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User Reviews for Klonopin

Klonopin has an average rating of 8.4 out of 10 from a total of 265 ratings on 83% of those users who reviewed Klonopin reported a positive effect, while 9% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Panic Disorder  
239 reviews 19 medications
Seizure Prevention  
25 reviews 28 medications
1 reviews 54 medications
Summary of Klonopin reviews 8.4 265 reviews

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Reviews for Klonopin

Dru2011 · Taken for less than 1 month April 15, 2021

For Panic Disorder: “This is the best medicine for anxiety by far. My psychiatrist put me on this drug yesterday and thirty minutes after taking it I was so calm, I was shocked. I have tried everything that was not in the benzodiazepine family and nothing worked. My Doctor suggested I go on and I am thrilled. I haven't felt this good in a long time (calm). I am on .5 x 2 a day I am happy and it feels so good. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression. I also take Latuda 40mg for now. I will let you know if anything changes.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 25, 2021

For Seizure Prevention: “At 12 years old I was diagnosed with epilepsy after grand mal seizures. It took years of being on numerous epilepsy medications throughout the years. I am 47 years old and finally a different neurologist got the right combination of 2 medications that has changed my life in a very positive way. I take Lamictal twice a day (each 200 milligram tablets) The Lamictal alone wasn’t enough for my epileptic condition. My neurologist added the Klonopin 3 times a day 1 milligram tablets) and bingo this is what has kept me seizure free. I wish I never had to take Klonopin as it makes me so tired but I will deal with that verses having a grand mal seizure. It boggles my mind that this is considered a controlled substance as I think who the heck would want this? Who the heck would want to feel tired? Who would actually enjoy taking this if they didn’t have to? Unbelievable. Not fun at all by any means. My neurologist adding the Klonopin with Lamictal nailed down my epilepsy condition.”

10 / 10
Jay · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 5, 2021

For Panic Disorder: “Klonopin is great for panic, sleep problems & anxiety. Also the worst thing to happen to me since trying to come off of it. I was never suicidal in my life, now I entertain the idea nearly everyday because of what it does to you once you stop taking it. It’s an absolute nightmare - something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, ever.”

2 / 10

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Soldier August 26, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Having been through two combat tours in the Army, psychologically I was not in great shape every vet is different, for me I was basically crippled by GAD and sometimes over 15 panic attacks a day, one rolling over into another. SSRIs (and I tried them all) helped but not enough to get me on an even keel so as to function in the world. I was 24 when my psychiatrist put me on Klonopin. 9 years later I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful son, and a career that brings me great pride. NONE of this would have been possible without the help I received from taking Klonopin. There’s a lot of bias against benzos and it is very true that they can be abused. But for people that truly need them, it’s a disservice to this potential life saver. It helped me take my life back. I’m grateful to have Klonopin in my tool box even to this day. Seize the day people, go out there and get busy living. If Klonopin or another benzo can help, then just do it. Life is too short.”

10 / 10
Chris June 11, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Just because your particular biochemistry had a bad reaction, does not mean a certain drug is bad for everyone. Benzos get a bad rep because of their dependency nature. I will tell you that I have suffered with anxiety, OCD for many years. I have tried other medicines. They have bad side effects. I have tried natural alternatives, although they do work a little bit - it's only a little bit. The upside is they rarely have any side effects. So if you can have a natural supplement work for you, go that route. However I will say that I am someone that does not like to take pharm medicine and if I have the need for Klonopin, I only try to take it every few days or so. But I will tell you, when I do take it, it's absolutely the only thing that has worked. It does not make me feel weird, groggy or zombie-like. It makes me feel back to my normal, natural me, calm content and just overall good! People that advocate against Klonopin are doing a disservice to people that the drug is helpful for.”

9 / 10
Chris September 5, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “I work in Health care and obviously the last six months have been very stressful with COVID. I've had crazy body symptoms and crazy thoughts running through my mind. Klonopin has been a huge help in allowing me to work and remain centered and calm. In fact, I'm probably wondering if I should have been on this medicine for the last 30 years. Give it time and the fatigue will go away and the clear, calm mind will come. That's how it worked for me.”

10 / 10
Yogi19 · Taken for 10 years or more June 9, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Ok here goes Klonopin is by far the best drug for anxiety period for me. Everyone is different of course and I have never felt the need to take more then necessary in fact I always try and take less. SSRIs did nothing for me in fact they made me more anxious. Any drug if taken too much or abused can cause you serious issues, also keep who your reviewers are me included, most people who have a bad experience will review, good experiences don't even think about doing a review. I think the ratings would be closer to 9.5 if everyone took the time to write a review that was a positive one. As we all know people are more likely to comment when they have negative outcomes and that’s understandable. People who take this medication also tend to have anxiety, panic, GAD like myself and can be very in touch with every perceived symptom within their body. In my opinion way more then the average Joe walking down the street. In other words take these reviews for what they are worth. A single persons opinion and often a person that is suffering to find anything that will make them feel better.”

10 / 10

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AT October 14, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “I am a nurse and was so anti- psych based medication until COVID hit. I lost my job due to not being able to work an odd shift. I started having panic, anxiety, and paranoia. I have a huge phobia with medication that it will cause every side effect. I finally was brave enough to try 0.25 mg . This medication has changed my life for the good thus far. At one point I could not drive/ function due to panic and this has made things much easier.”

9 / 10
Ddr · Taken for 10 years or more January 1, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Had panic disorders all through high school and did nothing about it til 4th year of college. I've been on 1mg of Klonopin for 24 years and my dose base never increased or decreased. It truly changed my life for the good. Thank you for letting me share.”

10 / 10
Caretruuu February 4, 2021

For Panic Disorder: “I was diagnosed with panic disorder in June and went through a rough period where I developed agoraphobia and thought I was losing my mind. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety and had tried 7 antidepressants before developing panic disorder. While having panic disorder, I’ve tried four and the only medication that has not had side effects such as increased anxiety and severe stomach issues is Klonopin. Klonopin saved my life and allowed me to get back to being myself. I can now drive, hang out with friends, leave the house, work effectively and I haven’t noticed any side effects besides being a bit tired and occasional hot flashes (which I had already with PD.) It’s been five months now that I’ve been on 1mg and I haven’t had to increase the dose. I beat myself up because I don’t enjoy the stigma that goes along with benzos and am scared to be on this for years to come but after reading some of these reviews, I feel a lot better about having to take it long term.”

9 / 10
kamoroj · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 9, 2014

For Anxiety: “Many people are unreasonably scared of Klonopin's bad withdrawal dramas. Well... It is true. It is a painful process to get away from Klonopin once you stepped into its comfortable zone, but I want to say I would rather feel relaxed and comfortable than struggling with unnecessary anxiety caused by Neurotransmitter unbalances. This medication truly gave me a freedom from fear and agitation and get back to my life.”

10 / 10
finally sleeping February 14, 2020

“This is for the guy in the bottom. This pill has saved some people's life, it helps with insomnia and anxiety. Just cause it didn't work for you, doesn't mean that it won't help other people - everybody is different.”

10 / 10
India · Taken for less than 1 month January 10, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “I just started Klonopin after the doc prescribed it a long time ago. I was scared to take it because of every thing I read. I get terrible anxiety attacks I suffer PTSD and social phobia and depression. 3 days ago I drank my first dose and I am ready to go back to school and start my life again. I thank whoever made this medication and I thank God that gave me the courage to finally take it. It sucks not to feel like you can do anything in life. Now I feel like I can actually pursue my dreams.”

10 / 10
Jax103 · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 30, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Over the years I have tried all the SNRIs, SSRI and tricycyclic antidepressants. First used as a muscle relaxer due to severe arthritis. The serotonin re uptake inhibitors caused worsening conditions and were ineffective. I have been hospitalized for Serotonin Syndrome. The last time was 3/24/2019 when I was given amytriptyine while on Fentanyl transdermal patches. I almost died from the reaction and was given Kolonipin and Ativan. Kolonipin has saved my life. I no longer have run away anxiety from worrying about my spinal stenosis. No more insomnia laying awake I suffered daily, all day long and even when trying to sleep before this medicine came into my life. I traded in my Valium for this medication. Very good drug.”

10 / 10
bjsd October 18, 2014

For Anxiety: “I am 60 & have been on Klonopin for over 20 yrs. I have tried every thing under the sun, no kidding. I have not only anxiety, but chronic depression, bi-polar disorder, limb jerking, panic attacks to the extreme. I am so sensitive to meds, it's scary. So when I find something that works I stick with it. I usually only take "Brand Name", good insurance, or I couldn't. I'll tell you from experience, if you stick with an exact time line on taking it, rather than as needed, you will do a lot better. I have never had any side effects from it, a blessing. It helps with all of the above. I took myself off of about 17 medications a doc, had me on. I call them stackers. For a while I did not even know who I was. Now, I am stable, doing the best I ever have.”

10 / 10
Ryang69 · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 3, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Story summarized: Believe the horror stories. They are true. I started taking it as a 30 day supply for anxiety and insomnia, it helped me so much I wanted more after the 30 days. Doctor wouldn’t do it, so I moved on. Didn’t take it for months back to the old sleepless, anxious, angry person. Got the script, it helps every single day of my life. Newsflash. Good luck stopping. Same withdrawal as heroin. I will just take the pill and feel good and normal. 8 stars because it did pull me out of death spiral but lost 2 because nobody on earth deserves to take this nasty ass pill. Confusing yup. It does help with a lot of different things.... but good luck leaving!! :/”

8 / 10
L1A2N3 · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 13, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “I’ve been on Klonopin for 5 years now. It gave me my life back. I only take 0.25mg nightly and have never had to increase my dose. 95% of the time I can sleep a full night. Previously, I had been on trazodone, buspar, lunesta, celexa. Those either had side effects or were only effective for a couple of months. I was concerned about the addiction/withdrawal aspect of klonopin but I haven’t had any problems at all with it. My insomnia made me have suicidal thoughts, so klonopin has been a lifesaver. Being able to sleep is priceless.”

10 / 10
Tonka June 28, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I have lived with severe panic disorder since I was 17 years old and I am now 49. I could not drive could not wait in line in a store I could not go to family functions. I was always going to hospital. Klonopin saved my life I travel I enjoy my family I drive I take 1 mg a day I still have panic attack’s but I deal with it this medication gave me my life back”

10 / 10
Joe Shoe · Taken for less than 1 month October 25, 2014

For Anxiety: “This medicine obliterated my social anxiety,anxiety ,fear,phobia,paranoia,panic,worrying and racing thoughts! I can actually function again thanks to a little green pill. I feel like superman now! I'm no longer chained downed by my own mind! I've been battling through it for years and now it's finally gone! I can be outgoing again! I feel calm now.”

10 / 10
Anne Regret · Taken for 10 years or more June 11, 2016

For Anxiety: “Yes, this medication works. It works very well for chronic anxiety disorder and sudden onsets of severe panic attacks. Knowing what I know now, I wish with all my being it had never ever been prescribed to me, and without the absurd nonchalance dozens of practitioners have portrayed. I'm 32 and have been prescribed clonazopam for 14 years. Ive been in situations where my health insurance is in transition and I must go off the medication abruptly-- this is when I realized how deep I was. Weeks upon weeks of non stop physical, emotional, and psychological withdrawal effects that are like hell. Words cannot accurately describe just how awful it is. This, again, has been my experience during withdrawal as a long term clonazopam patient. All skin, especially the face, becomes numb. Vision gets fuzzy and difficult to see clearly. Panic attacks become extremely exasperated, frequent and debilitating. Severe irritability. Worst of all: a terrifying disconnection between your mind and body; as if you're an onlooker watching and feeling this horrible thing happen to you, but not actually feeling connected to any of it-- that one is tough to explain. All of this... It can lasts months, maybe more. That's right. Not just some one week hump to overcome. After finding how awful the withdrawal is I've been attempting to ween very very slowly down from 3 2mg doses per day to eventually zero, hopefully. After six months of gradually decreases in dose I'm now at 2- 1mg doses per day and I'm not sure how or if I can go much less than that. No doctors I've had have been of any help. The ween down was my idea and the rate of it was also my idea based on experience. It sure would be nice to meet a doctor that truly had knowledge of this withdrawal syndrome and took it a bit more seriously. I am confident that the medication is no longer treating my anxiety disorder, but simply preventing withdrawal from the meds themselves. And there don't seem to be any good alternatives. It's a long road ahead, please think it over and over with someone knowledgeable before being so quick to embrace this miracle drug. The truth is that most of us actually need very real psychotherapy, not chemicals that run our lives. Once again, all my point of view from my personal experience. It feels very good to share this.”

2 / 10
rmahon · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 19, 2016

For Anxiety: “This is the drug that was a total game changer for me. I was on effexor and abilify because of severe depression and suicidal ideation (at only 19 :(). While the abilify and effexor helped with the depression, I was extremely anxious, jumpy, panicky, and unable to sleep at all. Klonopin changed all that. I am now able to do anything with no anxiety, no intrusive thoughts, and am visibly much less tense and more relaxed than I have ever been. I can go to work, take public transport, and interact with customers with absolutely NO anxiety anymore. If you sound like me, I highly suggest at least giving this medication a try. It saved my life.”

10 / 10
Sassy · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 30, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I couldn’t sleep and was having panic attacks quite often. I was prescribed Klonopin to help with these conditions. It’s worked for 3 1/2 years and it’s better than Xanax with the panic attacks. I don’t feel anxious, my panic attacks are under control and taking klonopin, I feel normal. I felt different when I took Xanax klonopin is a lifesaver. I sleep well and rarely have a panic attack. I am grateful to my family doctor because I feel like a normal person again.”

10 / 10
Klb5150 · Taken for less than 1 month January 23, 2021

For Panic Disorder: “Back when I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder I suffered from bad anxiety. Much to my relief I was prescribed Klonopin at 1mg and it really helped. Then I changed doctors. They instantly took me off and put me on inderal which was a huge let down and did not help. Then came ativan and that didn't do a darn thing to me. Now that I have another psychiatrist I'm back on Klonopin I just started back up today and looking forward to less anxiety”

8 / 10
Respectful-li October 25, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I almost thought my life was over before Klonopin. I had treatment resistant depression and the cause came from panic attacks. I went manic for almost a month. No medicine helped and It was a long road to health Klonopin was not a miracle drug, but it kept me from hanging myself. And eventually through the love and healing power of God,I smile now. I can walk without shaking and a racing mind. I don't pass out because of anxiety attacks I enjoy company and life again. Thank you and just know you guys who suffer with whatever and take any kind of medication are Loved!!!!!! Life is more than pain. Take the pill. ”

8 / 10
cwburke October 1, 2014

For Panic Disorder: “I have very bad panic and anxiety attacks. Attack would last for up to 3 to 4 hours. It first started when I was 30 years old and was admitted to a mental institution for a month for my own protection. I am now 46 years old ,when I now feel an attack coming on I can basically control it now and take 1 mg of Klonopin. It does take some time to work, but when it kicks in, it works great. I did at one stage try go off it, but the withdrawals were so bad I had to go back on it. I take 1mg at night and then as needed. To all you people out there who think you are alone with this monster in your head, you are not. Think and say positive thoughts, its works.”

10 / 10
Ran S · Taken for less than 1 month January 16, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Klonopin was a great medication. I was crazy anxious and couldn't sleep at night at all. I would stay up and just read or cry with my dogs. I was also terribly anxious and depressed. Whenever my doc recommended Klonopin, I was eager to try it. I was on it only for a month though, just so I get back on my sleeping patterns. It helped my sleep and anxiety so much! I was so thankful for Klonopin. The only reason I stopped taking it was because my sleep was once again regulated and the med caused severe drowsiness. But other than the drowsiness, it worked just fine!”

10 / 10
veronika8384 June 15, 2009

For Anxiety: “I've been on 1mg / day of Klonopin for over 2 years now, for social anxiety disorder. It saved my life, which was spinning out of control. Panic attacks that would come out of nowhere. Embarrassing social situations, awful feelings of dread. It's settled me back down ad allowed me to be myself again, more or less. I hate the fact that I am dependent on a drug to be "normal". It's a secret I keep from everyone in my life. I know I'm dependent on it now because I went 3 days without it once, and on the 3rd day, I was Mr. Anxiety again, but worse. Trembling hands, motor skills out of whack, disorientation. ”

9 / 10
Mateo · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 31, 2018

For Panic Disorder: “I am 52 and was a nightly drinker to help with my anxiety for many years. Six months ago I decided to quit all alcohol. During that time I was also on a huge dose of lunesta each night. About 30 days after I stopped drinking I began having severe and ceaseless panic attacks. I thought I was going to die! I had no idea what the heck was happening. I couldn’t function at home or work. My doctor put me on Paxil which helped but not enough. So he added Clonazepam which has been amazing. I take 1 mg at night and sleep like a baby. I can take .5 mg as needed but try not to. When I don’t I have anxiety. I am reading these reviews which are extremely helpful to ascertain if this medication can be used for the rest of my life effectively. Please keep your reviews coming in. Your feedback helped me decide to use this medication which helped save my life. My wife and 3 beautiful kids thank you and Clonazepam!”

9 / 10

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