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Aleve vs Ibuprofen: What's the difference?

Posted 13 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Aleve and ibuprofen are both used for pain relief. But is one more effective or more likely to cause side effects compared to the other?

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Any one else experiencing extraprymadial side effects of Venlafaxine (Effexor XR 150mg) such as?

Posted 1 day 15 hours ago by Wizmedic11 5 answers

... tongue rolling, grimacing, grunting, uncontrollable movements etc etc? I even have severe chronic left ear pain. All of these reactions worsen by end of the day.

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Dulcolax - I took 2 pills at 8pm last night... Hoping I would be woken to go the loo?

Posted 20 hours ago by Consilcio 2 answers

Not even a pain. Its now 8.40am and still no sign of a bowel movement!!

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Strange abdomen pain and burping?

Posted 11 hours ago by cowen49 1 answer

Hi, I've been having some weird symptoms for a number of weeks (3). I'm a healthy 29 y/o male. Around 3 weeks ago I had a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. (Appendix area). The pain is only noticeable or present around 10 minutes after I eat. When I eat I start to get wind and ...

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Fibromyalgia and Victoza?

Posted 1 day 18 hours ago 2 answers

Has anyone got fibromyalgia or CFS or chronic pain that seems to go into remission with Victoza. I have contacted the manufacturer and they said although they have heard of this they have done no trials so they could not comment. My doc thinks the energy is due to a steady flow of glucose. I'm ...

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Wake up feeling short of breath and weird feeling in chest/ lungs?

Posted 17 hours ago by Keelseey 1 answer

I work nights and on my nights I can sleep. 9 times out of 10 if I get a call I will wake up with a tight feeling in my chest. It s the weirdest feeling not like a pain but it does feel harder to breathe especially to take deeper breaths. When I try to take a deep breath it s like my lungs can t ...

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Hydrochlorothiazide - Is this available in 12.5mg dose?

Posted 9 hours ago by Quilterlady33 1 answer

I need to take 25mg daily in divided dose AM and PM.

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I've been taking Lyrica for 18 mths for severe knee pain with long acting tramadol . For the last 3?

Posted 14 hours ago by Mrs fox 1 answer

... months I have been trying to stop taking Lyrica as I had a knee replacement 4months ago . I have managed to reduce 300mgs twice a day to 100mgs at night and 50mgs in the morning x I have been on this dose for 3 weeks now. The withdrawal is getting worse. Symptoms include sweating , restless ...

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Could I get pregnant if he put on a condom and we only had sex for a couple minutes?

Posted 3 hours 21 minutes ago by hello1257 0 answers

My boyfriend and I recently started having sex and he always uses a condom. We always make sure to put it on correctly (we followed the instructions on the box just to be 100% sure we were doing it right). We only did it for a couple minutes because I was a virgin and it was sort of painful for me ...

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Can Prozac take more than eight weeks to work?

Posted 1 day 2 hours ago by Andrew49571 1 answer

I've been on sixty milligrams of Prozac for fifty-seven days, eight weeks, and I still don't feel so well. Overall, I've been on Prozac itself since December 2015, but I started at ten milligrams; and ever since then, I've been slowly coming up to a higher dosage, and now ...

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Took out my Nuvaring early and started my period early?

Posted 3 hours 4 minutes ago by lkil 0 answers

I recently had a uti so i took my ring out about 3 weeks early. I started my period the next week when it usually doesnt start for about another two weeks, my question is do i put the new ring back in after i am done with this period or wait until i was originally suppose to put it back in?

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Why do I bleed and have right ovary pain after 5 years of going through menopause?

Posted 1 day 5 hours ago by Irish55 1 answer

I bleed and have right ovary pain and I have been menopause for 5 years. I have had a pap and ultra sound and both came back normal?

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I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago, but now I feel very different symptoms -?

Posted 2 days 11 hours ago by chuckms1960 1 answer

like stiffness in hands, shooting nerve pain in extremities, return of RLS (used to be Gabapentin helped this). I can't write with pen/pencil because I'm unable to keep ahold due to stiffness and pain. What could this be?

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