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Two new lumps under my jaw left and right they are tender and kind of hard lumps?

Posted 1 hour 43 minutes ago by Thetan58 0 answers

I'm a healthy 58 yr old male no problems just noticed these two lumps under my jaw left and right of my chin

Asthma - Acute - I want pills to help my adult sun breathe Asthma like symptoms and respiratory?

Posted 1 hour 54 minutes ago by worriedwill 0 answers

... difficulties breathing

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Sleeping pills and antidepressants?

Posted 3 hours 12 minutes ago by taraelise28 0 answers

I'm having an awful night and just need to sleep but i can't. I have taken my usual 100mg of sertraline for the day. I have been given zopiclone to help me sleep but it doesn't really work. If I combine that with mirtazapine will that help? and hoe much is safe to take?

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Plan B One-Step - Why take it over and over again?

Posted 4 hours 24 minutes ago by Prowill 0 answers

I get accidents happen, but what about all you saying you've taken it over and over? Yeah you're gonna have side effects, most medicines do. Here's a tip, don't have sex if you don't want a baby. Don't let 5 minutes decide your life.

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Can I take Nucynta ER 100 mg that was prescribed 3 years ago so it is 3 years old. I never took it?

Posted 4 hours 29 minutes ago by Kay Lambert 0 answers

Need to know if the 3 year old Med get stronger or weaker

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Has anyone had PHN of ankle and foot?

Posted 6 hours ago by Struggling Optimist 0 answers

Hi everyone, I am entering my 5th month of PHN following shingles on my ankle. There is still considerable swelling on the sole of my foot at the terminus of the nerve. I am wondering whether anyone else has experienced this? I think it contributes to the pain. Also, has anyone experienced a ...

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Benadryl - Would this work following complete gastrectomy?

Posted 6 hours ago by Shanower 0 answers

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I have been using the 5 percent cream on my face an chest I wear makeup everyday is that ok?

Posted 6 hours ago by Licky lady65 0 answers

I have been wearing makeup everyday is that bad

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I took one dose of Delsym. How long does this diarrhea last?

Posted 7 hours ago by Grammylee46 0 answers

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Can bacterial vaginosis cause urethra pain?

Posted 8 hours ago by MTKgmail95 0 answers

I'm currently taking metronidazole vaginally for five days,once a day, to treat bacterial vaginosis. I am on my third night of taking this and am experiencing what I believe to be a urethra throbbing pain that comes and goes, is this normal?

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Is it OK to take fenofibrate 54 every other day? It's giving me heart palpitations?

Posted 9 hours ago by Friend60 1 answer

Can't take statins too many body aches... Now taking fenofibrate 54 for high Tryglycirides... They are giving me heart palpitations...

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I have been on 5m pred for about a year what are the long term side effects?

Posted 9 hours ago by captcj 0 answers

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Naproxen - Does allopurinol give you hair loss?

Posted 10 hours ago by Matthew09 0 answers

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After having a hernia mesh implant is it possible to develop lymphoma?

Posted 11 hours ago by Littlestinker1 0 answers

After my husband had surgery he had a hernia mesh implant and since then he has had a soma surgery for ( diverticulitis ) and so on now he has peripheral t-cell non-hopskin lymphoma .are there any connection between the two?

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