, thanks

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