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Bumex - does bumetanide get low sugar levels?

Posted 8 hours ago by alibra109 0 answers

only on bumetanide 3 days and I am getting lower sugars is this possible? or is it my machine

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Why has Lexapro made me so emotional and paranoid & very jumpy sense starting? When will it stop?

Posted 8 hours ago by 1 Gamma 1 answer

I can’t take much more of this! Help

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Can someone develop stage 3 chronic kidney disease in a year?

Posted 10 hours ago by Felicia1979 0 answers

I just got my blood work back and it says my creatinine is 1.26 and eGFR is 54. I just had blood work last year and it was perfect. It this possible? I'm a bit concerned.

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Erectile Dysfunction - If you can order Cialis over the internet without a prescription, seems...

Posted 11 hours ago by JustMeandMyman 1 answer

... pretty clear it's not the real deal. Right?, How else could the companies selling without the prescription not be violating the US drug laws

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How long does it take for fenofibrate to be effective?

Posted 11 hours ago by jmeoni 0 answers

I took fenofibrate 160 religiously for 6 months with a starting Triglyceride level of 230. My labs in 6 months my level was at 594 and HDL was 27. I also take Crestor.

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Thoughts on Wellbutrin XL on Strattera?

Posted 12 hours ago by Mcheat625 0 answers

I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL and Strattera today for major depression. I wanted a stimulant instead of Strattera but my NP didn't offer it to me. Can I get some opinions on how these drugs have worked for others? I just don't see how Strattera is going to help me focus and have energy ...

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Am I getting false glucose readings?

Posted 13 hours ago by rob52570 0 answers

I have always had difficulty controlling my high blood sugar but recently was hospitalized for emergency surgery. As a consequence of the surgery the doctors discovered a fluttering heart rate. I have been able to drop a few pounds and have made dietary changes since getting out of the hospital. ...

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Lomustine - Can it be used for treaomedulla blastoma type IV?

Posted 13 hours ago by Karthigayan 0 answers

What is a good medicine for treating medulla blastoma?

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I take Eliquis 5mg bid, could I cut the pill in half and take it qid?

Posted 13 hours ago by dianegramke 0 answers

I bleed heavily vaginally during menstrual cycle and also when I am very active. Can I cut the Eliquis 5mg pill in half and take 2.5mg every 6 hours rather than 5mg every 12 hours? I have tried this, and it helps substantially with the heavy bleeding.

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Is 50mg doxycycline the same as 40mg Oracea?

Posted 13 hours ago by PD2 0 answers

I’ve been taking 40mg Oracea. Went to get a refill and bc of insurance deductible, the cost is over $500. Would 50mg doxycycline (it’s considerably cheaper) work the same as 40mg? The 40mg is timed Trieste whereas the 50mg is not. I also want to preserve the good gut bacteria which I ...

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So i’m panicking right now and I need some of your guys advice. Me and my boyfriend had protected...

Posted 14 hours ago by mari919 1 answer

... sex on June 15 but the condom ripped so right afterwards I took the Plan B pill. I was supposed to get my period on June 18 and today is June 20 and I haven’t got my period. Am I pregnant? The only symptoms I’ve had is I feel like I am gonna get my period but it just hasn’t ...

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Can I take antibiotics (Teva Cephalexin & Benadryl for my eye infection (Left eye swollen)?

Posted 16 hours ago by newyorkraja 0 answers

My Left Eyelid (top) got swollen and I was given the Teva Cephalexin antibiotics 4 tabs a day for 7 days? But some say, it can be cured by just taking Benadryl allergy medicine. Appreciate your useful input. Thanks, Raja

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Xulane - Did I not get my full dose? I went swimming in a lake 3 days ago and just started bleeding?

Posted 17 hours ago by Kitty85 0 answers

... red at the end of patch week 2. Took patch off to put on 3rd one and had bad itchy rash under it. Did the lake mess with my dosage, could pregnantcy happen?

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What does the prefix "PAP" mean?

Posted 24 hours ago by DynetteF 1 answer

Pap Smear, pap in Papilloma

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