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Switching from Orsythia to Vienva?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by Dlm720 2 answers

I've been on Orsythia birth control for over a year and my pharmacy randomly changed to Vienva, is this the same medication? It looks different but I think that the dosages are the same. I don't want to mess up my body by immediately switching to a different birth control then I'm ...

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Afraid to take Zoloft after terrible experience with citalopram?

Posted 1 day 12 hours ago by AndyB123 3 answers

I have always been a very happy and go-lucky guy up until about 1.5 years ago. I had my first panic attack and it has caused me to have extreme anxiety and additional panic attacks. My doctor put me on a low dosage of citalopram and after only one day on the drug I had terrible anxiety and felt ...

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Hi! I recently started taking Zoloft and I'm expierencing headaches. Is it safe to take Advil or?

Posted 4 hours 7 minutes ago by FeatherHeather 1 answer

... Tylenol with this drug? Also, I'm a big coffee drinker has anyone had any reactions with coffee and Zoloft?

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New to Lexapro-question about upping dosage?

Posted 7 hours ago by carmar10 1 answer

I am on day 10 of Lexapro. I have been prescribed 10 MG but Ive only been taking 5 mg to start. Initially I got headaches those seem to have subsided, I still get fatigue. Doctor advised me to take at dinnertime to avoid nausea that seems to be working. I still sometimes wake up at night with ...

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Trintellix & Nausea... been on it 4 weeks?

Posted 1 day 7 hours ago by Katster27 2 answers

I'm perplexed. I've been on Trintellix for 4 weeks tomorrow, and I am still feeling so nauseous. It is not as consistent as before, but still every day. It's miserable being so nauseated. Wondering if I'm alone in this. This med is worlds better than my Cymbalta, but this nausea ...

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I have been severely depressed for 8 months. Been on Lamictal since June 2. When does it work?

Posted 4 days ago by SJC1980 5 answers

I have been on Effexor 150 mg for several years but when my dad died, I broke up with my BF and other life changing events, I cannot seem to shake my depression. Started on Lamictal on June 2. 25mg for 2 week, then 50, then 100 now been on 150 for a week and a half. WHEN will this stuff start to ...

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Veltin - Skin redness, mostly on neck but on face as well. Suggestions?

Posted 12 hours ago by Danielcm 1 answer

I've been using this med for about a week now and I like the results, the peeling, and occasional burning are the side affects and I'm okay with those. But it's made my neck bright red half way up and I can't wear tee shirts without looking like a dork because of it. ...

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Is a side effect of sertraline depressive thoughts?

Posted 1 day 11 hours ago by bridsta 2 answers

I've been taking 50mg of sertraline to help cope with my anxiety for the past 4 weeks now (first 4 days on 25mg). Since starting I've continued to feel anxious quite often, possibly even more frequently than before. I've also noticed that I've been feeling down more often - as ...

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Fibromyalgia and neuropathy sufferers:?

Posted 2 days 5 hours ago by Buttercup2 3 answers

I have noticed that I hurt more at night than during the day time hours. I have suffered with fibromyalgia since 2004 and neuropathy since 2010. Has anyone else noticed this and if so please share any information you can. Take care, Linda

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I've just started trazodone1 00 mg for insomnia - soooo sleepy?

Posted 3 days ago by padort 4 answers

during the day. I have to lay down two times a day and fall asleep for two hours so that's four hours nonproductive time. Plus the twelve hours I'm in bed at night. It takes two hours to get me to sleep so I take it at 7pm and go to bed. I feel lousy during the day, maybe this is not ...

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Is metformin the same as Keppra? Is it for epilepsy?

Posted 20 hours ago by MouhamadB2 1 answer

It didn't occur to me until today but the pills in the latest bottle of Levetiracetam seem different. They are oblong shaped but are thicker and more powderish. IP 179 is labeled on the pills. Am I taking the right medication? Thanks

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Is Harvoni good for 1a which is supposed to be harder to treat I do not have cirrhosis have 3mil?

Posted 2 days ago by MER1949 2 answers

Viral load. I have fibrosis F1-F-2. Will talk to doctor tomorrow. Also I do itch with hep c but have read only itch with cirrhosis and I have none. Is that true? How high is cure rate for 1a with Harvoni?

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I found a white elliptical/ oval shape pill in my house with the Markings I 71 on it nothing on the?

Posted 1 hour 2 minutes ago by B runner 0 answers

... other side any help with solving this

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Anusol Suppositories - How long does it take to dissolve entirely?

Posted 4 hours 54 minutes ago by Cmdotts 0 answers

I'm asking because I'd like to know how long I should wait to go number 2 after inserting a dose? Thank you for your help!

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