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How do you take GoNitro to treat an angina attack (chest pain)?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on Feb 27, 2023.

Official answer


GoNitro (nitroglycerin) is a powder that you put under the tongue (sublingual powder) to relieve or prevent angina (chest pain) attacks caused by coronary artery disease. It contain nitroglycerin, a nitrate vasodilator.

It is best to take GoNitro while resting in a sitting position.

7 steps to using GoNitro

  1. Hold the packet upright with the notch and red arrow line at the top of the GoNitro packet.
  2. Tap the bottom of the packet so that the powder settles to the bottom.
  3. Hold the packet at the notch. Hold the packet as close to your mouth as possible and tear along the red arrow line.
  4. Lift up your tongue.
  5. Pour all of the GoNitro powder in the packet under your tongue.
  6. Close your mouth right away and breathe normally through your nose. Allow all of the powder to dissolve before you swallow. Do not rinse your mouth or spit for five minutes.
  7. If another dose of GoNitro is needed, repeat Steps 1 through 6.

Using GoNitro to treat an angina attack

To treat an angina attack place the contents of one or two packets of GoNitro powder under the tongue at the onset of the attack. An additional packet can be administered every five minutes as required.

Do not use more than three packets within 15 minutes.

Seek medical help straight away if chest pain persists after three packets of GoNitro have been administered.

Using GoNitro to prevent an angina attack

GoNitro can be used 5-10 minutes before an activity that is likely to cause an angina attack to help prevent it. Empty the contents of a packet of GoNitro under the tongue 5-10 minutes before the activity.


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