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Why do I get signs of a common cold so often?

Posted 19 hours ago by TinyTheSailor 1 answer

My fiancé and I sail six months out of the year, usually 75 day rotations. When we are out at sea we never get sick. When we are home together on vacation, he always gets sick first, signs of a common cold, then gets me sick. Every single time we are home together. Before meeting him I would ...

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Started Prozac 12 days ago. Been up and down since then. I know my depression was very bad. I need?

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago by sue1669 2 answers

... reassurance that this is going to get better. Feeling down right now. Because I want to feel better yesterday. I know. I takes time. But the thoughts in me just need to know I have to give it more time. I am only on 10 mg for now. I tried Zoloft and that was HORRIBLE!. So I am just nervous ...

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Anoro Ellipta - Why is Anoro Elipta so incredibly effective?

Posted 2 hours 6 minutes ago by Charles Kingsford 0 answers

I hope I'm wrong but the consistently superlative remarks and ultra fast improvements reported on the reviews page make a rational person think something is not quite unvarnished, truth-wise... or this is literally a miracle drug. I've just begun using it today. I certainly hope if has ...

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Side effects of Rebif 44 mcg?

Posted 7 hours ago by aajw86 0 answers

I was diagnosed with MS in June 2015 experiencing nobness in half of my face and dizziness, Are anyone had experience sadness and hopeless, anxiety, with Rebif?I have been on it for 1 year and 9 months 44 mcg and I'm not shure if what I'm feeling is a side effect of the medication, I had ...

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Depo-Provera - Hi, I'm just curious. I'm on my depo shot right now and I wouldnt be getting my?

Posted 3 hours 1 minute ago by Ahaaa_99 0 answers

... second shot until between june and july, but my pee seems to have a blood the first two days it was brown ish but tonight when I pee it was bright red. And I got scared. Anybody knows why's that?

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4 days after having a right femerol angiogram I've developed 4 plus pitting edema in left leg and?

Posted 3 hours 23 minutes ago by D SPANGLER 0 answers

... ankle . Also my skin has developed a reddish tint all over sorta like color you get when BP elevated. Is this normal? I'm not on blood thinners no lumps, redness or fever at femerol approach site. Also my head keeps pounding.?

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When I poke my belly button, I have to pee, why?

Posted 3 hours 44 minutes ago by Katykatie28 0 answers

Seasonique - Do I need to take the last week of yellow pills?

Posted 21 hours ago by MimiJump2 1 answer

When I was on regular bc pills I never bothered to take the last week of sugar pills and just started the next pack after a week of no pills. I've been skipping the last week of these pills too but a friend just told me they actually had hormones

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I have a hard knot in my face near my nose... HELP!?

Posted 2 days ago by PeachesinPain 2 answers

I have a hard knot on my cheek near my nose that has seems to continue to grow it hurts it's painful and I believe it is a tooth or root abscess. I went to the ER but they literally did nothing. I only made it into triage, they did their normal checkup stuff then one guy in there looked at it ...

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Prolia - How often should you take this shot?

Posted 1 day 12 hours ago by Sheilar1956 1 answer

How often should I take a prolia shot? I had my first shot 11-4-2016. Dr's office called and said I need another one 5-23-16. Is that ok?

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Can I have sex after using Monistat 1?

Posted 7 hours ago by mre0919 0 answers

My boyfriend is military, and I haven't seen him in some time. He comes home tomorrow and we would really like to have sex. I did the treatment tonight, what would happen if we had sex tomorrow night?

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Day 6 metronidazole 7day oral tablets. I still have foul smelling clumpy discharge?

Posted 11 hours ago by helpmeplzzz 0 answers

I was prescribed netronidazole oral tablets twice a day for 7 days to battle a recurring BV infection. After day 2 I noticed I wasn't having any clumpy discharge or a smell anymore. The smell was only slightly off to begin with but the clumping is the reason I got tested. Now on day 6 I am ...

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Hello has anyone taken Viberzi and Xifaxan?

Posted 7 hours ago by Jrcredfish1 0 answers

Hello been taken Viberzi for about 3 weeks no big changes sometimes worse. No I just started Xifaxan. The Pharmacist said it's ok to take both we will see what happens. This is the most depressing, crippling, life controlling IBS-D has me on lock down lol. Up to 10 times a day and wearing ...

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