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Casodex User Reviews & Ratings

Casodex has an average rating of 7.8 out of 10 from a total of 7 reviews on 83% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 17% reported a negative experience.

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Prostate Cancer  
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  • Horler
  • July 29, 2009

For Prostate Cancer "My PSA had reached 39.7 and I underwent surgical castration on March 19, 2009, in Delhi, India, where I was on holiday. I returned to the UK on March 23. My consultant prescribed Casodex 50mg once per day for my remaining lifetime. I am 79 years old and tolerated the surgery well. On May 13, my PSA level had dropped to 0.6, and on July 13, my PSA result was so low that it was non-recordable. I have suffered a recent bout of pneumonia, and I have frequent hot flashes, but otherwise I feel much better than I did before surgery and the Casodex seems to be doing its job. I take no other medicine than the Casodex."

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  • WWII...
  • Taken for less than 1 month
  • July 24, 2014

For Prostate Cancer "Just diagnosed with metastasized prostate cancer. Have been on Casodex for 11 days today (will be on it for 30 days). The only side effect (at least so far) was fatigue for the first 5 days, nothing now. My urinary symptoms (delayed start, dribbling, weak stream, urgency & frequency) have all improved dramatically over these 11 days. Received my first shot of Lupron today (7.5mg) and am hoping for the best. That will be my next medicine review in about two weeks."

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  • Mr Ed
  • Taken for 6 months to 1 year
  • November 20, 2017

For Prostate Cancer "I had a prostatectomy, removal in 2012. My PSA, started spiking up 2015. I was put on Casodex, and my PSA has gone undetectable till now. My doctors says I can't stay on it forever, and if it spikes up again, I would need radiation. I don't understand why, especially if its the first drug I've used, and it seems to be working fine with slight side effects. Any advise ?"

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  • NickB
  • February 3, 2010

For Prostate Cancer "My father was given this after a PSA climb following chemo treatment. Chemo shrank swollen lymph nodes and PSA drops to around 2 but climbed 1 point after Chemo. Taking this medication has made no difference as his PSA. The doctor is switching him to Firmagon as he says it shows aggressive PSA reduction in studies."

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  • Planor
  • January 8, 2012

For Prostate Cancer "I have taken Casodex for years and PSA stays around 3.7. No operation. Side effect is enlarged breasts. Now 79 years old and swimming a mile a day. Feel strong and doing well."

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  • Anonymous
  • May 16, 2009

For Prostate Cancer "After 8 years on Zoladex, I became resistant to it, and my PSA started to increase. Casodex has brought it back down. I did have major prostate removal surgery."

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  • Anonymous
  • March 3, 2010

For Prostate Cancer "Had to take Casodex as part of treatment for prostate cancer. Seems to have worked with only minor side effects."

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