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Please help! I am 48 year old female who has migraines everyday!?

Posted 24 hours ago by Tania1989 1 answer

I take birth control pills to regulate my hormones since the doctor thinks that's what is causing the migraines. I take sumatriptan for relief and it helps most of the time. Although they usually come back by the evening. I also take propranolol and amitriptyline at night. I just had my first ...

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Could I be pregnant? Tried to have sex a month ago and he didn't get hard. Used condom and on BC?

Posted 3 hours 18 minutes ago by kell1997 0 answers

Okay so around September 24th this guy and i were trying to have sex but he couldn't get turned on and he didn't even ejaculate, he was also wearing a condom. We were both a little intoxicated. I was on my period at the time also so nothing ended up happenening. I have had stress and ...

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Knee Joint Replacement - Has any one used cpm machine after knee replacement surgery? If yes, do?

Posted 38 minutes ago by Yachi 0 answers

Yes, do you feel it helped?

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Topiramate - Monthly friend problem with topamax?

Posted 7 minutes ago by stephanie1981 0 answers

I just wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with monthly friend on topamax. I am on birth control and have been out of cycle since taking this. 2 months on topamax 12lbs lost

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Liraglutide - anyone taking Saxenda and noticing burping that is a horrible smell like rotten eggs?

Posted 3 hours 51 minutes ago by PCBray 0 answers

I have taken before and lost 20 lbs I started back up cause I hadn't lost what I wanted.. but I am 3 weeks in and I have no side effects but this burping and the smell is HORRID!!! anyone experience this as well.. :(

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Plan B and Birth control?

Posted 24 hours ago by rd29 1 answer

My fiance and I had sex the Sunday night before his birthday. I am on birth control but we did not use a condom. There was an accident and needless to say he did not "pull out". I take my birth control regularly and I also took the Plan B pill the morning after. Am I protected?

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I was diagnosed with AIDS but it has some how morphed back into HIV, how did this happen?

Posted 14 hours ago by BobTheAccountant 0 answers

Last year I was diagnosed with AIDS, not HIV. Just last week my doctor told me that my AIDS turned back into HIV. At this rate my doctor tells me my HIV will go away completely and I'll have perfect health. Actually my doctor thinks I could eventually develop a better emune system then I ever ...

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I have celiac disease and started gabapentin 100mg capsules mfg'd in India; I have severe bloating?

Posted 13 hours ago by Nancy Lord 0 answers

I started on gabapentin for pain relief from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I tried to contact Alkem Laboratories through their website, however the website would not forward my inquiry because I did not have a telephone number in India. Is there any other way to find out? I have been severely bloated ...

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Strange abdomen pain and burping?

Posted 1 day 23 hours ago by cowen49 1 answer

Hi, I've been having some weird symptoms for a number of weeks (3). I'm a healthy 29 y/o male. Around 3 weeks ago I had a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. (Appendix area). The pain is only noticeable or present around 10 minutes after I eat. When I eat I start to get wind and ...

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Could I get pregnant if he put on a condom and we only had sex for a couple minutes?

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago by hello1257 1 answer

My boyfriend and I recently started having sex and he always uses a condom. We always make sure to put it on correctly (we followed the instructions on the box just to be 100% sure we were doing it right). We only did it for a couple minutes because I was a virgin and it was sort of painful for me ...

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I just raised my Lexapro to 20 MG nine days ago. Since starting Lexapro two months ago Im in hell?

Posted 14 hours ago by Milki 0 answers

Im suffering anxiety 14 years. I take every day 0.5 clonex three times a day for the past two years. I tried few antidepressants and even mood stabilazor which all of them didn't help with my anxiety just worsened my symptoms. I have decided to try Lexapro as I don't want to continue ...

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I took Tri Sprintec for 2 months regulary. Then in the third month forgot some pills in the 2nd and?

Posted 12 hours ago by katrinahorse7e 0 answers

3rd week. I got thrown off and then took 3 pills in one day and had sex with a condom. However I am freaking out because once i got home and undressed i found one of the used condoms inside my pants? Could sperm have gotten in me from the used condom and could I be pregnant? No rude comments ...

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At what dose did you notice lamotrigine start to work?

Posted 13 hours ago by Andy3508 0 answers

I've just started taking lamotrigine for depression after trialing almost 10 different medicines over the last year. I feel as though this is my last resort and not sure what I will do if this doesn't work. I've read good things - people who have been in a similar situation - and ...

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