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User Reviews for Progesterone to treat Perimenopausal Symptoms

Also known as: Prometrium, Crinone, Endometrin, Cyclogest, Progest, Menopause Formula Progesterone, First Progesterone MC10, First Progesterone MC5, Gestone, Prochieve

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Progesterone Rating Summary

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7.6/10 Average Rating
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Reviews for Progesterone

kat June 17, 2019

"Does anyone else have a problem taking the 100mg (red, round gel ball) capsule made by Akorn inc? I find the capsule keeps sticking to the sides of my throat. It really bothers me so I am going to see if there is another brand."

Missy · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 12, 2018

Prometrium (progesterone): "I’m 46, perimenopausal, regular periods. I had very bad PMS and sore breasts for 2 weeks before period, and a serious inability to lose weight. I started this 3 months ago and I’m down 8 pounds, sleeping better and PMS is way better although it took the full 3 months for it to start helping. Now weighing 140 pounds at 5’7. I was very worried about weight gain on this, but it was opposite for me! I take 100mg at bedtime and stop it for 7 days during my period. I also started on Estro support (DIM) to lower estrogen as well. That also made a huge difference! Get your hormones tested so you know exactly what’s going on in your body!"

61778 September 24, 2017

"I take progesterone 100mg one a day and estradiol 1mg one a day. I have bad headaches, and start bleeding again when my period stop almost 2 years ago. My hot flashes slowed down but still there. Am I suppose to do these things? I need to know more from someone who takes those meds."

Beachmom1974 December 23, 2016

Prometrium (progesterone): "I'm 42 years old and perimenopause has taken over my life. My estrogen dominance was so bad that for 8 whole days before I even started my period I was almost bed ridden. My breasts were so sore, it was as if they were engorged and I, at times, felt a low grade fever coming on. I have a 21 day cycle. I have one week a month that I felt pretty OK... Only one week a month!! Went to the Obgyn and begged for help. I'm now day 5 on prometrium. So far my head is clear, no boob pain, I'm awake not tired, not hungery either. I do have some uterine cramps every afternoon for some reason. I can't wait to see how my whole cycle will be. So far so good, very happy."

Ms. G · Taken for less than 1 month June 4, 2013

"I am a 51 year old woman diagnosed with fibroids and have experience very heavy bleeding. With the added issue of the pre-menopausal symptoms I felt like I was losing my mind. Have been taking Progesterone 200mg for about a week and I haven't felt this good in years. No more cloudy head, joint pains and night sweats are almost gone. Best part is I'm not craving junk food and sweets.. So far so good, no weird side effects. This is the best!"

Lorijita April 22, 2012

"I am soon to be 49 and I was feeling so bad, hotflashes, 30 pounds of weight gain in 2 yrs, insomnia, foggy brain and a very large appetite, to name a few right but saw a doctor (alternative) and he did blood work and found my testosterone was so low and my progestin. So I now take a small dose of testosterone cream and 200 mg of natural progestin and can I tell you I feel like I did in my 30's. Use progestin at night, testosterone in the morning. I have lost 12 pds in about 40 days and it continues to fall off. Sleeping like a baby, no hot flashes and I think more clearly and my memory is awesome too. I do take a lot of supplements that work with the hormones. "

Anonymous May 18, 2011

Prometrium (progesterone): "I take this medicine in conjunction with applications of divigel "

kbehunin November 12, 2010

Prometrium (progesterone): "Taking it at 100 mg. Didn't like the dizzy feeling. Started taking it at night, much better but I feel it building up in my system over time. I wish I could take half or 3/4 as much but it is not available in those doses. I have absorption issues and the liquid form is great except I can't cut it in half. I do like what it does for my thinking, digestion, emotions etc but over time irritability, heavy-dreaming, pregnant-like feeling build-up. I am a small woman about 110lbs, 5 feet and wish smaller doses were available. A little bit goes a long way."