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Doxycycline - How long before it starts working???

Posted 14 hours ago by Arcticlogger 0 answers

I had a nasty tick bite in May. The ticks head was stuck in me. Went to urgent care. Doc did nothing.. September now. Got so bad I could hardly walk or even close my hands. Went in to ER. Second day on doxycycline. Right where the tick bit me it was all red when I took my shirt off in the ER. ...

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Does anyone know if you have to be weaned off of Entyvio? Or can you just stop it?

Posted 16 hours ago by NANNEELIX 2 answers

My wife is on Entyvio, she is having other symptoms that could be MS. We are thinking of stopping Entyvio to see if the other symptoms stop. Her GI Dr is of no help on this matter, he says do what you think is best. So we just want to know if she can just stop it. Thank You.

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I have been on 150mg Wellbutrin for 5 days and feel absolutely nothing. Is this normal?

Posted 16 hours ago by Wheezy27 0 answers

Should I bump the dose up to 300mg? I don't take anything else

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Melatonin - Any side effect with this product like severe leg cramps (charlie horse)?

Posted 16 hours ago by Mary Boles 1 answer

No one seems to know what causes leg cramps and I have used every vitamin, mineral etc. and have had some relief until lately. Now that I'm on the melatonin I seem to be experiencing them frequently (nightly).

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What is Lodigrel? I am a diabetic that has suffered a strike this drug was prescribed?

Posted 18 hours ago by lambert plummer 1 answer

What is Lodigrel? I am a diabetic that has suffered a strike this drug was prescribed.

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I was diagnosed with E. coli in my sputum?

Posted 18 hours ago by pauljazz 0 answers

I have been getting shots of rocephine for 10 days. It's day 5 and still have yellow sputum. Is the drug working?

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Why is Gralise not given if your over 65+?

Posted 18 hours ago by Frog Girl 0 answers

Im taking gabapentin 300mg 3x a day. My doctor change me to Gralise 900mg once a day. Im concern about side effects.

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How do I recover from myasthenia gravis?

Posted 19 hours ago by Harv61 0 answers

How long will it take before the Flomax will start making me feel better?

Posted 20 hours ago by Keathavisel 0 answers

How long will it take for the Flomax to start making me feel better

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Can going to sleep not long after taking Zithromax make the antibiotic not work?

Posted 20 hours ago by Lsmith123 0 answers

I took 4 tablets all together for the treatment of chlamydia. 2 hours before and after food. But i fell asleep a bit after taking them and I’ve heard some people saying it may not work

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How well does naltrexone work for people with bipolar?

Posted 20 hours ago by Albertsons 1 answer

Does it work well for people with bipolar and alcohol problems?

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