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What pain pills Butrans 10mcg is about the same as?

Posted 6 hours ago by 112566 0 answers

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Take 600mg lithium ex at night. Then started Levemir 18 units at night for type II Diabetes. The?

Posted 7 hours ago by Hardtime007 1 answer

... next morning I had severe Nausia. with this Levemir. Is this common I feel as though I had bad drug reaction.

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On birth control and I have early bleeding and am on antibiotics, pregnant?

Posted 7 hours ago by kamina 0 answers

I broke my leg at the beginning of this month at the end of my period, recently my incision from my surgery became infected and I was put on bactrim DS. I have taken tri-Lo sprinter for 2 years now. I completely forgot that antibiotics effect birth control and had sex on Wednesday of last week. ...

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What should do?can I still take fluconazole when I saw my menses after the 4th day?

Posted 7 hours ago by mumuni 0 answers

I'm on a 7days medication with fluconazole and Infa-V n I just saw my menses this evening which is the fourth day(I took it in the morning) Should I continue taking it or wait and take it with the insertion of the Infa-V

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12 days on Lyrica. I have yet to have a normal bowel movement. Headaches are frequent as is vertigo?

Posted 9 hours ago by Suz642 0 answers

... Will these symptoms go away?

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Does propranolol work for anxiety/panic attacks?

Posted 9 hours ago by Laura26 1 answer

I've suffered from anxiety for the last 2years scince the sudden lose of my brother, in the last year it has increasingly got worse. I refused any type of medication as I feel these just mask the problem. My doctor has prescribed propranolol for me to try, I'm anxious to try this. Does it ...

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Got Nexplanon out 10/3/16 ( after only having it in 2 and a half months) . Intercourse?

Posted 11 hours ago by Taidenice18 0 answers

... 10/1,10/5&10/9. Slight bleed only when I wipe , light brown then pink then it stopped. That was from 10/14-15. Period due in 3 days but I feel pregnant. Could I be pregnant

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Tadalafil - How quickly does it take effect?

Posted 12 hours ago by sdschulek 0 answers

I'm only going to use this once or twice a week. So how soon should I take this before sex? And is there "window" for best effect like Viagra which is for me is about 60 min.

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Is something wrong with my heart or is it all in my head?

Posted 12 hours ago by Kjmannion 1 answer

To start off with, I had anorexia for 6 years combined with serious alcohol consumption. During the 6 years at my lowest weight (around 103) I felt some chest pain and it scared me so much I got back up to around 112 and it seemed to just go away. Fast forward to this year (I had anorexia through ...

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Topiramate - Monthly friend problem with topamax?

Posted 12 hours ago by stephanie1981 0 answers

I just wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with monthly friend on topamax. I am on birth control and have been out of cycle since taking this. 2 months on topamax 12lbs lost

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Knee Joint Replacement - Has any one used cpm machine after knee replacement surgery? If yes, do?

Posted 12 hours ago by Yachi 0 answers

Yes, do you feel it helped?

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Could I be pregnant? Tried to have sex a month ago and he didn't get hard. Used condom and on BC?

Posted 15 hours ago by kell1997 0 answers

Okay so around September 24th this guy and i were trying to have sex but he couldn't get turned on and he didn't even ejaculate, he was also wearing a condom. We were both a little intoxicated. I was on my period at the time also so nothing ended up happenening. I have had stress and ...

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