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Ciprofloxacin - does it work for teeth infection?

Posted 19 hours ago by steph6313 1 answer

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Medication - what types of pills are for gout?

Posted 19 hours ago by kencaputo 1 answer

list of medications given for gout

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Intrusive thoughts vs. auditory hallucinations?

Posted 20 hours ago by eliasgrant13 0 answers

Does anyone have any helpful ways to determine the difference between intrusive thoughts and auditory hallucinations? I've been having them for months and my therapist and I can't tell. I've also been seeing holographic people recently. Could this be a side effect of risperdal? I ...

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I have been using Skyla for 2 weeks and he came in me while on my period? Can I get pregnant?

Posted 20 hours ago by Mimi69bitch 1 answer

I'm on my period and he came in me. Is it possible I'll get pregnant? I've had Skyla for about 2 weeks now

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Are there any ways to flush trazadone out of my body?

Posted 20 hours ago by 10_hourerection 1 answer

My girlfriend gave me her prescribed dose of 200mg last night to sleep and I have never taken it before. I have had an erection for the last 9 hours and it doesn't seem to be going away. I have researched and found that this is a rare reaction. Please offer me any advice. Very uncomfortable. ...

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Why do my feet hurt when walking?

Posted 21 hours ago by Yerim 0 answers

I hit my toe on the side of my bed and it has been hurting but now my the bottom of my foot hurts when walking on a hard surface. It gets better with socks and shoes but that hurts my toe. I don't know when I'll be able to get it checked since I am starting school again tomorrow and ...

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Camphor/Menthol - Are there long term effects of getting biofreeze in your eye?

Posted 21 hours ago by tgarriott 1 answer

One week ago (on sunday) I had put biofreeze on my elbow and had not yet washed my hands when I rubbed my eye. I used a cool wash cloth to wipe my eye, but it still remained irritated. By Wednesday my eye was more irritated, being very sore, and constantly running. It is still sore (on Monday), and ...

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Zoloft & norethindrone & grapefruit soap Interaction?

Posted 21 hours ago by popcorn108 1 answer

Hi! I'm currently taking two different medications (norethindrone and Zoloft) and have read online that eating or drinking grapefruit/grapefruit juice can be potentially harmful while on these drugs. Does this also apply to grapefruit soap? Or is it completely safe for me to use soap ...

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Has anyone taken Atarax for hep c itch while taking Harvoni? If so love some feedback. I have been..

Posted 22 hours ago by MER1949 0 answers

... debating about asking doctor about it.

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I started Depo 12/12/15 and took last shot 3/12/17. I never had a period on the shot only light?

Posted 23 hours ago by Lillee15 1 answer

... spotting a couple of days before the shots were due and as soon as I got the shot it would stop. So here is my question, I spotted light pink and light brown around 6/12/17 when I was suppose to get next shot and didn't, and my period still hasn't returned and no spotting neither. ...

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Can coming off metformin cause headaches?

Posted 23 hours ago by meggiedawn 1 answer

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Estradiol Patch - Intense underarm odor?

Posted 24 hours ago by deldeb 0 answers

I started using the Mylan estradiol 0.025mg twice a week in late June. I have always sweated, but this is unreal. I have used every antiperspirant/deodorant I can get, sometimes reapplying during the day and cannot get relief. I checked with my health care provider and she said she had never in her ...

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