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User Reviews for Progesterone

Also known as: Prometrium, Cyclogest, Endometrin, Crinone, Milprosa, Gestone First Progesterone MC10 First Progesterone MC5

Progesterone has an average rating of 6.6 out of 10 from a total of 64 ratings on 51% of those users who reviewed Progesterone reported a positive effect, while 20% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Seizures  Off-label 10.0
1 reviews 52 medications
Endometrial Hyperplasia, Prophylaxis   8.5
3 reviews 16 medications
Gender Dysphoria  Off-label 8.5
2 reviews 6 medications
Progesterone Insufficiency   7.2
23 reviews 10 medications
Premature Labor   6.8
6 reviews 15 medications
Uterine Bleeding   6.0
7 reviews 10 medications
Perimenopausal Symptoms   5.9
14 reviews 12 medications
Amenorrhea   5.8
6 reviews 33 medications
Endometriosis  Off-label 4.0
2 reviews 102 medications
Summary of Progesterone reviews 6.6 64 reviews

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Reviews for Progesterone

Cyberpunk · Taken for less than 1 month December 1, 2020

For Perimenopausal Symptoms: “I got a hormone test and have low progesterone and high estrogen. I am 48 years young. My new menopause doctor put me on 100 mg of progesterone but I didn't like the side effects. I was really tired and my period started up again. I went off it and feel better. I think I am going natural because I don't think there is a medical reason for taking this. I'm afraid to tell my doctor because I was pressured into it. Nine years ago I took a Depo shot, 15 mins later I fell on my knees on the sidewalk in nyc in a skirt and couldn't stand up for 20 mins. A group of Dominican men called an ambulance for me. The EMS gave me water and I went home. I proceeded to bleed for 3 months after. They also had to give me calcium because it caused bone loss. I'm not saying this is the same, but it is progesterone and unless I have a life threatening illness that requires hormone replacement I think I'm going natural.”

1 / 10
Sadie December 1, 2020

For Amenorrhea: “Ultimate point: progesterone makes me self harm and have suicidal tendencies. I have been on Progesterone three different times. For two years as a teen, I attempted suicide three times. (Depo provera once monthly shot) I didn’t put the pieces together then. For three months at age 22 (Depo provera 3 month shot) Instantly I realized that Depo was the cause and vowed to never take it again. 1.5 years from age 23-25 I was put on the Progesterone only mini-pill. I didn’t realize that Depo and Progesterone were the same drug. I attempted suicide for the fourth time. I’ve since been permanently surgically sterilized.”

1 / 10
PL · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 27, 2020

For Progesterone Insufficiency: “I have a progesterone insufficiency and one of its main symptoms is insomnia. Prometrium is too expensive in the US and the doc switched me to the Bionpharma generic. Unfortunately this is not natural progesterone but rather a progestin. After struggling with insomnia for weeks, I had to order actual progesterone from a compounding pharmacy. Now I am finally back to sleeping 8 hrs per night. My understanding is that US companies no longer use natural progesterone in their generics, so compounding pharmacies are the only viable alternative.”

10 / 10
Lois Lane · Taken for less than 1 month November 10, 2020

For Perimenopausal Symptoms: “This medicine smells strongly chemical and made me bleed for weeks. I had to switch to Dr. Reddit’s brand. Would not recommend. 200mg I had to pay $100 out of my own money because my insurance had already paid for this one. But I really didn't like it so much, I paid for the Dr. Reddy’s.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month October 23, 2020

Prometrium (progesterone) for Uterine Bleeding: “I am on 200mg Prometrium due to uterus bleeding and enlarged uterus wall. Other than the bleeding I had no post menopause issues (I am 57 with high estrogen levels). After 2 days of taking medication bleeding stopped - great! After a few more days I started gaining weight, breast tenderness, breast enlarging, very strange dreams every night, very tired during the day although I sleep at least 8 hours now, bad headaches. Too many side effects for me. I went to my naturopathic doctor to do detailed hormone tests. Result = extreme high progesterone level. Make sure you get your hormones tested before taking the medication!”

3 / 10
Fem54BayArea · Taken for less than 1 month October 2, 2020

Prometrium (progesterone) for Perimenopausal Symptoms: “I developed severe tinnitus and after 1 week couldn't take generic progesterone for Prometrium any more.”

1 / 10
Beck · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 20, 2020

Prometrium (progesterone) for Amenorrhea: “I had a uterine ablation 4 years ago at age 46 that failed. The Dr encouraged hysterectomy but my research scared me to so continued to research other options. I learned about prometrium and asked the Dr if I could try it after birth control pills and progestin failed. The Dr said it would not work and she ended up being so wrong. Prometrium gave me my life back and stopped my heavy periods. I have lost weight and feel like myself. I went off of prometrium for about a year but need to go back on at age 50 because I believe the weight loss changed my hormones again. What makes me upset is that 2 OB GYN doctors never told me about prometrium and I suffered in pain and became severely depressed and anemic for several years. Ladies do your research! Healthcare in the US is profit driven and the wellbeing of patients is secondary in my opinion.”

10 / 10
Stephie · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 2, 2020

Prometrium (progesterone) for Perimenopausal Symptoms: “I started taking 200 mg day 14-28 of my cycle. My Dr had me combine it with a progesterone cream. My breasts became bigger and much more tender. I began steadily gaining weight up 7 lbs now. I am going to go off the prometrium and go back to the cream only and see of the sore breasts and weight gain subside. The cream worked well for in the past not sure why my Doc felt I needed both the cream and the pill. I do feel progesterone is wonderful for reducing mood swings and food cravings. That issue is all but abolished when I'm on the progesterones I just am obviously not a fan of the weight gain. So if the goal of the medicine is to increase progesterone levels and decrease mood IS effective .”

6 / 10
Mini June 13, 2020

For Amenorrhea: “I’ve been taking this progesterone pill for nine days orally. The first few days were fine, just had a bit of nausea. Then around my 5th night when I took it at night, about an hour and a half later I had dizziness and felt like I was in another world. It feels like laughing gas. I also am noticing bloating and on the next day headaches. It also makes me have mood swings once the dizziness has left my body. It makes me very tired, and I sleep great. I’ve had these symptoms since then. No sign of bleeding since then and I am not sure if it will work for me. But it says if you have these symptoms you will get results so I’m hopeful.”

5 / 10
Danielle · Taken for less than 1 month May 2, 2020

Prometrium (progesterone) for Perimenopausal Symptoms: “After 8 days on this medication I was having full blown panic attacks. I was on 200 mg daily. This is a horrible side effect just want people to know about. It may not do that to everyone but if you have ever had anxiety in the past be careful on your dosage.”

K March 18, 2020

For Gender Dysphoria: “My gender clinic doctor recommended that I take a progesterone only based birth control pill to stop my period before and while I start testosterone. I’ve been on it for about a week and I’ve had spontaneous bleeding even though I started the pill at the very end of my cycle. I’m also getting really tired during the day and having a hard time staying asleep at night.”

7 / 10
Cupcake · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 11, 2020

For Endometriosis: “Took this medication progesterone post hysterectomy for endometriosis. Made me very drowsy, so was forced to take at night. Also caused extreme depression and fatigue, with groggy feeling in morning. Felt like I wasn't getting enough sleep. Completely got rid of my sex drive, couldn't even get turned on. Stopped talking after a month and feel much better without it.”

1 / 10
Cessibaby · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 8, 2020

For Premature Labor: “I began having pre term labor contractions at 20 weeks. After being discharged from the hospital the contractions continued I researched and saw that progesterone had helped some women maintain pregnancies so I suggested this to my doctor and began taking once a day. (Annoyed that I had to suggest it instead of my doctor but that’s the medical establishment). I continued to have contractions for the next months and went to the hospital several more times but since I wasn’t dialating or losing blood or fluids I wasn’t in active labor. I did have my daughter at 32 weeks but I credit progesterone for helping us make it that far. Despite being premature she is healthy and catching up quick! I would strongly recommend for pre term labor contractions!”

Jules · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 24, 2019

For Progesterone Insufficiency: “I’ve had a complete hysterectomy & am doing bio identical HRT therapy pellets on October 16th. Unfortunately progesterone has to be taken in pill form. I’m on 100mg at night. I looked at my RX just now & it’s the generic form from the manufacturer Akron. I’ve been having severe stomach cramps, back & rib pain, sneezing, itching and the crazy vivid dreams. I also am having anxiety to the point I can’t form words sometimes. I’m sincerely hoping that it’s just a matter of switching manufactures of the medication, because I absolutely need progesterone. Even with all these side effects, it is finally helping get rid of my hot flashes, mood swings & most importantly I’m getting my libido back. Not to mention it’s helping to pull me up ever so much out of this major depression I’ve been in for years. I go back to my doctor in a week to get bloodwork for my hormone level check, so he can do some fine tuning. Will update”

7 / 10
DeeColette October 21, 2019

For Perimenopausal Symptoms: “HRT has been a God send for me. I was recently diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Experienced very painful abdominal discomfort monthly and had very few cycles. HRT was recommended as a low risk starting point for treatment. I sought an all natural organic product that was easy to incorporate into my daily routine. After much research a friend suggested a product and I am feeling better than I have in a really long time. I am using a cream on certain days of my cycle each month and the pain has subsided and my cycle has regulated itself. I am 54 and in perimenopausal and the symptoms of this are minimal as well. I am more than pleased with this treatment and highly recommend it as a low side effect starting point. Using a product that contains a therapeutic amount of progesterone is important for maximum benefit. I am hoping I found a long term solution, because I feel sooo much relief and comfort each month using this HRT cream.”

10 / 10
Jules · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 11, 2019

For Progesterone Insufficiency: “I get freaky and can't remember what happened the next morning!”

10 / 10
Stat5150 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 21, 2019

Prometrium (progesterone) for Progesterone Insufficiency: “I was given prometrium 100mg vaginal inserts 14 days out of the month along with estradiol patch 1mg for post menopausal symptoms. Prior to taking the prometrium, I was sleeping poorly and had stubborn weight around the belly I couldn't get rid of. After menopause, my figure changed and I gained a total of 10 lbs. Well...miraculously in a month on these, I lost 7 of those pounds! I am sleeping really well. Almost too much but maybe I needed it. My post menopause pants are getting too loose now and I think I'll have to unpack my high-rise jeans. Yay for prometrium!”

8 / 10
Lena July 16, 2019

For Progesterone Insufficiency: “On June 30, 2019 the pharmacy filled my prescription with a new generic drug from the manufacturer Akorn, for micronized progesterone 100 mg capsules, I take 300 mg each night. The generic for Prometrium from Akorn manufacturer-generic micronized progesterone, I started itching, now I am itching head to toe, also, I started having headaches and dizziness. I started having strange vivid dreams, not sleeping well, increased hot flashes. I have been taking Prometrium for many years, including other generics without any problems. I decided to stop taking the Akorn manufacturer generic micronized progesterone 100 mg capsules, and request a new prescription of Prometrium. The FDA wrote two warning letters to Akorn in 02/2018 and 06/2019, at the same plants where the medication was made. It may be contaminated with unknown foreign substances. My co-pay after insurance for a 90 day supply was $241.24 -for quantity of 270 capsules, 100 mg each. Very expensive for a generic that harmed me!”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month July 13, 2019

Prometrium (progesterone): “I am 21 years old & in about 2 months gained 30 pounds although I worked out consistently & kept a clean diet. In addition I wasn’t sleeping, was retaining so much water I could not wear rings, & had horrific mood swings. However, my main problem was that I could no longer breathe, just speaking or walking felt like a marathon. For 8 months I have had an endless nightmare of appointments & tests with different medical specialist with no answers. After loss of all hope, I finally decided to see a hormone specialist. Because of a mild progesterone deficiency she recommended Prometrium for 6 weeks. I have been on 200 mg. of Prometrium for two weeks now & after only 3 days I started noticing my water retention lessening & I could breathe again! I can now workout better than I ever have been able to in my life, I sleep well, my stress levels are down, & my mood swings have subsided. This medication may have saved my life. Get your hormones checked!”

10 / 10
Laulee June 27, 2019

For Progesterone Insufficiency: “I started generic Prometrium for 10 days (for Premature menopause) then stopped because I broke out with itchy red bumps on my arms & legs. And, I still got hot flashes. When I stopped taking the progesterone (200mg at night) I started getting foggy brain again and terrible face aches and headaches. I restarted the generic Prometrium after a 5 day hiatus & after the red itchy bumps dried up. Now that I take the 200mg again no more head or face aches, and mild hot flashes finally disappeared. However, I continue to have vivid exhausting dreams every night that I take this. My sleep is NOT deep or restful. It is night after night of lucid, unwanted crazy dreams. This is an unreported side effect- I read other women experienced this, too. Also I get tiny somewhat itchy bumps under the skin on both of my hands. I wonder if the brand name Prometrium would have these bad effects on me as well...”

6 / 10
kat June 17, 2019

For Perimenopausal Symptoms: “Does anyone else have a problem taking the 100mg (red, round gel ball) capsule made by Akorn inc? I find the capsule keeps sticking to the sides of my throat. It really bothers me so I am going to see if there is another brand.”

4 / 10
nightOwl March 18, 2019

For Progesterone Insufficiency: “Just four times a year? I'll take it. I need this Rx because I am on an estrogen patch for severe menopause symptoms. My dose is intra-vaginally, 200 mg, every other night for 12 nights, every 3 months - so 4 times per year. I never forget it because I begin my regimen at the start of each season. This method of progesterone by far right easiest method to tolerate for me. I won't use these hormones forever, but for right now, they help. The first few days, I get mild PMS symptoms - to be expected - then usually begin menstruating, which means it did its job. The PMS rises and falls with stress levels and other issues. I manage it by doubling my exercise routine, adding meditation; - high stress levels drive many PMS symptoms. I also switched to a Mediterranean diet a few years ago. I strongly recommend these things as they have a proven record of reducing PMS symptoms.”

8 / 10
Nic · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 8, 2018

Crinone (progesterone) for Progesterone Insufficiency: “I used it for IVF/Frozen Embryo Transfer. I’m due with our baby any day now, it was super easy and convenient to use. I’d much rather do this than a intra-muscular shot into the butt every day.”

10 / 10
Yogi · Taken for less than 1 month October 17, 2018

For Uterine Bleeding: “I was prescribed progesterone by my GYN for unusual, post menopause spotting coupled with the thickening of my uterine lining. He said it might reduce the uterine lining. Mine is 16 mm and normal is about 4 mm. He did not say how this drug would achieve this. I do not know if the lining will evaporate or if I will have a period. I have been on it for 30 days and the spotting has stopped. I will now have a vaginal ultrasound to see how thick the lining is. I can't imagine it would be thinner because how would that happen if there was no period. I give the drug high points because I slept really well and there were no odd symptoms, no breast tenderness, no real dizziness. I took it at bedtime of course.”

8 / 10
Missy · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 12, 2018

Prometrium (progesterone) for Perimenopausal Symptoms: “I’m 46, perimenopausal, regular periods. I had very bad PMS and sore breasts for 2 weeks before period, and a serious inability to lose weight. I started this 3 months ago and I’m down 8 pounds, sleeping better and PMS is way better although it took the full 3 months for it to start helping. Now weighing 140 pounds at 5’7. I was very worried about weight gain on this, but it was opposite for me! I take 100mg at bedtime and stop it for 7 days during my period. I also started on Estro support (DIM) to lower estrogen as well. That also made a huge difference! Get your hormones tested so you know exactly what’s going on in your body!”

10 / 10

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