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Nucynta ER for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy User Reviews

Nucynta ER has an average rating of 8.1 out of 10 from a total of 8 reviews for the treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. 88% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 13% reported a negative experience.

Nucynta ER rating summary

8.1/10 average rating

8 ratings from 8 user reviews.

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  • Jo 7027
  • Taken for 1 to 2 years
  • February 12, 2015

"I have tried several medications and was either allergic to them, they didn't work, or I did not like the way I felt. Nucynta has worked wonderfully with the severe neuropathy pain that I have on a daily basis. Prior to Nucynta, I had a difficult time just walking to another room, much less a grocery store. I have found that Nucynta has cut my down time due to pain at least 50%! I do not feel dopey or high, it does not inhibit or interfere with my speech, thought or action. In fact, I told my husband I am ready to start going bike riding again, because I feel safe enough to do so and the pain is not stopping me anymore. This is my experience with Nucynta, works wonders!"

10 / 10
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  • Gregor...
  • Taken for 2 to 5 years
  • July 30, 2015

"Been on Nucynta for a while (3-4 years) for very bad neuropathy pain. Have taken it with Norco every 4 to 5 hours- has little to no side effects, within an hour after taking I can feel the pain go almost all away, can function great at work - no side effects to speak of, no problems falling a sleep, use "Kerasal NeuroCream" on hands and feet at night dulls pain enough for me to fall asleep."

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  • Itali...
  • July 22, 2016

"My step dad was using this Medication for less than two weeks before the pill itself killed him, proof is in the death certificate. He was not abusing either. He complained from day one of taking it of many side affects. Sleeplessness dizziness trouble urinating hallucinations still felt pain couldn't stand without falling etc,. He asked his doctor to be off the pill and they told him to wait until they see him the following Month. Also fault in there practice too."

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Frequently asked questions

  • Lsu...
  • January 28, 2017

"Unexpectedly found this page, and read other responses to see others experience with Nucynta. I have been on various doses ranging from 600mg per day (all 100's) to currently taking two 100 extended release tablets per day. My experience has lasted six years now. From the very start I loved it because it was effective for my neuropathy. The big bonus was that after a while, say month or two, I was completely confident in my ability to concentrate and do my very detailed work. Now that said, while on the max dose of 600mg I would definitely feel the effects every time I dropped a 100mg. This was the beginning. As the dose went down, the ability to concentrate got better and better. my biggest problem was finding a drug store that kept in stock."

9 / 10
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  • Widel...
  • March 5, 2017

"Nucynta is specifically targeted at chronic nerve pain, esp. diabetic neuropathic pain. Nucynta ER provides me with all day & night relief better than the hydrocodene taken previously. After 4 months on this drug I have not experienced any significant side effects."

8 / 10
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  • Anonymous
  • Taken for 6 months to 1 year
  • October 30, 2017

"I was diagnosed with advanced fibromyalgia about 3 years ago. My doctor has been monitoring my my condition and it has worsen over the years. I am now considered advanced to severe and my doctor decided to try this and see if it would help my symptoms. Nucynta ER 200 mg has done wonders and given me new life. The down side is that local pharmacies don't stock it or want to carry on their shelves regularly because of cost and with my insurance not allowing me to order refills until I am only days away from running out. Also, their suppliers only deliver once a week and the pharmacy needs to know 2 days in advance to get it that week or you end up having to wait til next week and you start going through withdrawals and depending on meds....."

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  • Charlie
  • February 5, 2013

"Nucynta ER has worked wonderful for pain relief for me. It does keep me up if taken at bedtime though. You can find a coupon on line to keep your monthly costs down."

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  • Sissy...
  • August 27, 2016

"Does not last a full 12 hours. Pain comes back about 7 to 8 hours after taking Nucynta ER."

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