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User Reviews for Leuprolide

Also known as: Lupron, Eligard, Lupron Depot, Lupron Depot-PED, Lupron Depot-Gyn, Viadur

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Female Infertility
1 review 23 medications
Uterine Fibroids
49 reviews 2 medications
Precocious Puberty
22 reviews 16 medications
Prostate Cancer
57 reviews 51 medications
130 reviews 103 medications
Breast Cancer, Adjuvant
1 review 23 medications
Summary of Leuprolide reviews 6.0 260 reviews

Reviews for Leuprolide

Lupron Poison July 21, 2019

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Prostate Cancer: "Brain fog, hot flashes, bone chills and memory loss. Drug is poison."

JLAM · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 3, 2019

Lupron Depot-PED (leuprolide) for Precocious Puberty: "My daughter was diagnosed with precocious puberty at the age of 2, however she was born with enlarged breast buds, so she was probably born with it, however it wasn't diagnosed until she was 2. She did Lupron injections every 28 days until the age of 9. Once she turned 9 one injection a month was not enough so she had the Suprellin LA implant for 2 years until she was 11. Blood tests and xrays always came back fine while on treatment. She did have a couple years where she was a bit overweight but that all went away. My daughter is now 18 and is suffering from joint pain, muscle weakness, lack of strength, moodiness, hand and wrist swelling, tiredness, numbness, tingling, painful periods, etc. The more I read the more I think Lupron is the cause of her problems now. If I would have known then what I know now, I don't think we would have proceeded with the Lupron injections."

Tom 627 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 25, 2019

Eligard (leuprolide) for Prostate Cancer: "Been on Eligard for two months and it has taken all the joy out of life. There will be no second injection. My life expectancy is better with cancer than with Eligard and I'm fighting such dark thoughts almost everyday, afraid I'm going to hurt someone, the mood swings are unpredictable and scary. Sex is becoming near impossable all the time."

Jean · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 24, 2019

Eligard (leuprolide) for Prostate Cancer: "Been taking Eligard for 5 X every 3 months, just over a year. Prostate out 10 years ago. Radiation 45x about 6 years ago. Eligard effective at reducing PSA. Occasional hot flashes. Tire easily. Often light headed. Little tolerance for BS. More headaches. Breast enlargement. Thinking about stopping use."

Lynne · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 12, 2019

Lupron (leuprolide) for : "The only thing I regret in my life is taking Lupron for Endometriosis. This is a very dangerous and life changing drug. Led my organs to shut down, infertile and had a total hysterectomy at 34."

Stretch marks · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 20, 2019

Lupron Depot-PED (leuprolide) for Precocious Puberty: "My daughter started her treatment while still in elementary due to early development and strong under arm odors. The treatment went well through the whole treatment with regular blood testing and all. It wasn’t until she was done with the whole treatment did she start getting all these stretch marks. First under get buttocks and now at age 17 and at 5’6 she has the stretch marks going all the way down her legs. Even her pediatrician was saying that wasn’t normal but yet the dermalogist we’ve seen ant tell us anything. To date we’ve seen 3 and she also had a biopsy done and the results came back negative. The stretch marks are really bad looking all over her lower body and I don’t know what to do. Thank god my daughter doesn’t let that stop her from wearing shorts or bathing suits."

Lupron Depot: not that bad · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 19, 2019

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Uterine Fibroids: "I wanted to write a review for other women who are thinking about getting this injection. I read a lot of horror stories online so I was pretty nervous. I got the 3 month injection to try and shrink my large fibroids. Upshot is, it wasn't that bad but my fibroids didn't shrink; however, it stopped my periods. Preventing the excessive bleeding is good for health prior to hysterectomy. But it's expensive and insurance will make you jump through bureaucratic hoops to get it. After getting the shot, I felt kind of weird. Then I had one last awful period blowout a few days later. Since then, no periods. Menopause symptoms included hot flashes, brain fog, mild acne, some moodiness and irritability. However I think a lot of this can be worked around with good nutrition, exercise, breathable clothing, meditation."

Tired of this · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 17, 2019

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: "This made my pain much worse. It is the worst experience I've ever had with a medication! The side effects are much worse than the endo pain! This medicine shouldn't be given to women for endo! I have been in the worse pain and depression that I've ever had in my entire life thanks to this medication"

Kelisa · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 11, 2019

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Uterine Fibroids: "I got the LUPRON 3 month shot in January. I’ve had so far now the hot flashes and some abdomen pain and depression and now these headaches I keep getting. The bleedings stopped which that’s the good part. But the headaches gots to go. I don’t like to have to keep taking medication. Those are my only issues."

sevenstarr February 8, 2019

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Prostate Cancer: "My father has prostate cancer and he was given the Lupron shot. Everything was going fine for my dad until 2 weeks after the shot. He started having side effects from the shot. Now before I go any further let me just say if anyone has PTSD do not take this drug. My father started seeing things that were not there, hearing things that no else could hear, and smelling things that no one else could smell. Now not everyone will have the same side effects, but if you have PTSD it will kick it into gear.This might be the right treatment for you, it is not for my dad. Again if you struggle with PTSD this may not be the treatment for you. I hope this was helpful in some way. "

Joya · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 7, 2019

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Uterine Fibroids: "I believe having this injection and educating yourself on the side effects goes hand in hand. I knew it could cause depletion of bones, I doubled up on calcium. I knew it would throw me into menopause, I immediately and consistently took black cohash. I had a hemoglobin of 6.5. It stopped my heavy periods which allowed it to rise to 12 in order to not have to have a transfusion during or after my hysterectomy. Educate yourself and prepare your body for the injection. The injection can not do all of the work, nor should you expect to."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month December 11, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: "I received my first shot almost 2 weeks ago. I am on the 3 month dosage. Absolutely no side effects the first couple days, but pelvic/abdominal pain began day 3. My period came as normal on day 12 of getting the shot. I was really hoping to not have any at all. I will gladly deal with the more common side effects if my pain and period will go away! Only a few bouts of nausea and moments where I’ll feel so sad. I’m 39, no kids, and have been suffering with debilitating, life altering pain since 12! I’m praying this helps!"

lupron_user · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 7, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Uterine Fibroids: "I had very heavy periods. My doctor offered lupron shot. I decided to go with 2 lupron shots hopping it would shrink my fibroid. Instead, my fibroid grew bigger. It caused me horrible headaches with strongest pain killers not helping. After each shot my period would not stop for a month (at least it was not heavy). Hot flushes were horrible. Good night sleep was gone. I would wake up multiple times a night all drenched in sweat. After effect of lupron wore out and my period re-started it was as heavy as before. The only benefit I got was not having a period for few months (with some bleeding in between), but at a very high price (side effects and actual price). I think as heavy as my period was it was better to have my period for few days a month, than having frequent very bad headaches and constant hot flashes. I would not recommend it based on my experience. I would not have it done if I would have to decide today."

Teresa · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 5, 2018

Lupron Depot-Gyn (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: "My endometriosis pain did go away with the Lupron! However I had major side effects! Swollen eyelids, nausea, exhaustion, joint pain, headaches, and my last symptom was hip bursitis which I then stopped Lupron! 3 months later my endometriosis pain is back and now have hip bursitis in both hips! Climbing upstairs is agony for me! Between my knee pain and hip bursitis my legs feel like they are going to give out completely! I’m praying this isn’t permanent for me!"

Lala November 5, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: "I will say I virtually have no periods and have had maybe 3 endo pain days that don’t come close to what the pain used to be. NOW the side effects are horrid! BUT I’ll take the side effects over the pain in periods. My bones ache not unbearable but uncomfortable. The night sweats bad but bearable. I’m tired lots but I can function with some caffeinated tea & b12 for energy. Mood swings and little depression/anxiety. It’s not intense depression for me like nothing that makes me want to harm myself it’s just more of a dark cloud following you around. So if you have mental “instability” before taking the drugs make sure you talk to your doctor. I did not lose hair and my hair did NOT thin/fall out. I did not gain weight. The side effects still make the medicine worth taking because I have no pain or real periods. I get the shot every 3 months (I’m on 9 months) and take a pill that comes in the shot package. The pill is taken daily, shot is every 3 months for me. Goodluck!"

Lindz · Taken for less than 1 month September 30, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: "I’m a 24-year-old female who’s suffered from terrible endometriosis pain; my periods left me crumpled up on the ground, moaning in pain, to the point that I seriously wished I were dead. I am not exaggerating in the slightest. Sometimes I’d get really dizzy and hear an intense buzzing in my ears, right before I almost passed out. The pain was unbearable; I often had to miss school and work because of my period. I recently underwent surgery and was recommended Lupron. I read horrible reviews about it for weeks leading up to my doctor appointment and was terrified to try it, but so far I haven’t had any problems other than hot flashes (and that’s MUCH preferable to the agonizing pain I used to be in). Of course, it’s only been a few months since I got the injection, so we’ll see...but so far it’s been great! Don’t let the reviews scare you; if you’re in good health like I am, you probably won’t experience serious complications or side effects. Hope this helps!"

Melissa September 27, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: " I had severe cervical dysplasia requiring a portion of my cervix be removed, chronic pain, PCOS, and was diagnosed with severe endometriosis following laproscopic removal of many adhesions from my uterus and scarring of my ovaries. My OB recommended I do six to nine months of Depot lupron after my laproscopy to keep the Endo at bay and help reduce scarring. I started out with the one month shot and felt okay, a little achey and some hot flashes. I went back to got the three month shot. I was miserable but my OB really pushed me to keep going with it. I am on my second three month shot and I am not me anymore. I am moody, extremely depressed, my bones hurt, I've gained 20lbs, I'm fatigued, anxious, have insomnia, headaches, and have had horrible gastrointestinal symptoms. It is ruining my marriage. My work performance has suffered. I am foggy and forgetful. Everything is an effort. I will not be getting the last shot and hope this hasn't caused irreversible damage!!!"

red · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 17, 2018

Lupron Depot-PED (leuprolide) for Precocious Puberty: "One of the worst things to ever happen to me. I wish children weren't subjected to this. I had so many painful side effects after treatment. There was a point during my treatment where it was too painful to sit down or even walk. The injection site became a mass and swelled up to the size of a golf ball , was purple and green and would bleed and release pus for weeks. I don't recommend this treatment to anyone."

Hol · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 16, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Uterine Fibroids: "This shot did not shrink my fibroids uterus before my operation. As a matter fact they grew. It’s going on four months since I’ve had the shot, already had my operation. Do still have my ovaries. I’m still getting hot flashes. I have a headache every day of different levels. The nausea almost went away. Hot flashes are worse at night so I’m losing a lot of sleep. The last three weeks my legs are aching every day when I get up. I have no desire to have sex. This is definitely miserable. My doctor said the effects of the lupron would be gone in three months but they’re still here. I don’t recommend the shot for anybody for any reason."

Dave · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 3, 2018

Eligard (leuprolide) for Prostate Cancer: "I was prescribed Eligard by an oncologist due to a suspicion of prostate cancer. I was told my PSA of 80 was almost a certain indication of prostate cancer. Seven months ago, in February I was given a three month injection.. Within an hour I was nauseated. I vomited for three hours. After that the effects of Eligard began to take effect. Hot flashes going from sweating to cold within minutes loss of libido for myself, no sexual satisfaction for my wife. Chest constriction Reduced ability to handle stress Disrupted sleep due to fluctuating temperature. Final comment: I conclude that no man would ever prescribe Eligard to another man if he had taken it himself. It is not a cure for prostate cancer, and it affected my life so negatively, I would never take it again, even if I knew I had cancer, which I don’t. I am writing to the Chief Medical Officer of my province that this drug is a poor choice for any purpose."

Me2 August 31, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: "Took the 3 month lupron depot shot just one time. It's now 3 months since I had the shot, my reasons for taking this poison is due to extreme PMDD condition, which I also have endo, but the PMDD outweighs! So all my symptoms since the very 1st week of the injection have been severe hot flashes, night sweats, more fatigue-whole body aches. Just in the last month my hair has been falling out! Very dry, thin now- I'm extremely moodier than before, This was the worst thing I've done & I'm super mad at all these doctors who really have no clue what they're doing to people. We are all their guinea pigs. I went 4 days ago to the doctor & he put me on premaire ( hormone replacement). I'm waiting in misery to see if this added med helps. So far- the new med has had me in tears everyday for no reason, a massive migraine and overall loosing my mind! Never ever take lupron! Just do an internet search on lupron victims."

lupron hater · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 25, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Prostate Cancer: "I had prostrate cancer 10 yrs ago so they say. 43 treatments of radiation and the PSA is gone. Now 67 years old and my PSA went up to 8.5 10 years later and my doctor wants to do the lupron shot. First one 2 years a big one 45 mg. It almost killed me - I had never been so sick. Now 2 and half years later my PSA was 13 so I told the doc I would try a smaller dose so I did 7.5 a year ago and another 7.5 last week my PSA is 3.2 but still said I should take it. Let me tell you men I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER LUPRON SHOT AS LONG AS I LIVE. The side effects you read about are true, blood pressure problems diabetes. I'm never having lupron shot ever again."

alpal · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 21, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Uterine Fibroids: "I am 28 with a 21cm x 13cm uterine fibroid. I was told me surgery would be risky and would leave me with a scar from under my chest to my pelvic area, since I am only 28 and would like to have children of my own they decided to put me on Lupron for 6 months to shrink the fibroid by hopefully 50% and have a much smaller and less risky surgery. Went on the shot in June, with the first month being the hardest, with headaches, night sweats, hot flashes and my first period being very heavy and lots of clots. But I am on my 2 shot month 2.5 months in and I can say most of those symptoms went away, I only get hot flashes which are definitely bearable."

stressed out wife August 18, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Prostate Cancer: "My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 4 in 2014. His prostate was removed and later started on Lupron depot every 3 months. His PSA went down to almost nil. Over the next four years he has been on Lupron according to his PSA levels. Though Lupron does keep his PSA levels down, his mood swings/anger and his irrational thinking has stressed our relationship. He is mean with comments to me and his actions. He needs Lupron to live but it has killed our relationship. The Oncologist who gave him his first Lupron injection, did tell us, that one of the side effects of Lupron was that it could increase moods and anger. I am stressing to you, wives, that Lupron is one ugly drug. It makes people who are receiving Lupron depots very miserable people and their partners/spouses very stressed out, scared at times, lonely and sad for what is happening in their relationship. Lupron gives the patient, quantity of life but not quality of life!"

eab123 · Taken for less than 1 month August 11, 2018

Lupron Depot (leuprolide) for Endometriosis: "Only a few weeks in and I already hate this. I’m 19 and was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. My doctor said the Lupron shot is my only option in regards for treatment, before a hysterectomy. I’ve been on birth control for 5 years prior for intense pain but it didn’t help at all. 2 weeks in, my bones hurt, I’m constantly hot and nauseous. Depression I feel is on its way. I can’t stop crying and I feel very sad about life. Which is unlike me, I’m a very positive person. My pain is also more intense than before. I feel very helpless because I don’t want to have a hysterectomy at 19 but I hate this medication already. I don’t know what else to do"