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User Reviews for Tarina Fe 1/20

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Birth Control 4.7
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Reviews for Tarina Fe 1/20

Anon26 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 29, 2020

For Birth Control: “I was prescribed this birth control Tarina Fe 1/20 after giving birth to my daughter (I was taking Sprintec before pregnancy). I am not a fan of Tarina Fe 1/20, side effects are I’ve gained significant weight, mood swings are terrible, and my period lasts longer than usual. I also have noticed that I will spot throughout the month (dark brown) and there is an increase of milky white discharge. I’d say the only plus is that it does help with menstrual cramps - I can’t feel a thing and it has cleared my skin. I’ll be taking this for another few months before asking my doctor to switch me back to Sprintec.”

4 / 10
Anon · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 6, 2020

For Birth Control: “The Tarina Fe 1/20 was the first birth control pill I’ve gotten on. It wasn’t too bad. All though I gained around 10 or 15 pounds after being on it for a year (recently just started the Blisovi Fe pill), it did clear up my acne pretty good. But I would get very emotional at times where I would literally tear up for the slightest thing then become moody the next second. My period was only 4 days instead of being 7 days and I would get cramps but they weren’t too bad and my periods weren’t too heavy but not too light. Also my sex drive didn’t decreased! Hopefully this helps someone! :)”

6 / 10
19 yr old · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 7, 2020

For Birth Control: “I've gained twenty lbs in 5 months while taking this pill. None of my friends have gained as much weight as I have but I did notice they did gain a lil bit of weight. Everyone's body is the same but after 5 months of being on this pill I am getting off of it because of the weight gain.”

7 / 10
Lovelybuds April 28, 2020

For Birth Control: “I have been on Tarina Fe 1/20 for close to 2 months and I puke every night because of it I don’t know if that’s normal but it’s very annoying”

8 / 10
Az123 · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 23, 2020

For Birth Control: “I have been on this pill Tarina FE 1/20 for almost two years now. I have never been on a pill where I still felt like myself. The first few months I was on it, it took some time for my body to handle the hormones and some nausea, but afterwards I was fine. I also lost close to 15 lbs when starting the pill, I will say the only bad thing about it was not having a big appetite, the longer I was on it however, that changed. I also have my period regularly on the sugar pill week, and experience no side effects to it anymore. I love this pill/form of birth control, I have never been on a form of birth control where I didn’t feel overwhelmed with emotions, Tarina Fe on the other hand has allowed my mental health to remain as was, even while on it. I’m happy, feel energized, and I will never go back to another form of pill or birth control ever again.”

9 / 10
Kenzie · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 8, 2020

For Birth Control: “I have been taking this Tarina Fe 1/20 pill for 4 months now. My periods have definitely become a lot lighter since taking the pill. They were irregular for the first two months but the last couple of months they have been normal and are lighter than they used to be. The pill has caused me to gain some weight (about 5 pounds) since I started taking it. This all happened within the first month and my weight has stayed the same since. The pill does cause some random cramps. But it does everything it’s supposed to do.”

8 / 10
Mary · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 28, 2020

For Birth Control: “I’m 20 and I’m on my second pack of this pill Tarina, just started the third row. Ever since I started this pack, my acne has become VERY bad. My jaw is full of acne and there’s some above it on my lower cheeks. I’m happy that we’re being advised to stay indoors because I would be so embarrassed if people saw me this way. HOWEVER, I started taking this because of cramps and this pill made my last period a breeze. I didn’t even have to take any pain relievers(!!!)”

4 / 10
Doomy · Taken for less than 1 month March 3, 2020

For Birth Control: “I was skeptical of this birth control after reading reviews, but decided to give it a shot anyway. I started taking it toward the tail end of my period, and everything seemed okay, a little nausea but nothing too bad. But then two days after my period ended, I started bleeding again. HEAVY. Almost scary amounts of blood, especially considering my normal period was a bit heavier than usual as well. I was also insanely bloated compared to usual. The thing that’s making me quit is the mood changes. I burst into tears for no reason, which is SO unlike me, and I find myself being rude and on a short fuse out of nowhere. This is the first time I’ve taken birth control since I was a teenager, and it’s definitely been a terrible experience. I wouldn’t recommend.”

1 / 10
Elaine · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 7, 2020

For Birth Control: “So I’m 32 after taking a break from IUD which I had for 10 years I decided to give the birth control a try “Tarina “ this pill has me super emotional, hungry it’s been 3 months and I’m bleeding on and off, and it’s so annoying so with that being said back on the IUD I go ! Thumbs down”

1 / 10
first time user · Taken for less than 1 month January 25, 2020

For Birth Control: “I have been taking Tarina for almost two weeks and I’ve experience zero side effects. My period was shorter (only 4 days instead of 7) and lighter, I had no cramps, my acne is subsided, and I feel completely normal almost to the point where I was wondering if it was even working. I read so many terrible/scary reviews about this birth control but the few that were good kept me willing to try it. I know not everyone’s bodies are the same and I may be one of the few who have a positive experience, but I just wanted to come on here and say that I love it! hopefully someone reading this will find it worth a shot (you can always switch, but you might be like me and have no side effects!)”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 16, 2020

For Birth Control: “Honestly, I did not notice a lot of side effects. But it also did not help at all with cramps or heavy flow at all ”

6 / 10
19yrold · Taken for less than 1 month December 11, 2019

For Birth Control: “I am starting my second week of being on this pill (this is my first time trying any forms of birth control) and it has given me bad acid reflux, nausea to the point where I threw up some blood one morning. I'm mostly taking this pill to clear up my acne and so far it has gotten worse. I have not experienced any spotting or bleeding.I have experienced some random cramping. It has so much side effects and I'm not sure if its worth it :/. My sex drive has increased but oh lord I am so sensitive about everything.”

5 / 10
Lue · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 6, 2019

For Birth Control: “I started taking this birth control about 5 months ago and I’m not too sure about it. My face has been breaking out more, compared to the other pills I have taken, my periods are extremely light, cramps and back pain every month, mood swings and headaches. I do not recommend this birth control at all, there are definitely better options for you.”

Ash · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 6, 2019

For Birth Control: “I've been taking Tarina FE for a few years now. I recently received health insurance for the first time and went to a Gynecologist who prescribed Taytulla to me. I immediately began breaking out, my hormones were all out of whack, my sex drive was non-existent. I was aware that is was most likely the change in hormones and it would go away. I gave it a shot for 2 months and I became so depressed that I was was in such a dark place, which is very unlike me. Now I am happily back on Tarina FE where I will stay. This one just works for me. My acne is cleared back up, my hormones are back to normal, my sex drive is back and I don't want to hurt myself.”

9 / 10
TallGirl23 · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 25, 2019

For Birth Control: “So this is not my first time being on this birth control. I took it about a year ago right after I got my IUD removed. It was great, although I had a few symptoms, such as depression from time to time. I decided to take a break from birth control after being on this medication for 5-6 months. So fast forward to today, I did not have a great experience getting back on this birth control. I started 3 weeks ago and have been bleeding for 11 days straight & the flow is heavy. Idk what's going on, or what has changed but this is horrible! I had this same experience when I had a Depo shot (which I thought was the worst birth control ever) but I can say that Tarina Fe 1/20 just about compare! I threw this pack in the garbage, along with my other unopened pack!”

3 / 10
acrsd · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 21, 2019

For Birth Control: “I’ve been on this Tarina Fe 1/20 pill for 1 month and wow... I’ve experienced chest, back and under arm pain. Mood changes that consisted of sad, anxious, a little depressed and extremely PARANOID. My period was about 2 days late and I couldn’t tell if it was spotting or just a lighter period (TMI: my period was dark brown). I gained weight in my arms, mid belly, breasts and thighs. I had some acne on my forehead that was red-white heads and some red dots on my chin. Again, TMI, my discharge was thick and milky white and came in large amounts daily. It’s definitely not my favorite pill, but I hope this helped anyone.”

3 / 10
Jam · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 18, 2019

For Birth Control: “This pill Tarina FE 1/20 isn’t too bad. When I lost my health ins for awhile I started using the planned parenthood and they said this is the same as blisovi which is what I was previously using. I’ve been on this for like 8-9 months now and I haven’t noticed any weight gain or acne or anything crazy. I think my sex drive went down a little bit though? But aside from that I’m having a good experience on it. My periods are light and pretty short (like 3-4 days) and it does what it is intended to do.”

7 / 10
cc · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 2, 2019

For Birth Control: “I would give this a zero if possible. This is the first birth control pill I have ever taken and I started it a year and a half ago after about 10 months of use I started to get stabbing pains in my abdomen and back that would last for hours and usually was accompanied by me throwing up. Fast forward to today and I believe it is the cause of my gallstones! The listed side effects of birth control are gallstones so be very careful and just get an IUD which is hormone-free! Seriously it's not worth developing gallstones then having surgery to get your gallbladder removed!”

1 / 10
Ollie · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 17, 2019

For Birth Control: “I’ve only been taking this birth control for about 2 and a half months, but it has already significantly decreased my acne. I used to get 5-7 pimples a week and now I have none! I decided to take this after having had horrible pain due to an ovarian cyst and often small little pains during ovulation. So far, I have not had any pain and my period is incredibly light-almost as if I don’t have one. I was afraid of possible weight gain, but none has happened. This birth control works so well for me.”

J678 · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 11, 2019

For Birth Control: “Do not go on this birth control!! This birth control Tarina fe 1/20 has cost me hundreds of dollars at the OBGYN because of a dry/clumpy bleeding problem after sex. My doctor didn’t know what it was so I had to spend money on tests and an ultrasound to find out “everything looks great”. Turns out it was my birth control. SWITCH! I would suggest if you don’t want that all over you and your partner (it’s embarrassing) I would very highly suggest you chose a different pill.”

1 / 10
bb · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 23, 2019

For Birth Control: “I have been taking Tarina Fe 1/20 for 3 months now. I have gained 25 lbs and constantly struggle with depression, bad belly pain, mood changes, feeling very tired or weak, nausea, swollen breasts, breast tenderness, etc... because of all these things my doctor has prescribed me Aubra EQ which I start next month.. I will see how that pans out.”

4 / 10
PissyHippy · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 17, 2019

For Birth Control: “I started taking Tarina Fe 1/20 for lighter, shorter periods. So far, I've bled almost every day since I started taking this (2 months ago). I've noticed a bit of hair loss, eczema breakouts (which I haven't had this badly in YEARS), depression, mood swings, decreased sex drive, increased appetite and weight gain, and I can't sleep at ALL. I'm done taking this as of today, and I don't intend to touch it ever again! The only slight upside was I went up a bra size, but my chest hurts all the time now so that's a 50/50 win regardless. I would not recommend even trying this!”

2 / 10
Haley · Taken for less than 1 month July 13, 2019

For Birth Control: “DO NOT USE THIS ! Day three of using this birth control, my skin broke out into terrible red white heads. All over my face, the next morning I woke up to rashes all over my neck, if you want to save your face and sanity do not ever use this birthcontrol.”

1 / 10
VA · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 10, 2019

For Birth Control: “Was on this BC for 6 months, and it was the first pill I had taken for a long period of time. Cleared my acne miraculously, got a lot of comments about how clear my skin was! I did however gain a little weight (like 5lbs) and was incredibly moody. I don’t typically cry very often, but this medication made me burst into tears at the slightest thing. My periods became incredibly light and would last for a day if that. Never had any other issues.”

5 / 10
sams July 10, 2019

For Birth Control: “These Tarina Fe pills are obviously different for everyone and everyones body takes it in differently. I’ve been on the pill for a year now and I’ve never had any real side effect other than depression and terrible anxiety. Recently I started to get irregular periods and I finally came to the conclusion that these pills are not it for me anymore. I felt like constantly crying and I was basically intolerable. I did drop weight easily and never really gained weight nor did I have acne but the bleeding really wouldn’t stop. I’m not gonna tell you to not try it but if you start to feel yourself depressed and distant please switch asap”

4 / 10