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Veterinary Product Database

The most complete and concise veterinary product reference available, featuring over 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, diagnostic, feed medications and parasiticide product monographs categorized by species and treatment type. This comprehensive database contains treatment options for a variety of animals including pets, livestock and numerous exotic species.

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Veterinary Information

Information from over 90 manufacturers/distributors containing instructional images and diagrams, reader-friendly charts - including Parasiticides and Anthelmintics, Withdrawal Times and Biologicals.

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A O E All Purpose Deodorizing Pet Wipes → Activated Clay Gel Activyl for Cats → Advantage II Large Dog Advantage II Medium Dog → Allerderm Spot-On for Medium & Large Dogs Allerderm Spot-On for Small Dogs & Cats → Amprid FOR CALVES 9.6% Oral Solution Amprol 128 20% Soluble Powder → Apple-Dex Apple-Flavored AniDex → Avena Sativa Soft Cleansing Wipes AVENTI CP dogs → Aztec Gold Germicidal Pre & Post Milking Teat Dip (Base)


B ComplexVET → Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Shampoo For Dogs & Puppies Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On For Cats (5 lbs. & over) (Refill Pack) → Bitterspray Bitterspray → Bovi-Shield IBR-PI3 Bovib-Lepto 5 → Brucella Abortus Vaccine (Strain RB-51) Buffer Gel → BVD Shield 3


C-M-P-K Injection → Calf-Lyte II Calf-Lyte II HE → CarraVet Acemannan Cleansing Foam Non-Aerosol CarraVet Acemannan Wound Cleanser → CheckMite+ Beehive Pest Control Strip Cheristin for cats → CL Ewe Replacer CL Mare Replacer → CMPK 2 CMPK Bolus → Composure Bites Canine Formula Composure Chews Canine Formula → Cosequin Standard Strength Plus Boswellia & HA (Professional Line) Costro-Lac Powder Milk Supplement → Cyzmic CS


D-128 → Denamarin 225 mg Tablets for Medium Dogs Denamarin 425 mg Tablets for Large Dogs → Dermoscent Bio Balm Dermoscent EFA Physio Shampoo → Distemink Distox-Plus → Drontal Plus (praziquantel / pyrantel pamoate / febantel) Taste Tabs Drontal Plus (Small Dogs) → Dyna-Taurine Dyne → Dystosel


E & Selenium → Electro-Plex Oral Supplement Electrolyt 7 → Entero Vac 100 Entero Vac 100 → Equicare Flysect Citronella Spray Equicare Flysect Super-7 Repellent Spray → Ermogen Ermogen → EZ-Willow Poultice


Factrel → Felo-Form Felo-Form → FlunixiJect Flunixin Injection → Freezgard Fresh 'n Clean 2-n-1 Long Coat Shampoo + Conditioner → Furosemide 1% Syrup Furosemide Injection → Fusogard


G's Formula → Germisyl GI Balance Pro → Grand Complete Grand Digest → Gzyme3


H Formula → Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Topical Drops for Dogs & Puppies (16-30 lbs) → HemaBlock HemaBlock → Hoof Solution Hoof-it Liquid → Hyvisc


I-deal Barrier Teat Dip → Ingelvac Provenza Ingelvac PRRS ATP → Ivermax Equine Paste Dewormer Ivermax Plus Injection → Ivomec Premix for Swine 0.6%


J FLEX S → Just One Bite II Place Packs (Pellets)


K O E, Kennel Odor Eliminator → Ketoseb +PS Flush Ketoseb +PS Spray → Kurogel


L O E, Laundry Odor Eliminator → Lepto Shield 5 Lepto-5 → Lockout Loncor 300 → LyteRight Orange


M-Eloxyn → Maxi / Guard Zn7 Derm Maxi / Guard Zn7 Derm → Micro Pearls Advantage Seba-Hex Shampoo Micro-Cide 28 HLD → Movoflex Soft Chews (Up to 40 lb / <18 kg) MpB Guard → Myristol Rabbit


Nano E → NFZ puffer NFZ Wound Dressing → Noromectin Plus Injection for Cattle Noromectin Pour-On → NVW-Vitablend


O B Lube → Optima 365 for Cats Optima 365 for Dogs → Otomite Plus Outta My Box Soft Chews for Dogs & Cats → Oxyvet 200 LA


P.G. 600 → PenJect Penject+B → PetArmor Plus for Dogs (45-88 lbs) PetArmor Plus for Dogs (89-132 lbs) → Plasma Lyte A Injection pH 7.4 Plasmune [formerly Foalimmune (Equine IgG)] → Povidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub 7.5% Powder 21 → Priconazole Lotion, 1% Priconazole Spray, 1% → ProGut Plus Powder ProHeart 6 → Prozap Fly-Die Equine Spray Prozap Fly-Die GPS → PYCK-ME-UP Pyrahist-10 → Pyrofos CS


QM Gold → Quitt Supplement


R-Pen → Red Cell Pellets Red Udder Ointment → Revalor-XR Revalor-XR → Rx Vitamins Amino B-Plex Rx Vitamins Formula CV → RxCurcuWIN


S-706 → ScourGuard 4KC Scourmune-C → SENTRYPRO XFT 61 Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs SEPTI-serum → SkinGuard Relieve Shampoo SkinGuard Restore Mousse → Spectramast DC Spectramast LC → Sugar-SOL Suiseng → Swat ORIGINAL Fly Repellent Ointment SweatAgain → Systum


T 500 → Tetroxy 25 Soluble Powder Tetroxy 343 Soluble Powder → Tolazine Injection Tolazine Injection → TrisDent Dental Wipes TrisDent Drinking Water Additive → Tylovet Soluble


U-7 Gastric Aid → Universal Pink Liquid Detergent Univet Leg Solution → Uva Ursi Leaves


V & M Probiotic Pak → Veraflox (pradofloxacin) tablets (60 mg) Vet Beta-Gen Otic Solution → Vetericyn VF Plus Skin Care Vetericyn VF Plus Skin Care Gel → Vetri FLEX 61+ lbs Vetri FLEX All Weight Ranges → ViraCHEK / FeLV Viralys Gel → Vitamin AD3 Vitamin AD3 Forte → VMI-Digest


Wart Ade → Wrm Clear


X-Ject SA → XylaMed (xylazine) 100 mg / mL Injection


Y-Tex Brute Pour-on Insecticide → YUCK! No Chew Spray


ZACTRAN → Zymox Topical Spray Hydrocortisone Free