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Should I be worried my bottom left side stomach close to my pelvic is in pain ?

Posted 36 minutes ago by Gemjuni2 2 answers

First it was my stomach then it is my whole left side of the stomach I can't stand up straight but it's painful. Just sitting or standing or even lying down it hurts me so bad . I took some gasx thinking it is, but the pain still there

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When you increase your dosage does the time clock start over ?

Posted 44 minutes ago by Hopefrog23 1 answer

I was taking cymbalta 20 mg for one week then 40 mg for 4 weeks and now 60 mg for one week I think I keep asking the same question but should I start seeing more relief now or since I've been on the increased dose only for a week do I have to wait another 5 to 7 weeks to see improvement? My dr ...

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Levothyroxine 50mcg & atorvastatin 10mg?

Posted 1 hour 54 minutes ago by Casa Helena 0 answers

I have been taking levothroxine 50mcg for many years for an under-active thyroid and have now been prescribed atorvastatin 10mg, are these two drugs compatible?

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Want to try out Chantix. My friend had some of her continuing pack left and gave it to me?

Posted 2 hours 21 minutes ago by Amandamccarl 0 answers

Don't really want to spend the money for the starter pack if I can just start with the continuing pack. Just wondering if that's OK to do? I have never taken Chantix before. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Clomid - Can this work even if your tubes are burned?

Posted 2 hours 42 minutes ago by Mirinda17 0 answers

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I just started taking Belbuca film, 150 mcg. It says to put the film, yellow side up inside my?

Posted 2 hours 45 minutes ago by mtruman221 0 answers

cheek. Is the entire square, including what seems like a cardboard backing, with E1 printed on it to go in my cheek, or is there a way to separate just the yellow film from the backing?

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For an earache onion can really work! Quercetin,a powerful potent anti oxidant flavonoid found in?

Posted 2 hours 52 minutes ago by GodsRemedies4Life 0 answers

onion is able to ward off infections. You heat a half of onion for 15 minutes on 450 degrees( do not preheat). Once it is done let it cool to your touch, but let it still be warm. Next, squeeze some of the juice in a bowl and use a dropper to put 3 drops in the infected ear, making sure your head ...

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Hi, I'm due to start famvir tonight on the possibility of shingles/herpes zoster/simplex in my?

Posted 3 hours 8 minutes ago by em79 0 answers

... mouth/teeth/trigeminal nerve - had previously tried aciclovir but didn't like it. Are there many severe side effects experienced by people online here? any advice would be brilliant

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Calamine - Can it help with heat rash? And if so how long will it take for it to go away? Having?

Posted 3 hours 41 minutes ago by MartinSalinas 0 answers

... heat rash in Florida sucks

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Can irbesartan 300 (or 150) mg. can cause dry mouth/throat, causing a cough?

Posted 3 hours 54 minutes ago by Claira 0 answers

I have had an intermittent cough for years, been treated & it went away. Since irbesartan was increased to 300 mg. it has come back. Also increased Omeprazole from 20 mg t0 40 mg. Can these meds cause dry mouth/throat?

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May I take 1 diclofenac pill a day and 1 dose of Voltaren?

Posted 3 hours 55 minutes ago by Violet Gibson 1 answer

I have a prescription for 2 diclofenac tablets a day, but I have only been taking one. Would it be OK if I used 1 dose of Voltaren in place of one pill?

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Once you stop injecting Bydureon when will the side effects wear off?

Posted 4 hours 21 minutes ago by HeatherGL 0 answers

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I used the Monistat 1 ovule last night it was in for about 12 hours until I used the bathroom and?

Posted 4 hours 34 minutes ago by amber101391 0 answers

Part of it came out. Do I need to repeat tonight?

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Prednisolone 40mg per for reaction to mosquito bite?

Posted 4 hours 43 minutes ago by cerias 0 answers

I have been told to take 40mg per day for 4 days. I have read some of the warnings about this drug and they say you need to wean of them. Does this rule not apply to short term usage?

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