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User Reviews for Ocular lubricant ophthalmic to treat Dry Eye Disease

Also known as: Refresh Tears, Tears Naturale II, Artificial Tears, Refresh Optive Mega-3, 20/20 Tears, Systane, Stye Sterile Lubricant, FreshKote, Systane Ultra Preservative Free, Natural Balance Tears, Refresh Plus, Lacrisert, Lacri-Lube S.O.P., Isopto Tears, Systane Ultra, Celluvisc, Hypotears, Puralube, GenTeal, Visine Tears, GenTeal PM, Opti-Free Pure Moist Rewetting Drops, Puralube Tears, Refresh Classic, Clear Eyes Outdoor Dry, Clear Eyes Natural Tears Lubricating, Clear Eyes Contact Lens Multi-Action Relief, Tears Again, Refresh Celluvisc, GenTeal Twin Pack, Refresh Lacri-Lube, Systane Nighttime, Viva-Drops, Visine Tired Eye Relief, Visine Tears Long Lasting, Systane Balance, Dry Eye Relief, Lubricant Eye Drops, Refresh Optive, Refresh Optive Advanced, Duratears Naturale, Adsorbotear, Akwa Tears, Aquasite, Artificial Tears Plus, Comfort Tears, Natures Tears, Refresh, Tears Naturale, Bion Tears, Liquitears, Hypotears P/F, Aquasite Artificial Tears, TheraTears, Moisture Drops, Refresh PM, Duolube, Hypotonic Tears, Twenty Twenty, Blairex Just Tears, Systane Overnight Therapy, Opti-Free Rewetting Drops, Tears Naturale PM, Hypotears Select, Tears Naturale Forte, Refresh Liquigel, Oasis Tears, TheraTears Contact Lens, Oasis Tears Plus TheraTears Liquid Gel GenTeal Mild Visine for Contacts Ultra Fresh For Sty Relief Ultra Fresh PM Altalube Moisture Eyes PM Lubrifresh PM Soothe Refresh Contacts GenTeal PF Refresh Endura optive Moisture Eyes Visine Pure Tears Soothe XP optive Sensitive …show all brand names

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Ocular lubricant ophthalmic Rating Summary

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66% (52)
3.0/10 Average Rating
79 ratings from 88 user reviews

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Reviews for Ocular lubricant ophthalmic

Stupid · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 8, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “I started using using these Systane drops a few months ago. I have since stopped because they have damaged my eyes with stinging, floaters and terrible dulled vision. I hope this will warn people not to use them and I hope the FDA will do a complete study on them.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 6, 2020

Oasis Tears Plus (ocular lubricant): “I really like Oasis Tears but I cannot use Oasis Tears Plus. They burn my eyes and it doesn't go away for hours. I have tried twice to use them.”

1 / 10
Luckyndonna · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 30, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “I have used Systane for years but got the new Systane Complete for dry eyes and it is like putting fire to my eyes burns terribly. Idk what is in these that causes this but it also does my husband's eyes the same way. Will not recommend this one to anyone”

1 / 10
Suzie Q · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 27, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “Tried Systane for dry eye after cataract surgery.Makes my eyes drier!”

3 / 10
Mina August 27, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “I had a PRK vision correction surgery 6 months ago. My doctor recommended Systane and gave the individual package samples. I was fine with and couple of months ago I bought the Systane lubricant long lasting. Recently I starting seeing streaks if lights like lighting on my left eye floaters. I am also having sensitivity to light. I went back to my doctor and he couldn’t see anything wrong bit sent to Retina specialist who told me he sees bubble liquid but nothing else wrong with my eye. I came to read the reviews tonight and I shocked to see someone has experienced same symptoms. I am going to stop using it immediately and I hope the floaters and lighting will clear not to I have been dizzy. I will write back in a week.”

1 / 10
DallasPA · Taken for less than 1 month August 23, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “I have recently started using this to help with eye lubrication from mild dry eye. I have use refresh in the past & recommended this too many patients over the years. This product (Systane) has made my eyes burn TERRIBLY! This has led to blurry vision & headache. I will not be using this & cannot in good conscience (based on my own & many others’ experiences) recommend this to anyone else either.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more August 20, 2020

Lacrisert (ocular lubricant): “I have been using Lacriserts for 12 years. They are remarkable. So why have they stopped making them. Walgreen's says they are the only provider and they can no longer get them. Please let me know where I can get these”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 7, 2020

Soothe XP (ocular lubricant): “Soothe XP Did not work - it made eyes swollen and more dry”

1 / 10
BlackRaven · Taken for less than 1 month July 18, 2020

Systane Ultra (ocular lubricant): “Systane Ultra burns my eyes and creates a film on the eyes The ONLY thing positive was easy applicator compared to individual applicators”

1 / 10
klm July 16, 2020

Systane Free (ocular lubricant): “These drops used 3x per day for 2 days caused headaches that last and don't go away, a low grade dull headache behind the eyes. I will discontinue use and plan to use coconut oil from now on.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 28, 2020

Systane Ultra (ocular lubricant): “My eyelashes started to fall out after only two tries, and it caused me a mental breakdown. I couldn’t get out of bed nor sleep afraid that something was wrong with me, but turns out it was the drops all along.”

1 / 10
Rosie · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 27, 2020

Systane Ultra (ocular lubricant): “I tried so many brands nothing was working until finally found Systane Ultra. My eyes feel normal again. Thank you so much Alcon! ❤️”

10 / 10
PerryB · Taken for less than 1 month June 14, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “I’ve developed Scleritis as a symptom of Lupus, which is an inflammation of the whites of the eye. My doctor said I should try Systane. Today I just figured I’d try the Systane, although I’m not suffering from the symptom at the moment. My eyes started burning and I couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to flush them with water! Terrible product. Definitely informing my doctor. Big waste of money.”

1 / 10
No lashes June 9, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “Have lost most of my lashes from Systane”

1 / 10
BK · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 5, 2020

“Refresh Lubrication Gel has provided exceptional relief since 2015. My eye issues are complex and include limited tear production. MY EYE ISSUES (Optional Reading) In 1977, I suffered a wound to right eye. Immediate and post-event treatments saved my eye. My vision recovered over time. Soon after, I routinely contracted Right Eye Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). Diagnosis was Bacterial Conjunctivitis (BC). BC meds were used from 1977 thru 2014. I averaged two infections annually for 3.5 decades. The Dormant Period shortened and the Severity increased. In 2014, new examinations revealed my Conjunctivitis to be VIRAL not Bacterial. 35 years of repeated and worsening Viral infections had severely scarred the lens/cornea of my right eye.. The scar was removed and "Antiviral Super Meds" keep the Virus dormant. I remain at risk for new "lens damage". Refresh Optical Lubricant Gel was prescribed. Results remain 100% positive!”

10 / 10
Mike · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 1, 2020

Oasis Tears (ocular lubricant): “For me and my doctor oasis tears are the best in the market, however they are extremely expensive. The vials are a disaster, they are difficult to close and you lose a lot of product which at the price they sell, it is too much this is the reason I would not recommend them There are many products in the market who can do similar job don’t waste your money as I did”

8 / 10
Red · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 1, 2020

“I have used restasis and also xiidra for my dry eyes from Sjogren's Disease. Big mistake on using either one. Both are very costly and created more problem than help. Starting using Blink Gel Drops and was getting along fine. No irritation, etc. Then saw my eye professional. She instructed me to use drops AT LEAST 4-6 times a day. This has made for very blurry vision. Also making my eyes feel more tired than ever before. Wish docs would use some of these products themselves.”

4 / 10
csage · Taken for less than 1 month May 21, 2020

Refresh Celluvisc (ocular lubricant): “After using this product for a short time (1 day), I am displeased that after several uses, the drops leave a crusty residue under the eyes. The residue can only be removed using something oily like cold cream or mineral oil.”

4 / 10
mimi · Taken for 10 years or more May 19, 2020

Lacrisert (ocular lubricant): “I have been using Lacrisert for thirty plus years and have not been able to get a prescription for months. I was told they are on six month backorder. My pharmacy has given up calling the company. I have contacted the company to no avail. I need help and don't know what to do.”

10 / 10
RJG · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 15, 2020

Oasis Tears (ocular lubricant): “I only bought this ridiculous product, because my doctor instructed me to use the drops prior to an eye surgery. Just about everything about Oasis is a bad deal. First of all, they are clearly overpriced. 30 little vials for almost $30. You would think that one would be enough to last one day. NOPE! Inside each tiny container, there are only a few drops. When you twist off the top, some of the product oozes out due to the internal pressure. Then when you put the cap back on, more will squeeze out if you don't do it right. Why can't they just package there artificial tears like every other normal company. I can buy Clear Eyes from Walmart for about 2 dollars and the product is 100 times better. My recommendation: DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH!”

1 / 10
Andy · Taken for less than 1 month May 5, 2020

Systane Ultra (ocular lubricant): “Used it one drop in right eye, my eye become extremely itchy and very very red.”

1 / 10
Della · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 20, 2020

Refresh Optive Mega-3 (ocular lubricant): “I'm using Refresh Optive Mega 3 with Flaxseed and it helps immensely. So far, I haven't had any side effects. I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and dry eyes on Sept. 24, 2019 and have been using Refresh since that time.”

10 / 10
Limestone · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 12, 2020

Systane Balance (ocular lubricant): “Tough on eyes, causing extreme redness in and around eye with much discomfort and irritability.”

1 / 10
Shelly · Taken for less than 1 month April 4, 2020

Systane (ocular lubricant): “I started systane complete on March 31 have had a bad taste in mouth and burning since going to try different drops”

1 / 10
Janie · Taken for 10 years or more April 3, 2020

Lacrisert (ocular lubricant): “I have been using Lacriserts for at least 20 years, I have dry eye from sjogrens disease. Like other people say they are a God send. I have not been able to get them this last month and I now get to be totally miserable with my dry eyes since they have absolutely no tears. This is the third time his has happened to me. It is a necessity for me. Can someone please tell me why they are not available? I am in a lot of pain and so far this is the only medication that works for me, OTC or prescription”

10 / 10

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