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User Reviews for Methadone

Also known as: Methadose, Methadone Diskets Methadose Sugar-Free

Methadone has an average rating of 8.7 out of 10 from a total of 547 ratings on 85% of those users who reviewed Methadone reported a positive effect, while 5% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Opiate Withdrawal  
233 reviews 6 medications
162 reviews 1122 medications
Chronic Pain  
152 reviews 110 medications
Summary of Methadone reviews 8.7 547 reviews

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Reviews for Methadone

Shecam · Taken for 10 years or more April 30, 2021

For Chronic Pain: “It saved my life, it is highly effective & I only had to increase the dosage once in 15 years. It is a godsend for nerve pain but now we are being forced to use lower doses which is torture & there will be many deaths because of it.”

10 / 10
Paul April 28, 2021

For Chronic Pain: “I don’t understand why all you people are having a problem getting your methadone for chronic pain. Joints destroyed by ongoing RA and doc has no problem writing script every month. These doc are treating you people badly. Find new doctors!!”

9 / 10
Tolis · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 7, 2021

For Opiate Withdrawal: “Methadone saved literally my life otherwise I would not been alive and writing now”

10 / 10

Frequently asked questions

stupid May 9, 2020

Methadose (methadone) for Opiate Withdrawal: “I was on methadone for 2 years after a 10 year addiction with heroin. I was up to 130mg I went down 2mg every 4 days it took almost a year but I am off of it now. However I do take xanax when I get "anxious" I think most of the desire is mental at this point not physical . But my counsellor tried everything to keep me on it even though I was doing fine. They didn't believe me I was observed every week with my urine test. I was never praised for my success only given that well I hope you know what your doing were here for you when you stuff up . That hurt I was so proud of my success but all I got from my counsellors is well be here when you mess up - that is no confidence at all. So I believe its just a money maker. They told me I would be back on dope well its been 2 years clean so I won”

9 / 10
Mike January 17, 2020

For Opiate Withdrawal: “Was on heroin on and off for 47 yrs, methadone for a total of , 5 yrs, 9 yrs, 13, yrs it is possible to get off , it depends on your determination, and meetings I go to, I have turned my life completely around. May 17 2018, first time in my life I've been clean off everything, it feels great, I'm 66 yrs old and healthier now than I've ever been, so anyone struggling with addiction, keep trying, it is possible, I'm living proof”

Felicia · Taken for 10 years or more February 15, 2020

For Opiate Withdrawal: “I was on 140 mg of methodone since 2003 the minute I started it kept me away from heroin, until now 2020 I’m on 2 mg and detoxing as we speak. I feel cold, back hurts and legs hurt and feel weak does anyone know how long it will take to feel normal? I’m doing it alone in my home and I’m determined to succeed nothing is stoping me”

9 / 10
Treeguy1349 October 19, 2019

For Opiate Withdrawal: “So I quit methadone cold turkey at 100 mgs because I felt I was ready and that my counsellor didn't understand this. Well you all know how this turned out I'm using again and heavier than before. I let the stigma of this medicine and my family not understanding it make my decision for me. Well screw that, it's my life and I need to help myself before I end up dead. So Tuesday I will be starting methadone again I know it will be rough with the initial low doses because of my heavy heroin use but I am determined and ready to use it correctly to keep me away from other opiates. If people look down on me or whatever that's their problem and I don't need them in my life.”

7 / 10

More FAQ

Jessica December 13, 2019

For Opiate Withdrawal: “I began being prescribed Percs. I was on 15mg 3xdaily. Then that Doctors office closed and I ended up buying heroin off the street. My husband also got addicted. We were broke and going downhill fast. One day as I was napping my husband came home from work with heroin. When I woke I found him dead on my bedrooms floor. I called for help but it was too late. This made me determined to get clean. I started methadone maintenance for the 3rd time. This time was different. I was on 180mg (high dose). I felt great and life was normal. I stayed on this does for 3 years. After I felt stable I began to tapper down 3 mg weekly. 3 months into this taper I got pregnant. I stopped my wean and stayed at that dose and had a healthy baby after his birth I continued. Some weeks I went down 2mg and others 4mg. It was a long process but it worked. Methadone saved my life. I'm clean, happy and healthy. Take your time, your life is worth it.”

9 / 10
Lisa · Taken for 10 years or more October 26, 2019

For Opiate Withdrawal: “In 1995 I was a hardcore heroin addict. I decided to get on Methadone. I never used pills or cocaine. Methadone saved my life. I have been clean now for about 17 years. I am still on the Methadone but I have accepted the fact that I may be on for the rest of my life. Methadone has afforded me the opportunity to have 16 years on my job, buying my home and have had a pretty decent life. I get 28 take homes and I can actually live my life. I thank GOD ”

Kat · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 25, 2019

For Opiate Withdrawal: “I've been on Methadone for a year now.. I have a fast metabolism so I get dosed twice daily. People think the higher u go the harder it is to get off, well no not for me. I'm on 100mg in the morning and 70mg 8hrs later. It saved my life. Helped my anxiety and chronic pain. I decided to go cold turkey 15 days ago and I havent experienced any withdrawlas or side effects. I have a strong faith in God and if it weren't for him I don't think I could have done it.”

Tookey54 · Taken for 10 years or more September 29, 2020

Dolophine (methadone) for Chronic Pain: “I’ve been on the medication Dolophine for 18-20 years now. My dosage is 20mg twice a day. While taking the Methadone I’m able to function normally and walk without much pain from severe nerve damage. Now my Health Care Provider and numerous other Pain Management Clinic are refusing to dispense it anymore! They keep informing me that my regular dose is “Way To High” and dangerous to prescribe anymore! Interesting how those same physicians and Health Care Provider didn’t mind handing it out for all that time! Now they want me off of it with no “reasonable” alternatives!”

10 / 10
Jay June 25, 2019

For Opiate Withdrawal: “Methadone was very effective and I stopped using heroin and taking pills once I got on the program but I found it hard to get off because it became the biggest part of my lifestyle. Everything revolved around picking up my methadone. I felt anxious to travel too far from my clinic. It did get me out of the house though when I otherwise would have had zero motivation. 15 years after being on the methadone program I decided I wanted to be free of all addictions and quit smoking marijuana and cigarettes then tapered off my methadone dose over a 2 year period. It would have been sooner if I didn't fall pregnant. In my experience it was so easy to come off and I believe it was all due to God in my life. He made it easy on me. After 15 years on pretty high doses I expected some withdrawals but besides a bit of restless legs and some nightmares I had no other withdrawal. I now feel like I never even had past addictions.”

7 / 10
Gretchenj2432 September 19, 2016

For Chronic Pain: “I spent years on pain Meds and found my self always in the same cycle after a while I would need a dose in crease becuse it wasn't working anymore. I have 5 small children 3 of which are 12 month Triplets that my husband and I conceived naturally and completely unexpected. I couldn't drive the kids to their school or go to the grocery store without constant fear that if I were ever in an accident while on the pain Meds I would never forgive my self and be in a lot of legal trouble. I switched to methadone for pain almost 3 years ago. You never need a dose increase and you can drive on it. I find that taking my methadone in the am and not having to worry about any thing else for pain all day is really amazing considering I have my hands fu”

10 / 10
NYC Bluesman · Taken for 10 years or more October 5, 2016

For Chronic Pain: “I,m 61 yo Namn vet who was injured in combat,.I,m a pro musician whose put out 12 Lps and had to stop touring when I had a MC accident 16 years ago breaking my neck n back in several places. SInce then also 2 heart attacks 23 heart surgeries I had two major surgeries but both failed....I was miserable, couldn't strap on my guitar so my career was over. I been on disability for 16 years , luckily music was good to me so money is no worry.Ihad many doctors who tried to make me a customer vs a patient. The key to ALL pain management is to make life tolerable! I left those docs n got one who knew his craft, I take 10 mg of methadone n have 15 mg MSIR for breakthrough. I!m NEVER pain free but I can play again DONT dig a hole u can't get out of !”

10 / 10
Twix September 29, 2019

For Opiate Withdrawal: “People can falsely say all the bad things they want about Methadone because when taken as the only medication in your arsenal for drug addiction it's a lifesaver! I can FINALLY after 14 years have a normal life. I can finally have a steady job & go to college. If I kept living the way I was, I'd either be dead or homeless. Methadone saved me literally. I did try to get clean many times and did even succeed and was clean for 3 years but I still had such bad anxiety and fatigue. My brain chemicals never went back to normal. I was screwed and started using opiates again. I couldn't work or live my life for the 3 years I was 100% clean. After I started using opiates again I knew I was screwed for life and I'd be dead or homeless one day. I finally went to a methadone clinic and it was the BEST choice I ever made. I been on it for 7 months now clean from everything else. It doesn't get me high but allows me to live again!! Please don't suffer forever like I almost did.”

10 / 10
newby1961 January 7, 2009

For Opiate Withdrawal: “I am a firefighter/emt. I hurt my back on the job 8 years ago and became an addict. I never did drugs as a kid or an adult. That blue pill had me spending every dime I had because if not, I could not work or have a normal life. So many years in pain and addicted then I got methadone. Methadone saved my life and job, which helps me save lives.”

9 / 10
Methacodone · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 25, 2015

Methadone Diskets (methadone) for Chronic Pain: “Ok, I was dependent on pain pills, and other illegal narcotics. The other pain pills were working pretty good, to be honest, but they caused euphoria, and when it causes euphoria, you chase that euphoria, and I would run out of my script WAY to early, and had to go out in the streets for more pain pills or other illegal narcotics. I discussed this with my doctor, he put me on 40mg of methadone, 2x a day, and I finally got my life back on track. You feel good everyday on methadone, without raising your dose, like other pain pills. I can honestly say, methadone DEF. saved my life. Thank you Methadone for saving me, my family, and my faith. Methadone is def. a life saver!”

10 / 10
BC · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 10, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I have been in pain management for 9 years My oral morphine was 60 mg 3 X daily and had become insufficient. I was switched to methadone 30 mg daily . It is a wonderful analgesic and and I don’t seem to need more of it over time. Not becoming tolerant to the analgesic effect seems to be unique to this class of analgesics and that is a Godsend to those of us that need chronic pain control. Also, it is inexpensive - who knew! Grateful!”

9 / 10
Ignored · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 15, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “I spent over a year begging doctor after doctor for help with my abdominal pain and was dismissed by all of them. I was told that I was in perfect health 2 weeks before I was rushed to the ER for emergency surgery. After 70% of my stomach was removed, the recovery/nursing home I was sent to, ignored the amount of pain I was in, and kept refusing to give what little medication I was supposed to be on, to me when I asked, even though they were due. I spent the next 6 months begging for help with the constant pain I was still in, until I found the best Pain Management doctor. He wanted to put me on methadone, and although I was very skeptical, because I thought it was just a drug given to drug addicts, I listened and agreed to try it out. I'm very elated that I did because I finally found some relief from the pain.”

10 / 10
Q April 4, 2021

For Opiate Withdrawal: “Do go onto methadone then taper off, it got me clean but if I had rehab or any kind of help I'd been clean 10 years ago. If you have to go onto it do then stop. You are not clean on methadone and the people who supply it to you , use it as a way of controlling you. Your brain chemicals may change after prolonged use but they change back. Get will power rewire your brain, I have used class A drugs every day of my life since I was a teen then methadone for nearly 20 years. I tapered myself off it is easy if you do it slowly and your way. You can do it. Exercise, change your whole life. If you want it you can. If not there is no shame in staying on methadone but you will never be free and it will always be used against you. I've never met a good cpn, Ive never met a nice nurse or doctors. I think they do not like you if you are on methadone, or I feel they think you are scum. Use this energy to get clean. I did and am now involved in the legalisation of all drugs and REAL help for people”

5 / 10
va mom 01 · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 15, 2016

For Chronic Pain: “I decided to go into pain management because my pain was to the point that I couldn't even go to the grocery store anymore. Walking was too painful. After about 3 years of oxycontin, my doctor put me on methadone. The initial reason was because of the high cost of oxycontin. Methadone was MUCH cheaper and as I soon found out, MUCH better. I began to feel normal again. No more highs and lows. It is very difficult to get off of. Because of government regulation changes, I had to experience that. I'm now on 240 mg morphine a day plus oxycodone. It doesn't compare to methadone. If the government had to live with the pain alot of is are in, they would gladly approve methadone and encourage doctors to do what they went to medical school for.”

9 / 10
Anonymous June 11, 2008

Dolophine (methadone) for Pain: “This has been the best pain medication I have found to relieve my back and neck pain. It has been the hardest to get prescribed. I do not understand why other then the stigma it has for the maintenance use for herion addicts. Unlike other pain medicines it does not get me high and it last more then a day and I can can get by on less then ten mg a day.”

10 / 10
bamafan · Taken for 10 years or more June 11, 2019

Dolophine (methadone) for Chronic Pain: “I have several back and spine problems. I was in a car accident 34 years ago and was not expected to survive. The older I get the worse the pain and more surgeries are needed. I've been on about every person medication. After taking one for a while they stop working. I've now been taking methadone for 15 years and it still works. Of course I still deal with pain but methadone helps better than any other medication I have taken. It truly give me my life back. I'm still taking it today and don't know how id survive without it.”

10 / 10
Magee · Taken for 10 years or more October 1, 2019

For Opiate Withdrawal: “I have been on methadone for 24 yrs. Was also on it, in 1980, was sober till 89. Bad accident. Dr gave me the dreaded dilaudid..after 4 yrs. I found a Dr who cared. He saved me, I broke up with my terrible spouse, who would not quit (died an addict in 2013). Got me clean, never took another opiate from 93 on. I am now at 12mls. Went down a few this summer. I will probably be on it for a long time for back pain. Its great. I am 63, sober, and happy. Its great. Keep up the good work”

9 / 10
Aylascott April 2, 2016

For Chronic Pain: “10 years ago I went into septic shock after a minor procedure on my knee. The infection was so bad and traveled up and down my leg that a very extensive debridement was done. My leg was saved, however, I was left with horrible neurological pain, bone pain and muscle pain. After 2 years of percocet (3 -10 mg/day) which did nothing except to leave me on my bed watching the clock till I could take the next one. Finally my Dr. Convinced me to give long lasting methadone a chance. It saved my life. I was on 60-70 mg a day. Over the past 8 years I have titrated back to 10 mg per day which has been way too much. I need 20-30 mg a day to be at a comfortable level of pain. For me methadone is the best pain relief without out feeling drugged at all.”

10 / 10
The_Shade_Room · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 25, 2016

For Chronic Pain: “This is a great medication for chronic pain, but please give it time to work. The first couple of weeks it gave me insane headaches and mild nausea, forcing my pain mgmt doctor to give me Fioricet for the headaches. However after about a full month on methadone the headaches subsided with using the Fioricet and the pain relief is amazing. I was using OxyContin 30mg twice a day and Oxycodone IR 20mg three times a day as needed for breakthrough pain. When I began seeing my new pain doctor (insurance purposes) she really pushed the methadone on me hard so I gave in. Huge difference!!! She wrote me Methadone10mg every 6 hrs as needed and it lasts longer than the Oxy which only lasted 3-4 hrs at most, but be careful the methadone is WAY stronger”

9 / 10
Glenda · Taken for 10 years or more July 27, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I have a several conditions that cause me to take pain meds. In 1999. The Drs. didn't have a problem prescribing oxycontin, when one dr. Put me on 80 mg a day. I said no more. I went to another clinic, I ask if I could try the methadone. Started 20 mgs three times a day. New dr now says he has to wean me down to 30 mgs a day. But if it takes a year he said he'll do it slowly. Cutting you off cold turkey can cause a lawsuit if you die. I don't think 3 a day will help my pain if not, I will come off of it. But it is the best for pain! For me. I refuse to go back to any other drug. So yes the only way to fight back is write, call, and get your voice heard. We are being ignored. For our pain. I have notified every one but the CDC they are next!!!!!Go to your capital make noise. Or we are not going to have any pain management period!!! Thank you.”

10 / 10
Brian Smith · Taken for 10 years or more November 13, 2019

Methadose (methadone) for Pain: “I was referred to the methadone clinic 4 weeks after a brutal surgery because my attending doctor refused to give me a refill of percocet 10 mg. Instead he sent me there while my face, head and jaw was bolted together and wired shut for pain management, what I did not know was that I was walking into a death trap. They started me out on 40 mg. Which put me on a dose of pain medication higher than all pain medication and stronger than heroin and the worst part is you can't take it as needed you have to take it all at once so your body has no choice but to get used that dose and have to go up and now 12 years later and I still can't get off this drug. It is my worst nightmare and all the people at those clinics do is want you to go up and up it's the government supplying people with an addiction that you can't get rid of and they are making billions at other people's miseries and laughing to the bank.”

1 / 10

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