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Grinding tendons in wrist?

Posted 23 hours ago by MeowMagic 0 answers

For quite a few months, whenever I move my wrist, it cracks or clicks. Along with that my tendons pop in and out. It also feels like they are grinding against something. Occasionally my wrist feels achy. Should I be concerned?

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Prisiq not covered anymore?

Posted 23 hours ago by detour12 0 answers

i I went to refill my new medication pristiq but it is not covred anymore even with my second insurance. the person said you need some approved to go thought but it went in last month it only costed 3.65 but now it is 60 dollars and their even couldn't fill because of the approved thing. i ...

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Mirena - Is it normal for period to stop after almost 4 years with it? I usually spot every month?

Posted 24 hours ago by Bubbles22 0 answers

... but it's been more than a month and I'm a little scared. Is it normal? I do feel cramps and my side rd when i do get my period but no blood.

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Misoprostol - I took misoprostal but within 4 hours am not bleeding but my tongue is hurting?

Posted 24 hours ago by Amanorkuor Lydia 0 answers

The pregnancy is a month and three days old I took the oral dose before taking the misoprostal I realised some blood spot in my panty and on the 24hours I took the misoprostal but after 4hours am not bleeding but my tongue is hurting so I want to know if abortion has occurred

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Can you take gabapentin and Tums together?

Posted 24 hours ago by wild_heart1961 1 answer

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What do I do if I stay on the pill for week of intended period?

Posted 1 day ago by mooc 0 answers

So basically i have been on the pill about 6 months. I always take my week off for my period this month i dont want to. So if i stay on the pill week of period i will use this months 3 week pack and one week of next months... when do i take my next period? 3 weeks after the end of this week? i know ...

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GoLYTELY - Is it normal to do one day prep before colostomy reversal surgery

Posted 1 day ago by Adrian232 0 answers

Just wondering if anyone has any advise. Having my colostomy reversal surgery tues morning was given instructions to drink gallon of golytly by noon. And take 12 antibiotic pills throughout the day and drink clear liquids and nothing after midnight my concern is is one day prep enough ???

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Can donepezil be managed by a GP or is it recommended for a neurologist to supervise its use?

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by VVW 0 answers

My mother was given this med with very little explanation and was alone. She is now not herself. Doc said no contraindications. We don't know if there is an adjustment period or to take her off of it.

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Should a 2yr old boy be started out taking levothyroxine 25 mcg for a first dose?

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by John marr 0 answers

My son 2yrs old has been taking levothyroxine 25mcg but tonight it seems that he cant sit still at all and you cant even talk to him at all im very worryed what should i do help plz

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Has anyone not experienced weight gain on Paxil?

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by Lonely23 0 answers

If so, how did you change your diet and exercise routine to maintain a healthy weight? I'm very concerned by this issue since I've read terrible experiences about people gaining even more than 50-60 lbs but I can't deal with my panic anymore :( Thank you so much

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Lo Loestrin Fe - I just started lolo 4 weeks ago and my period never came, am I pregnant?

Posted 1 day 2 hours ago by Mister 22 0 answers

I started lolo about 4 weeks ago, I should have just finished my period but it never started , is this normal ? Am I pregnant ? Around the same time i started lolo I switched anti- depressants from cipralex to Zoloft Could this have an affect ?

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Sertrline was on 25mg now on 50mg?

Posted 1 day 2 hours ago by Dice1313 0 answers

Was on 25mg sertrline for 7 weeks now on 50mg of sertrline one a day tablet 50 was OK to start with increasing worked now 3 weeks of taking it I'm still feeling a bit nervous and depressed panicky I've been on this medication over 2 months now all I've notes is my appetite is abit ...

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What can I take to stop seeing the deceased?

Posted 1 day 3 hours ago by firedrone 4 answers

As a child at about 8 yrs old I started to see and communicate with the dead. Of course at that point I didn't realize that they were. Everyone but my parents thought I simply had imaginary friends. Well, this is something I never grew out of. In fact, It became stronger and more permanent. ...

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