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Heart Disease Videos

Featured: Mitral valve repair surgery Watch this video to see how doctors do mitral valve repair surgery.

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Is Chocolate Good for My Heart?

Tips on how to enjoy chocolate as a heart healthy treat - but only in moderation.

  • Heart Disease


This animation shows the cardiac conduction system and the arrhythmias of a fast and slow beating heart.

  • Heart Disease


This animation shows a catheter being inserted into the heart where alcohol is injected causing the swollen ventricle wall to shrink.

  • Heart Disease

Balloon angioplasty - short segment

This animation shows the use of balloon angioplasty to open a narrowed coronary artery lumen caused by deposits of plaque.

  • Heart Disease


This animation shows the effects of hypertension on a cerebral artery.

Heart Bypass Surgery

This animation shows the procedure of a heart bypass surgery.

  • Heart Disease


Atherosclerosis is a disease in which fatty material is deposited on the wall of an artery.

  • Heart Disease

Lisinopril: Precautions for Use

An overview of important lisinopril precautions.

Lisinopril: Safe Dosing and Common Side Effects

A brief look at special dosing precautions and side effects for lisinopril.

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