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What can I take for migraines?

Posted 11 hours ago by Bigmike73160 0 answers

I get migraines every so often but I am on blood pressure medication, blood thinner, and cholesterol medication, I am wondering what I can take.

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Is it normal to still have discharge after finishing Monistat 3?

Posted 16 hours ago by Mr_miss_upside_down 0 answers

I had a yeast infection and used Monistat 3, I finished it 2 days ago but I still have the white chunky discharge. Is that normal or did it not work? What should I do?

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Magnesium Citrate - After it starts, when will it stop?

Posted 14 hours ago by bearsing 0 answers

Going on 6 hrs, I'm afraid to go to bed?

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Mupirocin - I have MRSA in my nose but cannot afford to go back to the hospital what can I put on it

Posted 14 hours ago by CraziiMama 0 answers

I have mrsa on my foot and my nose I went and had it lanced and got the stuff removed out of it and they also told me that I had it in my nose I'm taking bactrim for the infection but my nose is driving me crazy and I needed to know what I can put in it to help it feel better

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Ciprofloxacin 500mg?

Posted 1 day 5 hours ago by Kat011465 1 answer

What is this drug used for?

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I used Monistat 7 for 3 nights and stopped and had sex on the 5th night and I just started using it?

Posted 16 hours ago by Aliviasmom87 0 answers

... again on night 7. Will it still work effectively

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Help!! I got my Nexplanon put in Oct 2015 and had it removed Dec 18,2017. I think I’m pregnant!!!

Posted 18 hours ago by Hennessy20jones 0 answers

I had Nexplanon placed Oct 2015 and had it removed Dec 18, 2017. I had a normal period 2 days after and lasted for 6 days. I wasn’t expecting it until Jan 17, 2018 but on Jan 13, I noticed some pink blood and was told that it’s a early pregnancy symptom. And on Jan 14, I started ...

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Hi Everyone... I've been taking 120mg of duloxetine every day since early 2007. I remember years?

Posted 2 days 18 hours ago by gibsonman08 2 answers

... ago that people were opening their capsules and removing really small amounts of the beads of medicine each day in order to wean themselves off of the drug VERY slowly. Therefore minimizing the withdrawal effects. Have any of you ever head of this? Or can you guys please tell me about your ...

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My wife took the dogs Sentinel 26-50lbs what should we do?

Posted 18 hours ago by Keystone11 0 answers

She already vomited once but not sure if the medicine came out or not.

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Emergency contraception side effect came 3 days later?

Posted 1 day 11 hours ago by anty23 1 answer

... was postelle 1. I was fine the day I took the pill but 3 days after i started having the symptoms which i was meant to get day one (vomiting, sore breasts, headache, tiredness). Do these side effects mean the pill is working or am i pregnant, because I'm not sure you're meant to have ...

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Belsomra - I took my first dose last night.. my body felt tired but my mind was just as awake.?

Posted 17 hours ago by EBartkowiak88 0 answers

... Sleep paralysis set in, which I usually experience weekly anyways (sucks!). My main concern is that this med seems to be causing pretty severe ringing in my ears. Second night of it.. 15 mins after — ringing started. I know I know, I shouldn’t be on my phone. But, hey, I can’t ...

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Has Nucynta 50 ER been discontinued ?

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by Jim Stover 0 answers

I have been taking Nucynta 50 ER for a year and my Pharmacy tells me that it is only available in 150mg and above

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