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User Reviews for Nexplanon

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Birth Control
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Reviews for Nexplanon

Anon July 19, 2019

For Birth Control "Ignore ladies on here expecting that nexplanon is here to overall stop your periods. Periods are mostly inevitable. Here’s a real review. The side effects are sometimes horrible but what can you expect. My first few weeks were fine until the following month came along and I was on a light period for over 80 days. Being on a light period for over 80 days, craving unhealthy foods and my hormones were through the roof. After 6 months of having the implant,I started having extreme cravings for salty foods. If you are experiencing this, DO NOT give in. I’ve gained well over 20lbs from cravings like these. Although it’s been well over a year since I’ve had nexplanon and I’m happy with it so far. I’ve enjoyed the little curves and swerves, enjoyed the new sex drive (my man loves it too). I would recommend it to others. It’s worth it."

G · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 19, 2019

For Birth Control "I’ve had nexplanon in for a little over 2 years now. It was great at first, but overtime I feel like I’ve been changed as a person emotionally. I don’t think this is worth all the hormonal side effects. I get angry so quickly, I’m agitated often, I cry so much, and my moods change so quickly from one side of the spectrum to the other. It is really affecting my personal relationships and clearly many other women have felt this same way as well. I do not recommend!!!"

Oliviaf · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 18, 2019

For Birth Control "Absolutely the worst! On Nexplanon I gained SOO much weight, had painful periods, cystic acne, mood swings, anger, bloating and just over miserable!!! Do not get it!!!"

SadKat July 16, 2019

For Birth Control "Like many of the negative reviews, I loved it at first - painless insertion, no nausea, practically no periods. After 6-9 months is when I started noticing mood changes, loss of sex drive, paranoia, exhaustion, teenage mood swings, constant spotting followed by no periods for months, crying for no reason, but they were so gradual that it was hard to pinpoint the problem. I read reviews and decided I would give it 6 more months while documenting every day of period, spotting after sex, emotions, energy, etc. and it was ruining my life. I took it out three days ago and my period instantly came back and I’ve been a depressed monster, crying for seemingly nothing. Two stars because I never got pregnant and for the first three years my weight decreased to a stable 115. However, the mood swings, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of sex drive, and how those symptoms all affected my personal relationships - NOT WORTH IT!"

Angie July 16, 2019

For Birth Control "I got the Nexplanon implant 2 months ago, I started to have vaginal bleeding a week after insertion pretty much every single day and it never stopped. On certain days the bleeding would get super heavy, I used to have very heavy and long periods, bad cramps and migraines, I got this implant hoping that it would help me reduce my period flow and other related symptoms but it’s doing the complete opposite. It did get rid of my cramps tho but now I have headaches almost everyday, I’m always tired and don’t have energy to do anything. It’s giving me crazy mood swings and makes me lightheaded all the time. On top of all of these horrible side effects, I’m also getting acid reflux symptoms! I’ve been on Prilosec for a month but it’s not helping, I’ve gained 4lbs since I got the implant and I have only eaten less because of acid reflux. This implant does prevent pregnancy but with all the side effects I don’t think its worth it. I’m going to get it removed this week."

Mirian · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 15, 2019

For Birth Control "Overall, I've loved this birth control. I've only had it for almost 3 months and I've only had one very light period, a little acne and hardly any weight gain. It's not for everyone but never know until you try it!"

lilia July 15, 2019

For Birth Control "I could count on one hand the number of times my boyfriend and I had sex during the first year after insertion of the implant. It left a giant bruise on my arm, and I bled and spotted heavily for over 9 months initially, and was in a constant state of emotional distress, everything made me either really emotional, or really angry. I've gained 40 pounds since, and its easy to put on more if I'm not careful. I'm currently 26 and have never been pregnant, and thought this was a good option for my busy lifestyle, but this implant has left me with absolutely no desire for sex, I'm consistently constipated and retain water. I've been on it for about two years now, and sometimes get a monthly period, or at least have PMS symptoms cramping, but no more random bleeding. The worst part of it for me is dealing with the weight gain, because it does NOT want to come off."

Ariel · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 14, 2019

For Birth Control "So I got Nexplanon birth control February 2019 after having my daughter. So far I haven’t had any bad side effects. I only so far experienced headaches and some arm pain. I heard that it is very normal especially if you sleep on it or let you baby lay on it. I’ve been at a steady weight and loosing some and not really doing anything to loose weight but doing small workouts and walking. I do feel like I get moody but not all the time. I don’t really get a period and if I do it’s only like 3-5 days and very light (which I’m thankful for) I will update you guys if anything changes but so far I do like this birth control"

Lion · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 14, 2019

For Birth Control "I had Nexplanon inserted Jan 2017 and I've only had my period once since then (July 2019 now, 23 years old). Since October 2018 I've noticed I've been struggling more with depression, anxiety, headaches, fatigue and I've gained a bunch of weight in the past few months. Never had any pregnancy scares and saved money from not needing to buy any tampons/pads, but I wouldn't recommend anyone take Nexplanon for more than 1 and 1/2 years. At first I couldn't stop raving about Nexplanon to everyone, but now I can't wait to have it out. Went through three other pills where I really struggled with depression and irregular periods, so I have no idea what I will do next."

Asmira · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 14, 2019

For Birth Control "I got nexolanon the Thursday before Thanksgiving of 2017. It didn’t hurt. I used to have bad cramps before but when I got on it my cramps stopped completely. My libido is great which is not a bad thing. But a year into it I’m on my period constantly. Weeks to months on end. Thinking of taking it out. I like it but I can’t deal with all the bleeding all the time"

Sky · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 13, 2019

For Birth Control "Original comment from 2019-06-20 "I got Nexplanon implanted about 2 months ago and so far I’m having a lot of issues with it. I have depression but am on medication to manage it and as soon as I got the bar my depression came back and I couldn’t go through a day without crying. I haven’t really ever struggled with anxiety but for some reason I’m always anxious now. All in all I’m going to give it another month and see if the side effects improve." Update today 2019-07-13 : waited another month and in that month my anxiety (that I never had before this bc) got so much worse and I constantly have panic attacks now. Like legitimate panic attacks so I FINALLY got it removed today and I couldn’t be happier. This stupid thing has given me so many more problems than it’s worth and I hope this anxiety, depression, and panic attacks go away now that I have it out! I would STRONGLY advise you to be careful or avoid this birth control all together if you have a history or depression or anxiety."

mm · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 10, 2019

"Insertion and removal was a breeze. Very little pain and bruising. The actual experience of the nexplanon was horrible! I bleed constantly and have cramps for 2 of the 3 years I had it in. It would fluctuate between spotting and heavy bleeding. Like 4 or 5 tampons in 8 hours bleeding. I was anemic and had mood swings. would not recommend personally but obviously every body will react differently to each form of BC."

Ash · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 10, 2019

For Birth Control "You really have to weigh the pros and cons with Nexplanon. I’m a forgetful person so pills aren’t the best option for me. This method is convenient because it’s very effective and you can’t forget to take it BUT I’ve had an increase in acne, been very irritable, get awful cramps and my periods are more irregular than they have ever been. Sometimes I go 2 months without a period and then randomly start and it lasts 3 weeks."

Jen · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 10, 2019

For Birth Control "On Nexplanon my periods were 12-ish day periods every few month, I got HORRIBLE ACNE all over my face, and sometimes neck and chest. Going to go get it removed to see if this is the monster attacking my face. I look like an M&M cookie:( there's no other solution. I have had it 13 months"

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 10, 2019

For Birth Control "I got the implant a little over a year ago thinking everything would be fine but NO ! Since I’ve been on this implant I haven’t been happy , I’ll get nauseous from time to time and also my sex drive with my boyfriend is at the lowest . I get upset often and don’t want to be bothered. I sometimes get lightheaded and I have a lost of appetite. I can’t lose weight no matter how often I go to the gym . This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had ."

Eliza · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 9, 2019

For Birth Control "I loved this. I still have it in and have no horrible side effects. I have no periods, no feeling of one either. I do not have hormonal changes mood wise. The only side effect I have noticed is vaginal dryness (my doctor told me it might happen) but the way it works I don’t mind it. Not having a period or hormonal changes have been the best. I definitely will keep it in."

Lib July 9, 2019

For Birth Control "I am 24 and I gave it a chance for 1 yr and 3 mo, but it was not worth it at all. It put me back into my teenage body. I had the worst acne of my life; I didn’t go a day without having 3+ cystic nodules on my face (9 mo straight). This left scarring too. The irregular bleeding included me having a constant period for a year. I had a full period every two weeks, and bleeding at 8 days in between. I didn’t know when my period was going to start, so I prepared each day as if it were going to start that day. The money I spent on period and feminine hygiene products, and skincare products skyrocketed. The mood swings were similar to what I experienced as a teenager. I don’t think any grown woman wants to relive that. I gained 10 pounds even though I had not changed my eating habits and I was exercising more. I had it removed 3 months ago. The entry and exit points both left scars on my arm."

Godschild · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 9, 2019

For Birth Control "Only reason I gave this birth control 3 stars is because it really does prevent pregnancy. However it's not worth the possible side effects although everyone is different my symptoms have been anxiety, intense horrible mood swings, NO sex drive at all, constant vaginal issues, dryness, decrease in vaginal sensitivity, constantly irritated yelling at my kids and annoyed for no reason. No patience whatsoever, vision changes, water retention and weight gain in upper body! Can't wait to get it taken out in a few days never again!"

Gia · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 9, 2019

For Birth Control "I got my nexplanon inserted almost 2 years ago. The first year was mostly ok. But I would bleed for whole month and more. Lately it got worse I bleed a lot that I don't have energy to do anything, always feel tired and dizzy.. I can't get any sleep. I sleep like 3-4 hours a day even taking double the amount of melatonin that I should, so every day I'm useless and just lay in bed.. Also broke me out really bad. I would recommend taking the traditional pills. This does more harm than good."

Pepper13 July 8, 2019

For Birth Control "I was always 1 of those unlucky people who had terrible periods, incredibly painful (I often couldn’t work), super heavy – a super plus tampon would last an hour. I tried everything - combined pill, progesterone only pill, the mirena coil TWICE - all gave me awful side effects – emotional distress, IBS, loss of libido, headaches, weight gain. Nexplanon was my last option & amazingly, IT WORKED. Painless insertion, I haven’t had a period since – just some spotting, my emotions are more stable than ever - I used to have a lot of anxiety that meant I couldn’t eat & this has made me a lot calmer so I have gained some weight. My sex drive wasn’t affected. I have a slightly slower digestion & I do think this is related as contraception has always, oddly, affected my digestion. But otherwise it’s been a godsend & I am SO SO thankful that I have found something & that my GP was so kind & helpful for so long with me through this process."

Kiki · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 7, 2019

For Birth Control "Awful! It is not worth the side effects at all. Should not even be on the market. Please avoid unless you want a never-ending period."

LH · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 7, 2019

For Birth Control "Went on nexplanon to get rid of abnormal cysts. I don’t know what’s worse, the severe pain from the cysts or the mental pain I’m in from the nexplanon. I have been on my period for 3 months straight (for the 2nd time). My mood snaps out of nowhere. I’ve gained weight. My sex drive has gone to 0 and there is nothing I can do to fix it. My cysts are gone so I can’t wait to get this out of my arm."

Missy · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 6, 2019

For Birth Control "I felt the need to share my story with other women looking for a birth control. Please do your research and read the reviews before getting on ANY birth control. Nexplanon has A LOT of side effects. When you get on a birth control you know that there will be some side effects but if it affects your mental health then you need to re-evaluate your options. I had it for two and a half years, and It was very effective as far as keeping me from being pregnant but I only had my period once, that was when I first got it inserted. In addition I was having a lot of migraines, weight gain, depression, mood swings, low sex drive, nausea. I got it removed and I must say that I am in such a better mood now. I still barely have a period and it has been 3 months, but My physician said it takes about 6 months for your hormones to get back to normal after removal. I am so thankful that I don’t have it anymore because I am at peace with myself and my family."

· Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 4, 2019

For Birth Control "I was put on Nexplanon directly after having my son in August 2018. I got my period about a month later, and it lasted 6 weeks. I was off my period for 3 weeks and got another 6 week long one. Then another 3 week break, and a 5 week period. My doctor said that was kind of normal and it should level out after 3 months or so... and it sort of did. Now it's July and I have extremely heavy 1 week periods with almost unbearable cramps. My periods used to be very regular and tolerable but the cramps have caused me paralyzing pain since I got the implant. I haven't had acne and just a bit of weight gain that I can't certainly contribute to the BC anyway. These crazy periods are enough that I'm considering taking it out."

Eve · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 4, 2019

For Birth Control "I’ve had the nexplanon implant for nearly 1 year and 2 months and in that time I’ve been lucky enough to be off my period overall for 1 Month, I’m constantly agitated and low in mood, I used to be able to do so much and now I have constant cramping my belly gets so bloated my mood is all over the place I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone."