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Lexapro - Horrible anxiety and panic attacks after taking only 5mg?

Posted 12 hours ago by mkarp1982 3 answers

I've been diagnosed with a GAD a few years ago. I haven't had any anxiety attack in over 2 years. Now, it's time to go back to school (I'm 35) which my brain doesn't understand lol. I've been taking 2.5mg of Lexapro in the morning and another 2.5mg at around 5-6pm. ...

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My 16 year old son has severe anxiety disorder, unbeknown to me he started taking my Lyrica ( it is?

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago by twistedtime 3 answers

... now locked in the safe) but while he was on it, his mood and anxiety was so good. Can 16 year old be prescribed Lyrica?

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Can a family Dr presribe anything stronger than Tylenol 3 for pain?

Posted 18 hours ago by Gary mcclure 2 answers

I am waiting to get in pain management and surgery but while I wait all my family practitioner will give me for my pain is Tylenol 3. I use to get Percocet 10 and Soma prior to surgery.

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I missed a pill and I'm bleeding?

Posted 11 hours ago by AbbyV 1 answer

I missed a pill and now my breasts hurt, I'm having mood swings and nausea and light cramps. Am I pregnant?

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I have a lot of pain in joints & muscles. Some days movement is difficult?

Posted 2 hours 47 minutes ago by Gracefuldoll 1 answer

I'm 64 yrs old and have always.been active, there were some short periods where I wasn't exercising ad much, but I've always been able to resume my exercise. This is affecting my mobility. My dr says its osteoarthritis, but that was 5 yrs ago. I've never had this much pain. My ...

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Ciprofloxacin - Will this medication help with bronchitis?

Posted 3 hours 4 minutes ago by Laniya2553 1 answer

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Do the medications sumatriptan and prednisone cause blood thinning?

Posted 3 hours 30 minutes ago by Cindy heller 1 answer

I'm having bloody noses. I wondered if the thin blood was related to these meds I've taken?

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I peed a half hour after inserting the first dose of my three days dosage. Will it still work even?

Posted 2 hours 3 minutes ago by Smokeblownprincess 1 answer

... though some came out?

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Should I take Plan B after sex even if I'm onthe depo which I got 2 days after giving birth 1/12/17?

Posted 6 hours ago by Spongebob Man1 1 answer

just need to know not ready to have any more kids just yet

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Has anyone had problems from missing a dose of Harvoni?

Posted 6 hours ago by curtwa 1 answer

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Mirtazapine for anxiety.. is it effective?

Posted 1 day 5 hours ago by aaron182 1 answer

I've suffered with severe anxiety for just under 6 years now. I've been housebound since then and have yet to find something to help me. Tried many medications and therapies. I've been offered this new medication and just wanted to see what effects it has had on people.

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Itching as a side effect of Trintellix?

Posted 2 days 10 hours ago by Courtneyl0816 3 answers

Hello all. My doctor put me on Trintellix 10 mg about 3 weeks ago for my anxiety and depression. I had been doing well on it until a couple of days ago when I started itching all over. It is driving me up the wall! The itch is extreme and it is all over. I have an appointment with her this ...

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Medication propranolol 40mg take one three times a day?

Posted 19 hours ago by Ecroan 1 answer

2nd day on propranolol when will my system get used to them and when will my bad effects go away or light up I get dizziness heavy headed feel drugged tired werid and funny and headaches when will my propranolol fully work on me can you help

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