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Which works better for back pain, Voltaren pills or gel?

Posted 1 day 12 hours ago by marthapartain 1 answer

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Clindamycin and amoxicillin?

Posted 15 hours ago by Ktucker1 0 answers

Is it OK to be taking one of these for a few days and then use the other if I run out? Will it harm me in anyway?

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Chest pain above my left breast and very tight chest. Any ideas?

Posted 15 hours ago by Momx2boys 0 answers

I have had sharp pain above my left breast , and my chest in the middle is always really tight. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. I know it’s not heartburn or acid reflux because I know how they feel. When I turn or “flex” my chest muscles it hurts so bad. Has this ...

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On birth control pills but wondering if I need to take an EC pill?

Posted 1 day 8 hours ago by Rosea100 0 answers

My boyfriend and I had sex yesterday we didn’t used a condom because I’m on the pill. The reason that I’m considering taking it is because my period due date is this coming Sunday or Monday. I haven’t missed any pills, I always take my pills in the morning on time. There are ...

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I’ve had my Nexplanon for a year now. Period came Sunday morning still on it. It’s bright...

Posted 19 hours ago by Kiaraalyssa 0 answers

... red. Is this normal?

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Taking desvenlafaxine feeling sick to my stomach?

Posted 1 day 12 hours ago by Betty Jo Johnson 1 answer

been taking desvenlafaxine for 2 days how long will this side affect last

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Can taking Tradjenta raise your blood pressure?

Posted 21 hours ago by Mcma 0 answers

I have been taking Tradjenta for two months. My blood pressure readings have been raising significantly. I’m wondering if these can be related?

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Would combination of gabapentin and Flomax cause you to not be able to wake up?

Posted 20 hours ago by jd1104 0 answers

I cannot sleep at night and take gabapentin to help. I took 300 mg, Gab, and 1 Flomax before bed, 2 hours later another 300 mg gabapentin. 2 hours after that I got out of bed and fell, briefly lost consciousness 2 more times and fell both times. Would that mix of drugs cause this?

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Can Lyrica help my crippling anxiety?

Posted 1 day 20 hours ago by Anxietyhell 1 answer

Ive just started these tablets last night. I am still taking xanex for the first few days until the Lyrica starts working (Please God it will). Ive been put on an awful lot of bad medication over the last 6 months so I am nervous about this but I have to try as it has taken over my life. I would ...

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Fluvoxamine - Will Fluvoxamine make me have different side effects from thr first time I took it?

Posted 1 day ago by Brittanitournear 0 answers

Scared to take this medicine even though i took it before but scared this time round will have different side effects than before

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How long did it take for anyone to feel a change when you started taking Trintellix?

Posted 4 days ago by Seascape66 3 answers

I’m starting to feel more calm and relaxed. I’m on my second week.

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I took a morning after pill a week ago and I'm now ovulating but instead I'm spotting?

Posted 1 day 21 hours ago by Danquah 1 answer

Could it be the side effects of the pill?

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Can ciprofloxcin cause vaginal lesions that look like herpes?

Posted 1 day 7 hours ago by Stephanieclouse 0 answers

Cipro was prescribed for UTI but lesions showed up on day two of treatment. Herpes tst was negative. Any connection between cipro and vaginal lesions,?

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