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User Reviews for Errin

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Birth Control
53 reviews 321 medications
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
14 reviews 103 medications
6 reviews 103 medications
Summary of Errin reviews 4.7 73 reviews

Reviews for Errin

Mc · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 7, 2019

For Birth Control "You have to be patient with this stuff. The first 3-6 months come with some pretty annoying side effects such as multiple periods a month, mood swings, and acne but luckily for me no weight gain. I take it for normal birth control and have been on it for about 8 months now and I like it. My acne has actually gone away and I get a period every other month that lasts about 3 days! I know this pill reacts differently on people but I have no problem with it. I guess you can’t base your actual opinion off of using it for a week. Give it a chance and be patient. Also you should be taking it at the same time every day for it to be most effective!!"

Kris · Taken for less than 1 month July 6, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "Okay so I have been on this for a week now, my face hasn’t broken out more than usual, I have insanely irregular periods and literally the day after starting this, my period ended and it hasn’t started up again. Before, I would have maybe two days of no period and then it would hit me like a freight train again. My body feels much better than it has in years! Again, I have only been on this for a week. I haven’t had any weight gain or random spotting..yet? Idk. Before I got put on this birth control I literally bled, had intense cramps, mood swings, and migraines pretty much daily. I’m not saying it’s good for everyone, as everyone’s bodies are different. It has worked wonders for me. I will post another review as time goes on. I also haven’t had any issues with my hair falling out or being dull. It’s so nice to not be so damn hormonal everyday. I feel so much better health wise now. I think it’s honestly balancing out my chemicals, but I’m not a doctor. "

Rah · Taken for less than 1 month July 6, 2019

For Birth Control "I have been taking Errin for a week now. I started it the first day of my period. I usually have a 2-3 day period but it stayed on for 6 days, it wasn't heavy. I get emotional due to the pill, I have lost weight and I also notice my bottom is getting rounder!! Im experiencing light cramping, my hair is still in tact and no acne. I will follow up with you guys in about a month if there are any changes..."

Socalprinses · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 2, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I started using this pill two months ago. Will start my third pack next week. Before starting Errin I had suffered with heavy, heavy periods for the past five years. So heavy in fact that they forced my body to expel the Mirena my doctor had put in place. The clotting and pain was horrific. We had tried everything, it seemed and Errin was our last ditch effort before considering surgery. Thankfully, Errin has worked for me. I knew it would take some time for my body to get used to the hormone and balance out so when my first period was horrible, I hung in there. In June I did not have a period at all. I had some pink when wiping but that was it. Everyone is different and I'm grateful this worked for me. It has changed my life. I'm 50 and only have a few years to go before menopause but I would like to transition "quietly" instead of looking like a blood accident. Good luck to everyone."

Tess · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 28, 2019

For Birth Control "Just finished my first pack and was nervous reading these reviews. I lost 4lbs this month through my regular diet and exercise and the pill did not seem to affect that. I do not have any acne and my hair is planted firmly in my head. I have not experienced so much as a spot or cramp. The only thing I did notice was a headache that lasted for about 30 minutes the first day and slightly decreased appetite in general. I much prefer this over my previous IUD."

Heather · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 22, 2019

For Birth Control "I was recommended to go on Errin after the combo pill almost landed me in the hospital. I’ve seen negative reviews on this birth control previously, but tried it anyway. Within 2 weeks of being on it, I’ve noticed my hair declining in quality, my appetite is never ending, and I am bleeding for daaayyysss on end and constant breast pain and cramps."

Nubian · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 20, 2019

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I've been on Errin birth control pill for 3 months currently on number 4. Since I started my cycle has lasted for up to 10 days. Prior it only last 5 days....after reading the comments here I'm done too. Calling doctor to prescribe me a new one or I'll just go back to using my the Flow app"

Edy · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 13, 2019

For Birth Control "I have always taken Loestrin for the last 20 years. 3 months ago they decided since I am 50 I cannot take a pill with estrogen. I actually am 54, so obviously have been taking it. I am now having heavy bleeding, when I didn't bleed at all with loestrin. And I bleed for 7 to 10 days and have 2 periods a month."

TXbabe · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 5, 2019

For Birth Control "Just giving a positive review to break up all the negativity lol, I know hormones work different for everyone though. For me, this has been great, I switched to Errin after being on depo for years. I had zero issues with the depo and loved it too, the only issue was it gave me a lower sex drive, and my pharmacy never had it in stock. The Errin has restored my sex drive (woohoo!), intimacy feels better, and I've had no side effects. The only downside is I never got my period on depo, and now on Errin I sometimes get a light one lasting 2-4 days. Definitely manageable though. I'm loving this and I think the key for me is to stick with progesterone based BC."

KEP1 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 4, 2019

For Birth Control "Do NOT take this pill. I have suffered hair loss, two periods a month, heavier periods with clotting, terrible breast pain. Absolutely a nightmare. The hair loss is devastating and my hair stylist said that’s it’s dry and course now. Going off of it today!"

Mean Mommy April 27, 2019

For Birth Control "I was on depo for about 10 years as a teen and into early twenties. I gained 100 pounds but I was ok because I didn't have a period and couldn't get pregnant. I got off of it about 10 years ago and I had my son and decided, now that he is 9 I'm done having kids I want back on BC. My dr said no to depo due to me gaining all the weight before, and I am about to have Bariatric surgery. So she put me on this. Since day 2, I have EXTREME cramps. Everyday after I take the pill I have cramps for hours. I never really had cramps for my period. When I am off of any birth control, I do get PMS, 1 week before I start I get the mood change, I get very minimal crampy, like a 1 out of 10 and I get sore. But during my period, no cramps, my mood is fine. Well. This morning I started and I want to scream, and my cramps are worse then childbirth. And I did that all natural. I spoke with the nurse about the cramps and she said they would go away about 3 months into taking the meds. But I am not sure I am willing to wait 3 months."

Agc · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 4, 2019

For Birth Control "Side effects of Errin boirth control include hair loss, depression, facial hair and melasma. This stuff is awful and should be off market. It also gave me fatty liver. Never again."

Nya · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 24, 2019

For Birth Control "I took Errin for a year and gained weight, never again"

Rose · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 12, 2019

For Endometriosis "I started this med only a couple of months ago for cysts and possible endometriosis. Not only have I had EXTREME weight gain in a very small amount of time, but i ended up with another cyst anyway. I’m also tired all the time and feel foggy. Never again."

Mere · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 20, 2018

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I started taking this 6 weeks after my daughter was born. I’ve been taking for 3 months now and am officially stopping this pill. It has made me bleed so irregularly and heavily that it’s unmanageable. It feels like I’m bleeding more so than when I am not. I’m not sure if I am experiencing other symptoms but definitely look like I am more bloated so maybe that’s something I’ve experienced as well and haven’t correlated the two. My primary reason for stopping is the excessive bleeding."

KK · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 7, 2018

For Birth Control "I’ve been taking this for awhile now, probably 2 years. Used to take Depo but my doctor said I shouldn’t remain on due to the side effects. I’ve not had any bad experiences really, only thing is maybe a lower sex drive. Periods are light and only last 4 days max. I would recommend this but of course everyone’s body reacts differently to medications."

Mama-1 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 12, 2018

For Birth Control "Been on this for 3 months now. Only taking this pill because I am currently breastfeeding and have no other options, really. I've had probably 6-8 periods since I've started this birth control. I'll bleed for 6-9 days, stop for less than a week and start the process all over again. The bleeding is heavy. I've gained some weight. The acne is terrible and extremely painful. I've developed constant cramping and occasional heart palpitations. Oh, and the hair loss. My god. I have to empty my brush 2-3 times when I brush my hair, and clumps come out in the shower. The worst side effect I have encountered on this pill is the moodiness. I get so angry for absolutely no reason and catch myself freaking out over the littlest things. The side effects of this pill are terrifying. I've been on numerous different pills as well as the depo over the last 11 years, and this is by far the absolute worst. I would never recommend."

Brey · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 5, 2018

For Endometriosis "Errin gave me the worst acne I have ever had in my life. I took it for four months. Never again..."

Babygirl1217 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 1, 2018

For Birth Control "Before taking this I was on lo lo estrin fe and it made me lose weight, made me stop eating, dehydration, so I stopped taking it. The only other option other than depo that they could give me was Errin. It doesn’t make me feel any better nor start my periods. I have intense migraines, abdominal pain and bad nausea, the whole reason I was put on birth control was to make my period start & nothing has changed and to keep my ovarian cyst away"

Amber · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 29, 2018

For Birth Control "I took this medicine on time every day and I still got pregnant. Prior to that, I was bleeding a regular period two times a month. Terrible."

Eboney · Taken for less than 1 month August 30, 2018

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I began taking Errin for a month and I've had the worst experience ever with this birth control method. I have gained 20 pounds since taking it. There was spotting between my periods. I had extreme mood swings that were crazy ups and downs. I experienced headache anxiety and increased blood pressure. I don't recommend this b.c. to any women who is thinking of trying progestin only pill. Yes it is the mini pill but I had a horrible experience. I will just deal with my adenomyosis and heavy periods w/o birth control. Never again!"

EJ · Taken for less than 1 month August 23, 2018

For Birth Control "I gave birth 3 months ago and wanted some type of birth control. My doctor prescribed Errin since I was going to be breastfeeding. I was a bit sketchy but thankfully, I haven't had any issues, and I pray I do not encounter any. I was on the Mirena a couple years ago, and I absolutely hated it! I was bleeding heavily for an entire month! I hope Errin does not give me any complications."

Le · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 15, 2018

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "Terrible. I had taken a combo pill years before and had no issues. This gave me heads aches, tender breasts, and irregular periods. I had two periods a week and half apart then one the lasted 10 days. I stuck it out to see if it would regulate things but it didn’t. Never again. Switching back to a low dose combo pill."

ANGELEYE005 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 13, 2018

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "My doctor randomly switched me to this birth control. I've been almost on it for three months. Been heavily bleeding every two weeks, now bleeding every other week. I'm done, told my doctor I can't anymore."

T · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 26, 2018

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "Over it!!! Due to my health Insurance going away I was given Errin as it was cheaper out of pocket. I was using Loestrin FE and was loving it! Periods were very light and some months didn't come at all. It was a nice alternative to the Mirena that I had. However, the Errin is horrible. I take it the same time everyday and the side effects are awful. I have started to experience breakouts on my face. But, the worse is the periods! Periods last anywhere from 7-10 days!!!!!!!! It's ridiculous!! You think your done and BAM it's back. Once the this pack is empty I'm done!! I have insurance now so I will asking the doctor to switch me back to my Loestrin FE. This is horrible!! I do not recommend."

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