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When I take stimulants for my ADHD combined type and Aspergers, they make me tired?

How can I counter this drowsiness? They slow me down. Currently I'm on Adderall XR 60mg with Adderall IR 30mg. They take away my physical hyperactivity-high-energy-levels and they make everything very boring I'm not motivated to do anything other then lay down and sleep in-till they leave...

What can I do to stop the swollen, itchy, inflamed, crusty, eyes?

My eyes are stuck together when I wake up in the morning. Then for the entire day I have constant tearing, can’t open my eyes completely, itchy, dry, inflamed and painful (only in the corners) and vision problems. Is there an ointment that helps? I already pat them with warm/hot water...

Prazosin - Is this drug for OCD and PTSD and anxiety disorder?

I have had major depression and anxiety disorders and panic attacks all my life ,I wonder if this drug will help me thanks

Does oxybutynin bother the kidneys?

Amitriptyline - dosage & time to take amiltryptiline?

I’ve been on 20 mg for about 2 weeks - previously 10mg for sleep. Mixed results & not always sedating. I’m thinking of upping dosage to 30 mg tonight. Interested in other peoples dosage experiences & also best time to take. Also does anyone have experience with taking say 5mg...

Is it safe to take doxazosin, furosemide and bumetanide together?

Is it safe for a patient to take doxazosin, bumetanide and furosemide together?

Brilinta and shortness of breath?

After three stents my cardiologist put me on Brilinta 90mg 2x daily with low dose aspirin in the AM taking. After a little over 2 1/2 years I have had minor bleeding problems but have now commenced have shortness of breath problems. This prevents most any form of exercise (walking distance) or...

Can pantoprazole 40 mg twice a day cause shortness of breath?

Can anyone tell me why extra strength excedrin caplets no longer have an E imprinted on it?

There’s no longer an E on the pill now there’s a number is this the same n y the change???

Low dose lithium as effective as high dose?

The common lithium doses currently given daily for bipolar disorder (1200 mg) may be too high and in long-term prescription causing renal tube damage, hypothyroidism, cardiac disturbance, and the common lithium carbonate side effects. If low doses from 150 mg to 300 mg have a good stabilizing...

Does dropping from 100mg Pristiq to 50mg cause auditory hallucinations?

Been trying to drop from 100mg to 50mg over the last couple weeks. Have noticed the other night hearing things such as the door being unlocked, someone talking in the hallways among some other noises that weren’t actually happening. Is this normal for withdrawing from the dosages or is it...

Should you stop taking methimazole when you start taking levothyroxine?

I just started levothyroxine should I now stop taking methimazole

Does Xcopri feel "heavy" press on the chest when taking it?

I'm taking Xcopri and at 25mg. It has felt like a heavy press on my chest every since taking it. It feels like lowers version of an allergic reaction. Does this go away after a build up.?

How effective is sertraline for chronic OCD? I’m a long term OCD sufferer and was prescribed this...

... drug two months ago with dose increases qu.ickly so I’m already on 200mg which I believe is the maximum safe dose

Anxiety caused by urge incontinence - how can I stop it?

I'm a 23 year old woman and for years now I've been struggling with overactive bladder disorder. When I was first diagnosed by a doctor he told me to try bladder training, which I did, and my symptoms improved to a somewhat more manageable state, but never truly went away. Now, over the...