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Can Zyprexa / olanzapine cause hyper anxiety and or restlessness?

Posted 19 hours ago by BRYAN68 0 answers

My friend is taking this med and has not been herself since she has started taking it. Her anxiety is and has been off of the wall and she has not been able to organize a thought. This was NOT happening before she was introduced to it. She was anxious when she was first hospitalized but now her ...

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If I had sex with a guy and he condom broke inside me and he just kept going and I didn't take?

Posted 20 hours ago by Kwillie 0 answers

... action after the condom broke inside me could I get pregnant if I didn't take anything afterwards

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Differin - Do I apply the cream all over my face or just affected area?

Posted 23 hours ago by Iwantclearskin 0 answers

Ex: I only have acne on my cheeks so do I just put it there

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Has anyone quit antidepressants totally after long term use?

Posted 23 hours ago by migrainesuf1166 2 answers

Hello, I have been on SSRI's and SNRI's for about 20 years total (different meds) and recently was on cymbalta for about 5 years, adding Wellbutrin the last year of that. Having gone up and down on the cymbalta and noticing for a long while it wasn't helping much with depression I ...

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I take 100mg of losartan, 5 mg of amlodipine besaylate. I have bloating, diarrhea and stomach pain?

Posted 24 hours ago by penneya2 1 answer

... I have taken this medicine for over a year and thought maybe these effects would subside, they actually seem to be getting worse. Are these side affects?

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I taken tl 211 5mg orange pill but I still pain!?

Posted 24 hours ago by Adonisrealbb 0 answers

I taken tl 211 5mg orange pill but i still have back pain! I believe that I would give myself for the pain because that did not help me what they goes recents for me back pain?

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I think I have molluscum on my shaft?

Posted 1 day ago by Djm16 0 answers

I'm gonna tell you how it started. I was sitting down and my penis started to itch and i scratched it and i literally saw the 2 bumps raise up and it really startled me. I think I've had them about a week or two now and they kinda looked like pimples. I don't know what to do about it ...

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If I am taking only 100 mg of Dilantin nightly is it doing anything for, or to me?

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by rnmohs 0 answers

I had brain surgery in 2003 - Oligodendroglioma tumor removed and was prescribed 300/400 mg opposing days. for the last 5+ years I only take 100 mg per night. I am concerned about the side effects and whether I need Dilantin or not. My Dr. is looking on the safest side. I am trying to live.

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Leg Cramps...PA/Otezla?

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by Susan2652 1 answer

I have been taking Otezla for about 2 months and I am suffering from severe leg cramps. Has Otezla effected any of you like this? If so, what has helped you with the pain? Thank you for all suggestions! God bless.

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My wife has been taking Lyrica for leg pain for 12-13 years?

Posted 1 day 2 hours ago by Max Moss 0 answers

She took 300mg daily for years, then 150mg the last four or five and didn't notice any change when she switched. Has she been taking this med so long that she isn't getting any real benefit?.

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I've been taking birth control for 5 months now and my period is still in regular cycle?

Posted 1 day 2 hours ago by concerned3000 1 answer

I took the (placebo) pills the very first pack I got but after that I stopped because I didn't want to keep getting a period. I'm still getting my regular cycle periods even though all I've been taking since I started was the regular birth control pills. What's going on? Is this ...

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Would taking probiotics in replace of creon be able to work the same way or in a similar way as what

Posted 1 day 4 hours ago by ann_skalsky25 1 answer

... the creon is doing for the body?

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What is the point of the 21 mg. Habitrol nicotine patch if it is the same amt of nicotine you were?

Posted 1 day 4 hours ago by judyjeff70 0 answers

getting when smoking? I have been on the patch for 28 days and am worried about the side effects of dropping to the 14 mg patch? No cigarettes for 23 days today? Do you get as much nicotine from the patch as you did with the cigarettes? Judy Jeffrey

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