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How long is it going to take to get pregnant?

Posted 14 hours ago by Camila10 0 answers

I had my Nexplanon taken out on 2/23/18 and now it's 3/23/18. My last period started 1/22/18 and it ended 2/27/18. What are the chances I could of have got pregnant?

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Not happy with weight gain while taking Abilify?

Posted 15 hours ago by Faith1958 0 answers

I have been taking Abilify for 3 months. Within the first few weeks I gained 7 pounds. Pretty discouraging since I always have had weight issues. I also don't feel like the medication is working. I am still feeling depressed, no energy, not much desire to get anything done. I am also taking ...

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I used Aldara for 6 weeks for a BCC on my forehead. The last 3 weeks were torture. But, I finished?

Posted 15 hours ago by LynneSusan1954 0 answers

... with the cream a week ago and my forehead is slowly healing, so I see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, for the past week, since finishing the cream, I have been experiencing a side effect that is worse then anything else I experienced ... it’s like my nerve endings are on fire ...

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How long can I safely leave a bottle of Xylocaine once opened?

Posted 15 hours ago by christine6602 0 answers

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Can I take hydrocodone Flexeril and Xanax together?

Posted 15 hours ago by Denise1968 2 answers

I'm prescribed Xanax for anxiety and hydrocodone for pain although she has also prescribed me Flexeril for muscles can all three be taken together

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I have been on prednisone for 1 1/2 years. Just finished last 1mg. Wednesday. I am 77 and have?

Posted 16 hours ago by mabel sue 0 answers

... diabetes and gained about 30 lbs... how long will prednisone remain in my body? I would like to start a heavier exercise program to loose this weight (diagnosis had been PMR)

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Can Odefsey affect the liver function of getting rid of alcohol ?

Posted 16 hours ago by Dork1229 0 answers

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How long does it take for the Wellbutrin to life the teary emotional feelings?

Posted 16 hours ago by BBCrawford 0 answers

..So I my husband and I are my Dad, 83 with Parkinson's caregivers. Dad can still get around and is?. independent with lots of prompts to take meds, and so on. We've been doing it for almost 3 years after my Mom died. I flew out to care for her in 2015 and never went back to Texas. My ...

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Is zopiclone stronger than promethazine for insomnia? Please help?

Posted 17 hours ago by Gaz1985 0 answers

I have been suffering from bad bouts if insomnia for 6 months. In that time my doctor has given me 50mg promethazine (25mg wasn't strong enough to sedate me due to the severity of my insomnia). The only problem with this medication is it takes over an hour to kick in and it leaves me groggy ...

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What is an anticholinergic?

Posted 18 hours ago by suewaugh 0 answers

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Cosopt and dorzolamide shortages fraudulent?

Posted 19 hours ago by mdsalemi 0 answers

My problem in locating these started last summer 2017. None of the primary suppliers in the USA (Valeant, Teva, Akorn, Sandoz) have supplied reasons for the shortage to the FDA, though unofficially they tell the medical doctors it was the hurricane in PR. However, none of the manufacturers are on ...

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Wellbutrin XL Weight loss component?

Posted 19 hours ago by Ziarosey 0 answers

Hi I’m not able to gain weight on the Wellbutrin XL and so was wondering what is the name of the component in the Wellbutrin that is causing this to happen please? Any one know the answer to this? I could stand to gain at least 5 to 10 pounds and I can’t / I understand that most other ...

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Giant Cell Arteritis - Is the Revitive circulation improvement equipment any use for aching legs and

Posted 19 hours ago by Coldor 0 answers

... muscles caused by temporal arteritis or taking prednisolone. I have been suffering from the disease for over two years and taking prednisolone all the time. The muscle pain is very severe at times and pain killers such as cocodomol has only limited effect

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White mucus discharge and white specks while taking metronidazole 0.75?

Posted 20 hours ago by Anonymous 456 0 answers

I've been using this for about 3 days now. I was diagnosed with BV, and it helped with the smell so far. But now I'm noticing leakage and white specks with white slimy discharge. On my second day, it started to itch on the "inside", but it didn't last long. Possibly only 10 ...

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What dosage of amoxicillin should be given for 6 year old weighing 25kg for ear infection ?

Posted 20 hours ago by Ciency 0 answers

My son is 6 years old, weighing 25kg. He has an ear infection and the doctor has prescribed 500 mg amoxicillin suspension three times a day. Is this too high a dose for him? I am really confused.

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