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Citalopram - Coming of mirtazapine 0.375mg?

Posted 2 hours 23 minutes ago by Fenjoe 0 answers

Hi i dont take to any meds well i worry how ill feel , i had bad sides with mirtazapine anxiety low mood was worse so i came off but after a week band tottally out of the blue anxiety is back feel nausea weird head bloated scared im not going to get where im driving to my gp har given me 2pmg ...

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Should I be worried ?

Posted 2 hours 60 minutes ago by Mrp2712 0 answers

I've been on sprintec for about a year now and I've never missed a period. Recently I haven't been taking my pills on schedule everyday and would forget and take it in the morning. I'm on my placebo week and have taken 4 pills and still haven't received my period. I had ...

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Just started taking Zoloft, what can I expect?

Posted 3 hours 23 minutes ago by geokar 0 answers

I have been taking Zoloft 50mg for 9 days now. I have ups and downs with my depressing thoughts, I mostly have the bad thoughts at night. As I take the drug can I expect to start feeling better from here till the drug takes it's full effect in 6 to 8 weeks?

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Transderm-Scop - can the transderm scop patch go anywhere besides the back of the ear?

Posted 3 hours 47 minutes ago by teema11 0 answers

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Pregnant. Constant itching everywhere all the time. Please help!!?

Posted 4 hours 22 minutes ago by Taleahcherryd 0 answers

I am now almost 37 wreks pregnant. I have been complaining to doctors about this itching for over 5 months. Started as a splotchy dark rash on my neck. That went away noe I have teeny tiny bumps everywhere - hands, fingers, in between fingers, palms, feet,goes, behind the knees, inner thighs, outer ...

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What is the difference between tamsulosin and alfuzosine?

Posted 5 hours ago by Davidmuir 1 answer

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Propranolol - Eye twitching as side effect?

Posted 9 hours ago by sealib 0 answers

Has anyone experienced periodic eye twitching as a side effect of propranolol? Did the twitching go away after a while? In one eye, my lower lid twitches and in the other it's the upper lid. I read that dry eyes are a side effect and that perhaps the twitches are due to dry eyes, but my eyes ...

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My resting heart rate has been running as low as 56 and than upto 87 I feel really tired and shaky?

Posted 14 hours ago by barbpara 0 answers

I am on blood pressure medications

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I have finished 12 weeks of Harvoni it's been 7 days since my last and final dose had labs done Tue?

Posted 14 hours ago by bobo1975 1 answer

As of today I have been told that I am hepatitis C free I have to follow up in 12 weeks to follow up to see if I'm cured anybody that has any questions or doubts about these medications take them I was fortunate enough not to have bad side effects slightly fatigued no headaches no nausea but ...

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Plan B generic or pregnancy?

Posted 15 hours ago by historylvr1920 2 answers

On the 1st and 3rd my boyfriend and I didn't have penetrative sex, and were careful about our genitals touching. On the 2nd I took the plan b generic and only had sore breasts from it. I'm due for my period in four days, and I know the next day pill can change your period. Today I started ...

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Who carries top care products in Kingston, PA area?

Posted 15 hours ago by penelopepitstop 0 answers

especially large jumbo cotton balls

I have UTI and I am 16 weeks pregnant. Was prescribed cephalexin 500mg x 3 times a day for 7 days?

Posted 15 hours ago by Nayha27 1 answer

I started taking it 3 days back and still have sometime to go before the medication ends. This morning I have got loose motions and already visited the loo thrice and my day has just begun. Can I reduce the medication from 3 times to 2 times due to this? My doc is not available today. Please help!! ...

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