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Influenza - I am on Tamiflu. Am I still contagious?

Posted 23 Dec 2017 by Stadwiser 1 answer

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Renouncing to take Trazodone 50MG?

Posted 12 hours ago by OLIMPIAADAM 3 answers

I would like to stop taking Trazodone 50MG. Last year my son died and I went to the psychiatrist to give me some advices to bear the pain. He gave me Trazodone, the lowest dose. After a year, I don't feel the need to take it anymore because I think it affects my memory. I would like to go on ...

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The best cure for chlamydia?

Posted 19 hours ago by Mekano 2 answers

I am a 23 year old male,I had doxycycline for the threatment of chlamydia .It worked but i had in a relationship with the same partner after my threatment even after i have protected i started to feel lower pain and got my second doxycycline but couldn't use it on the proper time schedules. As ...

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Will Plan B work if taken right before Ovulation?

Posted 12 hours ago by Johnsmith_13424234 1 answer

My girlfriend and me were using a condom and it broke. Though it was only halfway in during ejaculation (not sure if this matters). A decent amount of the semen ended up dripping out onto the sheets (again not sure if this matters). We rushed to the store and she took the pill Plan B one step about ...

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Is Perindopril a blood thinner?

Posted 7 hours ago by suedall 1 answer

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A question about side effects?

Posted 9 hours ago by amygirl70 1 answer

I started on Lamictal for bipolar about 5 months ago. I got up to 100mg but I was having terrible mind fogginess so they brought me to 75mg. I have always had this little jerk motion with my head since I started Lamictal. But it seems to be worse. Is this a normal side effect? I appreciate any ...

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Acne scar treatments?

Posted 13 hours ago by Brick Kershaw 1 answer

Deep scarring on my face.40 year old female.

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Why is Sertraline just now causing me nausea after years of taking it?

Posted 8 hours ago by acmp 1 answer

I have been on Zoloft forever. I take 200 mg per day. I take 2 pills (100 mg each) every night. However, lately immediately after swallowing one pill I get TERRIBLE nausea and sometimes I vomit (more like dry heave). I am not taking them on a empty stomach. It is usually after dinner. Because of ...

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Can your immunity to virus decrease by taking doxycycline?

Posted 8 hours ago by Ttam27kov 1 answer

My dermatologist told me after taking doxycycline for about 6 weeks I could no longer take it because it was a antibiotic and that if I got sick other antibiotics would not work as well. The doxycycline was working very well and now that I havnt taken it the acne is back. Is this regular practice I ...

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When taking a med 5 times a day... how many hours between doses?

Posted 10 hours ago by TeeSue 1 answer

taking clotrimazole 10 mg lozenge 5 times a day for 2 weeks for oral thrush. I am 60 years old, female.

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Viibryd anyone? I'm looking for opinions from those of you with experience?

Posted 1 day 18 hours ago by FionaMoonBlossom 2 answers

My Doc is considering prescribing Viibryd 10 mg for me for depression. Anyone out there who has been on it? Thoughts? Suggestions? Has anyone been on it and tried to stop? Issues? I am going through a horrible time trying to get off Effexor and don't want to trade one bad thing for another. ...

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I took two days of my six day methylprednisolone can I finish the rest a month later ?

Posted 10 hours ago by Shanelle718 1 answer

I took the pill for a back pain I have but it was gone within the second day so I stopped but a month later the pain is back and I have a bad cold so I wanted to know if I can take the rest of the four days a month later

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I have an abcess. Can I use Indomethacin to help?

Posted 10 hours ago by Tomylou12344 1 answer

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Effexor XR - Effexor vs Wellbutrin?

Posted 16 hours ago by Sots 1 answer

Been on Lexapro a few years now. I have GAD, some depression and insomnia for a few years. I started at 10 and that worked, but job stress and increased depression had me go on 20 in Sept. (I also use Xanax, with .10 or .25 as need) My insomnia has been going on since menopause and was recently put ...

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Can I take Clindamycin 150 mg for pain swelling impacted tooth with white pus on gum?

Posted 13 hours ago by Cramos38 1 answer

Tooth broken to gum nits hurting n starting to swell. Gum is real red n has tiny white possible pus bubble on side gum under tooth. Can I use Clindamycin 150 mg till I can get to dentist for infection

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