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Levonorgestrel - Has anyone experienced the following side effects due to Mirena:?

Posted 10 hours ago by eminentt18 0 answers

Teeth Clenching/Grinding and Gum Inflammation? I found a few reported cases but there is not much information on this particular issue.

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Citalopram - Does this medication work best taken at morning, evening or night?

Posted 9 hours ago by Xteanee 0 answers

Was prescribed to take it with supper but I'm curious based on people who have been on the medication when is it best for you, as I already have trouble sleeping at night?

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Can I take Mucinex or Claritin-D if I have Graves disease?

Posted 7 hours ago by kenzielw24 0 answers

I have been having severe mucus lately and they're the only meds I have available. I checked both boxes before I was about to take them and both say to ask a doctor before use if you have a thyroid disease. My family doctor doesn't specialize in endocrinology so I wasn't sure how to ...

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Euflexxa - I found relief after my 3rd Euflexxa shot and now three weeks later I'm in pain again.?

Posted 11 hours ago by Cool lily girl 0 answers

... Could this be normal and how long does it take to know if it is finally working? Thanks

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When someone says "my neck bone is increasing or growing in size" what's the actual disease?

Posted 11 hours ago by Mansi Rai 0 answers

People called it sciatica.. But sciatica is pain in lower back.. Tell me the exact disease name for it..

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After having a Kyleena insertion, how long do I have to wait to have intercourse?

Posted 11 hours ago by Jaime2779 0 answers

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Nexplanon inserted day before period?

Posted 22 hours ago by Amacah 0 answers

I got my nexplanon inserted a day before my period came. Does that mean I still have to wait 7 days to have sex or is it immediately effective?

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Nabumetone - Do you have to take it for a while for it to start working?

Posted 10 hours ago by getgod613 0 answers

I'm on 500mg twice a day and it's been two wks. and so far it's not very much help. I have severe sciatica, 61 yrs. old might as well be 90 yrs. old.

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Multiple white spots on a brain mri?

Posted 15 hours ago by Carmina78 0 answers

Hello I am 38 year old female that had an brain mri 2 years ago wich showed 10-20 brain lesions here and there in the brain. I went to the doctor because I had been falling 6 times in a period of 3 months. She said I think you have MS although the lesions are not at the right place for MS. The ...

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Birth control the morning after intercourse?

Posted 13 hours ago by MeriParis 0 answers

Last night I had intercourse and the condom we noticed when done was broken, he doesn't know if it broke as he pulled out anyway i never take birth control and in the morning about 9 hours after intercourse i took the Alesse birth control my question is would it help at all that I started this ...

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