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User Reviews for Topamax

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
5 reviews 41 medications
2 reviews 51 medications
1 review 54 medications
Tourette's Syndrome
6 reviews 7 medications
10 reviews 7 medications
46 reviews 63 medications
Trigeminal Neuralgia
8 reviews 9 medications
22 reviews 20 medications
Seizure Prevention
39 reviews 33 medications
Migraine Prevention
325 reviews 32 medications
2 reviews 9 medications
Smoking Cessation
2 reviews 18 medications
Summary of Topamax reviews 6.4 468 reviews

Reviews for Topamax

Panda · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 15, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "I took Topamax because I was getting migraines nearly every day and other treatments failed. I was not informed of any serious side effects. I had never had a panic attack before, but I was getting them frequently on Topamax. They were so intense I did not know what to do. I did not feel like myself at all, I felt like a different person or empty shell of myself. I went to my primary care (neurologist prescribed) and she said she was treating several other patients for similar severe panic attacks from Topamax. The drug stays in your system so long, it was an awful feeling. I was just relieved to know it was the medicine and I wasn’t totally losing it. I have never tried migraine prevention medications since (this was 13 years ago) because it was such an awful experience."

Compulsive eater · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 4, 2019

For Obesity "I was put on 25mg of this drug by my psychiatrist to control my appetite, but felt, well, just "off"." I told my psychiatrist that I wll stop taking it because I didn't like the way it made me feel and never took it again."

The supermodel drug · Taken for 10 years or more May 20, 2019

For Epilepsy "IT MADE ME SKINNY AND DUMB BUT WORKED TOO I have been taking Topamax for about 13 years now for my Epilepsy. It took a long time for it to work completely (near) but has helped my migraines a lot too. The side effects are horrible. I dropped to 7 stone very quickly and it took a long time for my weight to stabilise. The pins and needles in my feet come and go but can be bad at night still. But the worst is the memory. Words fail me. I can’t do simple maths in my head anymore. I don’t remember people’s names. Just terrible sometimes. If it was only migraines, I’d survive with sumatriptan. I need it for my epilepsy though. It’s good but terrible."

Liz · Taken for less than 1 month May 2, 2019

For Obesity "Two weeks ago my Dr. Prescribed topamax to help aid my weight loss and help me reach my goals. All was well until last Friday every food and drink except for water and Gatorade made me nauseous and sometimes vomit. Constant constipation or raging diarrhea. None of the foods or drinks had much taste. No appetite but growling stomach . My feet were constantly tingling. I started getting dizzy and blacking out. Horrible breast pain and just felt horrible. It was the lowest dose prescribed so I stopped it last night and have an appointment tomorrow morning. The more I researched the drug it's horrible for your body eyes, digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system to name a few. Just not worth it!"

Piggy · Taken for less than 1 month April 28, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "I was prescribed Topamax for migraines. At first it was amazing, my migraines stopped. But as my dose increased, I began having loss of memory, confusion, and severe panic attacks. These problems persisted for a whole year after stopping the drug. One plus—I have not had a migraine since. This drug changes your brain chemistry. Be really careful."

Anxiety and Tourette’s April 17, 2019

For Tourette's Syndrome "I had to stop Topamax, but I took this med for anxiety, Tourette’s and abuse of alcohol. It was a great. Stopped alcohol and Tourette’s disappeared. I also had no anxiety. However, I started to get hematurias (blood in my urine) and kidney stones from the drug and I had to stop taking it."

Super~Dave · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 9, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "I took Topamax for about 8 to 10 years at maximum dosage for migraine prevention. (Don't recall actual dosage but I think is was like 400mg daily) I went from over 300 migraine days a year, down to less than 12 migraine days a year. That's a solid rating of 10 for relief. But, the side effects are really bad while on such high doses. 1) Memory loss was terrible and it does not come back. 2) Kidney stones are another side effect. Turned me kidneys into bean bags, every 6 month scan added 4 to 6 more stones. Finally had to give it up! Now, after being off of Topamax for 3 to 4 years, the migraines are back with a vengeance. P.S. Going to the generic (Topiramate) gave me identical results."

Marina · Taken for less than 1 month April 6, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "Topamax was a dreadful choice for me for my migraine prevention. Topamax did nothing to improve my chronic migraines, and made life even more difficult than it was by making me fuzzy minded. I couldn’t concentrate, carry on a conversation, finish a task without having to stop and think about what I’m doing and why, I was too woozy to drive- I even felt wobbly while walking. I couldn’t function at all. The worst of it was this: I’m normally right handed. While I was on topamax I started using my left hand as the dominant hand, and knocking things over, dropping things, and generally getting frustrated by my lack of coordination. This troubling symptom lasted the longest after stopping my use of topamax. I understand that some find this drug helpful, but it was a nightmare and a danger for me."

Guillermo61 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 13, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "I was prescribed 100mg topamax for mood and migraines. I was surprised it has prevented most of my migraines and helped my mood somewhat. I was having severe cluster headaches every morning for nearly 2 years waking up at 6 or 5am with excruciating pain, it was awful. Never knew what caused them , the topamax stopped them immediately, I could not believe it. I am so happy and relieved. So this has been a good drug for me."

amanita · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 13, 2019

"Id been on xanax for years,1 mg at bedtimeNew shrink comes into where my G.P. is.She says I have to get off of xanax "You are an addict!!!"..So,I cold turkeyed off xanax and he prescribed Topomax. To help me sleep.Yeah..thats what I said!. After a month of taking it ,my body just dried up! My eyes and mouth were always parched,and my skin got reeeeealy ,babypowder smooth..Plus! Id lost 6 lbs!! I was so dehydrated,that I have permanent scarring in both of my eyes! I am looking for a lawsuit,as when I told this doc what was happening? She said "Oh really? Well lets double the dose and take it for another month and see what it does!""" I think she was crazy,and I walked out..My eyes are NOT getting better...Its been a year,and no change.Pay attention to your body,closely when starting this drug.I wish I had!"

Ash March 11, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "I have been having headaches about 20-27 days out of a month and lived on Tylenol and Motrin. Reaching 5000 mg a day on Tylenol which I knew was terrible for my liver but that was the only bit of relief that I got and that still didn’t help. Not to mention I was taking 3-4 Benadryl OR 4 melatonin a night to sleep and would only get 3 hours of sleep. After seeing a neurologist he put me in topomax twice daily and I have only had a small dull pain twice where each time I only took one Tylenol each time and they helped within 30 minutes. I recommend someone trying this prescription for migraines after talking to their doctors."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month March 4, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "I started on Topamax after getting aura migraines every 3 weeks. Seemed to immediately see results but online comments worried me so I stopped Topamax after 2 weeks. Immediate migraine followed which has lasted a week so far. Will try going back on and stick to it for a month and re-evalutate. I seemed to have fogginess but will stick with it this time and see what happens."

lovesdogs · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 3, 2019

For Bulimia "I am a 47 yr old LICSW crises clinician and have bulimic since 15, with periods of restricting and over exercise and overeating. I went to therapy and 12 step program anorexics and bulimics anonymous (longest sober time out of 12 years in program was 5 months). After topomax things changed and I realized my obsession with food, purging and running 10-15 miles everyday was in my brain-not in a a higher power. Topomax is truly amazing and I can't believe no one told me about this until I was almost 46 yrs old. I lived with eating disorder for 45 years of my life. My memory is different. I have to live with it. People with medical issues have to deal with lots of medications side effects. I will take it."

Ruthless · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 15, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "Stopped migraines & lost 15 lbs. in 2 months on Topiramate 25mg. Other than some minor stomach issues I would highly recommend!"

Sufferer February 5, 2019

For Migraine Prevention "It made me feel woozy and then gave me the gnarliest Migraine. Horrible! Don’t take it!"

Deejay · Taken for less than 1 month January 31, 2019

For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy "I was just put on Topamax 25mg BID. Took my first dose 6 hours ago and my neuropathy feels better already!!! Should I just stay on 25 mg? What time of day should I take it?"

reviewer · Taken for less than 1 month January 2, 2019

For Obesity "Please do not take this medication! it's not worth it! I had put on some weight and doc wanted me to take this to curb appetite. It has caused me to become angry, severely depressed, having crying spells, overly sensitive for no reason, tingling in legs and hands, eye issues, and foggy head. It's been only 3 weeks and I am now tapering off cause I have been snapping on everyone. I was only on 50mg and even tapering to 35mg didn't lesson the side effects."

Mel · Taken for less than 1 month January 1, 2019

"I was put on 50mg a day of topamax for chronic vomiting. I only took it for 3 weeks before I quit because I could not deal with the side effects. The numbness and pain in my hands and feet were unbearable. I could not even wash my own hair. The numbness in my lips and tongue. I was not sleeping more than an hour or two a night. I was unable to pronounce 3 syllable words while reading even though I knew what they were. My speech definitely slowed down. Just by stopping my speech has improved already. I could not imagine taking this drug for a longer period of time. I don’t see how this is approved by the FDA with all the side effects people have. 4 days after I stopped taking it I still do not have feeling back in hands and feet and still is painful. This drug needs to be off the market!"

watchfulmom · Taken for less than 1 month December 7, 2018

"I was on this for obsessive thoughts. It was so Awful awful awful!!! Never again on this drug. Devastating! Horrible behavior."

misinformed · Taken for less than 1 month November 29, 2018

For Obesity "My Dr. has just prescribed me Topamax for weight loss. I'm the biggest I've ever been at 223lb. I have always had the tendency to be heavy as I have fought my weight my entire life but now it's becoming threatening to my health. My doctor said the "foggy" head side effects and kidney stones etc are so rare that it's worth trying. He said that the tingling of hands and feet are the most common side effect and they tend to subside. Is this true? Reading some of these reviews has me scared now but my dr seems like it should be fine. I'm confused. HELP"

Emi93 · Taken for less than 1 month October 12, 2018

For Migraine Prevention "After trying everything and failing to get my migraines under control, I was at rock bottom. My doctor suggested Topiramate and it has changed my life. I can go out and live a normal life, and not worry what will happen if I get a migraine or how quickly I can get home. My migraines have completely stopped since I have upped the dose from 25mg to 50mg I get some tingling in my legs but I can cope with that if it means no migraines for ever. It’s a miracle drug"

Happy October 3, 2018

For Migraine Prevention "I have had migraines for 31 years that were easily controlled by Sumatriptan a few times a month and 25mg of Amitriptyline daily. While now going through perimenopause my migraines became more severe and harder to control. I was taking many milligrams of OTC pain relievers, tried all natural remedies, my life started being controlled by when I was going to get a migraine. My Neurologist prescribed Topiramate Sprinkle Capsules, started 15mg every three days until target dose reached. The first few weeks I was very tired and I did feel foggy, at 45mg I stopped having migraines and I have stayed at that dose for the last four months. Yes, I still do feel a little foggy at times, and I have to take it at night because it makes me very tired, but it really has been a miracle drug for me, and I'm glad I didn't have to take the full 100mg for the drug to work. I did have two headaches while on topamax, but both were relieved by Ibuprofen."

ac · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 1, 2018

For Migraine Prevention "This medicine made me so slow and also made my grades drop tremendously especially in math subjects"

Elle · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 18, 2018

For Obesity "3 months ago I was 259lbs and now I am 219lbs now. I take topamax daily, and phentermine 1-2 days a week sometimes, and it’s helped not only my mood but my obsessive thoughts about eating and food. I don’t sit and think about it all day long. I also had an energy drink addiction and broke it because all carbonated drinks taste flat! All soda tastes awful!! I do get bad headaches if I miss a dose. Don’t miss your pills. I used to get bad headaches weekly but not since taking this medication- they don’t come around anymore. I’m topped off at 50/twice a day but I’d happily take 100/twice a day. I do get brain farts but after 3 months it’s not as bad."

ChronicallyChill · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 25, 2018

For Obesity "I gained a lot of weight from depression medications. They put me on Topamax to fix that. I’ve been on it for several weeks. Twice a day, 25 mg. Now the first day I immediately noticed an appetite change. I haven’t craved food all day, every day. Haven’t craved as much junk or sweets. And I have dropped a little weight. So it definitely works wonders. I am definitely struggling with the side effects so I think I am going to ween off it. As much as I’d love to continue to eat regular amounts and lose weight. The side effects are too much. Before I started this I had tingles in my hands and feet. But this intensified a LOT. I’m also having a lot of head pressure. Tiredness. And I feel functionally slow. I feel like I can’t think, can’t remember anything, can’t do simple tasks. Hopefully there is another medicine that can have the same effect for weight loss & appetite without these severe side effects."


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