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Quetiapine - New Seroquel user, for insomnia/bipolar, 300mg nightly?

Posted 1 hour ago by Darice Susan Dixon 0 answers

I've been reading up to date reviews by users of Seroquel - very positive in many areas. Some of these people have long term experience with taking the med. Has anyone experienced their blood sugar or cholesterol increase/rise? I am 66 years in case that is relevant. So far I have experienced ...

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Does anyone know if Vicodin 10/300 has been altered and weakened like Norco 10/325 has?

Posted 2 hours ago by JaneJanes9 0 answers

The Norco tablets have changed and I’m having problems - the yellow ovals were fine but have been discontinued.

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What medicine will help me the best for menopause Effexor or Wellbutrin?

Posted 2 hours ago by Julesrulesit 0 answers

I’m going through menopause and one doctor prescribed me Effexor and the other doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin. Which one will work better for menopause depression and fatigue?

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I need to find a doctor who does copper infusion?

Posted 2 hours ago by maklaver 0 answers

I have been diagnosed with copper deficiency with typical symptoms.

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I started 15mg mirtazapine 2 weeks ago, feel horrible one day and ok- not great the next?

Posted 3 hours ago by tkswp 0 answers

Is this normal - and how long will it last -the horrible days, are unbearable, cannot function, weak nausea ,nervous - I have tried many anxiety meds/antidepressants cannot get through the break in period - any one else with this problem, or suggestions.. Thanks TKS

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Does anybody know what might help for tremors in my head? Or antidepressant without the side effect?

Posted 3 hours ago by Blrf 0 answers

So.. ive had tremors for about 2 years on and off, but ive also been very depressed with severe anxiety since 13, ive tried so many medications but they all make the tremors way worse, prozac worked so well but i couldnt stand the constant head shaking. It would wake me up out of my sleep sometimes ...

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Why won't Drs prescribe klonopin to someone who really needs it and has been on it for over 10 yea?

Posted 3 hours ago by Tammy Moulton 0 answers

Someone who really needs it, and has been on it for 10 years! But am also on opioid medication for severe pain! But with the new black box warnings! And even though I have always taken just as prescribed and always from the same Dr! But unfortunately my Dr had to retire because of health problems! ...

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How soon after a choliectomy cancer should a patient begin preventative treatment with Xeloda?

Posted 4 hours ago by Rutidani 0 answers

How soon after a choliectomy cancer should a patient begin preventative treatment with Xeloda?

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Am I supposed to get these side effects from Brintellix?

Posted 4 hours ago by luciddreams 0 answers

My psychiatrist has put me on Brintellix as too many other antidepressants gave me huge side effects. He told me that this medicine doesn't cause a lot of unwanted effects. I have a very fragile digestion system and i am diagnosed with Irritable Colon Syndrome. After few weeks with ...

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Is carvedilol same as clopidogrel?

Posted 4 hours ago by felixlizcano 1 answer

I am taking carvedilol and clopidogrel. Are they the same medicine?

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I felt relief after my fourth infusion, but relief wore off after one week. Is this common at first?

Posted 4 hours ago by Thirdbiologic 0 answers

Does Orencia relief wear off before each subsequent infusion?

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When will Latuda be available as a generic?

Posted 6 hours ago by booradly 1 answer

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On day 2 of methylprednislone 4 mg Dose Pack. Instead of 1 dose before breakfast I took 2.

Posted 6 hours ago by vezpina 0 answers

On day 2 of methylprednislone 4 mg Dose Pack instead of 1 dose before breakfast I took 2. Should I skip the after lunch dose? Thank you

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