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User Reviews for Doxycycline

Also known as: Vibramycin, Monodox, Oracea, Adoxa, Avidoxy, Targadox, Acticlate, Doryx, Doxy 100, Vibra-Tabs, Doxy-Caps, Morgidox, Uracil, Mondoxyne NL, NicAzel Doxy, Doxy-D, Oraxyl, Alodox, Adoxa Pak, Adoxa TT, Adoxa CK, Ocudox, LymePak, Doxy 200, Doryx MPC …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
1 review 27 medications
1 review 150 medications
Bullous Pemphigoid
1 review 76 medications
Q Fever
1 review 1 medications
Syphilis, Early
1 review 42 medications
5 reviews 42 medications
99 reviews 105 medications
Lyme Disease
52 reviews 35 medications
Urinary Tract Infection
25 reviews 193 medications
2 reviews 22 medications
Chlamydia Infection
46 reviews 58 medications
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
2 reviews 65 medications
661 reviews 516 medications
Malaria Prevention
4 reviews 23 medications
Rheumatoid Arthritis
3 reviews 356 medications
39 reviews 185 medications
34 reviews 287 medications
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection
25 reviews 162 medications
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
42 reviews 119 medications
Lyme Disease, Neurologic
7 reviews 33 medications
1 review 32 medications
6 reviews 48 medications
Bacterial Infection
133 reviews 171 medications
Lyme Disease, Arthritis
1 review 35 medications
Ocular Rosacea
3 reviews 43 medications
Gonococcal Infection, Uncomplicated
2 reviews 61 medications
1 review 21 medications
Pleural EffusionNot rated - Add rating1 review 14 medications
Summary of Doxycycline reviews 6.8 1,199 reviews

Reviews for Doxycycline

John · Taken for less than 1 month August 18, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: "My Doctor prescribed me this doxycycline antibiotic orally 100mg for MRSA after the first two antibiotics failed (some sort of penicillins). The doxycycline has managed to fade the MRSA boils but not completely eradicate the infection. The side effects are by far the worst I’ve ever experienced from any other drug I’ve taken. From dizziness, nausea and the worst of all the pressure it causes in your head. My whole 10 days on this drug has consisted of being in bed or lying on my couch with anxiety from side effects. I wouldn’t recommend this drug to my worst enemy."

K Claire · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 17, 2019

For Lyme Disease: "I can’t give it a 10 because it’s not a cure. I believe Mytomycin-C is the cure and I have no way to get my hands on it. Doxy 400mg every 12hr for several months gets a 9 star from me because it saved my life and put me out of my pure misery that I endured for 10 years. Whenever I take it, my trigaminal nerve in my face (right side) heats up and the other joints that are always in pain heat up. But after 10 months I’m at the gym instead of on my death bed. Ps. Have alternated with penicillin for a month and minocycline for a month, then had also have included metronidazole the first month to prevent diarrhea. Can’t stop the doxy or mino though or symptoms return within a few weeks. That could indicate bartonella infection as well sadly. I’ve rescued my share of stray sick cats and groomed my share of tick infested dogs, yuck. Not a pet a person anymore! Anyway, I’m just glad to be alive and not at 1000 on the 1-10 pain scale (my apologies to the math professors out there)."

regret it wow · Taken for less than 1 month August 17, 2019

For Acne: "I started doxycycline because I got bad hormonal acne after going off of my birth control pill. However, I’m on my 3rd day of it and my skin is SO much worse than it ever has been. I’m getting dry patches which never happened before, and tons of breakouts on my forehead. I’m also getting little bumps all over my shoulders and horrible acne on my neck. To top it all off, I threw up three times as well. I understand that it’s supposed to get worse before it gets better, but I really don’t think the side effects are worth it."

None August 16, 2019

For Urinary Tract Infection: "I was given Macrobid first for the presence of strep B in a urine culture. On the third pill I felt flu like so I stopped. I was then prescribed a single dose Monurol (focfomycin) but the flu symptoms and pain in my back/ kidney area continued. Then I was given doxycycline. Things just went down hill. I thought I was experiencing a kidney infection, a gallbladder problem infection or even hepatitis A! I experienced a throbbing headache. All over body flu symptoms, numbness and weakness in hand, pain in ankles, hamstring. Went to ER; organs fine; blood fine; urine not readable after taking too many antibiotics. Stopped the drug after this. I am incapacitated in bed with total weakness, shaking, abdominal pain. I have to fly tomorrow. Praying I can make it. Antibiotics either kill you or the infection. It’s a gamble every time."

lis · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 16, 2019

For Acne: "At first when I started taking it, it cleared up my skin SO MUCH. I at a point had no breakouts at all whatsoever & was soooo happy. Now, however, my skin is back to how it used to be. I would even say it looks worse:(( Looks like it stopped working for me, and my body now resists it."

Joemama · Taken for less than 1 month August 15, 2019

For Pneumonia: "Seven day prescription for doxycycline taken for community acquired pneumonia. Was as sick as I’ve ever been for a week. Started meds on a Sunday afternoon and by Monday evening I was feeling so much better, not perfect, but I was sure I was going to live after all. Prior to the meds, I wasn’t so sure. Make sure to take with food. I took it on an empty stomach one morning and dry-heaved for about 15 minutes. But I've taken it with food every other time and I haven’t even had heart burn. This antibiotic made me feel so much better so quickly."

Wooz · Taken for less than 1 month August 15, 2019

For Gonococcal Infection, Uncomplicated: "I mean, it definitely helps with the infection, but holy moly do I feel worse while taking it! I feel sick... It's a great drug, just... Don't take it if you don't wanna feel sick for a week"

Trish · Taken for less than 1 month August 13, 2019

For Acne: "I’ve just started doxycycline, I’ll see how I go, I’ve heard a lot of good feed back Crossing my fingers :)"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month August 12, 2019

For Lyme Disease: "I took doxycycline for Lyme disease for 4 weeks but I am still going numb in the legs"

San August 12, 2019

For Acne: "I’ve been taking apo-doxy for over 6 months, along with using the topical adapalene medication. Before the medication, I had a lot of acne on my forehead and cheeks. At first when I took it, I didn’t really notice it getting worse. Over time, my acne had cleared for the most part but I still had scars. Now after taking it, I decided to discontinue because I didn’t want my body to become resistant to it. Now that I’m off of it, my acne seems to be coming back and I’m considering taking accutane."

Nick Lolno · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 7, 2019

For Acne: "Was prescibed doxycycline for painful cystic acne. I took 2 tablets each night after dinner. I don't recommend taking on an empty stomach. This medication causes extreme nausea. Even when I eat, I still feel nauseous and anxious sometimes. Stomach feels like its almost contracting like a muscle or something. I have vomited several times after taking, likely due to not eating enough to help absorb the medication. It also makes me feel a little unaware, but it has helped a lot with my acne. If you're willing to deal with the likely side effects, it will probably work."

Hiker1 August 7, 2019

For Lyme Disease: "First time I found a tick lodged into my thigh. I removed it put it in a jar alive and went to emergency. There they gave ma precautionary Doxycycline two pills one time only. Then this week I had what I thought was a mosquito bite but there was too much blood. Disinfected it with antibacterial soap. But a day later I notice a red rash, and realized having taken outdoor first aid courses that it was a tick bite and a possible infection. No symptoms of Lyme disease but I wen to my doctor anyway. He prescribed 14 days of the same antibiotic. I had no side effects and the rash is almost gone. I believe in prevention and precautionary treatment rather than be sorry later."

person1234 August 5, 2019

For Acne: "Been on this for about 3 months and it actually made my acne worse"

gloria · Taken for less than 1 month August 4, 2019

For Acne: "I became extremely frustrated after trying almost everything to clear my skin (proactiv, chugging water, changing my diet, etc.) only to have hard, painful cysts forming on my chin & jaw almost every single day. I grew tired of wasted effort & crying over how bad my face look so I eventually went to a dermatologist who put me on 100mg of doxycycline per day along with adapalene gel. I broke out really bad the first week on it which I read was normal as the skin is purging. After the initial breakout, my skin started clearing almost instantly. I didn't get any bad side effects, but I made absolutely sure to eat before taking my meds. My skin was a little dry, but I believe that was from the gel. I'm so happy with my results!"

cauliflower · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 28, 2019

For Acne: "The only thing it did was breakout my skin. I used it for 3 months - went to the doctor midway, she said "it has to get worse before it gets better". I moved cities, went to a new doctor to which he told me to stop the prescriptions and instead he gave me tactupump/epiduo instead and now my skin is so much clearer!"

Ruin · Taken for less than 1 month July 27, 2019

For Chlamydia Infection: "I have been diagnosed with Chlamydia but 'LGV' Chlamydia which is more severe. I have to take 100MG (twice daily) Doxycycline for 3 weeks. Even though I don't have any symptoms, I was told 3 weeks max would eradicate any remaining infection. I am currently on day 2, I don't mind the no sex for 3 weeks as long as my sexual health is good. This definitely has side effects. Mainly nausea, so remember to eat before or during a meal!!!"

Kinda July 22, 2019

For Urinary Tract Infection: "I was having pain In a gland and also frequently urination. After taking doxycycline it cured both.. So happy, it works "

Ching Chou · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 22, 2019

For Malaria: "Only side effect is a great tan."

Anonymous July 21, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: "My doctor misdiagnosed me and gave me this drug to take when I just had a cold and not an infection. This drug gave me inflammation in my small intestine. Very depressed. Don’t take."

Kelly Y · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 17, 2019

For Acne: "I have been taking this doxycycline medication (acne) for about 2 years, maybe longer. The longer I have been on this medication the less I like it. It makes me nauseous and tired. Because it is an antibiotic I think my body is resistant to it now because it seems to have no effect anymore. I’ve taken accutane two times now and I still get pretty moderately bad cystic acne around my mouth and cheeks. It seems to possibly be making my acne worse currently. Right now is the worst my acne has been in about 6 months so I am going to stop taking this medication. I don’t think it’s worth it."

Anonymous July 15, 2019

For Acne: "I’ve been taking Doxy 100 mg twice for 6 days, the first 2 days after taking them I felt fine, on the day 3 I felt nauseous and couldn’t eat anything. I had to force myself to eat and I felt like something was stuck in my throat. The Dr. prescribed me this for 2 weeks, but I stopped taking them on day 7. Horrible experience."

No mo' pneumo · Taken for less than 1 month July 15, 2019

For Pneumonia: "I am currently In betweeen day 2 and day 3 with Doxy which is prescribed for community-acquired pneumonia. Doing SO much better. Friday, I had a fever, couldn't sleep, was coughing every minute, and was absolutely miserable. Though I'm still taking it easy to play safe, now all I have is just the occassional cough. Doxy will give you a headache though, so make sure to eat and drink a lot of fluids with it."

L D · Taken for less than 1 month July 14, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: "I had an ear infection and was prescribed this medication doxycycline. The first day was fine but then I developed severe pressure in my head to the point where I had to switch medications. I would NOT recommend this drug and a warning to people this medication can cause high blood pressure in the brain. Terrible drug. Terrible. Hence the score of a 1 I would have rated it a zero. I know if you have nothing nice to say don't say it all but this is a warning for people that this can happen and I wouldn't want anyone to go through this."

Pickles · Taken for less than 1 month July 12, 2019

For Bacterial Infection: "This medicine gave me a terrible, and I mean terrible headache. A lot of pressure in the head and nausea when taking even it says on the bottle "you can take with or without food." I stopped after two days. Also if you look up Doxcycline this made a girl go blind from intracranial pressure. Never again and a warning to people because I care."

Poppety · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 11, 2019

For Rosacea: "Shocked to see people talking $200 for month’s treatment. Derm prescribed 6 week course and here in Canada I paid $22. Had 3 BBL (Broadband Light) treatments which removed a lot of redness, but still patches of red bumps that ebb and flare but never go away. I hope the antibiotic treatment will deal with them, then 2 more BBL treatments for remaining redness. I only got my prescription today. Pharmacist said although handout says on an empty stomach she would rather I take it with a little food if that will lessen any nausea. But not to take with calcium containing foods as that will lessen effectiveness. Between rules around fitting it around meals and not lying down for a while after taking it, it’s going to be an interesting few weeks :) And yes, avoid too much sun as it will make skin more photosensitive. Hope it works, hope I don’t have any issues - fingers crossed. But if it doesn’t my Derm says he has a few other tricks to try but they will be more expensive."


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