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Does Depakote cause weight gain? Taking 500 MG twice day. Trying to determine source?

Posted 5 minutes ago by Tobydog01 0 answers

Recently prescribed Depakote 500 twice day. Gained 10 lb in 6 months Trying to determine cause

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I've been on Paxil for 20 yrs. My doctor also put me on Wellbutrin to stop smoking?

Posted 1 hour 55 minutes ago by Tdmccloud22 0 answers

Do I take these 2 together at the same time?

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Should I feel this bad on Zoloft (sertraline)?

Posted 2 hours 28 minutes ago by TomJC 0 answers

I have been on sertraline for a little over seven weeks. I did 3 weeks on 50mg, 3 on 100 and the rest on 150. I keep feeling worse and worse. I just recently started having insomnia. I wake up every hour or two feeling really scared. If i try to nap during the day i get high anxiety when I start to ...

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I have taken two 300mg tablet together instead of 150 mg by mistake . Is this safe?

Posted 3 hours 4 minutes ago by Fiore 0 answers

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If it's the end of the month and I just received birth control pills for the first time, do I skip?

Posted 3 hours 32 minutes ago by Lovelylady52 1 answer

... the first 3 weeks worth of pills and just take the sugar pills right away?

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My doctor wanted to cut my dose of Celebrex. Why 3 days later am I back in pain?

Posted 3 hours 48 minutes ago by CherieBrown 0 answers

I was taking 2 doses per day of 200mg Celebrex for Non-radioactive Axial spondyloarthritis. I was on it for 2 months and was really feeling good. At my last visit on Tuesday, my rheumatologist said, let’s cut the dose and try one a day. I did and 3 days later I’m in terrible pain. Any ...

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Nexplanon and hair loss?

Posted 4 hours 32 minutes ago by macc90 0 answers

I was on tri-estarylla for about 2 years then I switched to the Nexplanon implant during the middle of June 2017 and I got it removed during the middle of December 2017. During middle of September, I started experiencing excessive hair loss and it has not subsided since I removed Nexplanon. I got a ...

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Do teeth hurt on citalopram or fluoxetine?

Posted 5 hours ago by goldiebones 0 answers

I have just been weaned off citalopram 10mg and on day 5 of fluoxetine 20mg for depression. My teeth hurt. Which one would cause this or neither?

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Why should you not use an alfa blocker in an angina patient?

Posted 6 hours ago by Israa_abdalla 0 answers

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Are there any cautions about drinking coffee or tea while taking Xarelto?

Posted 6 hours ago by John gruzinskas 0 answers

I drink 4-5 cups of coffee per day then iced tea during the day.

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I need a breast biopsy but the doctor will not take me off of Brilinta?

Posted 7 hours ago by lynnmdt 0 answers

I can not have my biopsy done until I'm off blood thinners. Avoid stress I'm told but when you have had 3 types of cancer you tend to freak out. Why can't I stop for 5 days to have the biopsy? Another thing, this is a blood thinner why do I clot faster now then before?

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Phospha 250 Neutral - Is it okay to crush the tablet, mix it with small amount of water and give via

Posted 7 hours ago by arunkannan 0 answers

Is it okay to crush the tablet, mix it with small amount of water and give via syringe to pediatric patient

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Bacterial Vaginitis - Can I recive oral sex while taking the metronidazole pills for a BV?

Posted 8 hours ago by Bubblez_30 1 answer

- Can I recive oral sex while taking the metronidazole pills for BV and have ... protected sex as well?

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