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I started taking Prozac about 5 months ago and gained 25 lbs. My doctor is weaning me off of Prozac?

Posted 13 hours ago by vadem58 0 answers

and has started me on Cymbalta 30 mg. I've been taking this dosage for 8 days and after 15 days, I'm supposed to start taking 60 mg. After my second dose, I developed what looks like an eye infection in my left eye - it's very red and sore. I've also had a headache (sharp pain ...

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Nexplanon - I had spotting?

Posted 13 hours ago by Karma23 0 answers

it started out reddish pink to pink to brown then gone last week and a little of spotting red today. My belly is bigger than normal. I'm still breastfeeding could I be pregnant?

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Has anyone ever had lip swelling or numbness in Hal there face using Afrin?

Posted 13 hours ago by Tammyw1963 0 answers

My 17 year old has been using Afrin ( recommended by her ENT) for only a day and a half and has developed a swollen bottom lip and numbness in half her face...

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My husband is loosing part of his vision. I think it happening before he eats?

Posted 14 hours ago by Bradie525 0 answers

It's doesn't matter when it happens at different times through out the day about once a week. He recently started taking testotron and working out. We went to Kmart and took his blood pressure on one of those machines they have and it said he was prehypertention. Does this have anything ...

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Toujeo - How can I tell when the pen is empty?

Posted 15 hours ago by Kfiedler1610 0 answers

I can't tell when the pen is empty. I think I was injecting nothing for a few days.

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Does Victoza work better if taken in the morning?

Posted 15 hours ago by Ladybug1509 1 answer

I'm on Victoza since may 2016, I'm on 1.2 dose and I've lost nothing, I inject myself at night. As its suppose to suppress appetite I'm wondering should I switch to the mornings?

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Diabetes, Type 2 - Has anyone tried Invokana? My endo wanted me to try it, but within 3 days, it?

Posted 15 hours ago by ade1971 0 answers

... made my bladder feel incredibly uncomfortable-not quite painful but sort of enlarged and overworked. I know it gets rid of 'sugars' by making you pee (sorry for the details!) but I feel like 10-12 times a day is more than normal. So I wanted to know if anyone else had felt something ...

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Question about whether I have tonsillitis or something more serious?

Posted 15 hours ago by throwaway_account 1 answer

Hi, I'm 18 years old and have been coming down with a fever every 2-3 months or so for quite a while. It usually passed after a few days but recently I got a fever that was so bad I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. I was put on a ten day penicillin plan which after ...

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Is it safe to take Lasix 40mg and Klor-con 20m? The Pharmacy said it would be ok to take them both?

Posted 16 hours ago by Nana-4848 0 answers

... at the same time.

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Missed Depo shot, please help?

Posted 16 hours ago by LaylaCar 0 answers

So I've had around 3 Depo shots. I was scheduled to get my next shot exactly 11 weeks from my prior one on the 3rd. I went on vacation though and completely missed it. I had sex on the 13th without protection, so 10 days after missing my shot, not even realizing till the next day that I forgot ...

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Nexplanon pros and cons?

Posted 16 hours ago by Dancelover413 0 answers

I've heard of people getting nexplanon and said they bleed for 6 months straight and gained 30 pounds how common is that? I don't want to be bleeding forever and gain a bunch of weight

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Been on 25mg 3 weeks was ok now week 4 depressed again?

Posted 17 hours ago by Dice1313 3 answers

Been on sertraline 25mg for 3 week one a day in morning was ok had some of the side now over 3 weeks feeling more anxiety and depressed and overthinkg more that im going mad don't want to up medication dose as thay already make me feel tired and spaced out on 25mg I was fine 2 and a bit weeks ...

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Our doctor gave our 13 year old son, 70 lbs. Paxil. ithin 1 hour of taking it he had a severe panic

Posted 17 hours ago by BuddyLou 3 answers

... attack, uncontrollable shaking, hyperventilating and eyes were crazy looking.

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