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Can Lyrica 150 mg make you fool?

Posted 17 minutes ago by Anxiety_user 0 answers

Hi friends, I am on lyrica 150mg once daily It seems to make me fool after taking it. Like the foolishness stays for 2-3 hrs after taking lyrica.does it impact your instinct?

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Keytruda Has anyone had success with finding relief for the intense itching and burning ( shingle?

Posted 19 minutes ago by doctor daughter 0 answers

... like symptoms)? Gabapentin not helping at all

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Where to get opioids medication about?

Posted 31 minutes ago by EW89 0 answers

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Iwould like to ask a question about dose of Tofranil again, on my latest question, cause of, I?

Posted 47 minutes ago by Angora-228 0 answers

... didn't say several details? When I didn't take 200 mg imipramin, My problems starts again. Panic attacs , depression. My Psichyatr want to decrease dose. Years ago , I could to have this dose, but, At present , I am 71 year old , It is a lot dose? My medecin don't want to ...

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Estrace Vaginal Cream - Can Estrace Cream help me?

Posted 48 minutes ago by ihtak46 0 answers

Can Estrace Cream help me? Upon penetration, I get a really bad pain and can not continue. Husband gets p.o'd of course. Ive tried different positions but doesnt matter. I get horrific pain. What is it? Ive tried Coconut Oil but it doesnt work. I also get irritated on the outside of the ...

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Citalopram - help will the tiredness go and do you put on weight?

Posted 1 hour 4 minutes ago by blessed 33 0 answers

Hi all, I am new to ever taking any AD, however, I have suffered PMDD for years, switching from , coil to pill to implant to coil again. the doctor prescribe me with this medication (citalopram) 4 months ago for PMDD. but after reading lots of negative side effects and didn't take it! ...

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Ramipril - Rampiril and high bleed pressure?

Posted 1 hour 6 minutes ago by Newson 0 answers

Why do I need to take 10mg of rampiril when I've be taking 5mg and my bleed pressure fine I have a moderate left ventricular dysfunction of the heart

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Urgent! Am I pregnant???

Posted 1 hour 12 minutes ago by Anony199823 0 answers

Hi I finished my period Saturday. Had protected sex Sunday but comdom split! Then two hours later I had Ella one! I am feeling sick, headaches for two days is this normal, it does say these are side effects! I had the Ella one Sunday after two hours after sex however found part of condom on Monday ...

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Dose 50 mg of amitriptyline good for severe anxiety?

Posted 1 hour 18 minutes ago by Leen90 1 answer

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Is it normal for antidepressants to tear up my digestive system and most importantly?

Posted 1 hour 25 minutes ago by Ricval 0 answers

create a MAJOR issues with my rectum? The pain can NOT be controlled in a timely manner and as a result I am extremely miserable on top of my major chronic depression. What can I do or take or suggest to my doctor so I can get help and the medicines that I need, because I can't control my ...

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Long term use. My doctor wants to take me off Esgic because I am on too many medications?

Posted 1 hour 40 minutes ago by luvjam 0 answers

I have been on Esgic for over 20 years and has saved my tension neck headaches. I went through a bout of rebound headaches about 15 years ago and haven't had a problem since. I know my grandmother was on it till she was 89 when she died of Parkinson's. Can I doctor just stop a medication ...

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For high blood pressure I take losartan potassium, clonidine HCl, chlorthalidone I take Atorvast?

Posted 2 hours 8 minutes ago by fattest lady 0 answers

I take atorvastatin for cholesterol and Claritin for allergy. I would like to know if this combination of drugs could be preventing me from losing weight?

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Where do I get a coupon for a lower price on Rosacea medicine metronidazole cream 0.75%?

Posted 2 hours 55 minutes ago by Smh031198 0 answers

This medicine is for my mother who is 86 and is on fixed income.

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White lesions on brain MRI, but spinal tap is negative for MS. I did have double vision for 3 month?

Posted 3 hours 38 minutes ago by Tjeb 0 answers

I woke up with double vision the day after Christmas. Dr. said 6th nerve palsy. Palsy lasted 3 months and resolved itself. MRI shows white lesions on brain. Spinal tap shows negative for MS. I've had migraines for many years, never had MRI. Also found a brain tumor and pituitary cyst. The ...

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Sometimes I forget to breathe when I'm lying down and have to take three deep breath's to get back?

Posted 4 hours 11 minutes ago by Kfmorrow 0 answers

I am awake when this happens. Makes me very tired

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