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Not pregnant? I think I'm being paranoid for no reason?

Posted 2 minutes ago by Ijustwannaknow4414 0 answers

I had my period it was on time and It was regular and heavy just like it usually is and I had protected Sex a month ago we used a condom and it didn't break to our knowledge and he would have told me of it did and neither of us felt it break or leak. Am I not pregnant? I'm just being ...

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Co codemal and panadol?

Posted 32 minutes ago by Erey 0 answers

I have been taking soluble panadol and nurofen every 4 hrs since 9am ..i have co codemal i was going to take before bed ..would this be ok or should i leave it? Also i am type 1 diabetic

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Horse chestnut for increasing vein size?

Posted 51 minutes ago by Susan Sestrade 0 answers

I'm interested in donating platelets, but I was told my veins were too small. I read that taking horse chestnut supplements can increase my vein size. Is this true? Will I be able to increase my vein size enough to donate platelets, given that right now they're too small?

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When am I supposed to get my period after taking the Ella pill??

Posted 2 hours 5 minutes ago by lisadropdead 0 answers

I had an accident while having sex on Wednesday 18th and i took the Ella pill like 10 minutes after.. That day I felt very light headed and funky.. But now I don't feel any side effects a and I haven't gotten my period, I called the pharmacy and they said I'm supposed to get my ...

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Why is exemestane so expensive?

Posted 2 hours 8 minutes ago by CElg 0 answers

I can't hardly afford to take it with the change in my insurance deductible.

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Contrave - Did I make a huge mistake getting this med?

Posted 2 hours 40 minutes ago by Kylersgrandma08 0 answers

I just got my prescription filled of this medicine and now I'm scared to death to start it after reading all these comments ! I can't afford to be sick to my stomach all the time ! I had taken Adaptec now I'm wondering if I should just stick to that ? I'm 12 weeks post op of ...

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From a whole aspirin to Aggrenox 25/200 2x a day?

Posted 2 hours 47 minutes ago by alliemichelle 0 answers

I have lupus anticoagulant and am very symptomatic. It was though I was having TIAs and was on a whole aspirin and muscle jerks, MS like symptoms due to thickened blood. When I bled, it clotted almost immediately. Aspirin helped dramatically with the neuro symptoms, but my migraines increased and ...

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Onychomycosis - Fingernail - The instructions say to wait 8 hours before bathing. If I use?

Posted 2 hours 55 minutes ago by Auntied_53 0 answers

... ciclopirox nail lacquer on my fingernails can I wash my hands or get the nails wet briefly after less time than that, like maybe 15 minutes or more as long as the hands/nails are only in water or soap briefly?

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Is quetiapine causing my over-vivid exhausting dreams???

Posted 2 hours 58 minutes ago by Idoodiclaire 0 answers

Hi everyone, im new to this forum but i am desperate for some answers, or any help advice you can give please. I am diagnosed with BPD and major depression & have been on quetiapine for about 10 years (also on 375mg venlafaxine) Over the past year i have been slowly reducing my dose from 100mg ...

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Can ice trigger a cold sore?

Posted 3 hours 17 minutes ago by California_mouth 0 answers

Hi, I recently had a cold sore on the middle of my upper lip. I have always gotten them in the corners of my mouth, so this struck me as peculiar. After a week and a half I have finally reached a point where it is not very noticeable and I am feeling a little bit more confident. However, this ...

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Effexor-I've been taking this drug for about 6 weeks now and don't feel like I'm getting any better?

Posted 3 hours 21 minutes ago by kirstyemmjay 2 answers

... I was taking citalopram for 6 weeks and after feeling a bit better I went back down hill. Not sure if this drug is stronger or weaker or what? I have major and I mean major obsessive thoughts which take up so much of my time sat talking to myself complaining and ranting about what ever is in my ...

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Venlafaxine - I upped my dose from 75mg to 150mg 10 days ago?

Posted 4 hours 14 minutes ago by 2much2handle 2 answers

I just upped my Venlaxafine dose from just under 75 mg to 150mg because I have the worse obsessive thoughts that keep playing all day. My anxiety went way up for the first few days and now it's gradually getting better but still there. The thoughts are there still. It's been 10 days. ...

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What could cause swollen lymph node, fatigue, and abnormal blood smear?

Posted 4 hours 16 minutes ago by concernedmom1974 0 answers

My daughter has had a swollen right lymph node for over a year and has recently been complaining of fatigue. Her CBC came back with normal counts, but the blood smear showed atypical lymphoid cells with 2% being blast-like.

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Can I be pregnant after taking plan B?

Posted 4 hours 26 minutes ago by Maceylacey 0 answers

I finished my period on the 16th and had sex on the 17th, the condom broke right before he ejaculated. so we were a little worried. The next day, I went to the store and picked up some plan B and took with right within the 24 hour period. It's been about 5 days and now I'm discharging ...

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