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User Reviews for Methadone

Also known as: Dolophine, Methadone Diskets, Methadose, Methadose Sugar-Free

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Reviews for Methadone to treat Chronic Pain

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"I suffered chronic pain for years. Every opiate I took caused me to abuse them. Until I found methadone for my pain. I take 20-30 mg daily with meloxicam and eat very well and I am able to work, function and live life like a normal human being. I believe doctors don't like to write this medicine for pain because it is not as costly as the others and also they don't receive kickback from prescribing a 20 dollar a month medication. It costs 20 bucks for 120 pills and for perc 10s it cost 200- 300. Just sad how the government and some doctors will work."


Magdolania (taken for 10 years or more) February 6, 2017

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"I Am 59. @ 19 years ago; I began to experience abdominal pain almost daily. I managed to live and work through it. I am a house painter so I was cut out of a "tougher"mold. Those of you who've worked w/your hands; know. But the pain got worse. 3 years of constant;sometimes suicidal pain I was found to have a rare blood disease.Chronic intractable pain. After swimming in prescribed opiates for a few years;my tolerance was through the roof & the pain remained. I needed the meds just to function & I always ran out too soon. I had to get off that crap! It was a war; but I survived & so did the pain.Square1.... Even worse b/c now I can't get anyone to write mess 4 me! But I needed them; so I became a 50yr old criminal; homeless, jails.."


BB10/4 (taken for 5 to 10 years) December 16, 2016

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"I was recently switched from 50 mcg of the Fentanyl patch ( changed every 72 hours) to Methadone 10mg. tablets 3times daily for chronic pain. I was allowed to keep my Percocet, 10/325 up to 5 a day, for breakthrough. I did not want to switch off the Fentanyl patches, but I was told that even if it worked and provided no side effects the CDC said that I don't have cancer. So I could take 50 migrans of Fentanyl with no break through meds or I could switch to Methadone. I have tried over 100 medications of all kinds and Fentanyl was the first to allow a life worth living. So far the Methadone has been amazing! The downsides are; extreme constipation, some wheezing, and some Thanksgiving weight. I follow up in 2 days. Keep your fingers crossed"


Angelier November 30, 2016

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"I have been on 50mg Methadone oral liquid for 4 years and it does nothing at all for pain... I was on Morphine sulfate 10mg for 3 years and was taking 30mg a day after 2 years.. My doctor died in a plane and I was taken off Morphine and suffered the worse 8 days of my life. No one can explain just how bad withdrawals can be unless you have been through them. Horrible.. I was placed on Methadone because I was coming off Morphine. This medication does nothing for pain I have lost testosterone I cant work I have to go to a drug store every day to dose. I have put on weight I feel like crap lazy and tired. I have come down to 35mg but the thought of the withdrawals worries you. Its a long sickness to get off this rubbish. Hate it bad"


peterredd (taken for 2 to 5 years) November 21, 2016

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"I,m 61 yo Namn vet who was injured in combat,.I,m a pro musician whose put out 12 Lps and had to stop touring when I had a MC accident 16 years ago breaking my neck n back in several places. SInce then also 2 heart attacks 23 heart surgeries I had two major surgeries but both failed....I was miserable, couldn't strap on my guitar so my career was over. I been on disability for 16 years , luckily music was good to me so money is no worry.Ihad many doctors who tried to make me a customer vs a patient. The key to ALL pain management is to make life tolerable! I left those docs n got one who knew his craft, I take 10 mg of methadone n have 15 mg MSIR for breakthrough. I!m NEVER pain free but I can play again DONT dig a hole u can't get out of !"


NYC Bluesman (taken for 10 years or more) October 5, 2016

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"I spent years on pain Meds and found my self always in the same cycle after a while I would need a dose in crease becuse it wasn't working anymore. I have 5 small children 3 of which are 12 month Triplets that my husband and I conceived naturally and completely unexpected. I couldn't drive the kids to their school or go to the grocery store without constant fear that if I were ever in an accident while on the pain Meds I would never forgive my self and be in a lot of legal trouble. I switched to methadone for pain almost 3 years ago. You never need a dose increase and you can drive on it. I find that taking my methadone in the am and not having to worry about any thing else for pain all day is really amazing considering I have my hands fu"


Gretchenj2432 September 19, 2016

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"Very helpful at low dose"


Anonymous (taken for 10 years or more) August 10, 2016

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"This is a great medication for chronic pain, but please give it time to work. The first couple of weeks it gave me insane headaches and mild nausea, forcing my pain mgmt doctor to give me Fioricet for the headaches. However after about a full month on methadone the headaches subsided with using the Fioricet and the pain relief is amazing. I was using OxyContin 30mg twice a day and Oxycodone IR 20mg three times a day as needed for breakthrough pain. When I began seeing my new pain doctor (insurance purposes) she really pushed the methadone on me hard so I gave in. Huge difference!!! She wrote me Methadone10mg every 6 hrs as needed and it lasts longer than the Oxy which only lasted 3-4 hrs at most, but be careful the methadone is WAY stronger"


The_Shade_Room (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 25, 2016

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"Methadone worked very well for my chronic pain especially the strange gnawing pain I had ALL OVER. I was on 30 mg of ocycodone for 5 years (DDD L5-S1 fibro, neuropathy, neck fusion) but I couldn't come to terms with the stigma and knew something was seriously wrong with my body. I ended up doing my own research and found out I was suffering from gout throughout my body. My PM Dr worked with me to get me off Methadone by prescribing me didulud ER..even with that I had hellish withdrawal symptoms! Took me a month and a half and was only on it for 2 and half months. Great med for pain though. Just make sure you're in it for long haul. Never felt those withdrawals and I weaned off oxy 30s with less pain."


51 and no fun (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 24, 2016

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"I have been on 60 mil for 15 years. I live alone and have Fibromyalgia as well as spine and joint problems. The government just stepped in last month and went to taking Ultram and hydrocodone. I cant move my back. I cant walk more then to my car and back, 20 feet. I weigh 154 and eat organic and very careful with all medications. I will be seeing a new Dr next month and hope to go right back to where I was. It is truly a very good pain medicine to control pain all day and all night."


madness2 (taken for 10 years or more) July 11, 2016

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"Over half of my life has been spent in chronic pain. I had 2disks fused and a pinched nerve fixed 20yrs ago. I've had a pain pump and been put on everything you can imagine. I can promise you guys something,nothing is good as methadone to help pain,imo. I've been on it for 16yrs is hard to get used to will get very drowsy in the beginning. I can tell you it's hard to perform a number 2 in the bathroom also. I would recommend stool softeners if you take methadone for that. I got caught in btwn dr.s once and the withdrawal is joking on that. Ive seen heroin addicts say it was worse. I thank God and my dr. I get to take my lyrica and methadone for my pain."


T.n.t. (taken for 10 years or more) June 9, 2016

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"I decided to go into pain management because my pain was to the point that I couldn't even go to the grocery store anymore. Walking was too painful. After about 3 years of oxycontin, my doctor put me on methadone. The initial reason was because of the high cost of oxycontin. Methadone was MUCH cheaper and as I soon found out, MUCH better. I began to feel normal again. No more highs and lows. It is very difficult to get off of. Because of government regulation changes, I had to experience that. I'm now on 240 mg morphine a day plus oxycodone. It doesn't compare to methadone. If the government had to live with the pain alot of is are in, they would gladly approve methadone and encourage doctors to do what they went to medical school for."


va mom 01 (taken for 5 to 10 years) May 15, 2016

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"Due to a broken back & spinal fusion at age 14, I've developed arthritis, deg. disc disease & spinal stenosis. The intense pain started in my 20's & I was on all sorts of narcotics. I became addicted physically & mentally and eventually the Dr. stopped giving me Meds, which brought me to seeking out street drugs. After many detoxes & going home in terrible, debilitating pain, I got onto Methadone. This med has helped tremendously with my pain so I could actually function & work, as well as refrain from any other narcotics. My back has worsened over the years & I now have Lupus as well. I take 35mg. morning & night, which has been giving me lasting pain relief all these years & I haven't had to increase my dose."


Petunia24 May 13, 2016

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"After spending 6 yrs in the army and a misdiagnosis of crohns disease I had reached the point of ready to quit. I thought that I had permanently ruined my body and that something was wrong with me and I had to have pain medication just to live. I was eventually diagnosed with fibro, degenerative joint disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD and a couple other things. I had enough and went to the local methadone clinic and told this long story about what a junkie I was and how I couldn't go two hrs without doing drugs! They fell for it and started dosing me and I haven't felt this great in years!!! I have my life back! I'm currently off all medications, only taking methadone vitamin D and b12 and my mental health is better as well!"


Asa's mommie (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 12, 2016

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"In 93, I found a wonderful doctor who prescribed me Methadone for my chronic pain. It really saved my life, I was a good Mom, worked full time and enjoyed activities. After 10yrs my doc retired from his family practice but continued his other practice- Methadone Clinic for addicts. Doc explained that because of our wonderful government, it was much more profitable to continue his Methadone Clinic. I am now back on narcotics rollercoaster and it's killing me, Health: gastric bypass, fibromyalgia, PTSS, Spondelylothis, DDD, spinal stenosis, IBS, MDD, herniated discs etc. Doc explained that because it builds up in system it then gives a steady pain relief. Methadone is cheap, our government makes a lot of money off of oxy and all the others"


DawnMurphyJak May 8, 2016

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"I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 20, I stopped school and went through many years of chemotherapy. For bone and nerve pain I found methadone to be the best drug for daily use. It does help particularly with nerve pain. However since its long half life and milder symptoms compared to other opiates it was easy for me to develop the drug into a daily routine. 8 years later I am still taking methadone 3x a day everyday... Not so much for pain but because of the horrible withdrawals (which can last for months) i experience if I miss a dose. I am now trapped in an addiction I never wanted, before considering methadone for long term use please research methadone addiction. Its considered by many to be one of the hardest drugs to kick."


Anonymous April 4, 2016

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"10 years ago I went into septic shock after a minor procedure on my knee. The infection was so bad and traveled up and down my leg that a very extensive debridement was done. My leg was saved, however, I was left with horrible neurological pain, bone pain and muscle pain. After 2 years of percocet (3 -10 mg/day) which did nothing except to leave me on my bed watching the clock till I could take the next one. Finally my Dr. Convinced me to give long lasting methadone a chance. It saved my life. I was on 60-70 mg a day. Over the past 8 years I have titrated back to 10 mg per day which has been way too much. I need 20-30 mg a day to be at a comfortable level of pain. For me methadone is the best pain relief without out feeling drugged at all."


Aylascott April 2, 2016

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"After getting shot in my lower back, my back got torn apart. It took 7 surgeries, and the pain is unexplainable. It's not 10/10 pain, It's more like 20/10 pain. My PM doctor put me on Methadone 10mg 4x daily, and Oxycodone 30mg 6x daily. Those are 2 of the strongest Pain meds out there. Now my pain level is about a 5/10. Big improvement. The Methadone helps A LOT. I was first put on Fentanyl 50mcg patch along with the Oxy, my pain then was 8/10.. still too much pain. After getting switched to Methadone with the Oxy.. huge difference. Methadone is the best Painkiller I've ever tried. TY Methadone."


Mdone10sOxy30s (taken for 2 to 5 years) April 1, 2016

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"I have not been on Methadone for a great amount of time but i have been on it long enough to find that the pain free result IS NOT worth the life ruining effects its having on me. I have NO life because of this drug. It makes me so tired, lethargic and just useless!! I can't work anymore, I can't maintain most social relationships anymore, and I am so isolated and lonely now which is having serious deteriorating effects on my mental health condition!!! I have never hated another drug more than this one. I know that for some ppl... it has changed their lives for the better and I'm really happy for these ppl!! I just think that people need to know that there is a real nasty side to methadone too for some of us. Cheers."


cjhawkes03 (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 31, 2016

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"Long story short: I have chronic, debilitating pain as a result of Degenerative Disc Disease. I am currently taking 80 mg./day of Methadone, 20 mg. every six hours. Much of the time I take less. Up until the end of December, I was taking Morphine ER, 200 mg./day with 15 mg. immediate release Morphine for breakthrough pain. Unfortunately, my Rx drug plan (and every other I checked) has stopped paying for extended release Morphine as a result of the exhorbinate cost. Not being wealthy, I had to switch to Methadone. Now the fatigue is ruining my life. I'll have to hope for an alternative. Methadone does work on the pain, but the fatigue is just too much."


Alioh (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 3, 2016

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"After five years of Methadone I am now reducing the doses from three per day to only two per day of Methadone 10 for chronic pain management. At my age I am knowledgeable of the risk for increase memory loss due to the use of Methadone and age, so try and cut back on the risk of memory loss. It is necessary to reduce my dosage as I have indicated, but it brought me the experience of withdrawals issue which were terrible. As I said, finally I am on two per day at 10 mg of Methadone and the effectiveness has been felt and now requires the use of Norco once or twice per day when needed."


Baruch Hashem (taken for 5 to 10 years) February 17, 2016

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"I have been taking methadone for over ten years and it has allowed me to live my life. Although I still have pain, I can manage it most of the time with a topical ointment. I use methadone for pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have a rod up my back from the arthritis and terrible pain in my hands, wrists, ankles, feet....It has really made a difference in my day to day living. The big negative is that I know I am addicted and that is a sobering situation. I see a pain specialist monthly and I have every confidence in his ability to prescribe this medication for me for ever if that is what I need."


Purgatorynomas February 11, 2016

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"I have been on 60mg day methadone tabs for about 5-6 years. As FISHINGIRL says I have had several teeth just dissinegrate. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic. I also had a 20 foot fall off an overpass and landed on my back on the opposing guardrail. 9 ribs broken or fractured in 23 places and one protruding through my back. Methadone has been the only relief I have ever found. Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morphine and many more could not give me a life like Methadone has. NOW we have our new Texas Governor restricting all these meds. Sent to pain management and after 20 years they cut my methadone script by 90%."


DRDAVEHD (taken for 5 to 10 years) February 5, 2016

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"I was recently admitted to a behavioural health center for clinical depression. I am addicted to prescription pain meds and was given small amounts (.5 mgs twice a day) of Methadone for seven days, and was released with enough for seven more days .Not only did I no longer crave my previous narcotic meds my pain level was the lowest it was in years! I suffer from RA and degenerative arthritis in my back. I've tried several other treatments for my chronic pain including epidurals and a Fentanyl pain pump that went horribly wrong when the catheter came out of my spine 3 times causing an infection that ended with a hole in my back the size of a golf ball that required more surgery. "


Dave in PAIN (taken for less than 1 month) February 3, 2016

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"Saved my life, and when I comment on this page, I'm commenting to people I assume are not self medicating and not illegally using any drugs, but yes a doctor put me on this medicine and it changed my life. I became a self sufficient mother and wife again, I wanted to live again. No more thoughts of suicide because pain controlled my every step, I had tried mild to very strong medications, chiropractors, acupuncture, herbal, dietary, otc medications, everything. Now 80 mgs a day. ...changed my life. My Dr. Moved and the new Dr. will not prescribe it anymore, I've got a few to make it, I'm trying with all my might to find a physician. I'm scared, I'm real scared, I can't go back to the pain, it hurt to bad."


Dawn, Wilburton, Oklahoma January 27, 2016

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