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Micromedex® CareNotes

Micromedex® CareNotes contain concise, easy-to-understand information relating to standard treatments for a variety of diseases and conditions. The carenotes cover general information on the nature of the disease/condition, possible causes, signs and symptoms, and standard means of care and support.

Micromedex® CareNotes - More Information

CareNotes documents provide easy-to-understand information about all aspects of care and health. Presented in English, the System's concise, customizable materials address patient condition, treatment, laboratory tests, follow-up care, psychosocial issues, continuing health, and the most frequently administered drugs. CareNotes information also helps meet JCAHO and OBRA '90 patient education guidelines.

For more information on diseases & conditions, see also: Harvard Health Topics, Medical Encyclopedia, Medical Dictionary, Mayo Clinic Disease Reference.

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