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User Reviews for Zithromax

Zithromax has an average rating of 7.1 out of 10 from a total of 122 ratings on 64% of those users who reviewed Zithromax reported a positive effect, while 22% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection   9.3
12 reviews 120 medications
Bacterial Endocarditis Prevention   9.0
1 reviews 56 medications
Cystic Fibrosis   9.0
1 reviews 104 medications
Sinusitis   8.2
29 reviews 248 medications
Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis   8.0
6 reviews 82 medications
Chlamydia Infection   7.2
17 reviews 59 medications
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection   7.0
3 reviews 162 medications
Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, Treatment   7.0
1 reviews 13 medications
Otitis Media   6.8
5 reviews 137 medications
Bronchitis   6.0
38 reviews 290 medications
Pneumonia   5.5
3 reviews 188 medications
Bacterial Infection   3.3
4 reviews 171 medications
Pharyngitis   2.0
2 reviews 47 medications
Summary of Zithromax reviews 7.1 122 reviews

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Reviews for Zithromax

Chelle December 9, 2020

For Chlamydia Infection: “No effect at all it makes my stomach upset in 1 hour. After that no changes at all.”

1 / 10
Nay · Taken for less than 1 month February 15, 2020

For Chlamydia Infection: “Went in for my annual obgyn check up. Got tested for everything. I called back for my results and it’s chlamydia ”

8 / 10
Mollie · Taken for less than 1 month January 16, 2020

For Bronchitis: “I would be very careful taking this antibiotic if you have heart issues. I have mitral valve prolapse and tachycardia and this antibiotic made it worse after one dose. I asked my doctor 3 times if it was okay to take if you have heart problems and she said yes. I’ve since read that it could cause an arrhythmia issue. Well great I already have that. Thinking about changing doctors now. Definitely will avoid this antibiotic in the future.”

1 / 10

Frequently asked questions

Sauce · Taken for less than 1 month November 1, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: “I've seen a lot of reviews and they kind of freaked me out about the side effects. I fixed me a nice brunch, I ate, then took the pills and about an hour after taking the (4) 250 mg zithromax pills my stomach started churning and rumbling. I used the bathroom ONCE and that was pretty much it. No vomiting, no bad diarrea or sweating ect. I took the pills Wednesday so I'm 2 days in.”

9 / 10 · Taken for less than 1 month September 17, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: “I had no issues with side effects from zithromax whatsoever, although the doctor said it would like cause stomach upsets (again, never experienced this though). Unfortunately, though it did nothing to help the bacterial infection. It's only been about two days now..... I would though there'd be some improvement but it still steadily gets worse.”

6 / 10
Funkmeister · Taken for less than 1 month September 2, 2019

For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: “Waited 10 days to go to the doctor thinking I had bronchitis! I wish I would’ve went to the doctor sooner because I was miserable coughing my head off with phlegm, terrible headaches, fatigue, congestion, and sweats. I ended up having and upper respiratory infection and was given a z pack. After day one I felt soooo much better and was ready to go back to work. I am on day 4 and still coughing up infection, hoping that’s ends soon! Also everyday after I take the pill I get some pretty bad abdominal pain and have to run to the bathroom but only lasting about an hour. I would say the stomach ache is definitely worth it!”

9 / 10
Smoky38 August 1, 2019

For Bronchitis: “Zithromax is one of the worst medications I have ever taken. This drug gave me acute liver damage with Liver function readings of 560 @ ferritin of 3000, also acute pain had to go to emergency, This is a dangerous drug , I took it for several weeks 3 times a week for prevention of chest infection at dosage 250mg”

1 / 10

More FAQ

StayAVirgin · Taken for less than 1 month April 9, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: “The nurse gave me two Zithromax pills to take for chlamydia. An hour later my stomach was killing me and I had diarrhea! I can’t even finish my meals half way through my meals I feel nauseous. I am also very bloated and I get headaches , dizziness, discharge, & itchiness ! Use a condom! You don’t wanna go through this ..”

10 / 10
Bree March 24, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: “Worst med ever...LITERALLY coming out both ends at the same time! Sitting in hot bath only thing that helps the SEVERE STOMACH PAIN! OMG I prefer cramps at least those get knocked out with pills...this medicine is awful”

1 / 10
Samantha · Taken for less than 1 month January 8, 2019

For Bronchitis: “I took a total of two doses: two caplets day one and one caplet on day two. That night I had horrible night sweats that soaked through two sets of pyjamas. My heart was racing and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. Stopped taking it. My bronchitis has been going away without it and finally one week after I stopped taking it I'm no longer sweating, bad taste is gone and my heart rate is back to normal.”

1 / 10
Adrian · Taken for less than 1 month October 24, 2018

For Pharyngitis: “Taking Zithromax (Azithromycin) Teva 250Mg 6 Day Pack. Gave me diarrhea even with food. Made me feel odd and uncomfortable for some reason. Also noticed that it had marked day 4 on the back of the pack on my last tablet. Don’t know if I had to take it in order or not but did notice it said day 4. Other than that I guess it kind of work feel a little better nothing really noticeable.”

2 / 10
Big Black August 29, 2018

For Chlamydia Infection: “Found out I got the Clap from this girl at a festival three weeks ago. Got tested and turns out my irritation was chlamydia. Took my dose of Zithromax and called up the ladies I had sexual relations with since. They all had it, super clap. Now I gotta buy them all flowers and get them zithromax. Meds worked but I had severe watery poos. I'm back to action now but I'll be more careful in the future!”

8 / 10
We · Taken for less than 1 month July 13, 2018

For Chlamydia Infection: “Went to our local free clinic for routine testing no diagnosis of yet but they treated me for Gonorrhea and chlamydia the worst side affects ever from 430 till 830 non stop stomach cramps diarrhea this medication is horrible. Safe sex would have stopped me getting into this situation - wrap it up and be safe”

6 / 10
Mimi · Taken for less than 1 month May 31, 2018

For Bronchitis: “Diagnosed with bronchitis on Friday, started the zpack and I've taken them to the end and still very sick after an entire week! I realized I needed to be seen when I woke up this morning with terrible chest pains especially when I breath. I went to urgent care this morning and the doctor said that I was the second patient he had that took z pack and had no effect. I am disappointed to say the least! Now I am on a different antibiotic. If I could give zero stars I would”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month April 20, 2018

For Bacterial Infection: “I am currently experiencing 18 rare side effects. If I had seen this list before hand I would have refused treatment”

1 / 10
Bunny · Taken for less than 1 month March 7, 2018

For Bronchitis: “I was diagnosed with bronchitis (even though I wasn't coughing) and prescribed zpak. Within 3 hours after first dose, I was shaking all over uncontrollably, blood pressure and heart rate increased significantly. Ended up in Urgent Care, where testing showed no infection in my body and clear lungs. Told to stop the med, drink lots of fluid and wait for med to flush out of my system. Shaking subsided in about 2 hours, but racing heart continued for several more. I'm also unable to go to sleep now. Don't need an antibiotic, but won't ever take this one again!”

1 / 10
ggxoxo1 · Taken for less than 1 month January 12, 2018

For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: “Felt better overnight. Had upper respiratory tract infection. Zero side effects!”

10 / 10
Nana-New England January 3, 2018

For Bronchitis: “Wow, after reading the comments here, I am thankful to say I've had very little in side effects. Had worsening bronchitis and sinusitis for over a month. Finally called the doc for antibiotics. Within 24 hours I could feel it working. Had a short spell of my temp going up the first day. I'm on day 5 and almost clear of infection and thankful this med will keep on working for a while. Each day I've had a short spell of belly cramps but that's it. I generally eat a lot of yogurt so that may help. I react very badly to plain erythromycin so however this is different it's a great improvement.”

Matthm December 3, 2017

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: “This is the only antibiotic that ever works for me. Whenever I have a cold and the Dr claims it is viral, it always goes to my tonsils. This time I waited 7 days suffering fever and a throat so sore I could not swallow, and eventually went to the pharmacist and asked for Zithromax z pak. Within 1 day I was 80 percent healed. No side effects. It works for me everyntime. By day 2, all sinus congestion had gone and I got my first real sleep in two weeks.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month October 19, 2017

For Bronchitis: “I have asthma and recently came down with bronchitis yesterday and ended up at urgent care. I had noticed it a few days ago when my chest was tight and my inhaler wasn’t helping, and this morning after I woke up feeling terrible with a wet cough and lower back pain from the cough. I went to urgent care and they prescribed me a z pack which I am currently on. The second day of taking it I had a 101.4 fever, and it has been reduced by taking ibuprofen as well. I am coughing up lots of phlegm which is helping me breathe better, and I’m coughing less. Overall, so far doing good. I will update if anything comes back”

8 / 10
STI Freeeee · Taken for less than 1 month October 17, 2017

For Chlamydia Infection: “Took this last week under the directions of my pharmacist. I ate a full dinner (burger and some veg) and waited 45 minutes to an hour before taking my 4 large pink pills. My pharmacist and my doctor both recommended staying away from dairy in the meal before I took the pills. Went to bed feeling a little nauseous but, that could have been nerves because of all the reviews on here. I slept through the night, totally fine. No diarrhea, no vomiting. Got my lab results back this morning and I'm in the clear.”

10 / 10
arcticdunord October 8, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “Brand name Zithromax works better than the lower quality generic however I've found that Zithromax isn't the greatest when you have infections of both upper and lower airways, it may be due to antibiotic resistance. Same thing with amoxicillian alone happens, not as effective as it use to be years ago.”

5 / 10
CJeanL August 23, 2017

For Bronchitis: “Overall, the medications I was prescribed by the doctors worked pretty well. I had an awful cough for a little over two weeks, constantly coughing up phlegm, and had horrible wheezing. It says online to try and wait it out for two weeks but since nothing was getting better I went to the doctors. I was prescribed the z pack, a 5 day dose of prednisone, and an inhaler. After about 3 days on the medications there was a significant difference. I no longer was experiencing cough attacks and the amount I was wheezing diminished. I've been off the medication for 3 days now, and a majority of my bronchitis is gone. I experienced no side effects with any of the medications and am overall happy with the results.”

8 / 10
Poop factory · Taken for less than 1 month August 18, 2017

For Chlamydia Infection: “So, I tested positive for chlamydia today. I went in for a 6 month checkup and bam..positive. I am furious! First time ever having to deal with a sti. Anyways, I'm allergic to "cillins" so I was prescribed two 500mg. Tablets of zithromax. Took then right at my doctors around 3:30. My stomach started churning around 6:30, no nausea or vomiting. Come 8pm, It was like a waterfall out my poop hole. Only one bout so far, but I'm sure there will be more. Had some slight stomach pain but nothing unbearable. Waiting to find out how my partners feeling lol!!!”

Nfields July 15, 2017

For Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “I took 1 pill and about 6 hours later, I was getting out of my car and woke up on the sidewalk. I had passed out with no warning signs or symptoms. I passed out again within 2 minutes of the first time. I went to the local Urgent Care and after speaking to the doctor, he believes it was a side effect of the zpak. That is the only change in any food, drink or medication for weeks. I was not overheated and I was hydrated prior to passing out.”

1 / 10

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