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User Reviews for Provera

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
60 reviews 34 medications
Birth Control
4 reviews 321 medications
3 reviews 103 medications
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
93 reviews 103 medications
Endometrial Hyperplasia, Prophylaxis
1 review 17 medications
Summary of Provera reviews 5.9 161 reviews

Reviews for Provera

Kasper · Taken for less than 1 month July 12, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I am 56 years old, I have not had a period in 10 years. Last month I started again. Extremely heavy flow for 2 weeks. Had a vaginal ultrasound and found no signs of cancer. Yesterday I started again, today I started taking provera. I am hoping it stops the bleeding. Heavy bleeding, cramps (front and lower back) and clots."

T July 7, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I’m a 27 yr old woman I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 25 but always had irregular periods last May I had a tube removed because of it ruptured due to ectopic pregnancy. Around April I missed my period and it did not come for a month and a half then I started spotting for weeks I finally went to the doctor and they prescribed a birth control pill 2 a day for 2 weeks which did not work and caused the bleeding to get heavier after I finished the pills. It also caused me to have lower back paid tender breast and diarrhea everyday. Now I’m on Provera 10 for 10 days. Currently on day 3 the cramps are horrible and the bleeding is super heavy and I still have all the same symptoms plus a headache similar to a hangover. I am so tired of bleeding and being told it’s normal. I feel so depressed and hopeless. I’m going to stick with it though because it’s my only hope atm"

soulsista100 July 5, 2019

For Amenorrhea "I have taken this medication before. A couple years ago I went 9 months without a period, and I was prescribed this medication at 10mg for 10days. The 3rd day after the 10th pill I had a normal period. More recently I haven’t had a period for 16 months. I have PCOS. This is the 3rd round of 10mgs per 10 days and nothing has made my period come. Starting to give up at this point. Super disappointed."

Ariyal · Taken for less than 1 month July 5, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I was bleeding for a 2 months straight. My first time with an abnormal period. Ultrasound showed 2 cysts on left ovaries. I took provera which stopped my bleeding after two days. The stomach cramps became so severe that one day I took 1/2 the dose 5mg instead of 10mg. I spotted the day after so immediately started taking the 10mg again. The bleeding is heavy now. I’ve been bleeding for a week. I regret taking half a dose. I see the doctor again later this month. I just want a regular cycle again!"

HotDoll June 28, 2019

For Amenorrhea "Hello! So I didn’t have normal periods and actually I missed my period for 4/5 years and on 6-13-2019 I took Provera for 10 days and on 6-25-2019 like magic my period is here today is 6-28-2019 and I’m still on my period so I would say if you don’t have a regular period this pill will definitely bring it back! Thank you !! Baby making time!!"

Roze June 27, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "Hi guys. This medication works for me with high iron and vitamin c. And if over weight try to loss weight. I’m taking iron 27mg, folic acid and vitamin c 1000mg. Natural iron and vitamin c. Blend kale, spinach, strawberry, half glass orange juice and half glass of water. Do it twice a day. Don’t take calcium with it. Take calcium some other time of the day. Hope this will you guys."

Canislupus10 June 25, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I went to the ob because I had been bleeding for 6 months straight. Ultrasound showed nothing no fibroids nada. So they gave me Provera and I have been on it for 5 days and not a thing has happened I feel like I am on groundhog day. I want this nightmare to stop I just can't take this I have no life and I have lost so much weight it is not funny no matter how much I eat."

Soni June 22, 2019

For Amenorrhea "This is the best medication to induce periods. I did not Menstruate from last two and a half month because of some hormonal problems so I went to see my gyenecologist and she prescribed me this medication (provera 10mg) for 10 days. I got my periods after 3 days discontinuing the pills. I even missed one pill still I got my period. "

Connie June 22, 2019

For Amenorrhea "I have PCOS and my doctor prescribed me with Provera for 14 days, 10mg per day and was told by my doctor that it will help me regulate my period. I remember taking it on May 17 and I was on it till May 31. I was told that I was gonna get my period after 3 days. I didn’t get it after that but I had light spotting a couple days after. I called my doctor she said I should get it very soon. Finally it came on June 9th it was still very light, days has passed and it started to get heavier. It’s June 21 now and I’m still bleeding. I have called my doctor to check with her if this is serious as I had never bled this much before of course it was very alarming. She told me that I had to wait until it subside and have an ultrasound. I am also experiencing mood changes, breakouts, cramps, breast tenderness, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and headaches, the side effects are not so bad but my main concern is the long period. Did anyone else had the same experience?"

Paris · Taken for less than 1 month June 17, 2019

For Amenorrhea "I came off the pill over a year ago and my cycles have been super irregular. My doc prescribed me provera to bring on a period as I hadn't had one for about 3 months. I managed to bleed a day before I finished my 10th pill (I was given 10 pills) I mean it's great to bring on a period but I was under the impression it would regulate my cycle thereafter but that is not the case. So it doesn't really help at all with irregular periods? A bit pointless to say the least."

Lee June 12, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I'm 41ys old I've been taking provera for a month now it stopped my bleeding the first month but then it came back in full force, and I haven't stop bleeding yet and its been a month. I was put on it because of my anemia and fibroids because my blood was low due to the lost of blood. I have been feeling very weak and bleeding heavy and having horrible pain, going back to the doctors due to the pain and bleeding I can not take the pain and I stop taking the pill."

Help1 · Taken for less than 1 month June 11, 2019

"Ever since I got on Provera (oral), 5 days later of taking it I have had non stop bleeding! Heavy bleeding! It's been the 10th day now and it's been heavy bleeding. It started off as a dark brown discharge (not liquidy), but now it is heavy, red bleeding, non stop. I want to get off this prescription immediately, but with my "Disordered Proliferative Endometrium" I don't know how to treat myself if I stop Provera. Has anyone stopped their medication from non stop bleeding from Provera??"

Over it already · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 8, 2019

For Endometrial Hyperplasia, Prophylaxis "After bleeding vaginally very heavily for 12 weeks, I was finally diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia and put on 5mg provera once a day. I'm supposed to take it for 6 months and then go back for another biopsy. It took about 3 weeks, but the bleeding stopped. But only for about 2 weeks. Then it started back. It's not as heavy as it was, but I'm still steadily bleeding! It's been another 4 weeks now. My doctor just isn't listening. He just keeps saying, "Some spotting can be expected during what would be your normal cycle..." This is NOT JUST spotting and it doesn't stop!! I don't know if I'm not taking enough, since I'm seeing a lot of people have been prescribed 10mg/twice a day, or what, but he won't increase my dosage so I don't know what else to do. I'm just so sick of bleeding!!"

Renz · Taken for less than 1 month June 8, 2019

For Amenorrhea "I was recently diagnosed with PCOS with no periods (amenorrhea) so my OB-GYNE prescribed provera 5mg for 5 days and after 3 days I started bleeding heavy until today 9th day. I'm a bit worried because if I do get a period it usually lasts only for 5 days."

Anonymous - UK · Taken for less than 1 month June 7, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "Provera did not work for me. When I had my last period, before the operation to get fibroids removed, I had some really heavy period bleeding, I could not leave home. I had to go to A&E where a GP prescribed Provera to me. The drug calmed the bleeding down for a few days but it never stopped it. On some days I would have a really heavy bleeding with massive clots. During 2 weeks I had to visit A&E a couple of times again trying to explain that the drug is not working. I was assured again and again that since my operation is taking place in a couple of weeks, there was no point of changing the drug. In my third week of bleeding it became extremely bad, it was pouring out non-stop for hours. I ended up in A&E again where I collapsed at the reception and was admitted to hospital. I was given an injection of Tranexamic acid that stopped the bleeding and I was prescribed Norethisterone instead which worked much better!"

A.L.B. May 19, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "About a month ago my grandma who I was close to died. Due to a plethora of issues that happened around the same exact time my body was completely put thru the wringer. started my period early, it stopped the day if the funeral of sobbing for days on end and not sleeping, and then now it’s back in full force after taking one tablet. I was gushing blood so fast that the toilet was filled with blood, soaked through my pants within an hour at work, heading to the ER with pains in my ovaries stabbing so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Now bleeding is still severe and still hasn’t stopped five days in. I cannot take one more dose. I have now been on my period for a month and nothing is helping. I woke up with debilitating pain stabbing so so bad near my ovaries almost went to ER. I haven’t been able to leave my bed since. I have been curled up in fetal position and the gas and pain and bloating is so severe that I look pregnant. "

Ms Over It · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 19, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I do not recommend Provera for abnormal uterine bleeding. It caused me to bleed more and for a significantly longer time. The purpose of the provera prescription (dose two 10mg daily) was to reduce/stop my bleeding. I bled so much after taking it that I had to go to the ER because my blood count was dropping. My side effects were skin sensitivity, itching, hair shedding, loss of appetite and intense pains in my legs. It’s been an entire nightmare!"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 7, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "Good evening, I stated my cycle like normal only it lasted over a month. I freaked and went to the Doctor because I was going insane. Got given a 14 day course of Provera and I've been taking it for 2 days now and the bleeding has stopped completely. I'm scared that if I stop taking it I'll start to bleed again. I have to go back to get the ultrasound to figure out what happened. I've always had irregular periods but normally I just would skip 3 or 4 months. And start lasting 4-5 days most of the time it's stress. This time it started and was beyond heavy. Not a lot of pain thought. I wish everyone hope. For the madness we all share.. thanks for the comments. It's helped me a lot.."

Mel · Taken for less than 1 month May 7, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "Just turned 40. Never had issues with my cycle. This time around I had a huge gap between periods, my period came on day 67! And it has lasted 35 days and is still going strong. Had blood work, pap, and an internal vaginal ultrasound, all 100% normal. Started Medroxyprogesterone. Was told to take 10mg twice a day until bleeding stopped. It’s now been 15 days and still no sign of stopping. The first few days, it slowed down but then went back to a heavy flow. I’m going in for a D&C in the next week. I’m just so confused as to why this drug has worked to stop everyone else’s bleeding but not mine."

Sara · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 6, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I had a massive menstrual hemorrhage in Feb and was put on provera 10 mg twice a day . Was great for 2 months . Slowly been bleeding for 6 weeks hair is awful and vaginal dryness is awful and itchy . No other things going on . Been told to stick with it before I have a womb ablation. I really can't cope . "

Ree May 4, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I took Provera 5mg for abnormal uterine bleeding. Basically my period went on for almost three weeks. I went to the hospital (had a ultrasound & everything was fine.) they told me to take the pills for 7 days once a day. I took 2 a day for 3 days & the last pill on the 4th day. I'm a heavy set girl so 10mg wouldn’t have hurt me. The first day I took them I took them in the morning & by the afternoon the bleeding stopped. Throughout me taking the medication I had no bleeding. Three days after the last pill was taken my period came on. I just woke up one morning & I was spotting. By that night I was bleeding very heavy. I wanna say the heaviest I ever been but most of it was blood clots. All sizes. That went on for about 5 days then the 6th morning it almost instantly stopped. I was spotting very lightly & by that night it completely stopped. I’m a 20 year old by the way. Have not been diagnosed with PCOS or any of the sort."

Sory · Taken for less than 1 month May 1, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I had my tubes tied after my 4th child in November 2018, I got light period by February then on April 6, it was so heavy it lasted until April 21. My dr did an ultrasound and found nothing wrong. I started bleeding heavily with large clots again on April 30, went to ER, was diagnosed with dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Was prescribed Provera. Today is my second day taking it (need to take it for 10 days) anyway I'm not sure if it’s working, as I am still bleeding really heavy with large clots. This has to be due to getting my tubes tied as I’ve never had this before and they doing nothing wrong."

hoe-vera · Taken for less than 1 month April 29, 2019

For Amenorrhea "I took provera for 10 days in order to induce a period, as I was experiencing amenorrhea from PCOS. I had a period the day after I took my last pill of the prescription. I did experience a breakout that was probably related to the progesterone itself, as I never usually break out."

CO · Taken for less than 1 month April 25, 2019

For Endometriosis "I was prescribed 10 days of Provera 5MG for endometriosis and fibroids, painful periods and painful ovulation. I'm on my third to last day and I feel freaking amazing. I have energy, I have a low appetite, healthy sex drive, confident, clear minded, nothing but positive. I won't give a solid 10 because I haven't had a period yet, but this week is usually the week before my period and I am usually depressed, craving sugar, low confidence, complete opposite of how I feel right now."

Anonymous April 23, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "My periods were normal. I had ACDF (Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion) surgery a month ago. My period came a week early and hadn’t stopped yet. Took provera for 14 days and it did make it lighter. Now off it 3 days I have a heavy period again. Doctor said at first maybe from surgery but now she doesn’t know why. I was totally normal before this. I’m so tired of it. I’m having a ultrasound Friday"

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