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Is it safe to take Imitrex occasionally while I'm taking Contrave?

Posted 2 days 9 hours ago by cmanning55 2 answers

I only take Imitrex at the onset of a migraine. Is it safe to take these 2 medication if it's 2 hrs apart?

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Depo shot and spotting?

Posted 8 hours ago by mello03 0 answers

I started taking depo back in my mid twenties and was on for many years, as I was in my late 30's to 46 I have been off and on. While on depo all through these years (even while going off and on) I never received my period or had any issues with spotting. Now, I'm 47 and starting a new ...

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Hep C cirrhosis feeling crampiness on legs every day. I went to visit my doctor low potassium.

Posted 2 days 9 hours ago by Marisograteful 2 answers

My question is can I be a candidate for Harvoni if I already have cirrhosis of the Liver? Before I was on a treatment and a red flag came up on one of the medicines I was on. I got scared and when my doctor called me that night to explain to me what was happening. I told him I already knew this and ...

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I am taking Lexapro and just started Abilify one week ago. The headaches have started. How long?

Posted 2 days ago by Faith1978 2 answers

How long can I expect them to last?

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I get migraine frequently. The only effective treatment is a shot of Toradol, Benadryl...

Posted 1 day 3 hours ago by Clorie 1 answer

... and promethazine? I would like to go back on oral drug, but finances don't allow that and I can't remember the name of the drug.

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Sciatic pain again after 15 years of no pain. Accident was 17 years ago that damaged the nerve?

Posted 1 day 21 hours ago by DavidSilverman 2 answers

My sciatic nerve was. Physically damaged in an accident 17 years ago and daily pain started about a year ago. I cannot take an nsaid due to kidney disease. I currently live in a country where marijuana is not an option. What can I take for chronic pain in my leg?

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I have been taking 50 mgs of sertraline at bedtime with food for the last 4 years?

Posted 10 hours ago by bevmar 0 answers

I am finding now off and on that it makes my stomach burn . I have to drink a lot of water to try to calm my stomach down. Has anyone here had a problem with sertraline doing this? Please let me know. Thank You

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Does metformin lose it's potency over time?

Posted 10 hours ago by Robert rey 0 answers

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Can pre-hypertension blood pressure levels and/or anxiety levels be lowered by donating blood?

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago by G Mc 1 answer

My doctor told me that I have too much iron in my blood. So I was advised to go and donate blood, and that this would help to lower the amount of iron in my blood. I did, and my blood pressure readings have improved since then. Has this happened to anyone else? My blood pressure levels seem to be ...

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Always hungry while on Nexplanon?

Posted 12 hours ago by maddie528 0 answers

Okay so I know weight gain and hunger is a side effect of Nexplanon. But I am always hungry. Literally. Like I could be eating something and it's like I'm not even eating because I'm still hungry. Even after a full meal. Could it be something else or is that normal while taking ...

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Would taking meloxicam create complications if you have payton deductive artilerosis?

Posted 10 hours ago by joker7 0 answers

would taking meloxicam create complications if you have a heart condition like payton deductive artilerosis.could it cause you to have a stroke or heart attack

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What is the proper dosage of beetroot powder?

Posted 13 hours ago by williecatzpal 0 answers

How many mg of beetroot is best?

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Monistat-1 - I used my phone camera to see if the ovule was in and I dont think it was in deep?

Posted 1 day 9 hours ago by Ariel1997 1 answer

... enough because i could see the ball through my front camera. i am too scared to put it any deeper or to take it out even so i just layed down and im hoping it still works. but it the ovule itself felt kinda painful is that normal?

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Last period 26 days ago had lots of sex have implant contrceptive in arm 7 month?

Posted 16 hours ago by Yummy bear 0 answers

Have implant contrceptive rod 7 months always regular period lasting 2 to 3 weeks at a time not to heavy just constant now this month nothing at all .feeling bloated but no other signs could I be pregnant had sex towards end of last period plz help any one else feel like this or is this normal

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