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This is my first time taking birth control. And I’ve read mixed reviews about Aviane?

Posted 6 minutes ago by scomplete 0 answers

I’m really scared of how my body will react to it. I don’t want to be constantly vomiting or having nausea. Can someone please give me advice? I’m terrified.

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Does Azithromycin have any side effects that could cause erection problems?

Posted 30 minutes ago by Skyking79 0 answers

I started taking Azithromycin 2 days ago for a bronchitis infection. This morning I started having urination problems and now I’m having trouble getting a Erection. Any help is really appreciated and I’m starting to really worry

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How do I know if i’m pregnant or just a side effect of emergency contraceptives?

Posted 59 minutes ago by Zhavia123 1 answer

My period ended on the 27th of july and on the first of august my partner ejaculated on my thigh (There was no penetration). I took an emergency pill the next day. I began bleeding on the 11th of august and it lasted about 6 days. Now we are on the 19th and ive noticed very light spotting. Am i ...

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Is oxycodone the same as hydrocodone?

Posted 1 hour ago by Susan Lerner 1 answer

Can you take one if you don't have the other

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I started Lexapro three weeks ago and recently just started because I was so exhausted?

Posted 2 hours ago by Kman23 2 answers

I started Lexapro three weeks ago for anxiety. While I do think it helped me a little bit I could not take the exhaustion and the fogginess so I decided to stop it. Since I stopped it to her three days ago I have been absolutely exhausted. Napping during the day which I have never done. I only took ...

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How late the night before a 2:30 pm colonoscopy can I take the 1st dose of Suprep? I won’t be able

Posted 3 hours ago by Nlokoff 1 answer

... to start at 6 pm as prescribed

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Day before period gush of clear fluid?

Posted 3 hours ago by Helpplease1023 1 answer

I put up a post before. I now have more questions that I’m going someone has an answer too or can relate to? I started bc a day late then second week missed a pill. Told ob/gyn she didn’t seemed concerned so neither did I. Until a week before my period after having sex had spotting just ...

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Feeling of apathy and emptiness after increasing Wellbutrin SR to 300mg?

Posted 4 hours ago by ewcross87 2 answers

I recently started on wellbutrin SR 150mg for my anxiety. After a week of 150mg once a day I was increased to the target dose of 150mg SR twice a day. The first few days I felt like I was in a fog and couldn't focus on anything, this went away after a few days, but now I feel just emotionally ...

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Taking Trintellix for three weeks?

Posted 5 hours ago by Ggpam 2 answers

I have been on Trintellix for 3 weeks and am not sure if I should continue. This drug makes me feel, nauseas, spaced out, itchy and I have very soft motions bordering on diarrhoea. I haven't had a continuous nights sleep for over two weeks. I am due to see my GP on Wednesday but I am thinking ...

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Is there a manufacturer that makes Xyzal gluten and dairy free?

Posted 6 hours ago by Janeycar 0 answers

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240 mg diltiazem & headaches?

Posted 6 hours ago by RobertL44 1 answer

In March of this year I had my first ever afib attack. My cardiologist put me on 240 mg of diltiazem ER. I’ve been taking it since. Up till recently my only side effect seemed to be constipation. About three weeks ago I started experiencing a daily headache that feels like a lot of pressure ...

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oes clonidine help with faintness in the mornings from postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS)?

Posted 6 hours ago by Farabella 1 answer

I was on it but weaned off because of scary nightmares and tiredness. My POTS in the mornings has gotten worse since stopping but don’t know if that was the reason or not? Anyone have experience with this? It seemed even though the blood pressure was low, I was still able to walk around in ...

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Lexapro - Not working after almost 4 full weeks, should I still give it time?

Posted 7 hours ago by tiredgymgirl 2 answers

I am 22 years old and suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. I avoid social situations and even feel uncomfortable around my family. This has caused me to never really develop real relationships with friends or boys. I'm approaching 1 month of taking 10mg per day of Lexapro ...

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Does sertraline cause severe feeling of cold?

Posted 8 hours ago by elliek69 2 answers

Just withdrawn from seroxat and after 2 weeks drug free I have now started on 25mg sertraline. I've never felt so cold and no matter how hard I try I just can't get warm.

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