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  • The No Period Pill: Lybrel

    Benefits and risks of using continuous birth control pills such as Lybrel.

    Length 1:56 LybrelWomen's Health
  • Vyvanse: Precautions for Use

    A brief overview of precautions, drug interactions, potential for abuse and storage of Vyvanse.

    Length 3:04 Vyvanse
  • Zoloft (sertraline): Mechanism, Clinical Trials, and Dosing

    An overview of how sertraline works in depression, clinical study data, and general dosing tips

    Length 3:10 Zoloft
  • Stroke - secondary to cardiogenic embolism

    This animation shows a piece of clot breaking away from the heart, travelling to the brain, resulting in a stroke.

    Length 0:24 Stroke
  • Athetosis resulting from basal ganglia injury

    This animation illustrates the location of basal ganglia in the brain. Injury to the basal ganglia may result in athetosis (constant writhing movements of the body).

    Length 0:13 InjuryHeadache
  • Ovulation

    This animation shows the process of ovulation (the release a single egg cell from an ovary). Ovulation occurs though a sequence of hormonal responses. Located deep within the brain, the pituitary gland releases the hormones FSH and LH, which travel through the blood stream to the ovaries. These hormones signal the development and release a single egg cell from one of the ovaries. The sweeping motion of the fimbriae draws the egg cell through a very small space in the open body cavity into the uterine, or fallopian, tube. The egg cell will either be fertilized by sperm or will dissolve if fertilization does not take place.

    Length 0:39 Women's Health
  • Breast lift

    This animation shows a breast reduction (lift) procedure.

    Length 0:23 BeautyWomen's Health
  • Avoiding Drug Interactions

    This FDA Consumer Update video provides helpful tips to avoid the three main types of interactions: drugs with food and beverages, drugs with dietary supplements, and drugs with other drugs.

    Length 2:19
  • Amoxicillin: Antibiotic Action and Appropriate Uses

    A look at how amoxicillin works and which bacterial infections it can treat

    Length 2:23 Amoxicillin
  • Arrhythmias

    This animation shows the cardiac conduction system and the arrhythmias of a fast and slow beating heart.

    Length 0:27 Heart Disease