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Dad Facts: What Men Need to Know About Their Fertility

SUNDAY, June 23, 2024 — When a couple can't get pregnant, the focus is often on the prospective mom, but that needs to change, a Houston urologist...

Plane Hygiene: Staying Healthy at 35,000 Feet

SATURDAY, June 22, 2024 -- The pandemic highlighted the risk that air travel carries for the spread of infectious diseases, and that risk remains even though...

GLP-1 Medicine Mounjaro May Be First Drug to Ease Sleep Apnea

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- A medication used to manage type 2 diabetes has been found effective in treating sleep apnea. The worldwide clinical trial...

U.S. Gun Injury Rates in 2023 Topped Pre-Pandemic Levels

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- For the fourth year in a row, rates of gun injuries stayed above levels seen before the pandemic, a new government report shows. Race...

WHO, Lilly Issue Warnings About Fake Weight-Loss Drugs

FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2024 -- Both the World Health Organization and Eli Lilly Co. warned Thursday that consumers should avoid fake versions of weight-loss drugs...

Robust Gut Microbiome Can Help You Fight Infections

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- The bacteria colonizing your bowels play a key part in your risk for infection, new research shows. A study of more than 600 people...

Wild Chimpanzees May Practice Natural Medicine

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- They aren't exactly ready to open a jungle clinic, but new research suggests wild chimpanzees are practicing a kind of...

Modifying Homes for Stroke Survivors Helps Them Stay Independent

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- Everyday tasks like taking a shower or navigating stairs can be risky business for folks in the aftermath of a stroke. But grab bars...

New Hope for People With Aggressive Form of Lymphoma

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- An experimental cancer treatment regimen is achieving full remissions in some patients with aggressive B-cell lymphoma, researchers...

What Makes for Resilient People? The Brain & the Gut Hold Clues

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 — Can you trust your gut? UCLA researchers have shown that people who rank high in resilience -- meaning they accept change...

Surgery Helps Young Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk, Regardless of Age

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- A surgery that helps 7- to 10-year-olds with cerebral palsy walk also helps older kids and teens with the condition, a groundbreaking...

Looking for Good Info on Vasectomy? Skip 'the Snip' on TikTok

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 -- Men looking to limit their odds for fatherhood probably have questions about vasectomy. They should steer clear of TikTok for...

High Rates of Loneliness Seen Among Bisexual and Transgender People

THURSDAY, June 20, 2024 -- Transgender and bisexual adults have rates of loneliness that are much higher than that of cisgender and heterosexual people, new...

Microplastics Found in Human Penises

THURSDAY, June 20, 2024 -- Seven different kinds of microplastics have been discovered in human penises for the first time. The tiny fragments, formed when...

Could Blood Pressure Meds Help Prevent Adult Epilepsy?

THURSDAY, June 20, 2024 -- A class of blood pressure medications appears to also help lower seniors’ risk of developing epilepsy, a new study finds. The...

Colombian Family's Genes Could Hold Key to Delaying Alzheimer's

THURSDAY, June 20, 2024 -- A Colombian family’s genetics are shining a spotlight on a gene that might help protect people from the ravages of...

Certain Prostate Meds Might Help Prevent Dementia

WEDNESDAY, June 20, 2024 -- Prostate medications might help reduce the risk of a specific type of dementia, a new study suggests. People were less likely to...

Looking for Weight Loss? Go Nuts

THURSDAY, June 20, 2024 -- Folks dieting to drop pounds should consider eating a fistful of nuts here and there, a new review suggests. People who ate 1.5 to...

Walking May Do Wonders for Back Pain, Study Finds

THURSDAY, June 20, 2024 -- If you've recovered from lower back pain, try walking away from a recurrence. New research out of Australia shows that folks who...

1 in 4 U.S. Yards May Have Unsafe Levels of Lead

THURSDAY, June 20, 2024 -- The yards of 1 in every 4 U.S. households have soil lead levels that exceed new federal lead screening levels of 200 parts per...

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