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Does it take a while for gabapentin to build up in system and work?

Posted 12 hours ago by Brayle123 0 answers

I have horrible restless legs that are also during the day and now in my right arm. I am going NUTS. I started 0.25mg ropinirole and am up to 3mg (1.5 yrs). I'm now getting ready to increase even more. I know this medication has adaptation and I want to stop taking it. I started 200mg ...

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Best medicine for a large duodenal ulcer?

Posted 13 hours ago by Nanny23 0 answers

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I have ankylosing spondylitis currently taking Enbrel?

Posted 14 hours ago by Tracy Kelly 0 answers

Stop taking embril shots for a couple weeks and have been experiencing racing heartbeat and heart palpitation at night while sleeping is this a side effect of stopping the embril or a side effect of taking it.

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I currently have the Nexplanon in my arm?

Posted 15 hours ago by Maryy0224 0 answers

I currently have the Nexplanon in my arm, next month it will expire. However doctor told me it is okay to leave in for another year? Is that even safe? Would i still be protected from getting pregnant?

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Sexual Intercourse - During intercourse, when I orgasm, I have been pushing my spouse out of me, and

Posted 15 hours ago by lv3814 0 answers

... afterwards he has a hard time getting back in. What could be causing this, it hasn't happened before. It's almost like I'm swollen inside.

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Do AZ 275 pills contains ephedrine?

Posted 15 hours ago by Chacho1964 1 answer

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Could I have an anal tumor?

Posted 16 hours ago 0 answers

I discovered a hard lump in my rectum about an inch and half or so up 3 months ago. It felt like what I imagine a tumor would feel like. I checked again a few days after i discovered it and it wasn't there. Then a few days later it was there but felt different. I had a rectal exam and the ...

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Can you dissolve cefpodoxime in water for a dog 100 mg?

Posted 16 hours ago by DIXIECRITTER 1 answer

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I took my last placebo pill Saturday and had sex Saturday night. I wasn't able to get my new pack?

Posted 17 hours ago by AmandaC84 1 answer

... today (being sunday) so I will get my new pack after work tomorrow (Monday) and will take sunday and Monday's pill then. Is there a risk of pregnancy for me or should I be okay?

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How can I obtain my medicine in USA?

Posted 18 hours ago by curiousalex 0 answers

Hello everyone, I am living outside of USA and this summer I am planning a 5 month long trip to USA. Honestly I don't about American medicine system. I'm using a psychiatric medicine everyday and as far as I read from FDA's website I can bring 90 days-enough medicine. After this 90 ...

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Can candesartan cilexetil 8mg cause mouth and tongue soreness and sore throats .can this be due to?

Posted 19 hours ago by Dipstick 0 answers

... different manufacturer ,as I have taken them before over a period of 12months I have had itching but no mouth soreness but on change chemists I have had these sore mouth ... Dave I am a paramedic and my B P is normally about 128/83on candesartan

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I'm 39 and I've recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol and been put on a generic Crestor, and

Posted 19 hours ago by Mizzz 0 answers

... also an abdominal ultrasound has revealed gallstones and fatty liver. My father died of liver cancer caused by NASH at 63. Is Crestor okay with a fatty liver? I need to get my cholesterol down in order to get my liver de-fatted if possible. I've overhauled my diet with this new diagnosis

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Tooth pain and deterioration after oral staph?

Posted 19 hours ago by Steven91 0 answers

I was wondering if it is possible for an oral staph infection to damage your teeth. I'll start by giving you guys some details on what happened to me in these past two weeks. I'm a 25 year old white male in case that matters. It started when i saw an oral surgeon to have my two left ...

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Pinworm Infection (Enterobius vermicularis) - My 6 year old has pinworms I gave her 1 dose of reeses

Posted 19 hours ago by Laycieboo11 0 answers

... pinworms medicine.. I also have a 7 week Old and am breastfeeding will it be ok to take a dose just incase I may have them... I have no side affect or anything but still worried I may get them.. and really want to know if this medicine will affect my baby while nursing!

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