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User Reviews for Lisinopril to treat High Blood Pressure (Page 2)

Also known as: Zestril, Prinivil, Qbrelis

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Lisinopril Rating Summary

User Ratings
14% (62)
12% (53)
8% (35)
6% (26)
5% (24)
8% (35)
6% (25)
6% (28)
8% (38)
28% (127)
5.0/10 Average Rating
453 ratings from 498 user reviews

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Reviews for Lisinopril

medsmaynotbegood December 10, 2019

“Prescribed isinopril for borderline High Blood Pressure 10mg. Initially left me feeling very weak and extremely lethargic and sleepy/tired. Back to doc for follow up, they advise this was my body adjusting and getting used to blood pressure being in a normal range. Blood pressure better, but wow the side effects were not good at all. Side effects were heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, generally feeling of being unwell and sick. Flu like symptoms and over production of phlegm, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Discharge in my eyes and lessened my quality of life. At 25 day mark I decided to try cutting pills in half, to wean myself off. The first day off I was already starting to feel better. After coming off, some days I've felt decent, but still struggle with the withdrawal side effects. The cough, and nausea. I've changed my diet for the better and only drink water. Glad to find message boards to share this info to let others they are not alone.”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 8, 2019

“Had taken Lisinopril 4 over a year without problems. Yesterday I took it and my lip started to get a blister. Thinking it was a cold sore didn’t think much about it. But as time went on my lips, chin, inside of my mouth was raw swollen including my cheeks! Started feeling like my throat was closing up, went to Dr. immediately gave me cortisone and told me to stop it!! Knew it was an anaphylactic reaction b4 I said a word!! My bottom have of my face is swollen red, blustery still, but better. Gave me 2 different types of meds to take. Will be seeing my cardiologist next week for different b/p med. so be aware having an anaphylactic reaction doesn’t always happens when u begin a new med!!”

1 / 10
MrsHighbp · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 24, 2019

“I take Lisinopril 20mg 2x a day. It has saved my life. My BP is now regulated and has slowed the hardening of my heart walls. This med is good for me and I've only experienced one side affect dizziness occasionally.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 30, 2019

“Been taking lisinopril for 5 months and been having a lot of bowel movements. Also my arms and hands and legs going numb. Blurred vision, back pain and now sciatica for over a month. Had an MRI done and it shows the fluid in between the discs is low causing my back and left leg to be numb and in pain. Been in bed from this for a month now. I believe I am very dehydrated from the pill so I am stopping it to see if I get better”

2 / 10
jrhoja · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 28, 2019

“I have been taking 10 mg lisinopril for BP for a few months after trying a few others which gave me terrible back pain. My back pain on lisinopril is bearable, but the dry cough and runny nose have become intolerable. 3 days ago, I started taking 3 teaspoons of organic Apple cider vinegar (with the Mother included) with lukewarm water in the morning, and it seems to eliminate a lot of the phlegm in my lungs, thus less coughing and hacking. If this keeps on working, will continue with lisinopril, otherwise I will have to try some other medication. It's the nitric oxide produced by this pill that irritates the lungs, apparently. I wish the pharmaceutical companies would take this into consideration.”

5 / 10
dislikeofpharmaceuticals · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 25, 2019

“Developed the dry cough after a month on lisinopril and it progressed for the next 2 months to the point I am vomiting as soon as I cough. No one mentioned to me to be aware of the side effect of the "dry cough" Now everyone I talk to knows someone that this has happened to.”

1 / 10
Frustrated · Taken for less than 1 month October 23, 2019

“This medicine was horrible. It immediately gave me neck, back and shoulder tightness and discomfort. I couldn't breathe fully on it, so I was unable to exercise like normal. And worse, it did not lower my BP. In fact, it seemed to have the reverse affect. I got off this in a week. I hear others do well on this drug, but it surely did not work for me.”

1 / 10
Mr. HBP October 17, 2019

“Here's my experience with lisinopril. Took it for about a month and had a pain going from the side of my head down to my left finger tips. BP would be good sometimes but shoot up when I went to the doctor (possible white coat syndrome but it wouldn't go down much) and heart rate would be elevated 90's to low 100's resting. Switched to coreg 12.5 mg a day with lexapro 5 mg to lower anxiety. Pain went away and lowered heart rate but stopped the lexapro after third night because I felt hot and trouble sleeping but maybe should have stuck with it. Coreg would work somewhat but BP could go up if I felt the slightest bit anxious or angry. Dumped my doctor and switched to a new one. New doc prescribed 50 mg of metoprolol and back to the 5mg lexapro to help the shakes and anxiety. Start the metoprolol tomorrow and lexapro a couple days later so hopefully this works. Lisinopril may work for you but definitely not for me.”

1 / 10
Pete · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 16, 2019

“I've been taking Lisinopril 4 years now. Went to get a tooth pulled one day. The dentist had his assistant take my blood pressure prior. It was 230/140. I got asked a bunch of questions, given meds and sent to see a doctor. Started with 5mg of Lisinopril. The following week 5 mg of amlodopine was added. The following week it went to 10 and 5. Eventually it was at 20mg Lisinopril and 10mg amlodopine. I've been taking the 20mg Lisinopril for over two years now. A year ago my doctor took me off of the amlodopine. Since first starting meds I've also lost 60 pounds (not because of the meds). But of my own fruition. I must say aside from the initial 2 weeks of cough, my experience has been pretty good. I maintain a 119/70 bp and am actually thinking of asking my doctor to reduce my dose to 10mg.”

10 / 10
Jim · Taken for 10 years or more September 19, 2019

“Have been using Lisinopril 10 mg for 30 years. One doctor increased it to 20 mg and added HZTZ. Stomach pain and dizzy if I bent over. Went to new Dr and told him my symptoms. He switched me back to 10 mg and dropped the HZTZ. Symptoms went away and BP stays in the 130/70 range. Sometimes a little higher and sometimes lower. I am 70 and have always been borderline but never in the danger zone. It works for me.”

9 / 10
Elsie · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 10, 2019

“I was on LIsinopril for total of 6 months, with constant disruptive cough, horrific sputum and spitting. MD said keep taking it because it "was not Lisinopril". However a chest x-ray 3 months before starting it was entirely negative. A chest x-ray taken after 6 months on Lisinopril showed inflammation, scarring, and nodules. I took myself off Lisinopril and the coughing and spitting stopped after 4 days. But I am still left with permanent lung scarring and nodules that need followup. And doctors who still say it is not Lisinopril. Why?”

1 / 10
CT · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 30, 2019

“I've been on 20mg of lisinopril for several years now. I found that it significantly reduced my BP at each doctors visit, so I was happy with that for a while. I've had some stomach issues for a while now, as well as a cough that didn't go away. Just nagging, not constant. I also had dry patches of skin on my forehead. I decided to research the side effects since I was on no other meds. After my research, I stopped the lisinopril on my own. After about 1 week, my stomach feels better, my cough is gone, and my skin is clearing up. I also feel more energetic and not as "down" as I had been feeling. I'll take my chances without it.”

5 / 10
Candy · Taken for 10 years or more August 29, 2019

“Had adverse reaction and MD discontinued it 's use. Maintained a b/p of 106 to 108 over 79.”

10 / 10
Shopper August 25, 2019

“I've used the Lisinopril for about 3-4 weeks. My BP didn't go down much, but the main problem was the side effects. Horrendous coughing episodes, nasty bitter taste in my mouth and ringing in the ears. I connect all of these to this med because nothing else can be accountable since I started taking it along with the research I have done on it. I told my doctor just 2 days ago that I will not take it any longer and she changed my BP meds to another brand. Will be getting the new one within the next 2 days but I am totally off of the Lisinopril.”

1 / 10
LALA · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 18, 2019

Prinivil (lisinopril): “Went to see doctor for edema in lower legs had BP 148/98. Prescribed 20mg. Been taking it for a little over a month. Only side effect is nearly blacking out when I stand up to fast. Swelling took a few weeks to go away and BP is stabilized around 101/82. This is the first time ever taking an ACE inhibitor. I lost aound 8lbs of excess fluid as well. Paternal family history of high BP. 40yr old female”

Zartan August 15, 2019

“I've been taking Lisinopril for 4 years. I did have a slight dry cough when I started, but it's mostly gone. However, two years ago I developed a pain in my abdomen on the left side about 10th rib. It would come and go, but it was always there. It's been more less constant for two years. And for two years my doctor's have ignored my please for help, and one nurse practitioner said, "what do you want me to do about it". I finally read about angioedema of the small bowl causing pain. So I stopped taking the Lisinopril and the pain immediately went away after 3 days. While on Lisinopril and amlodipine I never got my BP below 130/80 consistently. So I wonder if they are really worth it? Living in constant pain. I also blame the fact that I'm on Medicaid and believe I get sub par health Care. My doctor never questioned the possibility that my pain was from the meds. His standard line was the pain you have is worth the risk. I don't think so.”

5 / 10
AB · Taken for less than 1 month August 6, 2019

“I have had high blood pressure since I was a teenager. My Drs have determined it's just genetics and something I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life. I've tried multiple medications since I was a teen and I was recently put on lisinopril with a water pill. It works. There are some side effects but nothing major for me and the important thing is my blood pressure hasn't been this low since I was a kid.”

Bp · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 3, 2019

“It works great for lowering blood pressure and generally made me feel better. For about three weeks. Then the side effects kicked in. I started coughing so hard that I saw stars and would nearly pass out - felt like there was hair stuck in my throat all the time. Then my nose started running like a faucet and my sinuses swelled, endless sneezing and runny nose day and night that was absolutely relentless. I thought it was a cold or allergies but it just wouldn't stop. Until I stopped taking lisinopril. I had severe insomnia and felt like I was constantly detoxing due to all the inflammation. It's a shame because this can be a very effective drug with excellent benefits, but I suspect it may be due in part to the awful generics we're forced to take. The cough stopped and I no longer felt constantly ill about 2 days after quitting. No way I could endure it long term, it was really starting to wreck me.”

3 / 10
Zegota · Taken for 10 years or more July 22, 2019

“Wanted to express my concern over generic drugs and some Manufacturers of medication for sale in the United States. I have had personal experience with a few generics where the medication crumbles, and/or they will actually fall apart in your mouth while taking. I keep my eyes on any medications that are generics because of this reason, and will not purchase drugs from a couple known Manufacturers. As for Lisinopril, no problems at all, after ten years...”

9 / 10
Debra · Taken for less than 1 month July 18, 2019

“I took this medication for 5-6 days and rushed to the emergency room. Reaction to this medication caused swelling of my throat, vomiting, problems breathing, light headed, dizzy, mild chest pains. I did not have any of these symptoms until taking this medication. The ER. treats multiple patients due to this medication. This medication is terrible and should be taken off the market. I could have died. E.R. was monitoring me closely in case a breathing tube need to be inserted. The Worst!!. I don't like Western Medicine anyway because the potential side effects.”

1 / 10
Zoreb · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 14, 2019

“Have taken it for about 6 months for systolic pressure. Started at 10 mg and it seemed to have worked. About a couple of months ago the systolic pressure started going up so got switched to 20 mg. Again, that worked until it started going up last week. Doctor said I can take two pills, so I take it twice a day, to what appears to be no effect. But have had no side effect other then some slight throat pressure when I first started which never turned into the cough that others have experienced.”

5 / 10
RangerMike July 8, 2019

“I have been taken lisopril for about 10 years . I started off with 20mg. The was increased to 40 mg. These last few years I have lost a most all my hair, I have ED, I cough my head off, I fell off the ladder at work and I passed at work and damaged my knee. So I started to do research on this drug and came across all these site effects. That I was never told about from my doctor or pharmacist. Why is this? As of the last two month I am drug free of these drugs and I have gone on ton Ultra CoQ10 and Hypertrol to control my blood pressure plus a diet change. Fruits, veggies, nuts...”

1 / 10
Haggyrae1 · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 26, 2019

“Only drug that does the job for me. Was on 40mg once a day but had high readings in morning's. Changed to 20mg AM and 20mg PM instead of 40mg once a day. That did the trick.”

10 / 10
Rosebud · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 22, 2019

“I have been treated for hight blood pressure (HBP) for 25 yr with diuretics. Over the last 10 years I have also been treated for moderate aortic stenosis. It wan’t until this past November after an exercise heart catherization that the cardiologist determined my BP was 20 points higher inside my heart. I was running 140/90 with an arm monitor. My cardiologist prescribed lisinipril 5 mg. I got a second opinion and this cardiologist increased the lisinipril to 10 mg and I was instructed to add 5 mg at night if my BP was over 140/90. I immediately started a dry cough especially night, have had troubles keeping, stomach problems and very very sore joints. I have an appointment with my new cardiologist coming up and am set to stop this medication. My BP is still all, over the place- one day 105/70 and the next 149/79! Done.”

5 / 10
Technologic80 June 20, 2019

“After trying “norvasc” and having bad side effects, Dr put me on Lisinopril 10mg. Knowing that I am sensitive to medications, I cut the pill in half so I have been taking 5mg. My blood pressure is down to 105/65 and I feel great!! I guess I did not realize how bad I felt with high BP, until I treated it and can look back and say ‘wow’. It was affecting me greatly. It took about 3 days for the lisinopril to build up and start working, I check my BP twice daily. It was dropping slowly every day, but the third day was the day it finally came down to 105/65. Anyways, I have had absolutely zero side effects on Lisinopril. I read all these bad reviews and I know everyone responds differently, but this one is a winner for me. On top of it all, my insurance copay was $1.60. lol. No complaints here. Thought I would share a GOOD experience, seeing people usually come here only when they have a bad one.”

10 / 10