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Ortho Evra- My period hasn't come yet?

Posted 2 hours 6 minutes ago by Kecr2550 0 answers

This is going to be slightly lengthy and as detailed as it can be. I ended up only having 2 patches for this month. I started my first one 2 days late and my second patch a day late. I took it off exactly a week later (Friday of last week) and this is the 5th morning with no period. I have lots ...

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Just started sertraline feel worse?

Posted 1 day ago by Leah100 1 answer

Can anyone help? only been on sertraline a few days havent slept at all only an hour last night but have hugh amount stress in my life with others i can do nothing about really, out of control. Have high anxiety and cannot leave home this is why i asked for meds last resort although havent had a ny ...

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Will taking Zantac with Quetapine (Seroquel) help counteract the weight gain effects of Quetapine?

Posted 40 minutes ago by weina67 0 answers

Will taking Zantac with Quetapine (Seroquel) help counteract the weight gain effects of Quetapine? I'm concerned about the weight gain Seroquel can cause in patients who take it for a long period of time. I'm taking 100mg per day.

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What is the coating on a capsule made of?

Posted 18 minutes ago by nrdub 0 answers

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Is there a Generic or substitute Medication for Ilevro and Durezol?

Posted 4 minutes ago by SAS0113 0 answers

I am going to have Cataract Surgery and both of these are ungodly expensive. I am Ok with a medication that treats the same. It does not have to be a Generic.

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Tramadol and tylenol arthirtis?

Posted 22 hours ago by luca063 1 answer

i took a tylenol arthritis at 9:00 this morning how long do i have to wait to take my tramadol?

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Ortho Tri-Cyclen - I just took my last pill from the 3rd row and realized one of the green pills?

Posted 7 hours ago by Deanna96 0 answers

... from last row is missing. Will this affect my period? I always start on a Sunday and end on the Thursday, I'm curious if I'll start earlier, later, or on time this week.

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I've had my Nexplanon implant for close to 10 months, and I have bled nonstop for that entire time.?

Posted 19 hours ago by alyssa01217 1 answer

... could there be something else going on that needs to be checked out? (I'm getting absolutely nowhere with my doctor)

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Advice on Keytruda Results My mom has been diagnosed with Stage IV advanced non-small cell lung?

Posted 8 hours ago by mh91675 0 answers

... cancer. Her PDL-1's are at 80% without any abnormal EFGR or ALK genes. I have read that this exact type of cancer is what Keytruda excels at addressing. Has anyone else had this diagnosis? I realize everyone reacts differently, but I am curious as to how soon after treatment you may have ...

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Ineffective brand of fluoxetine?

Posted 11 hours ago by Lunalinna 0 answers

I have been taking 20mg fluoxetine for 1 month now. Prescribed for severe depression, stress and anxiety, as if by magic, I felt so much better after 3 weeks and was glad I decided to take them as I hate taking so much as a paracetemol for a headache. I am now 4 days in to my second month of ...

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Pregabalin - Memory Issues on lyrica?

Posted 1 day 22 hours ago by Sjp1980 2 answers

Hi I have been on the med for about 5 months and my memory is terrible which has only happened since being on this. Does this improve after a longer period of time? Also is it does related I.e the higher the dose the worse memory? Tia

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What is the very thin black line on my thumbnail that runs verticle halfway down nail?

Posted 22 hours ago by indians54 1 answer

The line is very thin and looks almost like a thin pencil mark. Runs from top of nail to the midway point of the nail.

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I've been on Depakote 500 mg XR for two weeks for complex partial seizures just diagnosed at 52...

Posted 2 days 10 hours ago by Lee65 3 answers

... years old. An annual camping trip is coming up in two weeks. I'm not a heavy drinker but will a couple of beers cause a problem. I know drugs and alcohol are always discouraged but I will have only been on the Depakote for a month and won't drink more than 2-4 beers. Advice from any ...

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