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User Reviews for Entresto

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Heart Failure   4.6
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Reviews for Entresto

Inpain · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 27, 2021

For Heart Failure: “Started on low dose of 24mg/26mg had bad lower back and side pain this pain eased after a week and heart doctor upped my medication to 49/51mg twice a day I have bad left chest wall pain and bad muscle pain on the left side of my icd defibilator. I am going to go back on to the 24/26mg as I don't get as much pain I walk for 6o minutes every day with no problems I hope my ef goes from 20 up to 50 or 60 in a year. I will wait and see. I will pray for each and every one of us that we get well and a cure is found for heart failure”

6 / 10
galileotaurusmars · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 16, 2021

For Heart Failure: “Four months of treatment with a beta blocker and Entresto got my EF from <10% to 45-50%. For most people, I would speculate that this sort of improvement is unlikely. I was fortunate that my heart failure was new and I was soon placed on the ARNI (Entresto) and 200mg of metoprolol. My experience shows what is possible with Entresto. Both drugs have side effects. They were bothersome at first but got better. The benefit, in terms of no more shortness of breath, was certainly worth going through.”

9 / 10
Wife of Entresto patient February 8, 2021

For Heart Failure: “The first day of starting enestro my husband did not feel good and continued to feel worse every day. After taking for a week and a half he started having confusion and shortness of breath along with severe combativeness. He literally went crazy chasing me and my 5 year old son trying to attack us like we were strangers and punched my vehicle window causing it to shatter. He never remembered any of the incidents. After 2 days of craziness I finally got the nerve to take him to the ER and he tried to jump out of my truck while driving down the road. He had severe depression and this was not his norm at all. The ER found nothing wrong and suggested that he follow up with his doctor. We came home and after talking about it we decided that it may be the enestro causing the craziness so he did not take it the next morning. Since stopping the enestro he feels better and is completely back to normal with no craziness.”

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Frequently asked questions

Inpain · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2021

For Heart Failure: “Put on Entresto a week ago, I am on the lowest dose and it has given me very severe back pain, severe lower back and hip pain, very sick stomach weakness and bad leg pain. While it might help fix our heart it is not good for us in other ways more research needed into this drug. I don't know how FDA passed it. I'm going back on ramipril least side effects”

1 / 10
WillyPete · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 29, 2021

For Heart Failure: “For me I have gotten worse, retaining water, tired all the time. And the cost is off the charts, I hit the donut hole in my insurance by mid May.”

2 / 10
Rudy · Taken for less than 1 month January 18, 2021

For Heart Failure: “I'm going on 61 years old and have had heart failure since I was 42. Struggling with diabetes also since 2019. I was put on entresto 2020 felt terrible. It put me back years, I asked to try it again 2021 Felt terrible no energy bloating tried it for 6 weeks. I'm glad I'm off it now as it never worked for me.”

1 / 10
Ryan · Taken for less than 1 month January 6, 2021

For Heart Failure: “I was told about this medicine when I find out my EF was 22. I had an echo performed two weeks before starting and was at all EF of 30. Started entresto two weeks ago on the lowest dose. First suffer effect I get was heavy phlegm and trust tightness. I have paralyzed vocal cords so this was not good. Second, was breathing, I felt as if I had to force myself to breathe. Third, lower back pain. Fourth, arrhythmias, including bigeminy, which I only had once. Anxiety, snapping at my wife, panic attacks, and severe chest pain from my rib cage and pectorals. This may be a miracle drug for some, but not for me.”

1 / 10

More FAQ

P09 January 5, 2021

For Heart Failure: “I was diagnosed with heart failure three years ago at age 34 and prescribed Entresto for the past two years when my EF was 15. The first year was rough taking the medication as I was constantly tired and lethargic. After about a year I feel more energy walking and am not in a tired and dizzy state that I was for a year prior. However if I ever miss a dose I notice that I immediately within a day or two start feeling chest tightness, shortness of breath and ankle tingling. I am on the lowest dose along with Carvedilol and have resisted any raised dosages. I feel okay with it as long as the regiment is kept. Last EF was 29 so there is some improvement.”

7 / 10
emily · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 18, 2020

For Heart Failure: “Wanted to try Entresto due to the information I read about it helping heart patients avoid hospitalizations and generally suffer fewer cardiac events. I began on the lowest dose and the first day, I felt some improvement. Then after a short period of taking it, stepped up to the middle dose and felt terrible. Stopped the middle dose and went back to the lowest dose. Felt better but still felt something was wrong. Chest pain, no energy, just knew this was not good. I also have normally very low blood pressure and didn't need anything lowering it even more. My cardiologist took me off it and now I am back taking Altace instead and feeling almost back to normal. Glad it helps some people. I found it to be a drug to avoid, especially if you already have low blood pressure.”

1 / 10
Jessrock · Taken for less than 1 month October 5, 2020

For Heart Failure: “Have CHF ICD implant and 2 stents. Was on entresto and bystolic in 2017. Could not breathe, with swollen legs. Walking 100 feet was tiresome. Stopped taking entresto and asthma medication abruptly and sleep for 2 hr. Felt better. First sleep in 4 days. Next day still felt a even better. Was able to drive home from FL in 2 HR interval.”

2 / 10
Boss · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 30, 2020

For Heart Failure: “I was on Isosorbide with a cheap copay. The doctor switched me to Entresto with a high copay. At first the ProNTBNP numbers looked good. They have been steadily climbing. The doctor seems satisfied if my number goes into the 1,000s. Novartis the maker has been found giving kickbacks to doctors. Seems the doctors have a financial interest keeping you on the expensive drug. He hinted my EF would go up with it. So far it hasn't.”

3 / 10
Badheartwilliebrown · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 25, 2020

For Heart Failure: “Im 34 years old. The doctor claimed my heart was weak because of non compaction and my ejection fraction was at 30 percent from echo . He told me to take entreso. I was taking it for 6 months, then they sent me to take a MRI. The MRI showed the ejection fraction was 38%. All of a sudden my body started to reject entreso. My feet and hand started to tingle, I was extremely dizzy, I was having chest pain under my pec muscle and one night I was breathing funny and I thought my life was finishing. I was like is this is it? The next morning I tried to contact my doctor office and they claim thats normal. So I took on my own, and stopped taking the pills for a while. I want my ejection fraction to increase. ”

4 / 10
Anonymous August 23, 2020

For Heart Failure: “On it for 18 months, side effects of bowel movements went all out of control now face with Cancer..stay clear..”

1 / 10
Anonyy August 23, 2020

For Heart Failure: “My husband was put on Entresto by a doctor who was “is supposed to be the best”. I hate this stuff! His entire personality changes when he is on it. Tired, moody, sleepy and unhappy. He fluctuates from high to low dose. I can always tell when he takes higher dose by his mood. He has been taking it for four years and stubbornly won’t try something different because the doctor PUSHES this drug. They obviously get some sort of kickback!”

3 / 10
Oscar June 3, 2020

For Heart Failure: “So my EF was 17 when my cardiologist put me on Entresto and it went down to 13 with in 1month l had to call 911 twice before my cardiologist took me back off it for critical shortness of breath and critical low blood pressure. I also experienced mental fogginess blurred vision and back pain while l was on Entresto. So my cardiologist put me back on Ramiphril and my EF went back up to 17 and l feel much better.”

1 / 10
JanB · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 17, 2020

For Heart Failure: “This medication literally saved my life. In less than 3 months my left ventricle ejection fraction went from 20% to 45%. When I get my next echo this Fall I expect it to be even better.”

10 / 10
Dave Neumann · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 4, 2020

For Heart Failure: “Have afib and a 22% EF after exercise went up to 35-40%. Weight gain from 308lb to now over 360lb and eating less and low sodium, constant joint pain blurred vision and depressed because i can't wear any of my clothes. After late April in the donut hole with my insurance and monthly medicine bill on entresto and eliquis jumps from 47.00-147.00 a month till almost December. I asked my doctor to put me on carvedilol or something else that does the same thing only dirt cheap. I am now reducing my dosage to one a day instead of two and getting off it. I read these reviews and i would say 10% of people its good for the rest it sucks!”

3 / 10
Macca April 7, 2020

For Heart Failure: “Male 61 years old I had a tissue aortic valve inserted late 2017 thanks grandma for the hand me down, then in early 2019 I started to get fatigued and short of breath it was not good. September 2019 my cardo re fitted my PC with a defib and put me 1-1/2 tablets a day 24/26mg have never felt better since taking entresto seriously I feel like a new man again it is just good to move freely climbing stairs hills etc etc without becoming tired and fatigued .”

10 / 10
Mkswinark · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 13, 2020

For Heart Failure: “I was given Entresto when they said my EF was 30-35. Had to fight with the insurance to get them to cover it. Was told by cardiologist it was a miracle drug and would add years to my life. The first few months were ok but my blood pressure kept getting lower and lower. Was told by cardiologist not to take morning dose if the upper number was under 100. That was all the time. I was dizzy all the time, falling constantly. Started having chest pains and episodes of confusion. Went to cardiologist, was told they didn’t know what was wrong. My husband was having to help me walk everywhere we went. Was so tired, I couldn’t do housework, laundry or anything. Made the decision on my own to stop taking the Entresto. Within a week, I was a completely different person. Energy level is up, dizziness is gone, quality of life has returned. Entresto was one of the worst experiences of my life. Changing cardiologist. Entresto was a nightmare for me.”

1 / 10
Cookie · Taken for less than 1 month March 7, 2020

For Heart Failure: “On Entresto medication for 10 days for my heart failure now I have side effects of my vision being blurry, having cramps in back. Dry cough - no more for me”

1 / 10
Skip February 21, 2020

For Heart Failure: “I was on Entresto for about a week; Dr. said this is the best drug to help with hf, ha...ended up in ER with severe lower, kidney pain, and couldn't move without horrible pain. Stopped and back on lisinapril and hope it works. My infraction rejection went from 45 down to 35; Dr. Doesn't know why and said try this drug. Think we are all guinea pigs when you try a new drug....Maybe good for some ,but not me. Good luck if you are on.”

1 / 10
Irene · Taken for less than 1 month February 15, 2020

For Heart Failure: “My husband was diagnosed with CHF and was put on Entresto and taken off Lisinopril. He only took 3 pills and we ended up in the ER with shortness of breath. He also has kidney issues and I’m concerned about the side effects of this drug. He’ll probably will not take this drug any more.”

2 / 10
OmegaInLA · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 14, 2020

For Heart Failure: “One year on Entresto, EF up from 17 to 19. I tolerate medications well. Six months on 24/26 then a bump to 49/51”

2 / 10
jhfrommd · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 11, 2020

For Heart Failure: “For me Entresto has been a miracle medicine. Have been on the middle dose for over a year. I am able to do just about every kind of physical activity with ease. I have had no significant side effects. I do not feel like I have HF and hope to have a new test to see whether my ejection fraction has increased from 25%. OK, so it seems that it does not work for everyone, but for many it is really incredible. I take Lasix everyday and have lost over 50 pounds by following a very low carb diet. I also do a high level exercise regime almost every day for 25 minutes. In the past five months I gone on five foreign trips that involved considerable activity.”

10 / 10
Goldie32 February 9, 2020

For Heart Failure: “My father was diagnosed with CHF in 2003. In 2018 March his cardiologist introduced Entresto; my Dad who is usually wary of trying out new things was initially sceptical and I understand that his doctor was trying to promote Entresto to my Dad for quite some time. I am not sure of the exact conversation between the doctor and my Dad but he ended up taking Entresto and what followed was pure nightmare for him and us, his family. Dad’s energy levels plummeted and he developed renal issues not previously experienced. We took him off Entresto and the doctors gave him other medications which he had never taken before and then he took Entresto again when his conditions were slowly improving and alas one thing led to another with my Dad eventually passing away in June 2018. I am glad that Entresto is helping some people here and for the rest of you who have just started using it and experiencing adverse effects not previously experienced please do listen to your body and stop if need be.”

1 / 10

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