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Latuda seems to have stopped working for my wife? When she first started it at 20mg twice a day?

after her Bipolar 2 diagnosis she was feeling happy and we were getting close again. Her psych upped it to 80mg a day which was turning her into a ...

Posted 13 hours ago 1 answer

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Does baclofen promote weight gain?

Posted 12 hours ago 1 answer

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Amitriptyline - Has anyone had any heart issues taking this?

I used to take amitriptyline and when I was diagnosed with fibro they took me off it put me on Cymbalta which made me sick daily, then savella which ...

Posted 14 hours ago 1 answer

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Ketoconazole - Will using Nizoral and neutrogena t gel get rid of my seborrehic dermatitis?

Using just nizoral wasn't enough for me so I started using t gel too is this okay for my scalp or is it too much?

Posted 11 hours ago 1 answer

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It really helps I started off as lower dose now I'm on A 100mg. I mean as soon as I take it I?

Falls Asleep. I've been taking Quetiapine for a Couple months now to help me sleep because how bad my Depression is and just by taking ...

Posted 1 day 8 hours ago 1 answer

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Contrave - I am on day 3 and I feel extremely sleepy. So sleepy that I might have to leave work.?

... Will this weird feeling eventually go away. If I feel like this with one pill, I don't know about taking the 2 pills. Any advise will be ...

Posted 13 hours ago 1 answer

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I fell down yesterday. I have scrapes on my face this morning. They are scabbig up now. My questio?

What OTC products can I use on my face so that these marks will not leave a scar or dark patch when they heal. I would appreciate if you give brand ...

Posted 12 hours ago 1 answer

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What kind of prescription drugs do doctors prescribe for coccyx pain?

It happened when gave birth then was hit in tailbone with a fifty lb door down flight of stairs having pain in tailbone lower back both hips and down ...

Posted 15 hours ago 1 answer

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Does anyone take Lexapro and Nexium?

I've taken Lexapro for about 4 weeks. I was feeling much better. All of a sudden the last two days I've had severe panic attacks and ...

Posted 23 hours ago 1 answer

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Buspirone - How Long Does it Take? Is anxiety with it normal?

I have been having terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I started Buspar (generic) about three weeks ago and started at 5 mg two to three times a day. ...

Posted 6 hours ago 0 answers

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I'm going back to my old pain clinic will they give me my medicine back?

I was discharged from my pain clinic in Feb. Because of my insurance. I got my insurance changed and I'm going back tomorrow. I'm just ...

Posted 25 minutes ago 0 answers

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Hello new here. Suffer from severe episodes of deep depression with utter lack of motivation to?

... perform ANY normal activities of life. I don't want to clean house or fix meals or take out trash. I just don't care. I lay in bed and ...

Posted 3 days ago 2 answers

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By how much is my risk of relapsing cut down while on Tamoxifen?

I just want to know if my risks of side effects are worth taking this medication.

Posted 55 minutes ago 0 answers

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