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Does anyone struggle with panic attacks and anxiety when starting Lovan?

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago by Blossom2 0 answers

I was on Lexapro for 3 years and it stopped working. Weaned off them very slowly but ended up with severe discontinuation syndrome. I am now on 20 mg of Lovan and the syndrome has disappeared thank goodness. I am on my 4th week of Lovan and my depression is definitely better. Way more ...

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Swallowed Spiriva capsule instead of inhaling. What should I do?

Posted 1 day 18 hours ago by FayShinez 0 answers

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I had some white discharge so I used the Monistat 7 but there wasn’t any burning or itching or...

Posted 1 day 19 hours ago by Gr8-4uLL 0 answers

... anything, should I stop using because nothing could be wrong?

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What happens when you take 10 mg Buspar in the morning 5 mg at night and 300 mg of lithium 3....

Posted 1 day 20 hours ago by Prinni 0 answers

... times a day and you accidentally miss 2 doses?

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Ticagrelor - 2 doses in 6 hours what are the side affects?

Posted 1 day 21 hours ago by 0michele0 0 answers

Took dosage of my medicines, Brilinta 90mg, AAS EC 80mg, Micardis 80mg + diuretic 12.5, rosuvastatin 20mg at 5:30pm took by mistake my second dose of Brilinta at 10:45pm? What can happen for the Brilinta to be taken so close?

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Saw Palmetto with Tikosyn and Eliquis?

Posted 1 day 22 hours ago by Patrickgpiper 0 answers

Anyone taking saw palmetto with Tikosyn and Eliquis? I tried Flomax as a replacement for saw palmetto but it triggered aFib and arrhythmia episodes so am considering resuming saw palmetto. I have read it can be a bleed risk while on blood thinners? Thanks, Patrick

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Tazorac - Do you always break and get very red in the first few weeks ? Have wedding in 1 1/2 wks?

Posted 1 day 22 hours ago by Debwalto 0 answers

Should I wait to start Tazorac till after wedding??

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Does Flomax wipe you out?

Posted 2 days ago by Zanzibar 0 answers

I've been on generic Flomax/Tamsulosin for 2-3 months (0.4 mg). It does indeed help, reducing my nightly bathroom trips from at least 6 to maybe 2 or 3. I had tried Hytrin/Terazosin a year ago and after a few weeks gave it up as it made me feel like the walking dead. Now I'm having the ...

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Shingrix - Is the virus for this vaccine grown on human embryo cells?

Posted 2 days ago by Edward W Green 0 answers

This is apparently the case with Zostavax.

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Metronidazole - No white discharge with Metrogel?

Posted 2 days 1 hour ago by rms02 0 answers

I've had BV several times over the past few years. My doctor always prescribes Metronidazole gel (Metrogel) and I get the lumpy white discharge that others have mentioned while it works. I got BV again a month ago, and have been on Metrogel TWICE now this month (just started by second round). ...

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How many Benadryl and how often for 95 lb lab with seasonal allergies?

Posted 2 days 3 hours ago by Cindyshu 0 answers

Dog is licking feet butt etc until red. Sprayed anti itch spray helped a lot.

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This is a bit of a general question about periods.

Posted 2 days 5 hours ago by tiduyedzaaa 0 answers

It is not specific to any medication, but this is a question that's been bugging me quite a bit. Why do periods take so many days? Why does it take several days for all the blood to be removed, why not, say, an hour? Is it too thick to simply flow out? There has to be an explanation

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Can I purchase Tolcylen directly or must I get through my podiatrist?

Posted 2 days 5 hours ago by ProfR 0 answers

I got a tube from my podiatrist and when I saw her yesterday she was pleased with the results so far She did not know if I can purchase it directly and suggested I check online. I have enough for now but anticipate needing more in the future.

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Is it safe to drive while taking Mavyret? What about telling your work? I work part time?

Posted 2 days 5 hours ago by jewel12 0 answers

I drive myself. Haven't started on treatment yet. Work in progress. Hep C Genotype 2. Is it possible to take at night before bed? What about interactions with vitamin d?

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