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User Reviews for Quetiapine

Also known as: Seroquel, Seroquel XR

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Intermittent Explosive Disorder 10.0
2 reviews 5 medications
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 8.7
31 reviews 11 medications
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 8.0
52 reviews 5 medications
Insomnia 7.7
402 reviews 109 medications
Borderline Personality Disorder 7.4
102 reviews 25 medications
Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7.3
150 reviews 7 medications
Paranoid Disorder 7.2
13 reviews 5 medications
Bipolar Disorder 7.0
559 reviews 30 medications
Depression 6.7
162 reviews 81 medications
Schizophrenia 6.7
58 reviews 47 medications
Schizoaffective Disorder 6.6
57 reviews 27 medications
Major Depressive Disorder 6.4
50 reviews 46 medications
Tourette's Syndrome 6.0
2 reviews 7 medications
Summary of Quetiapine reviews 7.2 1,640 reviews

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Reviews for Quetiapine

Frenchbulldogs · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 1, 2020

For Major Depressive Disorder: “Had Q x3 in 6 mo,1st ok until hives facial & joint swell at 4wks.Stopped Q tried other antipsy in 2mo,Q sensitized me to others,no luck. March restarted Q as desperate 2nd reaction face swelled,body hives.NOW,had a breakdown psych wouldnt give me anything new,got ref to senior psych,unmed for 2mo He convinced me to take both Q&lamotrigine(also sensitive to)thru desperation agreed,called them cure to severe dep&mood dis.Started at 25mg for wk 50mg after,NO improvement on mood previous good results in days on this dose,im WORSE angry,low,anxious,in bed crying.Foggy head cant do any tasks no convos.weight gain even though I cant eat so bloated I look preg.Hives needed steroids,Feet were wwollen couldnt walk Water retention on thighs,acid reflux x4 a day presc antihis. because of Q too dont help at all. 3days ago He took away only lamo&told wait a week!I cant live this way,stop today”

1 / 10
Venus · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 31, 2020

For Borderline Personality Disorder: “I'm a 23 y/o woman diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at age 18. I take 25mg quetiapine once daily and this medication has gotten my psychotic symptoms under control as well as getting my co-morbid generalized anxiety disorder under control. I also take .25mg xanax as needed for spikes of anxiety and it works like a charm! I used to not be able to sleep through the night without waking up hallucinating and it was a nightmare. Now I actually sleep and during the day it's made my psychotic symptoms completely go away. The only con I've noticed is the morning grogginess but that's eased as I've gotten used to the medication. I absolutely recommend this for anyone with BPD specifically struggling with psychotic symptoms.”

10 / 10
ariellove · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 18, 2020

“Seroquel is excellent for anxiety. But I put on a lot of weight. On it for 5 years. No sexual disfunction.”

9 / 10
M · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 18, 2020

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: “After no luck with two SSRIs, I was put on quetiapine at a dose of 12.5-25mg per night before bed for PTSD, as an augment to the 50mg/day desvenlafaxine SNRI anti-depressant. I tolerated it super well, and it’s made such an amazing difference to my sleep/rest. No more flashbacks at night, or waking up in terror/sweats, just back to my old self. After 6 months, I now take 1/4 of a 25mg tablet a night just before bed, and sometimes none at all. I’ve also noticed my hyper vigilance during the day has almost completely gone, but that could be the desvenlafaxine more than the quetiapine.”

10 / 10
CMac · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 1, 2020

For Borderline Personality Disorder: “I have been on Seroquel for 5 years now. I began at 100mg and and just recently moved to 200mg. Prior to Seroquel, my BPD symptoms were out of control. I was misdiagnosed many times over my lifetime and have been given countless drugs for depression and anxiety, which either did not work or made things worse. Since being on Seroquel, my life has completely turned around. I feel totally in control of my thoughts, emotions, and actions. I feel rational and sane, have impulse control, have been able to hold down a job and maintained a nice lifestyle and marriage for the entire time, which I was never able to do before. I take it at bedtime, it's the ONLY thing that helps me sleep at night, I wake in the morning feeling rested and alert. I do struggle with being overweight by about 40lbs, but the benefits far outweigh the weight side effect for me.”

10 / 10
Tammy · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 26, 2020

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: “Ok started quetiapine about three years ago they was ok. Starting taken them properly in the last three years and they work for my voice hearing . Had to be adjust to 400 to get my sleep pattern better over the past few weeks and gives you munchies try not to eat loads and you'll be fine”

10 / 10
jh · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2020

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: “I've been on Seroquel for about 1.5 weeks now and so far so good. My pdoc added it to my Prozac and Klonopin regimen in order to help my insomnia and augment the Prozac. I was still feeling extreme generalized anxiety during the day, along with panic attacks (which Klonopin tremendously helps). The first few days were sooooooo sedating -- could barely function during the day and slept 16 hours every night. This goes away. Now, I'm finding the medication so helpful. My anxiety is much better, my mood swings quelled, and triggers have a "dampened" effect on me now, albeit still an effect. I'm on 50mg. Kind of want to go up to 100mg. The anxiety is still there but just muted a bit. No weight gain so far or change in appetite.”

9 / 10
Heidi · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 16, 2020

For Insomnia: “I take half a 25mg tablet for sleep and have been for a couple years now. Its been a miracle drug for me. Only 12.5mg does the trick. I cant imagine taking 300mg!? I'd never wake up. :)”

10 / 10
Kieran · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 14, 2020

For Insomnia: “I was given seroquel to SLEEP, because I complained of insomnia ONE TIME. This drug is very addictive and made me very photosensitive, and I couldn't handle heat at all anymore. Those symptoms, at least photosensitivity, are not written in the side effects because of how rare they are. It took me one year without the drug to get back to normal.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more June 5, 2020

For Generalized Anxiety Disorder: “Whatever your condition, from my experience do not start taking this drug quetiapine. I speak from experience with bipolar, major depression, and anxiety. The side effects are far worse than any benefits. The only benefit I have found is some help with sleep, but even that is inconsistent and sometimes my overall sleep is much worse (fewer hours). It causes massive weight gain over time and dependency. Once you take it, you feel like you won't be able to sleep without it. I have been on it for years and have been unable to get off it, even though at this point I am on a low dose of 25 mg when I used to be on a high dose.”

1 / 10
123 · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 4, 2020

Seroquel (quetiapine) for Schizophrenia: “I used to take this drug Seroquel for 7 years. The only side effects I had was sleeping too much, no way to wake up in the morning and "still sleeping" for 1st hour of being awake. Once I threw up breakfast because my body was just not working yet. And I was always putting guilt on me, because I didn't know that this is pill side effect. I used to think I am lazy, because I couldn't wake up. When having job, I always needed someone who woke me up, because I always turned off the alarm unaware, while sleeping. Only now when I changed pills and can normally wake up I see that I am not lazy and I am very happy for that fact! Another side effect was muscles cramps in legs - when I went to bed, I couldn't stay still, I had to move my legs because of some weird "muscle tightens". This happened occasionally. The side effects were not so terrible. It didn't do any harm to mind and emotions.”

8 / 10
shura June 1, 2020

Seroquel (quetiapine) for Bipolar Disorder: “This drug Seroquel made me feel like a zombie. Sure it would make me feel "normal" but it would completely knock me out. I was with some friends and I was going to give them a ride home from my house and accidentally took my medication too early and I literally passed out and they had to get a ride from a friend. I was only at a 50 mg dose. This medication was just not for me. I take Latuda now, which made me really drowsy when I first started taking it but I have since gotten over it.”

2 / 10
Rezzy June 1, 2020

For Bipolar Disorder: “I started taking quetiapine two weeks ago thinking they were just sleeping pills from my psychiatrist cause I had some days where I just couldn't sleep and didn't realize I was manic. She made it sound like they were just for sleep cause she knows how much I don't want to be on antipsychotics. Anyways I went through a tough breakup which didn't help the body or mind when I started taking these. I find I have great sleeps, great dreams, and my mood has significantly improved. Mind you I was put on other antipsychotics last year that zombified me to the point that friends were extremely concerned I'd never be myself again. I'd say the worst side effects for me on quetiapine has been runny poos, nauseous every morning to the point I can not eat solids, I've lost a bit of weight but am actively trying to maintain it, and I'll get extremely emotional suddenly without having a reason. I'm going to continue taking them and talk to my psychiatrist soon. ALSO MY DRY MOUTH IS AWFUL AT TIMES”

8 / 10
Roadbuzz · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 31, 2020

For Insomnia: “I've been on 200mg dose of quetiapine each night for a while now and it has its ups and downs. After 30 minutes I start to feel the effects and usually helps me sleep for at least 4 hours each night. It can make me sleep during the day though so I take naps. The downside is that I gained an insane amount of weight since starting it.”

6 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more May 30, 2020

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: “After 39 years of severe PTSD Seroquel along with specialized inpatient and outpatient therapy has turned my life around. I function 75% better now for the last 39 years. I have been on 200-400mg seroquel at night with 25-50 mg per day if needed for severe anxiety/panic attacks, for 17 years. I have developed type 2 diabetes and have gained weight, but this is nothing compared to what I went through in childhood into my late. Seroquel helped my capacity of to learn recovery tools. In the past 2 yrs I’ve reduced Seroquel from 550-700 mg at night to 400 mg & daily 50-100 mg to 25-50 mg once/week I am so relieved to have been given a second chance at life, along with 12 step recovery & private therapy”

9 / 10
Gaz. · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 27, 2020

For Borderline Personality Disorder: “I’ve been taking Quetiapine now for about 4 years my dosage started on 100mg and over the years it was raised to 500mg. I found the tablet to help my mental condition as my personality has changed following my brain haemorrhage. However my overwhelming concern was the weight that I had gained 4 stone! So in December 2019 I gradually started to reduce my dosage and now I only take 200mg at bedtime as it helps me to sleep as I wouldn’t be able to sleep without taking the Quetiapine.”

Mo · Taken for less than 1 month May 25, 2020

For Depression: “I was prescribed quetiapine about two days ago for derealization/Bipolar/Anxiety/Depression. After taking 25 mg before bed, well, it’s definitely a sedative. I was basically in between sleep and awake having a panic attack. I had crazy dreams & the next day I feel worse. I don’t plan on taking it anymore because it was an unsettling, for lack of a better word, experience. This wasn’t for me, personally. I used goodrx to only pay $9 for the medication. And PlushCare to talk to an MD for $100.”

2 / 10
Gccc May 22, 2020

For Borderline Personality Disorder: “I've been on quetiapine for 3 years I have borderline personality disorder, and I don't think they work for me I take 400mg at night, other than making me tired all the time with no energy and weight gain, I wouldn't recommend and they come with many common side effects, and prior to taking them I actually think I was better off, they are very addictive to, I've forgotten take them on a odd occasion and the withdrawal procces feels like I'm dying”

2 / 10
TC · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 19, 2020

For Insomnia: “I feel like taking Seroquel MUST be like getting roofied. I took the 100mg and it literally knocked me out for 12 hours straight. Then after waking up, you're groggy for at least another 6 hours and are grumpy to people around you. I also got restless leg syndrome or some kind of VERY weird involuntary leg movements. I would ALSO always wake up in some kind of pain and it might be due to the fact that you're so knocked out your contorting your body in unusual positions while you sleep. I then got reduced halfway to the 50mg which did the SAME thing but with half of the SAME effects!!! Seroquel seems like a dangerous drug to me and I've been on a few.”

1 / 10
kate · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 19, 2020

For Depression: “I was put on this medication quetiapine as an add on drug to go along side my venlafaxine 150mg. Before this I was taking olanzapine 10mg. The olanzapine soon stopped working after about 4 months. I was so low and depressed, I wanted to end my life. I didn't have any emotions. However quetiapine has saved my life. The dose was increased by 50mg every 3 days. At first I didn't feel any different, then when the dr increased it to 150mg I started seeing and improvement in my mood. From then on I got better every single day. I am now on 300mg and have got my life back. I'm now 4 years in remission and have never felt so good. I wish I was put on this rather than olanzapine.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 14, 2020

For Depression: “I took the 400 mg quetiapine xr version and the 25 to 50 mg regular one. All was good the drug is smooth helps me sleep. I just don't know why I look up the Ndc number for my tablet with the number 25 on it for 25 mg, and supposedly when I look it up it says accord, but on the bottle it says inta, maybe accord took over ibta I'm not sure. But it can get confusing.”

9 / 10
Noone · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 9, 2020

For Borderline Personality Disorder: “quetiapine helped me a ton in terms of emotional instability and sleep. I was on 150mg for about a year. All going fantastic. Then 100mg because of unrelated heart problems now 50mg because of swallowing problems that have lasted the entire time. Since being on the 50 I am unable to sleep and have suicidal and self harm thoughts everyday unable to work. I wish I didnt' have swallowing problems as this med changed my life. I have had no weight gain either.”

8 / 10
AA · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 8, 2020

For Insomnia: “I was taking 100mg a night for insomnia. It worked at putting me to sleep but it gave me some intense memory issues. I was forgetting things, losing train of though mid sentence and forgetting what I was talking about. About 30 minutes after taking it I couldn't remember anything at all. I couldn't concentrate or focus at work. I took 25mg initially and it didn't put me to sleep, but it let me sleep through the night for about a week. Then I went up to 50mg and same thing.”

5 / 10
tiz4tggr · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 3, 2020

For Insomnia: “Up until my gastric sleeve surgery in 2012, sleep was never an issue for me. If anything, I slept too much. Fast forward to 2020 and for the last 8 years I have suffered horrible to mild insomnia and even on a good night I may get 5 hours of sleep. I have tried all the common sleeping scripts out there along with some pretty serious anti anxiety drugs which ended with pretty bad results (a week in the hospital). In February of this year I went in for my normal physical except my normal doctor had left the practice and the new doc, filling in for her, was the one I got to see. I explained all that I wrote above and she reviewed my chart. She asked if anyone had ever suggested Quetiapine, which they hadn't. I'm currently on day 61 of taking 50mg a night with 7-9 hours a night being the new norm. I'm so thankful this wonderful doctor came into my life. I'm not sure if any other doctor would have even considered this drug. So far no adverse side effects or weight gain. :)”

9 / 10
JG · Taken for less than 1 month May 3, 2020

For Depression: “Seroquel is definitely not for me at 25 mg. I am not sure I have bipolar disorder my symptoms are severe depression and anxiety, but I might according to some of the symptoms. I experienced confusion, could not focus, and felt I was living in a fantasy world. I also had very strange dreams. I have only been on it for 1 week but just could not handle the side effects.”

1 / 10