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Where can I buy Rytary 245m?

Posted 8 hours ago by Fcariesco 0 answers

We live in Chile and here we don't have, can you help me? It's for my husband he is only 50 years and have PD until 5 Regards Francisca

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Tetradent toothpaste is it medical ingredients or not?

Posted 8 hours ago by Mohammed Haroun 0 answers

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What is the shelf life of yellow root tea home made?

Posted 8 hours ago by dillon carden 0 answers

I boiled the roots i dug and placed it in the fridge. How long will it be usable?

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Lotrel - Have women have a hard time achieving orgasm.?

Posted 9 hours ago by Susieb13 0 answers

Since on this medication I have had a very hard time achieving an orgasm. Have other women had this same problem?

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Colchicine - How long will this last?

Posted 9 hours ago by Jameswar 0 answers

I had my first gout attack that I was aware of in my right ankle. Thursday. I read up on the symptoms and treated it accordingly. Took turmeric. Lemon. Black tart cherry. Celery. No alcohol. No meat. 2 to 3 gallons of water per day. Couldn't sleep by Monday morning I get t to the doctor and he ...

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Been taking victoza 5 weeks sick tonight?? Do I still take it?

Posted 9 hours ago by Anna1942 2 answers

I take 1.2 im type 2 been doing ok until this morning. Been really ill all day, nausea and vomiting and terrible bitter taste bad pain in and around my right upper side and really bad pain in my tummy area. First time ive had this. I cant eat anything or drink it comes right back up as water and I ...

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Can Flonase cause voice changes due to drainage in throat?

Posted 10 hours ago by Bock62 0 answers

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Mirena - I been bleeding on and off for 3 weeks?

Posted 10 hours ago by Estefani1313 0 answers

had a baby 3 months ago i been bleeding on and off for 3 weeks headache

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Could I get pregnant?

Posted 10 hours ago by catie3013 0 answers

My period was over on August 15 and on August 17 me and my bf had protected sex with a condom. My fertile week started on August 22 is there any chance i could get pregnant?

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Does Anyone Know of Prostate Medication for Men with Low Blood Pressure?

Posted 11 hours ago by winl13 0 answers

One of my family members has an enlarged prostate but also has low blood pressure. Is there any over-the-counter prostate medication that doesn't lower blood pressure? Thanks!

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Effexor - I've been on this drug for almost 20 years. I'm a recovering alcoholic and really?

Posted 11 hours ago by NumbOne2 2 answers

... noticing more than ever how horrible this drug is. Can I ever get off it?! I take a capsule and I'm told it doesn't come in pill form. If I miss 1 dose I have horrible nightmares, if I miss 2 I start feeling sick and by the 3rd day I feel out of it. Have almost no emotion, can't ...

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Birth Control - I had my implanon for 6yrs for it in 2009and I got it removed March 2016 and I had a

Posted 12 hours ago by chels25 0 answers

... period in July 2016 and i just had one this month August and i bled for about 2 weeks and i wanted to know Can i still have kids? how long will it be before I can try to have a baby?

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It is not enough room for my pinky toenail to grow normally, so it grows in a upwards direction, so?

Posted 13 hours ago by KalaKutta 0 answers

it is not enough room for my pinky toenail to grow normally, so it grows in a upwards direction, so it almost looks like its no nail there, what should i do?

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