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User Reviews for Loratadine (Page 3)

Also known as: Claritin, Alavert, Allergy Relief Tablets, Claritin Reditabs, Claritin 24 Hour Allergy, Wal-itin, Allergy Relief 24 Hour, Help I Have Allergies, ohm Allergy Relief, Children's Claritin Allergy, Children's Allergy Relief 24 Hour, Vicks QlearQuil All Day & All Night 24 Hour Allergy Relief, Clear-Atadine, Loratadine Reditab, Clear-Atadine Children's, Bactimicina Allergy, Tavist ND …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
9 reviews 189 medications
Allergic Rhinitis
57 reviews 894 medications
Allergic Reactions
5 reviews 188 medications
Summary of Loratadine reviews 5.7 71 reviews

Reviews for Loratadine

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 10, 2012

Children's Claritin Allergy (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "It works great for my son. It's convenient when we are camping. We don't have to go looking for a spoon, no measuring. He takes one and he feels better than when he takes two spoonfuls of the liquid and he's proud of himself cause he can get it for himself with supervision."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 13, 2012

Claritin 24 Hour Allergy (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Clairitin is the only medicine that works for me. I have very high pollen counts in my area and have always suffered sinus infections. I started taking Claritin 24 about 10 days ago and I feel clear! Just bought a 30 day supply."

Beeradlee January 25, 2012

For Urticaria: "I take one Loratadine per day for dermographism. It reduces itching substantially, but does not decrease the appearance of the rash. The effectiveness of one pill seems to last longer than 24 hours... typically I don't notice itching until about 36 hours after taking a pill."

Anonymous October 13, 2011

For Allergic Rhinitis: "I took 1 tab a day for 2 weeks. Blood pressure was somewhat low for me and I take blood pressure medicines.I did have very dry eyes, so my contacts were giving me problems. I stopped tabs and about third day my eyes are not near as dry. Other than drying of the eyes tablets seem to work for my allergy."

Aylesbury August 1, 2011

For Allergic Rhinitis: "I found this helpful in relieving the excess production of mucous and the resultant post-nasal drip which caused an irritating and continuous need to cough up phlegm. However I have not been using it for very long (3 weeks at 1 tablet per day taken in the morning) and twice have experienced light-headedness requiring me to hang onto something and to sit or lie down before I fall down. I normally have fairly low blood pressure but not sufficient to feel I am about to faint."

Anonymous May 17, 2011

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Helps for the first day, then symptoms return. Starting Zyrtec now."

MrsGold310 April 19, 2011

Children's Claritin Allergy (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Claritin Children's Allergy 10 Chewable Tablet — I am a Buzz agent and recieved a sample of this to try. It say's children's but 2 pills has the same amount of Loratadine as 1 regular claritin. So, I decided ( since I have horrible allergies) I'd try it. It tastes great! It was also very fast acting. Withing 20 minutes my nose was clear. My throat isn't itchy at all. I know it says it's for kids, but I think I might start taking this. It makes taking a medication I have to take more enjoyable!"

Anonymous February 23, 2011

For Allergic Rhinitis: "It took about a week of daily doses for loratadine to start affecting my allergies, but after that, it was great. If I stop taking it, symptoms return after 2-3 days. This is not a short-term fix drug. Try it at daily for at least 2 weeks before you decide if it works for you."

wallywetlake November 18, 2010

For Allergic Rhinitis: "For a year or two my daughter and I have been using the generic, non-drowsy, version of this medicine. We use it to treat allergies, both seasonal and year-round. It is not always one hundred percent effective for the worst attacks, but it is very often successful, and best of all, it does not cause drowsiness. This is very important to us. "

Anonymous August 8, 2010

For Urticaria: "I have been using generic loratadine for two weeks for itching and burning due to sunlight and becoming overheated. It works well but I do feel somewhat drowsy and unmotivated. I am sleeping much better than I usually do and recalling many more dreams which are generally quite pleasant."

Wendover June 14, 2010

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "This is the 2nd time in a month that I have suffered from dizziness and fatigue after taking Claritin. My blood pressure has dropped to 96/58 which is low even for me. I have always had lower than normal blood pressure. I last took Claritin on Thursday morning and this is Monday and can finally stand up without feeling dizzy."

Anonymous June 4, 2010

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Didn't do much for my allergies. "

Anonymous November 17, 2009

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "I took Claritin on two occasions to alleviate stuffy head colds and runny nose. I took 2 pills, one each on successive days about a month apart, and a day after taking them experienced both times a bloody nose. I am an older adult and haven't had a bloody nose since I was a child."

billy killer August 24, 2009

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Slow to get going but lasts forever when activated."

Anonymous August 5, 2009

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "I have taken Claritin for a number of years now. I have year round allergies and severe in season. I only take this when needed - I am not the take it as a preventative type. My experience is that Claritin is effective if taken on an empty stomach and when my allergies are on the mild to moderate side. If they are severe, it does not help."

Anonymous June 6, 2009

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Claritin seems to help for the first 2-3 day, but loses all effectiveness for me beyond that. All symptoms return."

craig764 May 24, 2009

For Allergic Rhinitis: "Phenomenal medication for allergies especially this year and the past few years have gotten worse and worse. This is the only relieving medication I've found and is available over the counter. Also if you take other medications this seems to be much better and more compatible without interactions and is non-drowsy. Claritin (Loratadine) wins in my book."

jonryan April 11, 2009

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "I have tried it more than once. It was as if I took nothing. No help from taking it."

Anonymous April 7, 2009

Claritin (loratadine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Works great, no side effects."

Anonymous September 19, 2008

Claritin Hives Relief (loratadine) for Urticaria: "I have chronic hives and experience swelling of my lips. I've been taking Claritin Hives Relief for 7 days and have not had one break out. I've tried benedryl for months and found no relief. One Claritin a day and I'm free of hives."

Anonymous July 2, 2008

Claritin Hives Relief (loratadine) for Urticaria: "This works fantastic for those who have allergic reactions to mosquitos and other insect bites. Both my daughter and I swell (3-5" plus) from mosquitos. Benadryl doesn't seem to work very well. However, in the summer we take 1 pill per day and it minimizes the swelling and itch. Yes, I've discussed this with a doctor and he was the one who recommended taking a pill a day beforehand."

NickR March 28, 2008

For Allergic Rhinitis: "This drug is very useful because it works well without any dizziness / fogginess. Works well with my eye allergies."

DrHow2 June 13, 2007

For Allergic Rhinitis: "In regards to Loratadine... the symptoms for overdose are absolutely correct. I have seasonal allergies and was trying a new (for me) over-the-counter drug. I thought it was like most other allergy drugs I had used so I took as needed. Six tablets in an 8 hour span was an OD and I got bad headaches, extreme sleepiness and dizziness(the next day), heartbeat seemed OK. My breathing and runny nose seemed to be pretty good though. I dont suggest using more than described on the bottle."

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