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User Reviews for Lisinopril

Also known as: Zestril, Prinivil, Qbrelis

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Migraine Prevention 8.9
24 reviews 31 medications
Heart Failure 8.7
5 reviews 123 medications
Diabetic Kidney Disease 5.8
10 reviews 14 medications
High Blood Pressure 5.0
492 reviews 266 medications
Heart Attack 3.8
6 reviews 124 medications
Coronary Artery Disease 2.0
2 reviews 9 medications
Nephropathy 1.0
1 reviews 2 medications
Summary of Lisinopril reviews 5.2 540 reviews

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Reviews for Lisinopril

JJ · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Started with lisinopril for high blood at 10mg didn't really lower my blood pressure so my Dr upped it to 20mg, was on it less than a week and a cough was keeping me awake, then I began with headaches, dizziness. I didn't think of side effects because some of these symptoms are associated with the high blood pressure. I got worse with the coughing, itchiness, pain in my stomach. So I decided to look up side effects before thinking that I was really sick. I have taken myself off the medication.”

4 / 10
Jack June 7, 2020

Zestril (lisinopril) for High Blood Pressure: “Was put on 30 mg and couldn’t stand up without nearly falling down. The doc kept reducing dosage to finally 2.5 mg, which I’ve been on for several years with lessened symptoms.”

9 / 10
Sheriffntx · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 24, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Have been taking this medication (lisinopril for a couple years now. Started at 20mg a day for a year. Blood pressure didn’t go down to as safe a level as the doctor wanted so dosage was increased to 40mg a day. The only adverse side effect is the light headedness I experience when standing. I’ve got a toddler so I am up and down constantly and have to remember to take it slow. Have come very close to passing out several times. But no other side effects have been noted.”

9 / 10
BPM · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 1, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “My Doctor prescribed Lisinopril for my high BP but I was stubborn and didn't take it for a year. Needless to say, my Dr. was not happy and finally convinced me. I cautiously waited for side effects to occur but no noticeable ones ever did. I bought a BP monitor soon after starting the med. and it was soon under control. Good luck to everyone - if not with this med, hopefully with another one that they can use successfully.”

10 / 10
Flgranny March 12, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Lisinopril is not for me, I began feeling pain in my back and legs day 3. My BP actually went up which is what is was suppose to be treating. Had cough on day 4. Stopped on day 5. 2 days later felt normal again”

2 / 10
Paul March 4, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Took lisinopril for high blood pressure and developed the cough was taken off of Lisinopril and I find now I have breathing problems which they say is asthma bronchial asthma and I've had bloody noses continuously. My son-in-law he was also on Lisinopril if the doctor recommends this medicine tell him to take a different one this is the worst on the market”

6 / 10
Dickydoo · Taken for less than 1 month March 2, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Worst experience ever. Took 10mg lisinopril for 3 days. Felt like I was dying. Went to the emergency room and my bp was 190/120. In my life I have never tested above 150/95 - on nothing. Normally I stay lower than that. I will never take this shit again. Thanks”

1 / 10
JP February 29, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “The doctor prescribed 10 milligrams of Lisinopril based on borderline high BP readings in the office. After a few days, I began to have severe post nasal drip with sore throat and cough which turned into what seemed to be a head cold with a very heavy, productive cough. Two weeks in, I experienced a sustained accelerated pulse rate and went into the doctor’s office. We decided the pulse rate could be due to an interaction between the Lisinopril and some decongestants I had been taking. I was prescribed antibiotics in case I had a sinus infection. Two weeks later, after reading reviews on line, that my symptoms might be a reaction to the Lisinopril. I stopped taking it and, within two days, felt much better. Two weeks later, I only have a coughing spell perhaps once a day. I consulted with my doctor. For now, I will take no medication since at home readings did not show high BP levels. ACE inhibitors are now off the list for me, no matter what.”

1 / 10
Me · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 27, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “It barely is working I still have high blood pressure on 10 mg of this...185 over 86 is not good taking a pill for a month”

3 / 10
Heyezduzit · Taken for less than 1 month February 26, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Blood pressure was just under the max of 140/90 for years, but finally crept up to mid 140's over mid 90's. Doctor put me on lowest dose (2.5mg) I had the dry cough almost immediately. After about the third day, I was dizzy, and felt spaced out. Of all things, I started this prescription just before leaving for a vacation, so it ruined most of the vacation. I stopped taking it, and it took about two days to feel normal again. I read that this medication is made from snake venom. I would recommend trying something else. I was prescribed Amlodipine and it brought my pressure down about 10 points on each number, and I have no side effects.”

1 / 10
JuliusB · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 24, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Lisinopril gave me a dreadful cough and breathing problems which I had never had in my life. I also got a UTI and after anti biotics was left with severe lower abdominal pain and leaking a few times. Research found this can be caused by ACE inhibitors ACE-Inhibitors and the Risk of Urinary Tract Infections I stopped the tablets and leaks stopped immediately and others symptoms eventually went after a few weeks. Dr refused to acknowledge it was the medicine. Daughter had similar problems. Dreadful medicine.”

1 / 10
InterestedBystander · Taken for less than 1 month February 15, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Took 10mg of lisinopril for 2 days. Aches, pains, dizzy and fatigued was the result of this experiment. BP at home was 130/75, but elevated at Doctors office, so she put me on this drug.”

1 / 10
PeachesLiver · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 15, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Liver damaged by a decade of my Insurer formulary Valsartan manufactured by Solco and coming from China. Lisinopril manufactured by Legacy and a Lupin, origin India, product is quickly damaging my kidneys. We need drugs developed and manufactured in the United States. Unannounced, thorough, and strict well funded FDA inspections. Brand name medications at a fair price.”

2 / 10
Sunny · Taken for less than 1 month January 1, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “47, female, my BP was 145/90 so doc said meds. Chlorthalidone for 5 months and apart from a mild dry cough I was okay but felt some weight gain might be a result despite being diuretic. Doc puts me on linospril. Within days I had a worse cough, joints have started aching, back and hips hurt for no reason, and even worse, I’ve had allergic reactions three times in a month where my eyes and cheeks swell up and hurt and burn (angiodema). I couldn’t figure out what was causing these weird flares but each time I took Benadryl and it would subside in a day or two. I started researching causes of “rapid, itching, burning face and eye swelling” and ACE inhibitors like Linospril were some of the first results that popped up. One study said up to 30% of patients taking it have had reactions! I know others they have no issue. But the high rate of anaphylaxis and allergic reaction should be carefully considered by all as apparently it can develop at any time, days, months or years in.....”

1 / 10
Betty · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 28, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been taking 10mg Lisinopril for approx 1 month and the side effect of the dry cough not only interrupts my work duties but it keeps me up at night. Blood pressure is still high so instead of increasing this dose my doctor has changed my prescription. I've been on a new medication for 1 week now but the dry cough hasn't gone away. Pharmacist told me it would take a few days to get out of my system.”

3 / 10
MeggyMeg · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 22, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I started Lisinopril in February, so about 10 months ago. 20mg per day, one per day when I woke up for high BP. Exactly three months to the day of when I took the first one I woke up from a nap incredibly dizzy. I had just refilled my meds the day before so I started the new bottle that morning. Same manufacturer. I was so dizzy I felt like the room was spinning and laying down made it worse. I waited until it passed two days later and made an appointment with my PCP. After CT, MRI, blood work, EKG, topamax, meloxicam, a muscle relaxer, two different types of vertigo diagnosis, I came upon this forum. My symptoms were dizziness, neck and back tension, blood pressure dropping when standing, tingling in my face and arms, anxiety and fatigue. All of this since May. I stopped Lisinopril three days ago. I’m already feeling somewhat better. I just hope I’m back to myself once it’s all out of my system. I don’t recommend it.”

1 / 10
Calif · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 20, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Been on lisinopril for 5 years. My 10mg dose caused dry cough and numbness of fingers for a while then I started having heart bounding mid morning and feeling of exhaustion after a meal. I started 10mg morning and 10mg at night and that seemed to have worked with side effects less severe. My doctor refused to give me 10mg twice a day and insisted on 20mg once a day. I still don't agree with him since it was working for me so I followed his prescription. BP still high. They say half life of medication is 12 hours but it doesn't seem like it because at end of 24 hrs my BP is high. Another thing I noticed is most of time when I get new refill the drug gives me trouble and BP is high. I think the different manufacturers produce a different drug. Some times it works and some times it don't. I get refills at Kaiser who import the drugs from different countries based on price as per the pharmacist at kaiser”

5 / 10
HB · Taken for less than 1 month December 13, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Worst ever. I was already on another BP drug but my DR said it was still too high. Put me on lisinopril 3 weeks ago. Doing ok. A week ago, I went to my mom's house -she is 70 yrs old, been a nurse forever and is currently an ADON at a nursing home. She immediately said, you have the "linsiprol cough". Folks, I am 53 yrs old, I have never coughed liked this in my life. It has made me cry, brought me to my knees, etc. Needless to say. If you are already starting the dry cough, stop taking it”

1 / 10
Na December 12, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Day one 10 mg, its fine however my right side of my brain is acting like a radio streaming music:/ has ever happened to anyone else? How long while the meds stay in my system? Thanks”

3 / 10
medsmaynotbegood December 10, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Prescribed isinopril for borderline High Blood Pressure 10mg. Initially left me feeling very weak and extremely lethargic and sleepy/tired. Back to doc for follow up, they advise this was my body adjusting and getting used to blood pressure being in a normal range. Blood pressure better, but wow the side effects were not good at all. Side effects were heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, generally feeling of being unwell and sick. Flu like symptoms and over production of phlegm, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Discharge in my eyes and lessened my quality of life. At 25 day mark I decided to try cutting pills in half, to wean myself off. The first day off I was already starting to feel better. After coming off, some days I've felt decent, but still struggle with the withdrawal side effects. The cough, and nausea. I've changed my diet for the better and only drink water. Glad to find message boards to share this info to let others they are not alone.”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 8, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Had taken Lisinopril 4 over a year without problems. Yesterday I took it and my lip started to get a blister. Thinking it was a cold sore didn’t think much about it. But as time went on my lips, chin, inside of my mouth was raw swollen including my cheeks! Started feeling like my throat was closing up, went to Dr. immediately gave me cortisone and told me to stop it!! Knew it was an anaphylactic reaction b4 I said a word!! My bottom have of my face is swollen red, blustery still, but better. Gave me 2 different types of meds to take. Will be seeing my cardiologist next week for different b/p med. so be aware having an anaphylactic reaction doesn’t always happens when u begin a new med!!”

1 / 10
MrsHighbp · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 24, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I take Lisinopril 20mg 2x a day. It has saved my life. My BP is now regulated and has slowed the hardening of my heart walls. This med is good for me and I've only experienced one side affect dizziness occasionally.”

10 / 10
Happy166 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 31, 2019

For Migraine Prevention: “I have had migraines most of my adult life. Got one almost always before my period and random times during the month. They settled down at 48 when I hit menopause. Then they came back with a vengeance after an endometrial cancer diagnosis, hysterectomy and hormone treatment. During this trying time my blood pressure went sky high. Dr. prescribed Lisinopril/HCTZ 10/12.5 mg and I haven't had a migraine in the three months I've been on it! Blood pressure is totally under control and I am just so happy to be rid of the migraines.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 30, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Been taking lisinopril for 5 months and been having a lot of bowel movements. Also my arms and hands and legs going numb. Blurred vision, back pain and now sciatica for over a month. Had an MRI done and it shows the fluid in between the discs is low causing my back and left leg to be numb and in pain. Been in bed from this for a month now. I believe I am very dehydrated from the pill so I am stopping it to see if I get better”

2 / 10
jrhoja · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 28, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been taking 10 mg lisinopril for BP for a few months after trying a few others which gave me terrible back pain. My back pain on lisinopril is bearable, but the dry cough and runny nose have become intolerable. 3 days ago, I started taking 3 teaspoons of organic Apple cider vinegar (with the Mother included) with lukewarm water in the morning, and it seems to eliminate a lot of the phlegm in my lungs, thus less coughing and hacking. If this keeps on working, will continue with lisinopril, otherwise I will have to try some other medication. It's the nitric oxide produced by this pill that irritates the lungs, apparently. I wish the pharmaceutical companies would take this into consideration.”

5 / 10