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User Reviews for Nitroglycerin

Also known as: Nitrostat, Nitro-Bid, Nitro-Dur, Nitrolingual Pumpspray, Minitran, Rectiv, NitroMist, Nitrostat Tablets, Deponit, Nitrek, Nitro TD Patch-A, GoNitro, Nitro-Time

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Angina Pectoris Prophylaxis
2 reviews 131 medications
Raynaud's Syndrome
2 reviews 32 medications
6 reviews 130 medications
Heart Attack
2 reviews 124 medications
Heart Failure
1 review 122 medications
Anal Fissure and Fistula
18 reviews 1 medications
High Blood Pressure
1 review 265 medications
Summary of Nitroglycerin reviews 8.3 32 reviews

Reviews for Nitroglycerin

Lauren June 4, 2019

Nitro-Bid (nitroglycerin) for : "I had a chronic anal fissure that kept returning. The last flare up was for 4 straight months. I couldn’t sit down, sitz baths only relived my symptoms for minutes until the pain returned for hours on end. This medicine (although it does give you a headache, not unbearable) it healed My fissure and stopped the pain within days of use. Only thing that has worked."

Cb April 25, 2019

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "Tried this cream (Rectiv) once and I had a severe headache. Not knowing it was the cause I tried the second dose and I had an excruciating headache that not even pain killers could take away. Didn’t take it again..."

Smilie January 23, 2019

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "The only thing I have found helpful in managing pain for severe hemorrhoids. Mild headache but tolerable given pain relief."

Shomera · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 6, 2018

For Angina Pectoris Prophylaxis: "Of all medications that I use this is probably the least troublesome. Always work immediately."

MsPainHelp · Taken for less than 1 month October 2, 2018

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I was cold during the use, I had trembling and a light headache. I pray it works today is only day 1. $616.00 is alot of money as insurance did not cover which is horrible!"

Relief · Taken for less than 1 month September 4, 2018

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I suffered for over a year with a anal fissure that was so painful I’d lay in the bath 3-4 times a day to get relief. It was also infected and was leaking a horrible smelly clear discharge. I finally went to the doctor and had it checked out. He prescribed this to see if it would work and within a couple weeks I was healed and had 0 pain. The headaches only last a week or less from the first use. This stuff is amazing and I can’t praise it enough. I thought I was gonna have to deal with the excruciating pain for forever."

Lee September 3, 2018

For Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I have gone to my new surgeon she had done a colonoscopy on me. After that went to the follow up she said I have a really bad fissure tear with hemorrhoids so she gave me this medicine. She said it will make you dizzy, headaches or even fall down I am 24 years old I have had this pain for almost 2-3 years with blood in my stool. She even put me on a high fiber diet, I am now taking stool softeners and Metamucil. So she said start with a pea size then a inch pea size 1-3 times a day. If you can and start with 1 inch 12 hours a day then do a other pea size if you took a shower or a bowel movement. Side effects I had. Weakness, headaches, little,dizzy lets see the results when I go back to the surgeon I hope no surgery. But once I got used to it I barely had headaches. Mild after a month and a half of using cannot remember."

MK · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 20, 2018

For Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I have had a fissure for a months now. Thinking it was a hemorrhoid I tried to treat it myself. Unfortunately for me the pain go worse one day and was SO bad I had to go to the ER. Just so they could prescribe me some kind of pain killer.....which they didn't do. Fast forward two weeks and I have an appointment with a specialist. He applies the cream for inspection and just that small amount for the digital exam was enough to give me almost INSTANT pain relief. Instant as in a few minutes later the pain was bearable enough where I could sit and sleep. If you are having symptoms of hemorrhoids just go in and get your body checked out. I was in high school when I got my first one and did not have any kind of rectal exam due to embarrassment until I was 25. Don't be me. Get an exam and get relief. and get it fixed Just don't go to a crappy ER like I did."

Cmcn1986 · Taken for less than 1 month April 13, 2018

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "One application as prescribed and I had a headache worsening over 3 hours, dizziness, and severe nausea. Ended up projectile vomiting. Scared to try again after experiencing these side effects."

Julie March 23, 2018

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "This is a fantastic medication.I was trying everything over the counter and nothing really helped till my doctor put me on rectiv. I thank god for this medication and my doctor for prescribing it. Within 3 days of use the pain subsided and I felt a major difference. I'm back to my old self again "

Honda 1300 August 11, 2017

Nitro-Dur (nitroglycerin) for High Blood Pressure: "I had to stop taking nitro-dur 5 coz my neck got so sore & stiff . I tried it for three days each day the same pain .every after noon I had to remove the patch which when done the pain was gone after 30-40 minutes after"

Ameyls May 31, 2017

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I struggled with intense pain and bleeding due to a fissure for several months. Assuming it was hemmorhoids, I tried multiple over the counter medicines, but nothing worked. My OB/Gyn was the one who realized it was a fissure and prescribed Rectiv. The headaches were rough at first, and I almost quit using the ointment because of them. I'm so glad I didn't, though. Within one week, the headaches were gone, and my fissure symptoms were calming down. By week two, I was totally back to normal--no pain, no bleeding. I continued using it for another week, just to be sure I was completely healed. I've been off it for two weeks now, and I'm still symptom-free. I can't sing the praises of this medicine enough!!"

RMS_10011 March 10, 2017

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I've been on Rectiv for 2 weeks alongside an initial 10-day course of Cipro for a fistula. The Rectiv does cause an immediate headache within minutes of use, but after a few days it goes away, or you get used to it. I did notice relief of pain and swelling for a while until a sudden return of the pain, fistula and swelling! For no apparent reason and after no sudden changes in diet! Seeing my doctor tomorrow to try and determine another angle."

masterofnone3 December 8, 2016

For Anal Fissure and Fistula: "Had bleeding fissure for several years. nitrogylerine mixture healed it within two days. As the doctor suggested, I continued to use for a month. I do not know if it will be a permanent fix. I did get headaches from it. Wasn't too bad though and given it worked... BTW, my doctor had a compounding pharmacy create the mixture. It cost $22 for year's supply. I noticed a prescription equivalent like Rectiv costs around $500. Thanks doctor!"

masterofnone3 December 5, 2016

For Anal Fissure and Fistula: "My doctor had a compounding pharmacy make the equivalent for me. Only cost $22. I hear some of the people paying $500 for the prescription type? Anyway, before taking the medicine, I bled everyday. No pain but lots of blood for several years. After about 3 days the bleeding has stopped. As my doctor suggested, I continue to take the medicine for at least one month. Bottom line is that it let the fissure heal. Whether it will begin bleeding again after the medicine is stopped is another question. I hope not."

Principe February 24, 2016

For Angina: "I have had heart disease for many years and always have a bottle (tiny!) of sub-lingual nitros in my pocket. When I feel chest pain, one under the tongue and the pain goes away, in my case, every time. The nitro works very quickly to dilate your blood vessels allowing more blood and oxygen to get to your heart muscle. Ask your doctor how to proceed should one pill not relieve the pain. Sub-linguals have a limited life once the bottle is opened the first time, about 3-6 months. If you find yourself using all the pills within that time (25 tiny tablets, typically), then they are best. If you only need it occasionally, get the pump spray as it has a much longer life. It is, however, more expensive."

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 2, 2016

Nitrostat (nitroglycerin) for Angina Pectoris Prophylaxis: "Helps every time"

Bear Man · Taken for less than 1 month August 24, 2015

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I developed anal fissures after using Invokamet and Invokana. My GI Dr. prescribed Rectiv to heal them. It worked! However, I got an instant Migraine each time. You cannot take aspirin, so I took my Migraine medicine - Fiorcet. It took about two weeks to heal. A real godsend! Only downfall was the cost - $525.00 per tube. Insurance covered it, thankfully!"

amaan911 · Taken for less than 1 month April 12, 2015

For Anal Fissure and Fistula: "The best magic medication for fissure pain. I was suffering for 3 months was in severe pain and was getting mentally frustrated, but jst after twice use all pain vanished, Really amazing product ,bear headache and use paracetomol to counter it"

Quando62 · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 14, 2015

Nitrostat (nitroglycerin) for Angina: "There should be a WARNING on this, NOT to take while driving. Can make you extremely dizzy, spaced out, eye pain, etc."

gfuumfa1212 May 11, 2014

Nitrostat (nitroglycerin) for Heart Failure: "This has changed my life. When I feel chest pressure or squeezing and or shortness of breath I put a .4 under my tongue and viola, all is well. I highly recommend this medicine."

tnurse March 10, 2014

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I'm on day 2 of this product and I "feel" a drastic difference. I am forever grateful to my doctor for prescribing this. 3 years ago I had the same issue and I suffered for 3 months with excruciating pain during my bowel movement to the point I added to my misery by holding it for up to a week at a time to suffer from as few painful bowel motions as possible all because I was to embarrassed to show this problem to my doctor. Never again and I really thank the pharmacist for the coupon to bring my cost down to 40 dollars. There is a mild side effect I didn't have a headache more so painless throbbing in my head for the first 1-2 after application. I was still able to function and get through my clinicals without feeling faint or ill."

for Pop September 26, 2013

Nitro-Bid (nitroglycerin) for Heart Attack: "My dad is in the last stages of congestive heart failure. This mainly means he still functions as much as he can but will continue to degrade. His heart seemed to hurt very consistently. His Dr. gave him Nitro-bid. He applied it as a cream to the chest area 1 or 2 times a day. After less than 2 months he was only using it as needed which was perhaps 1-2 times a month. A very good, fast acting addition to comfort care."

somebetter · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 2, 2013

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "Helped healing and did give me a headache but with repeated use the headaches went away soon. Overall Rectiv healed where nothing else helped, was worth the extra money."

Rothchild July 24, 2013

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) for Anal Fissure and Fistula: "I used this medication just twice and had a severe headache for 3 days."