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What are the chances of pregnancy?

Posted 43 minutes ago by 23curious 0 answers

I had protected sex with my boyfriend on the 24th, 27th, Feb and 1st, 4th and 6th March. I got my periods on the 11th of March which was regular (the usual 28 days gap) . But I am still scared I might be pregnant. I want to know what are the chances. The thing is that I've lost appetite, ...

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Will pregabalin zentiva cure my pain in the neck?

Posted 1 hour 20 minutes ago by Lynne Sutton 0 answers

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Please give me some opinions on whether or not to get a hip replacement?

Posted 4 hours 48 minutes ago by Starr0525 0 answers

am 20 years old I done a very stupid thing at 17 that resulted in breaking the femural neck in my hip. Now the ball of my hip is pretty much dead not exactly sure what the doctors are gonna do yet go back Tuesday. I honestly want a hip replacement. But I'm stunned and confused I'm not ...

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Lupron Depot - terrified to take lupron for endometriosis?

Posted 5 hours ago by MeganMasquerade 0 answers

I'm a 20year old woman who was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis . I was taking 200mg of progesterone , than when that didn't work I started taking 15mg of norethindrone and that still didn't work for pain or anything. So my doctor gave me two options, get pregnant or take ...

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What dose the drug bactrim do?

Posted 6 hours ago by NedraChambers 0 answers

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Just started on horizant 300mg, will the "zombie" effect ever wear off? I slept most of the day?

Posted 7 hours ago by Snoopy001 1 answer

Took this drug as instructed at 5pm and the next morning I noticed the nerve pain had disappeared so that was a huge relief but I can't function normally. This is just the first day and I need to know is this going to get any better?

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Would like to go off Effexor?

Posted 8 hours ago by Jlams1114 1 answer

So this is my first post, I'm not new to the antidepressant world. I have been on Effexor 75mg once a day for 2 years now. I had postpartum depression after my son was born. Recently I have been noticing that I'm tired all the time, no drive, no desires... all in all I'm not myself ...

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Ropinirole - This drug has been a blessing for me. I began taking low dose a few yrs?

Posted 8 hours ago by Lauralee17 0 answers

... ago. Graduated to a 6 mg extended release. New meds for other illness have brought me to a crazy level of trimmer. Any suggestions. FYI (female,52,Caucasian,dx restless "body" post stroke from blood clot@age 35, unstable hypertension,(TBM-100% Dynamic airway colapse,PHH,PF. Dx in past ...

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Can I get Levaquin flushed out of my system before the side effects kill me?

Posted 8 hours ago by Tishyann060866 1 answer

I was prescribed Levaquin 750mg yesterday for pnueumonia. I took 2nd pill today. The skin on my neck is blistering and peeling and it feels like I have blisters down my throat. Now my joints are popping. All with just 2 pills and I still terribly sick with pnueumonia. I have now educated myself on ...

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If I have COPD is it safe to take propranolol?

Posted 9 hours ago by James1girlCindy 0 answers

My doctor prescribed me propranolol 20mg yesterday for migraine prevention. One tablet twice daily. I have COPD and want to know if it's safe for me to take this drug?

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Ok, I started the pill a week after my period, on the day I started I had sex and had sperm in me?

Posted 9 hours ago by mooncharles 0 answers

i took the emergency pill three days later but i am not sure i am pregnant, i have nausea and tiredness but the first response say i am not, can it be accurate or should i retake it in a few more days?

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