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I have to give my 10mth old son 8mls of prednisolone.The doc gave me a 3ml syringe. How much do...

Posted 1 day 4 hours ago by ladyluck40 1 answer

... I give him every 6 hrs?

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My resting heart rate has been running as low as 56 and than upto 87 I feel really tired and shaky?

Posted 12 hours ago by barbpara 0 answers

I am on blood pressure medications

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I just took my last treatment of Monistat 7 yesterday at night, and I'm supposed to start my period?

Posted 1 day 9 hours ago by 187043 1 answer

... today. I believe I've been having cramping but there's no blood. Will Monistat 7 delay my period a few days?

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Who carries top care products in Kingston, PA area?

Posted 14 hours ago by penelopepitstop 0 answers

especially large jumbo cotton balls

I am a Gulf war Vet and the V.A. Has not been very helpfull to me. I would like to get more care?

Posted 17 hours ago by G Olvera 0 answers

How can I get the VA to help me more, they say because of my bloodwork I have a drinking problem. The last beer I had was during the superbowl, every now and then I will have a rum and coke. But I have really cut back and I am alcohol free now because i really AM WORRIED THAT MY LIVER IS gonna give ...

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Nuva ring in a day late?

Posted 1 day 1 hour ago by Saranicholes 0 answers

Hi, I have been on nuvaring for 4 years and I usually put it back in on Sunday evenings but due to a flight delay I could not put it back in until Monday evening. I had had sex on Saturday and just was wondering whether I would still be protected. Could it possible that I could have ovulated again ...

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Prednisone - Should I wait until morning to begin treatment?

Posted 1 day 13 hours ago by SheShe712 1 answer

Prescribed in late afternoon

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Clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionpate cream USP 1%\0.05%?

Posted 16 hours ago by desmax 0 answers

Can you use above mentioned cream internally? Intrvagina? Box says no, but my doctor says yes, please help..ty

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Contrave - Is this prescribed in the UK?

Posted 22 hours ago by Weighloss 0 answers

I have hypothyroidism and asked my doctor about Contrave. He says it's not licensed to be prescribed in the UK. Is he fobbing me off?

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How long does weight gain last after completing progesterone pills?

Posted 18 hours ago by SloanP 0 answers

I started 100 mg of progesterone to induce my period about 3 weeks ago and have gained 6 pounds. My eating habits haven't changed and I exercise everyday. How long will it take for this weight gain to subside?

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Has anyone come off Xarelto and had relief from side effects?

Posted 22 hours ago by PrairieFairy 0 answers

I just switched off Xarelto after a year+ and I'm feeling better (less tired, less achy) but wondering how long until I see hair loss weight gain reversal? Just curious. Thanks

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Plan B and a month later birth control?

Posted 1 day 10 hours ago by Kiki101 1 answer

I took Plan B in a few days later bled after 3-4 from bleeding I started birth control. This month I haven't received a period. Is that normal?

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Why do the reports have to print which illiness?

Posted 16 hours ago by ljgdrugs 0 answers

Why can't I print the comments section on reports. It would help when I have has reactions to various medicines.

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I have been taking tramadol 3 X 100mg a day my Dr then added gapabentin 100 day yesterday I took my?

Posted 24 hours ago by Joannelooploop14 0 answers

Meds as normal the n I became unwell felt spaced out incident take any more I managed to get through work not sure how I came home and went to bed about 7.00 I woke about 7 am I did not take any meds as no back pain but had diarrhoea and felt about spaced so I phoned in sick to work . I have not ...

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