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User Reviews for Zoloft

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
37 reviews 50 medications
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
99 reviews 11 medications
Postpartum Depression
29 reviews 8 medications
Panic Disorder
267 reviews 19 medications
Social Anxiety Disorder
218 reviews 6 medications
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
68 reviews 5 medications
488 reviews 81 medications
Major Depressive Disorder
87 reviews 46 medications
Summary of Zoloft reviews 7.4 1,293 reviews

Reviews for Zoloft

Rippy888 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 15, 2019

For Depression "I started off on 25mg Zoloft for depression. Felt better for a few days immediately. No noticeable side effects. Stayed on the 25mg for about 4 weeks and wasn't feeling much of anything anymore. Dr. wants me upped to 100mg. So now I'm taking 50mg for two weeks and then up to 100mg. I don't have any nausea or sleeping problems from this drug. We will see what it can actually do for me though."

Jenn · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 14, 2019

For Panic Disorder "Hi All!! I was so scared to try this medication, and I read all of the negative reviews thinking it would do the same to me. My therapist told me that it was my anxiety causing me to feel this way. So, finally I was at the end of my rope and felt like I had nowhere else to turn, I bit the bullet and started taking 50mg every night. At first it did increase my anxiety and panic attacks as it says it would. I am a female vocalist and I sing in front of a lot of people, so, that being said you can understand how much my panic and anxiety multiplied at first...."

Nameless · Taken for less than 1 month September 14, 2019

For Depression "Horrible drug and now have developed panic attacks from being on it. Would rather crawl in a hole than take Zoloft another day"

Zoloft is a joke · Taken for less than 1 month September 14, 2019

For Depression "Zoloft made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t eat yet somehow had diarrhea? I had a perpetual migraine, was BURNING UP and sweating for no reason with heart palpitations and tingling. I could barely walk, and had to be in bed all day. I read that I should have gone to the ER because these were bad reactions to the medicine yet the psychiatrist tried to keep me on. What? Garbage. Be warned!!! I have REAL, severe depression and I did not get better with this garbage. I am thinking only people with very mild “depression” do well. Zoloft side effects make you feel worse and gave me anxiety and kept me bed ridden. I’m trying to get out of bed and live my life. Thanks for nothing."

CB · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2019

For Social Anxiety Disorder "I have tried Zoloft twice due to being that desperate. I had done a lot of reading about people's experiences and opinions before taking it. A few articles that I read discussed increasing violent thoughts/behaviours from taking Zoloft. Maybe that influenced it but both times I tried it I found myself having intrusive violent thoughts which is not usual for me. The second time I had it it did not work out with Ritalin as it made me extremely depressed and had dark thoughts - granted that was only one day I took it but it was enough to reassure myself that I need to develop managing my anxiety without it as hard as that will be. While, I definitely do want to live in less fear, I don't want Zoloft's effect of no fear, I just want to find a middle ground."

Skylar September 11, 2019

For Depression "I've been on it 4 weeks and suffer horrible dreams, panic attacks, dizziness and nausea. The doctor says keep taking it, I say forget that business. How can something that is supposed to help you give you panic attacks? I'm flushing the meds down the drain and am going to see another doctor. In all honestly, I would much rather deal with the depression than feel like this. There are better ways to live people and not continue to be pharmaceutical lab rats. At least being depressed I have no emotions which is far better than sitting in a corner crying for no reason. Good luck"

Gen September 11, 2019

For Social Anxiety Disorder "I finally asked about going on meds for anxiety after a rough year of being victims of a home invasion and our house flooding. I wanted something to take the edge off as I felt like any little thing would send me spiraling. My doc prescribe 25mg of Zoloft. The first day I felt a little high and had diarrhea. The second day I felt tired. The third day I slept through the night for the first time in months. I felt like a new person. Then the exhaustion crept in: the worst being exactly a week in. It felt like someone put a wet blanket over my brain. I read the message board and felt encourage to keep going. Today marks exactly a month on Zoloft. The spiraling is no more. I don’t fixate on issues like I used to, and, even when our dryer died and a pipe on our softener burst in the same week, I felt like I handled it well. All and all, I’m thankful I tried this as I’m hoping it gets me back to seeing that, despite some unfortunate circumstances, I’m very blessed and should enjoy every moment."

Chelsea · Taken for less than 1 month September 10, 2019

For Social Anxiety Disorder "I started on Paxil and those side effects were SO awful I quit after 6 months. I was then switched to ZOLOFT and it's so much better. Side effects are more subtle then paxil. I did wake up wide awake in the middle of the night, couldn't sleep, diarrhea, tossing and turning, shaky euphoric feeling but it ONLY lasted about a week then my body got used to it. It is an awful feeling let me tell you but as long as you tell yourself to push through and do things to tire you out, it does get better. I would read, or watch boring sitcoms till I dosed off. I did take an over the counter sleep aid a few times when the restlessness was really bad and it did help. About the 2nd week I was able to fully sleep, then the 3rd week I was sleeping better then ever before. The side effects aren't fun but now that my body is used to the medicine, I haven't had any anxiety attacks and I don't feel like such a failure. Don't give up, the side effects are only temporary!!!"

Rosie · Taken for 10 years or more September 10, 2019

For Depression "I have been on Zoloft and the generic sertraline on and off for many many years, on 50 mg. Recently I developed symptoms of depression, panic etc due to health issues. I have a great GP who encourages me to manage my depression so with his agreement I increased my dose to 100 mg, and suffered every symptom for weeks. Anxiety, nausea, shaking, insomnia. After 10 weeks these symptoms have all but disappeared. After reading all the reviews I vowed to share my experience too. Remember the symptoms WILL go away. It may take longer for some people than others to feel better. You may feel good one day but not the next. Hang in there. It takes time. I now feel almost ready to go back to 50 mg."

Doodlebug September 10, 2019

For Major Depressive Disorder "I’ve been taking 50mg of Zoloft for a year and 2-3 months now. I’ve had depression for a while, and only started medication recently. Before Zoloft I was on Wellbutrin for about a year. Switched after ending up in the hospital. Both made me feel numb, which I guess is better than crying and crushing sadness all the time? Lol. Zoloft, unlike wellbutrin, has killed my sex drive. I think it helped with my depression, but it’s hard to say. I started taking it after leaving a horribly abusive relationship, so I can’t say for sure if it was the Zoloft that made me feel better. I didn’t have any side affects in the beginning, but for the past 6 months or so I’ve been feeling exhausted, all the time. Weaning myself off now because I want to try and feel joy, have great sex, and not be so tired all the time. We’ll see. It’s different for everyone, and I’ve heard many success stories. If it’s gonna keep you here and keep you goin, definitely give it a try"

Annabelle36 · Taken for less than 1 month September 9, 2019

For Panic Disorder "I’m on day 7 of zoloft and just started 100 mg today, and about 4 hours after I took it I had serious panic and anxiety attack. It has been going off and on since this morning I feel awful is this normal? Please help it’s really bad I quit my job cause of it"

Saved_MyLife September 9, 2019

For Depression "I’m 36 and I’ve dealt with depression my entire life. I was also irritable. It would come, hit me hard, and then go away. I thought diets, sleep etc could help me. They would only at first. I gave Lexapro a try, my first medication ever. It helped some and I wanted to “settle” with Lexapro because at least my depression was at bay Two years ago I started Zoloft and it literally saved my life, marriage, memories with my kids, saved me from me. I truly didn’t know what normal life was like until I started Zoloft. It hasn’t changed me, it helped me be the true, happy me that would show up periodically. All those “organic” ways might help some people. Just don’t think “big pharma” can’t help you, like I did before I tried meds. I never ever ever thought I would be saying that. For two years now I’ve been alive, I’ve run my business like never before; I’m patient with my kids, my wife, my family. I hope so badly this review helps someone out there who is just like I was."

Thankful · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 8, 2019

For Social Anxiety Disorder "I feel so obligated to leave a review. I was sitting where you are now almost 4 weeks ago. I was terrified after reading the reviews, however I knew I needed help. I had postpartum depression and let it go unchecked for a long time. When that seemed to subside, I was hit with debilitating anxiety that really started to rob me of my life. I had severe insomnia as a result. I started on 25mg for a week, then went up to 50mg where I am currently at now. It was a very difficult med to get on. I had increased anxiety, panic, still fought insomnia. After about two and half weeks and help from my family, I felt like the world felt brighter. Everyday since has been getting better. I can’t tell you enough that if you can weather the first 2-3 weeks, you will not regret it. I am getting back to my old self and it feels so good. I am so thankful, and feeling so blessed. You got this!"

Lolshfosns September 5, 2019

For Depression "I put down I have depression but I also have anxiety and panic attacks and OCD. Everyone is complaining about the nausea. IT GOES AWAY. Moreover usually after like two days. PLUS this time round my doctor prescribed me nausea meds for it (I went off it but am going back on because I’m depressed again). Y’all there is literally medicine that will remove the nausea. And to be honest for me it is not that bad as I have IBS as well. Zoloft basically made me chatty, happier, and gave me the inability to cry or feel sad even when I was supposed to be very sad. The inability to feel sad seems pretty good to me. And I was able to feel happy, just not sad. I quit for the sexual side effects. Don’t listen to the people complaining about nausea. I was in bed unable to move for two days from the nausea and I’m still 10/10 recommending it so trust me it’s fine."

Jay September 3, 2019

For Depression "This medication was a life saver for me. I didn't care about anything or even life before I started this medicine. My depression was severe and depression as well as anxiety runs in my family. I know some people don't like medication and some people with less severe depression or anxiety might be able to do without it. Everyone is different. I have learned that depression is a disorder for some though because the mood chemicals like seratonin and dopamine just don't work accurately in the brain for some of us without medication. It can be similar to anemia where the body struggles with lack of iron for the blood. If you need medication to get through don't feel bad because you can't control the chemicals in your own brain. I just worry about the possibilities of the system building a tolerance. Hopefully that wont happen though as it didn't with another medication I have taken for sixteen years for epilepsy."

De · Taken for less than 1 month September 2, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder "I shared yesterday on here what I've been going through on zoloft. Well, I just flushed them all down the toilet. I woke up with anxiety so bad all I could do was cry. This drug is gone out of my life. I will take the depression over this."

De · Taken for less than 1 month September 1, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder "I'm on day 5 of taking Zoloft. I have been sober for 8 months and recently diagnosed with PTSD for trauma that happened in my childhood. 4 months ago, my brother, who I loved deeply, committed suicide and it sent me spiralling into insufferable anxiety and depression. I have not been able to work my social anxiety is so bad and I am constantly afraid I'm going to die, especially at night when its time to go to sleep. Driving gives me panic attacks, my throat closed and my heart beats so hard and fast and I can't speak or breath right. So far, the medicine has not changed anything. In fact, my anxiety is way worse, I constantly have a knot in my chest, elevated heartbeat and tight throat. The nausea is debilitating, I've been in bed most of these 5 days. I am starting to lose all hope, I was really hoping an antidepressant would help me."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 29, 2019

For Postpartum Depression "I was hospitalized for postpartum depression (PPD) with my 1st and 2nd child. They are 10 years apart. With my first child I didn’t know what PPD was I thought I was going crazy. I was in a psych ward for 2 weeks which I was medicated with Zoloft 50 mg and Ativan. The side effect were horrible so I was monitored while on it. It takes 2 weeks for side effect to subside. After my 2nd son I caught on sooner so I was on 25mg Zoloft , 15mg remron and .5 klonopin for the side effects. Then bumped to 50 mg Zoloft. If you can push through two weeks with these side effects it’s a godsend. I hope someone with PPD would get help sooner than I did, don’t be afraid I was afraid too it’s like a cloud lifted after a couple of weeks. My mood stabilized my anxiety is lessened. Best of luck to new mamas out there with PPD you can do this."

AnxietyMan · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 29, 2019

For Depression "Have not had a good experience with SNRI's and SSRI's. I will say Zoloft is the most tolerable SSRI I've tried but I still get really bad sexual side effects and I'm only at 10mg. Would have to say benzo are better for my anxiety and depression then this class of drug but that's me."

Jo · Taken for less than 1 month August 27, 2019

For Depression "I just recently started taken Zoloft, I'ev been taking it for almost 3 weeks so not a long time. But I've so far had a great experience with it! I have post partum depression and anxiety. It was getting very hard for me to get up during the day with my kids and do stuff. I was tired all the time, no interest in anything or going out. Now 3 weeks on Zoloft and I have started noticing I have less compulsive thought, I worry less, and I have been going to see my friends more. I still have to kind of force myself to get out and I still have my days but it’s been working very well for me. I haven’t had any side effects, which is what I was worried about. I almost didn’t take it because I was so worried and fixated on the side effects. My sex drive hasn’t been effected and I haven’t been nauseous or anything. I take it at night before bed and it’s just been really great! I’ll update if any bad side effects happen but so far it’s great!"

Crystal August 27, 2019

For Panic Disorder "Absolutely life changing. I've tried them all for panic disorder and depression I almost gave up. Zoloft 125mg saved me"

Ali · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 27, 2019

For Depression "I was prescribed Zoloft for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It helped with depression pretty well for a limited time. Bad side effect was nausea. Psychiatrist eventually switched me to Wellbutrin which I would abuse eventually. Warning, very unsafe to do that!"

Markus · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 26, 2019

For Depression "HORRIBLE side effects from day 1 I started this medication. Dizzy, drowsy, extremely dry mouth, and amplified suicidal thoughts did not go away, so I had to switch to welbutrin."

Need a vacation25 · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 25, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder "I've been on zoloft for anxiety/depression and panic attacks for a few months. It doesn't help much with panic attacks. I'm on highest dose of sertaline will be talking to dr about changing meds."

Xavi August 21, 2019

For Panic Disorder "This drug Zoloft saved my life. I was in the darkest depths. Rampant anxiety to the point it was almost impossible to go to work. I couldn't go out in public, get haircuts or go to the dentist because I would have panic attacks. Every time I woke up I was sad that I was alive because the anxiety would hit me like a flood of terror. Zoloft took me 180. I am absolutely fine now. I still have minor anxiety but just a normal human amount. I am happy and healthy and I have a girlfriend for the first time in my life and I am working out and I am doing well at work. The bad side effects are non existent for me. Sleep, appetite and weight were unaffected. When I started Zoloft the anxiety skyrocketed. But after 4 weeks I woke up one morning and it was like an angel drew the curtains open for me and the light was shining. I woke up and instantly felt better and had hope for the future. If it weren't for Zoloft, I wouldn't have made it. "


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