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Ultram ODT - Is it safe to take 100mg tramadol as I have a pacemaker ?

Posted 18 hours ago by susanne64 0 answers

I have been prescribed it for my sciatica pain, I asked my doctor but he was a bit blazes .

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I've been having bad gas while taking Pradaxa. Also severe gut pain at times that causes pain in my?

Posted 18 hours ago by Aluv4mia 0 answers

... upper back. Sometimes the pain moves to lower intestines. My stool isn't the same either. Has anyone had these issues?

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Ortho Tri-Cyclen - if I stop using the pack for a couple of weeks and want to go back on, can I use?

Posted 18 hours ago by worry2much69 0 answers

... the same pack of pills i was on

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Can tramadol affect your liver if you are diabetic?

Posted 18 hours ago by schase1 0 answers

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I got my Mirena in 2011 in October. It was good for five years so it's obviously expired but I?

Posted 19 hours ago by Ngarcia2428 0 answers

... haven't been able to remove it. Yesterday I got my period, cramps and everything but today in the morning it's gone. Should I be worried. Can I get pregnant? I'm just worried I might be or could get pregnant or maybe the device might be causing the bleeding. Just need some ...

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Missed period-no pill?

Posted 19 hours ago by Friends21 0 answers

I had sex for the first time and missed my period. I've had sex after that one time, and my period comes on different days. I don't know what this means. I'm starting to get a little more worrried as the days pass.

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What's wrong if they snore really loud and drool a lot but won't wake up for nothing?

Posted 19 hours ago by knapp32 0 answers

What does it mean if you are snoring really loud and drooling a lot but you can't get them up but they keep moving there leg

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If you take more than 2 grams of sarsparilla root will it harm you?

Posted 20 hours ago by jnnwdy 0 answers

using to treat a break out of psorasis

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Huperzine A - If I am presently taking Pyridostigmine 60 mg tablets (1 and 1/4) every four hours can

Posted 21 hours ago by miraji 0 answers

What is the interaction of Huperzine with the drug I am presently taking?

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How much nicotine is in one pall mall ultra-light cigarette?

Posted 21 hours ago by floyd6548 0 answers

and is 4 mg nicotine gum safe as a substitute?

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Do the side effects of taking Vesicare occur instantly or can they develop after you have been on?

Posted 22 hours ago by Gazoot 0 answers

... the medication for some time? No problems at first but lately have had ongoing constipation, some breathing difficulties, tiredness, feeling hot all the time, dry mouth and some blurring of vision.

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Famciclovir- Pls, pls ASAP: will freezing destroy it?

Posted 22 hours ago by llllpppp 0 answers

I accidentally put a bag of a number of sealed bottles of 500 mg. famciclovir in a freezer drawer rather than a cooler drawer in a fridge. I discovered it about 3 days later. The freezer drawer is not terribly cold, but it's cold enough to freeze ice. Several websites say: "Keep from ...

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Just started Azor, when can I expect results. BP still 166/101?

Posted 23 hours ago by Bgerb 0 answers

Was taking norvasc 5mg & BP spiked this week to 207/117! Dr prescribed Azor 5/40 & have been taking for 3 days. BP is still 166/101. How long does it typically take to lower BP?

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Accidentally took double dose of my medication this morning?

Posted 1 day ago by warddog 0 answers

I take Lexapro 15mg and I took 25mg by mistake. Will this effect me in any way?

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