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User Reviews for Nucynta ER

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Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
8 reviews 41 medications
63 reviews 1111 medications
Summary of Nucynta ER reviews 7.3 71 reviews

Reviews for Nucynta ER

Marysmo February 23, 2019

For Pain "I have been on Nucynta ER since around 2013. Had a bad car accident in 2011 and the opiates alone were not enough. My lower back discs L2-S1 is bad along with my facet joints, spine and nerve damage in left leg and other issues. My Dr started me on 250 mg which helped. The pain was better and still stayed on my Hydrocodone 10mg 2-3x a day. After a couple years I felt I wanted to go off this drug. I did not like the foggy feeling . I went down to 150mg. It took my body 1 year to adjust to 200mg's a day! The first 2 weeks was horrible! this medicine will not make you 'high' like percosets or oxy's. It just made my body crawl and could not sleep. It gives me hot flashes, makes me tired and affects my memory. I am still on the 150 mg and searching for another opioid to replace it with. Just do not want to go on something that will give me the same side effects."

Bec · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 3, 2019

For Pain "This medicine has been such a blessing for me. Felt as if my quality of life was completely lost from chronic pain. Multiple spinal issues and 3 surgeries later I was left with terrible neuropathy and pain all down my right side. This did the trick. Now I have my life back!"

PES · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 7, 2018

For Pain "I have had multiple different surgeries, and live with chronic pain. I've been taking three Percocet 5-325 MG per day. The pain control, would only last for around 3-5 hours. The constipation that comes along with the above med, were unreal. I then ended up forming stage three hemorrhoids, and had to have a Hemorrhoidectomy, which was the worst! The pain medicine also made my depression worse, which I did not need! My pain clinic doctor, recommend Nucynta ER 50 MG, every twelve hours. There were two benefits, in taking Nucynta ER 50 MG: first, it was around the clock, pain control; and secondly, it eliminated my hard stool, and constipation. It was increased to 100 MG because of my pain levels. I was still dealing with breakthrough pain, and was given Oxycodone 5 MG, but once again, it caused more depression, and constipation, immediately! I’m going to have to stop taking the oxycodone, and talk to my pain clinic doctor about increasing my dosage of nucynta to 150 MG x 2 per day."

tired of it · Taken for less than 1 month July 6, 2018

For Pain "Just started taking this, was on Oxycodone 10/325 4 times a day, was willing to give it a shot. Its horrible. I keep wanting to throw up all day long, it feels like I am going thru withdrawals, foggy as heck, missing work. Never had these issues before. They are making the opioid issue so bad that people who really need the pain meds are having to take things like this. I have had 4 neck surgeries so far, the pain is ridiculous. before I found the Oxy I was barely able to move around, once I got on that regiment I was able to work everyday, function like normal, now I'm back to just feeling sick every day, foggy as heck, not wanting to do anything, just cry. This sucks."

larabe · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 26, 2018

For Pain "After several ER drugs for pain that I have been prescribed, this has been the most effective with NO side effects."

Dani4 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 26, 2018

For Pain "I have been on pain meds for 8 years due to multiple problems, as well as 2 auto immune diseases. I swear some of y’all gotta be paid reps for this drug-Nucynta-cause your so-called “experiences” of amazingness is the exact complete opposite of what I have endured while on this BOGUS medicine. Either that, or y’all had been on Aleve or Motrin for pain, and your doc prescribed the Nucynta and it’s now a wonder drug for you “compared to an OTC pain med.” cause this junk is just that-a placebo that does NOT help anyone with legit pain, who also has a “tolerance” to narcotic pain meds. There is absolutely no possible way this med is helping anyone except the pharmacy reps, doctors, and Big Pharma companies that are actually pushing this rubbish on legit pain patients. Y’all have lost your minds. You’ve been warned. It’s horrible. For pain relief I give it ZERO stars out of 5."

Niecy · Taken for less than 1 month March 20, 2018

For Pain "Was on Opana ER 20mg twice a day with oxy 5mg 1-3 times a day. Was doing well, not using the IR very much. Pain clinic Doctor no longer issuing prescriptions for Opana. I was put on Nucynta 100mg twice a day in place of Opana. The last five days have been very difficult. I can't sleep, literally. I have zero appetite and have to force myself to eat some crackers and cheese. The medication wears off after 8-9 hours with strong withdrawal symptoms. So I have to take break through Meds just to calm the withdrawal. My hands shake and I feel so weird. Like depression. I can't take this medication any longer. I believe our bodies all react differently to medications and for me, this is not a good fit."

TinyValkyrie · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 21, 2018

For Pain "Nucynta is a miracle drug for me. I have a condition that caused defects in almost every vertebrae, rib and more. I’ve been in severe pain all my life and tried almost every pain med on the market with little relief and horrible side effects. I’ve been on Nucynta for five years and nothing else comes close in terms of pain relief. Before Nucynta, I was in bed almost 24/7 and required help dressing, washing etc. Now I can do my own care, and I can go out on good days. The only side effects for me are increased heart rate and short term memory issues when the IR medication “peaks.” I have no GI issues, and I am alert and clearheaded. My dose is 150mg ER 2x a day, and 100mg IR 3x a day and it hasn’t changed in 3 years. I don’t build a tolerance like I did with other opioids. When I first started I got serotonin syndrome, so they took me off of all other seratonin drugs. I haven’t had any issues since, but it is a dangerous reaction so people should know the symptoms."

Safety Dan February 8, 2018

For Pain "Best prescription for my pain"

SASS942 January 27, 2018

For Pain "I love Nucynta ER. I take different pain meds for different kinds of pain. Nucynta was prescribed when I told my Doctor I couldn't stand my legs anymore. My legs felt like huge, heavy, painful, petrified stumps. I couldn't sleep and other pain meds didn't touch the pain in my legs. Nucynta takes this pain away. And when the pharmacy couldn't get the medication for a week.....there were NO withdrawal problems.....except the leg pain came back. This year I am afraid - as no one is covering Nucynta ER. I chose a Part D plan that showed online Nucynta ER was covered. But now they are saying it's not in their new paper formulary. Back to the search....and back to LEG PAIN."

fibrochristian · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 17, 2018

For Pain "No side effects. Helps control the fibro pain."

HJ9876 December 26, 2017

For Pain "Works very well once you get off of all other"opioids""

Willcan1953 · Taken for less than 1 month December 24, 2017

For Pain "The first dose made me somewhat woozy. However, the next 3-4 was like taking aspirin. USELESS! I am sure that this drug causes diarrhea! Also yesterday morning I had body aches which felt like I had the FLU! It is common to most opioid users to suffer with constipation; however, I take MIRALAX every other day to avoid this problem."

Miguelina November 16, 2017

For Pain "I have been taking nucynta ER 200mg for about two months I still get breakthrough pain but it sure helps me too get some sleep at night. I felt that I got more pain relief when I first starting taking it so now I take endocet 10/325 mg 3x a day and 1 nucynta er 200mg at bed time. I am still experiencing pain I get relief from my endocet I find it last longer then the nucynta ER 200mg. I think my Doctor might have to increase the nucynta when I see him again next as I am not getting the same relief from the nucynta ER as I was in the beginning. I am tired of being in pain I have been in pain for at least 10 Years no one knew I have two herniated discs in my upper back I also have free floating fragments in my spine and I have two pinched nerves"

coach36 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 10, 2017

For Pain "I have Synovitis/tenosynovitis , which is a severe, rare bacterial infection in my hand. I had three operations, almost lost my hand, and it was gutted like a perch. Because of the types of antibiotics I had and still have to take no opioids worked at all. Oxy, Norco, Percacet nothing. Finally my pain doc came upon Nucynta. I started out taking four 100mg fast acting and 400mg of the ER. I'm now, after almost a year, down to 200mg ER and 225 mg of fast acting. I can't say the ER does anything at all but the regular was a home run. It's a weird high, can be hard to walk and talk, but stay in one place and be quiet. it really helps with the pain."

MnstrGln · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 1, 2017

For Pain "Have been taking Nucynta ER for nearly four years. Have degenerative disc disease and the remnants of 7 torn discs in mid-thoracic to lumbar and a cervical bulging disc. Have an old compression fracture in thoracic all caused by a 2009 accident, the torn discs are now practically non-existent and near bone to bone at several levels. Nucynta has changed my life. After taking Norcos and Roxy and others, do to no insurance at beginning, landed on Methadone as it was affordable. 3 years with Nucynta now, using nothing for breakthrough, would rather deal with little pain than be on more than have to. Can think, am back to work and providing for my family! It doesn’t fix everything, but has literally changed my life!"

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 30, 2017

For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy "I was diagnosed with advanced fibromyalgia about 3 years ago. My doctor has been monitoring my my condition and it has worsen over the years. I am now considered advanced to severe and my doctor decided to try this and see if it would help my symptoms. Nucynta ER 200 mg has done wonders and given me new life. The down side is that local pharmacies don't stock it or want to carry on their shelves regularly because of cost and with my insurance not allowing me to order refills until I am only days away from running out. Also, their suppliers only deliver once a week and the pharmacy needs to know 2 days in advance to get it that week or you end up having to wait til next week and you start going through withdrawals and depending on meds....."

Anonymous October 15, 2017

For Pain "just doesn't seem to help"

Upstar August 28, 2017

For Pain "Good pain med took a few days to get use to it. I'm on the max dose 600mg/ day. I got quite dizzy at first trying to figure out when to take my break through meds. Very little highs and lows for me that is important not like the Percocets I used to take."

RubyRedRN · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 5, 2017

For Pain "I have chronic idiopathic pancreatitis, allodynia, gastroparesis & tarsal tunnel syndrome. I was also, just recently tested for Lupus. I was taking Norco (hydrocodone/acetaminophen) for a year until my new doc realized it was making my GI issues worse. We switched to Nucynta ER 150mg/BID & Nucynta IR 75mg for breakthrough. While they worked the first few months, I seem to be building a tolerance. I feel like the ER takes the edge off when my pain is between 4-5. But, both IR & ER cause EXCESSIVE sweating. I mean, there are days I have to change clothes multiple times daily. It's embarrassing. But, the Nucynta does not have any of the GI side effects (constipation namely) that other narcotics do."

T-tot · Taken for less than 1 month May 22, 2017

For Pain "I've been on hydrocodone or Norco for about 10 years 3x's a day. I've had S5 and L1 ( I think that is how it goes) maybe the L and the S are in the wrong place. Anyway the two disc at the very bottom of your back. For 2 years as of this past Christmas Eve I was suppose to have the next 2 up replaced. I asked my pain doctor for 1 more Norco a day. Instead he puts me on Nucynta 50mg. Not working after 1 1/2 years so now I get put on 150 ER 2x day and 50 mg in between. All I do is hurt like hell and sleep all the time. I have fallen asleep in the bath "

Wideload March 5, 2017

For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy "Nucynta is specifically targeted at chronic nerve pain, esp. diabetic neuropathic pain. Nucynta ER provides me with all day & night relief better than the hydrocodene taken previously. After 4 months on this drug I have not experienced any significant side effects."

Lsu lexus January 28, 2017

For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy "Unexpectedly found this page, and read other responses to see others experience with Nucynta. I have been on various doses ranging from 600mg per day (all 100's) to currently taking two 100 extended release tablets per day. My experience has lasted six years now. From the very start I loved it because it was effective for my neuropathy. The big bonus was that after a while, say month or two, I was completely confident in my ability to concentrate and do my very detailed work. Now that said, while on the max dose of 600mg I would definitely feel the effects every time I dropped a 100mg. This was the beginning. As the dose went down, the ability to concentrate got better and better. my biggest problem was finding a drug store that kept in stock."

Suz1133 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 29, 2016

For Pain "Since 2002, when I had a terrible car accident....Durango hit my Civic, while I was 1st at a stoplight, (stopped), at 50 mph. Been thru 3 cervical fusions from the best docs in the USA, 2nd surgery was a failed fusion. Third surgery in 2013, I now have 7 levels fused, from C2-T1, and a recent lumbar fusion from L3-L5. I am bionic, except for the agonizing pain I've endured for YEARS! Finally on disability, both b/c of spine, severe poly-neuropathy, and severe fibro all over. Nucynta is a HUGE blessing! No foggy head and dwindling down on Norco intake! I feel ALIVE! 200 mg ER x 2/day and down to 4 Norcos for breakthru. It IS A GOD SEND! I can once again be productive, happy and damn nearly pain free. I am blessed! No, it doesnt give you a hi"

DoubleRSD · Taken for less than 1 month December 16, 2016

For Pain "My anesthesiologist prescribed be Belbica for the RSD. No relief and a migraine to boot. So about two weeks ago he switched me to Nucynta ER 100 bid with a max of 4 Norco 7.5/325 for breakthrough pain daily. I am waiting for the intrathecal pain pump. My insurance company denied the procedure saying they needed more info so now they are going to have a "peer to peer" TODAY with the spinal surgeon. I am tired of all the different medications, the side effects and feeling like a lab tab. Have maxed out the lumbar punctures too as minimal relief was achieved. I am fortunate to have a fantastic anesthesiologist (pain mgmt) who genuinely cares about ME and the situation I am in. Nucynta seems to give little relief. Will take any I can get"