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Myrbetriq - What about ED on this med?

Posted 1 hour 22 minutes ago 0 answers

Stabbing pains in Chest after Orthovisc injection?

Posted 1 hour 56 minutes ago 0 answers

I received my first Orthovisc injection last week, within a minute I had a sharp stabbing pain in my chest. I have continuously had them off and on, since the first injection last week. Now, I afraid to get the other two injections. Has anyone else had this problem? I am really afraid to continue...

Wellbutrin: took one dose four days ago, still feel horrible. When will this go away?

Posted 2 hours 46 minutes ago 0 answers

Hello, I took a 150 mg XR of Wellbutrin four days ago, thinking it would help my fatigue. However, I was NOT depressed before taking it, but now I feel absolutely horrible. After taking the one dose I’ve realized I am never taking an antidepressant ever again. I can’t enjoy anything...

Mirtazapine - I've been taking mirtazapine close to two weeks. I've had hardly any side effects?

Posted 3 hours 23 minutes ago 0 answers

I have noticed that when I take klonopin I can't feel the effects from it. Has anyone else used both of these drugs together and was unable to feel the side effects from klonopin or xanax? I don't know why else I wouldn't be able to feel the effects. If anyone has experienced this...

Do I take plavix with or with out food?

Posted 3 hours 41 minutes ago 0 answers

Do I take plavix before,with or after a meal? Or do I take it completely hours before or after meals?

Can you have a drink such as a white claw while on these medications? I just want to make sure I’m

Posted 3 hours 56 minutes ago 0 answers

Can you have a drink such as a white claw while on these medications? I just want to make sure I’m prepared because I have a wedding coming up and was wondering if having a drink such as a 1 white claw would be ok? I guess it’s low alcohol content and it’s hard seltzer, which...

Has anyone experienced itching on body with no rash.Have been on Pentasa(Mesalazine ) for 18 years?

Posted 5 hours ago 0 answers

Have had itching since January 2019 making me very depressed as could scratch my skin off.Tried loads of creams and antihistamines but no success.Sue Scott

Pregabalin - Stopping mirtazapine and starting progabalin?

Posted 5 hours ago 1 answer

Hi there I’m currently cutting down mirtazapine to one every other day and my doctor has prescribed progabalin ... I’m so scared of taking it as I’ve had some pretty awful experiences on other antidepressants.. could someone please tell me if they have had the same experience...

I have had a sore/painful throat for almost 2 weeks now. My dr didn’t even ask me about lamisil?

Posted 6 hours ago 0 answers

It about 2 weeks before my throat began to be sore. I’m taking an antibiotic, however, if t doesn’t feel any better. I’m wondering if it could be the lamisil that’s causing it and if it will get better if I stop taking it?

Whats the best time to take Cialis /5mg?

Posted 6 hours ago 0 answers

What medication for stomach aches can you take with Lexapro?

Posted 10 hours ago 1 answer

I had to stop taking my Prilosec because of interactions. I had acid reflux. Since taking Lexapro I’ve had the burning sensation in my stomach & overall stomach ache & nausea. every medication I’ve looked up says there’s an interaction & can cause bleeding or something...

Can you have sexual intercourse while taking metronidazole?

Posted 10 hours ago 1 answer

I’m just curious if I am able to have sexual intercourse while on metronidazole?