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User Reviews for Capsaicin topical

Also known as: Zostrix, Qutenza, Salonpas Gel-Patch, Capsicum Oleoresin, Theragen HP, Capzasin, No Pain-HP, Zostrix Neuropathy, Zostrix Diabetic Foot Pain, GNP Capsaicin, Salonpas-Hot, Capzasin Back and Body, Capzasin-HP, Axsain, Sloan's Liniment, Drs Cream, Capsagel Extra Strength, Capsagel Maximum Strength, Zostrix-HP, Dolorac, Capzasin-HP Arthritis Formula, Capsin, Menthac Arthritis Cream with Capsaicin, Salonpas Pain Patch with Capsaicin, Analgesic Balm with Capsaicin, Zostrix Sports, Castiva Warming, Pain Doctor Capzasin-P Pain-X R-Gel Zostrix Foot Pain …show all brand names

Capsaicin topical has an average rating of 4.9 out of 10 from a total of 122 ratings on 42% of those users who reviewed Capsaicin topical reported a positive effect, while 48% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
56 reviews 1122 medications
Osteoarthritis  Off-label
25 reviews 351 medications
Postherpetic Neuralgia  
16 reviews 41 medications
Peripheral Neuropathy  Off-label
13 reviews 6 medications
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy  
9 reviews 42 medications
Neuropathic Pain  
3 reviews 5 medications
Summary of Capsaicin topical reviews 4.9 122 reviews

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Reviews for Capsaicin topical

Vic189 · Taken for less than 1 month May 4, 2021

For Postherpetic Neuralgia: “I am suffering PHN. On Gabapentin which has helped a little. Have terrible itching and burning on the side of my nose as under eye as well as forehead and scalp. GP recommend Capsaicin. Applied it first time today, did burn a bit then the itching subsided. Works better than a lot of drugs I have tried such as Tramadol and antihistamines, and codeine. Does not take pain away completely but a good relief from that horrible itching.”

8 / 10
Girldavis · Taken for less than 1 month April 2, 2021

For Pain: “I was told by my Dr. to use this medication for sciatic nerve pain. I applied a small amount to my right hip and outer thigh area around 10 PM and immediately felt the warmth. I preceded to lay down for the night. During the night I woke up several times with burning pain and had to remove my blanket from applied area. Woke up at 6 AM to shower for work and during my shower I felt like there was boiling water being poured down my leg. I had to finish my shower with cold water (leg was still on fire). I could not touch the applied area and this means putting my pants on for work. I thought about going to Urgent Care but put some shorts on and headed to work. 5 hours later I AM STILL ON FIRE!! I myself will NEVER use this medication again!”

1 / 10
DRP · Taken for less than 1 month March 16, 2021

For Postherpetic Neuralgia: “Used on my Torso to relief pain post shingles virus. It burned so badly that I considered going to hospital! After 6 hours, 2 showers and what felt like worsening pain I soaked the area in dishwashing liquid which has relieved the burning marginally! Would not recommend nor will I use again!”

1 / 10
MikeC1962 October 4, 2014

For Peripheral Neuropathy: “After a spinal injury, I began to experience numbness, pain, and "prickly" feelings in my legs and feet. My toes and bottoms of my feet near the toes were (and still are) completely numb and I have frequent pain and burning in those areas. I bought the Capsaicin cream without a prescription at Walmart, for $10. I applied it liberally to both feet and massaged the areas well. I then put on white ankle socks so I could walk on my wood floors without leaving residue. I did not experience any bad side effects--no burning, etc. The relief from my nerve pain subsided very quickly. After about 15 minutes, I removed the socks and elevated my legs. The medication definitely provided great relief. DO wash your hands thoroughly with soap.”

9 / 10
Araluen · Taken for less than 1 month January 4, 2021

For Peripheral Neuropathy: “I had a spinal fusion and developed severe nerve pain in my toe, foot leg and hip. Lyrica and Endone barely controlled the pain and the side effects of drowsiness and constipation were intolerable long term. Some nights the burning sensation was so bad I could not bear even a sheet to touch my foot! I also had pain in my leg and hip. A friend suggested Comfrey cream - this gave some short relief but did not really alter the frequency of the pain. The pharmacy suggested trying Zostrix and the relief was amazing once I had adjusted to the cream. It absolutely was a game changer and I no longer need Lyrica or Endone. I do think you can smear on too much and this does can cause excessive burning which subsides, however, so follow the instructions and use sparingly. Definitely do not apply immediately after having had a hot shower and don't go to sleep with the electric blanket heating the affected area.”

9 / 10
Solsa May 24, 2016

For Peripheral Neuropathy: “Capsaicin cream works amazingly well for my sciatica. I apply on the side of my leg, foot, lower back, or wherever I have pain. So, the version 0.1% is too strong. You should buy the .025% version at Look for Rugby Capsaicin 0.025%. There is also a product called Zostrix which you can find with .025% Also: use plastic gloves to apply. You are applying essence of hot peppers to your skin and if you transfer it to your eyes it will really burn. It stays on your skin, so after 8-12 hours I scrub the area down with a soapy washcloth. It reheats if you sweat or take a bath. Without scrubbing it will reactivate if your skin gets wet.”

10 / 10
Mkbagwell · Taken for less than 1 month September 10, 2014

Zostrix (capsaicin) for Osteoarthritis: “I applied two doses the first day I got it, to my thumbs, about eight hours apart. Yes, it's true that it's easy to get in your eyes, nose or mouth, and it burns. Even after a shower, I could still feel it on my skin. I expected to have to reapply it each day. But here's the funny part: The pain in my hands is nowhere near as intense as it was, even two days after that initial application. Why? It's welcomed, but kinda weird.”

10 / 10
KL September 7, 2019

For Pain: “I have read several reviews regarding the Capsain cream and all I can say it's absolutely great. Doctors and Pharmacists need to teach people how to use this product, YOU ONLY USE THE SMALLEST AMOUNT you do not need to use this product like a toothpaste amount . Use sparingly and you will find you get the relief you require. I have spondylitis in my lower back with the pain generate from there into my buttock and without this product life would not be worth living. Hope this helps those who have used it wrongly or someone is serious pain .”

9 / 10
Millie · Taken for less than 1 month April 15, 2020

Capzasin-HP (capsaicin) for Postherpetic Neuralgia: “I bought this Capzasin-HP yesterday and tried it for my post neuralgia shingles pain. I was very disappointed in it as it caused more pain and my skin looked scalded where I applied it. I had to wash it off after 15 minutes due to the intense burning and apply aloe Vera gel three times in order to get relief. I feel it was a waste of my money just to try it as it was recommended. This should be removed from shelves and not sold as I cringe to think of a small child having this used on them. The burning was intense.”

1 / 10
PW · Taken for less than 1 month October 27, 2019

For Pain: “Tonight was my first night using this stuff and I WILL NEVER EVER USE IT AGAIN!! The burning it gives off is horrible I have tried everything to cool it down and it seems like it's burning worse. I have to be to work at 7 in the morning and here I am at 3:30am writing a review because I can't sleep due to the burning of this cream. I wouldn't recommend this shit to nobody. My skin is so irritated its red as, and burning. I even took a cold towel to wrap around my legs and its still not working”

1 / 10
Beekind · Taken for less than 1 month September 29, 2020

Capzasin (capsaicin) for Postherpetic Neuralgia: “I beg to differ, the negative results others are getting is from wrong application. Apply a thin coating only, and it will work great; gradually applying more a little at a time. This has been a lifesaver for me, as I am suffering from shingles and this has given me much needed relief. ALERT! Wear gloves or use paper towel to apply or it will burn your hands, and always wash hands thoroughly afterwards. It will heat up a little, but won’t last .”

10 / 10
jh6111 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 8, 2015

For Pain: “For years I suffered from plantar fasciitis in my heel. I could not even walk the pain was so bad. I would have to hop on one foot to get around. I tried everything from hot soaks to ibuprofen and new shoes. I saw a free sample of lotion with capsaisin in it, .01 % dose. I had read reviews of all the burning so I had it for month and never tried it. One day the pain was so bad I gave it a whirl. Instant relief! No burning, no stinging, not even a warmth. I can walk again very comfortably. I am so glad I learned of this medication. I donot understand why so many people experience burning and I did not.... But you should try it. Oh and if you live near a dollar store they sell a 7" patch for $1. I got 6 uses out of $1....”

10 / 10
B2ree November 6, 2013

Capzasin (capsaicin) for Pain: “I used this for knee pain per my doctor recommendation. I read the instructions and applied the medication. It didn't relieve my pain, it caused more pain. Severe burning, stinging pain. Even showering to wash the medication off was painful. I had to use calamine lotion to counter the effects. Perhaps my skin is more sensitive than others out there, but I would use caution with this medication.”

1 / 10
Anonymous July 24, 2010

For Osteoarthritis: “I'm 61, female, and have had arthritis in my hands, knees and feet over the past ten years. Since using capsaicin over the last two years I've found tremendous relief. It burned when I first started using it, but the burning "wore off" after a week, and I find it totally painless to use. I apply it in the morning as well as in the evening. I learned to NOT use my fingers to apply it. Instead, I use the topside of my thumbs, between the first and second joints from the tip of the thumb. That way, I don't accidentally get capsaicin in my eyes (especially when applying my contact lenses an hour later!). I highly recommend capsaicin and suggest sticking with it, even if at first it burns. It's well worth trying.”

9 / 10
BIG G 1990 July 18, 2016

For Osteoarthritis: “I have put a '5' because I have only been using it for a few days and according to the label it usually takes weeks to work. I would say a couple of things to the other people posting on here. 1. If you think the burning pain (which is definitely there) is unbearable then I can reassure you that your joint pain isn't that bad because comparatively the burning is absolutely nothing compared to the joint pain. I have seen people put comment's like "the worst experience of my life" - You have a pretty good pain free life then. 2. You have to use regularly or it WONT WORK. if you don't use it 3-5 times per day it will just give you local cutaneous burning and will not go through your skin and start helping the desensitising of your nerves.”

5 / 10
Mendelsohne · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 5, 2016

For Osteoarthritis: “Probably best to do a small patch test before you use this product. Also, different Capsaicin preparations are more potent than others. I have bursitus in my shoulder and it is very painful particularly when I sleep wrong on my shoulder. Capsaicin is the only relief I get. Now able to sleep through the night, yes, it burns, that's the point, it exhausts the pain receptors in the area. Best product but you have to expect to burn, that's what it does, that's how it works.”

9 / 10
Got my life back! April 13, 2012

Zostrix-HP (capsaicin) for Postherpetic Neuralgia: “I have had PHN for 2 years and have been in extreme pain. My Internist told me about Zostrix HP along with the warning to be careful applying it and to wash it off my hands. I started using latex gloves to administer it on my body and after 2 weeks my pain began to subside. I am now at a very manageable pain level. On a 1-10 with 10 being the highest pain I am now finally at 0.5 (point five) after 2 years of being at a pain level of 10 day and night. I use it sparingly (pea sized amount) 3-4 x a day. I highly recommend it if you had shingles and then PHN.”

8 / 10
Pooka · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 23, 2020

For Pain: “Okay, first of all, don't ever put Capsaicin on using your bare hands. It will linger on your hands even after scrubbing them with soap and water. Use gloves and be careful you only get the cream where you need it. If you find the cream too painful DO NOT try scrubbing it off as this will not work. Water, especially with heat and steam, reactivates the heat in the capsaicin. Treat Capsaicin cream the same way you would treat eating hot chile. Put sour cream, yogurt, or any other thick, milk based product on it to settle the heat. I swear by capsaicin cream for pain. I use it on my back, hip, arthritic knee, just about anywhere that hurts. When I 1st used it I would feel like my skin was very hot but you actually start to get used to the heat.”

10 / 10
Rick · Taken for less than 1 month October 12, 2019

Capsagel Maximum Strength (capsaicin) for Pain: “I have Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in my left wrist and have been taking methotrexate for a year. I have been using capsicium cream for a couple of months, a very small amount rubbed into the effected area and can’t believe the response.... it’s great, I get a slight burning sensation a couple of hours after I put the cream on but otherwise no pain from the cream. My specialist said to reduce from 20mg methotrexate a week down to 10 but this week I am going to rely solely on the cream and see what far so good”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 13, 2020

For Pain: “I used this per my Oncologist for neuropathy in my feet caused by chemo. NEVER EVER WILL I USE THIS AGAIN ! I have been up all night trying to wash this off. The burning sensation is unbearable. Feels like my toes are roasting on a fire. This cream should be sold by prescription only so the patient is definitely warned about the burning sensation”

1 / 10
Sarah S · Taken for less than 1 month March 18, 2018

Zostrix (capsaicin) for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: “I had severe diabetic neuropathy that even 600 mg of gabapentin couldn't touch. I tried this cream once, had no burning side affects at all, just a slight warm sensation. It worked so well that I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months. I now use it 3-4 times a day. Unbelievable results for me. I swear by this stuff. I went from not being able to have any blankets or breezes on my feet to sleeping with however many blankets and fans I want!”

10 / 10
lifelover November 8, 2011

For Osteoarthritis: “I'm a 57 year old female with moderate - severe osteoarthritis of the hip and back. I have been using Capsaicin gel for 2 weeks and the pain has subsided tremendously. Experienced burning sensation the first day only. It has given me back parts of my reason for living.”

9 / 10
Sunshine · Taken for less than 1 month October 16, 2018

Capzasin-P (capsaicin) for Pain: “I used Capzasin hp creme on my ankle and knee after a hard days work. This creme has me on fire, and there is no relief. I tried washing it off, and it only made it worse. I have redness, swelling and feel like my skin is on fire! And there is no relief! I do not recommend anyone to use this creme. It only causes more pain!”

1 / 10
methuzalem September 20, 2014

For Postherpetic Neuralgia: “I am a Dutchman (82), living in The Hague. My Post herpetic neuralgia dates from about 3 months ago. My physician prescribed 3 kinds of tablets (tramadol, carbamazepine and paracetamol) which gave relief to some extent. Thereupon I searched "PHN" on internet and found capsaicin and, on this website. I asked for an additional prescription of capsaicin (0.075 %) which I now apply 4 times a day. I feel 90% back to normal and I too can say: Got my life back!”

9 / 10
Kaye July 17, 2019

Capzasin-HP (capsaicin) for Pain: “My Dr recommend this and said he uses it himself Well I bought the product and applied it at 7:00 a.m. and now it's been 15 hrs later and my back is literally on fire I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this product I've tried cold shower Ice , anything cold and yet I'm on fire”

1 / 10
Fibromite and back injury · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 1, 2013

For Pain: “I began using Capsaicin-HP for severe pain from by neck to top of my buttocks caused by fibromyalgia. I found it to decrease my pain as much or better than non-narcotic oral medications. Then I had an injury to my back which required a lumbar spinal fusion at L5-S1. Capsaicin again helped my pain incredibly. I applied everyday 2 to 4 times a day before surgery and then limited used to areas of neck and back away from incision until site healed, then resumed use over entire back. It does get very "hot" at times, but I learned not to focus on that and realized that was the time it seemed to be removing pain the best. I am a nurse and eventually learned to allow it to "heat" which typically lasts about 30 min and I got the best results.”

9 / 10
musicalspirit July 19, 2010

Capzasin-HP (capsaicin) for Osteoarthritis: “I prefer the initial pain of application than the pain in my spine, hip, and legs. Be careful going out in the sun, even the day after application some residual effects will be felt. Wear latex or plastic gloves when applying and wash your hands after applying. If you touch a part of your body that has capzasin on it, be sure to rewash your hands and DO NOT touch your eyes without washing your hands!”

6 / 10
Gracie99 July 19, 2016

For Osteoarthritis: “I used capsaicin for relief of neck pain (eventually resolved by surgery) & now for very painful arthritic knees. It was very effective for the neck pain AFTER i slowly built up to effective dose. Currently trying to reach therapeutic level for knees -- slow going due to hot weather & sweating. Capsaicin can cause very bad burning pain if it gets wet during bathing or sweating before one has built tolerance. In fact, i swore off it twice due to agonizing burning before learning to manage the early months of use much more carefully & start low & slow (as I'm doing now with knees). However it's a great pain treatment once you learn to use it carefully & build tolerance. Wash hands twice or use gloves to avoid possible eye contact!”

6 / 10

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