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User Reviews for Myrbetriq

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Urinary Frequency 5.4
140 reviews 18 medications
Urinary Incontinence 4.3
43 reviews 49 medications

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Reviews for Myrbetriq

Dee dee · Taken for less than 1 month July 17, 2020

For Urinary Incontinence: “I was given samples of myrbetrig - Avoid of all cost the first night I experience side effects of dry mouth, irregular heart beat, and woke up with a pounding headache, took 2 days to get out of my system”

1 / 10
Myra · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 3, 2020

For Urinary Incontinence: “Was on Myrbetriq for over 8 weeks. I started on 25mg. and was increased by the doctor to 50mg. Unfortunately my urgency and leakage continued. There was no noticeable change and my symptoms did not improve. Very disappointed .....”

1 / 10
Daughter of user · Taken for less than 1 month April 6, 2020

For Urinary Incontinence: “My mother suffered a massive stroke 2 weeks after starting on Myrbetriq and passed away. Her b.p. was extremely high. I will always wonder if this was a contributing factor.”

Daisy · Taken for less than 1 month March 12, 2020

For Urinary Incontinence: “I had been taking Toviaz for several years to replace the oxybutinin I was taking before. The problem with Toviaz was terrible constipation and dry mouth but it worked fairly well in controlling my incontinence and frequency of urination. My urologist recommended I try Myrbetriq as she said the side effects were not as troubling as Toviaz. After taking Myrbetriq for a few days and having many, many episodes of incontinence where I couldn't even make it to the bathroom before urination began. Went thru several pairs of pants and underwear while taking this. I decided the dry mouth and constipation were much better than the incontinence I suffered with Myrbetriq so I switched back to Toviaz. Below I give it a rating of 1 but only because there was not a 0 listed. I”

1 / 10
Disappointed · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 2, 2020

For Urinary Incontinence: “After 6 weeks of 25mg and 4 weeks of 50 mg Myrbetriq ended up at emergency room for urinary retention. Was sent home with catheter (because it was weekend) until I could get appointment to see urologist. I will never take this medicine again. Was still using liners while taking this drug because incontinence did not stop. Did not improve my condition.”

1 / 10
Old&Tired · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 17, 2020

For Urinary Incontinence: “Have dual problem - (1) urgency requiring multiple trips to the bathroom at night - (2) difficulty urinating with unknown cause - had several TURPs. Tried Mybtriq for a year - no improvement for urgency - no side effects - dropped because it pushed me into the donut hole in med cost.”

1 / 10
Small8rain · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 12, 2020

For Urinary Frequency: “I have taken this drug for 8 months. I was surprised that it worked right away because I had tried many other things like Ditropan, Uripaz etc that did not work. However the longer I have taken it the worse I feel from side effects. My hair started to fall out early on but I didn’t connect it with Myrbetiq until I read these reviews. Slowly it started to stop working as well, I had a UTI and now I have a pounding headache, my ears buzz, I am so dizzy I am afraid to take a shower, my nose runs steadily, my eyes burn. I can’t concentrate maybe because I feel as if my head will explode. I see my doctor tomorrow. Hopefully she will come up with a good alternative and I won’t have withdrawal from this med. I would rate it 7/10 for symptom relief but overall 0/10 because of the severe side effects, including palpitations, muscle cramps, itchy skin, skin so dry it flakes off as well as the other things I mentioned.”

1 / 10
Honey February 6, 2020

For Urinary Incontinence: “No longer need to use pads”

10 / 10
Stephen · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 31, 2020

For Urinary Frequency: “77 yr-old male, had to get up many times at night to pee, Oxybutinyn made my mouth and throat painfully dry, had to D/C it, but Myrbetriq 50mg (in conjunction with some prostate meds - Finasteride 5mg and Alfuzosin HCL 10mg) works well, with no side effects, save BP is a little higher. Sorry it doesn't work so well for you other folks!”

10 / 10
TonyL · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2020

For Urinary Frequency: “This drug worked great for me. I was up urinating at night about 4-5 times a night and as frequently during the day. After one week I saw an improvement and after two months on it my night/day urination was back to normal. Has been 6 months since I finished the medication and still no problems. Hope it stays that way.”

10 / 10
KarenFL · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 20, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “I’ve been on Myrbetriq for a little over a month now. I was thrilled that it worked on the first day and it seemed like my urinary frequently was cured !! But two to three weeks later I started experiencing terrible stomach pain after eating and then horrible diarrhea. My doctor tried to tell me it wasn’t myrbetriq that these are not common side effects of this drug but After reading these reviews, I see I am not alone suffering from these particular side effects. I'm sad about quitting this medication because it worked very well for my urinary issues. But I’m quitting this medication today.”

6 / 10
Tina · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 8, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “I went to my doctor because I had experienced urinary frequency for some time with some leakage. She gave me a sample of Myrbetriq and everything seem to be fine. The only side effect that I had was I lost almost all of my hair! Are used to have with my friends and family would call Hollywood hair and now I have no hair and I am a 62-year-old female. I would avoid this medication if you want to keep your hair. I would rather pee myself then be bald!”

5 / 10
Good daughter · Taken for less than 1 month November 21, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “Mom (87) has been getting up 5 to 7 times per night to urinate. We tried this drug to reduce the number of trips to the bathroom so we can all get some sleep. It has not reduced her bathroom visits but it gives her such dry now she drinks have a gallon of water during the night time. But good is that?! Tried it for three days. (She also takes seroquel Which compounds the dry mouth issue ). This truck gets no points for reducing nocturnal bathroom trips.”

1 / 10
TD101 November 19, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “I've been dealing with nocturia and a weakened stream for almost a year. It had gotten to the point of having a constant urge to go when lying down, so I was getting very little sleep and turning into a zombie. I tried Saw Palmetto, which actually helped for about 3 months, but then the symptoms came back with a fury. I finally went to a urologist, who put me on Flomax. That only lasted a week before the horrible side effects kicked in. After reading reviews I talked the doctor into trying Cialis 5 mg. I took that for 2 months and it had zero effect. The doctor then gave me a 2 week sample of Myrbetriq 50mg. Within a few days my stream had improved and the constant urge to go when lying down disappeared. However, I was still getting up 4-5 times a night. After 6 weeks, frequency has not changed. I'll give this another month and if the frequency doesn't change I'll be back at the doctor's office.”

5 / 10
Hillary · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 5, 2019

For Urinary Incontinence: “This medication gave me extreme pain during urination. My doctor took me off of it.”

1 / 10
Winter · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 20, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “I began with 10mg , 25mg and now 50mg ER. Urologist gave me samples not sure out of pocket costs yet. My issue that got me taking this is I've had urgency, frequency, spastic bladder, leaking after urinating. So elated for this to work, it was my first time getting any help for this issue ,and referral. Sooo it worked!But then it went down hill when I began the 50mg one week ago. I began having Weakness in my arms and left eye twitching after the 2nd dose of 50 mg, irritability, dry throat ,unable to empty bladder, severe constipation , bloating. Constipation was deciding factor to stop taking it today, and not being able to empty my bladder. Maybe my urologist will put me on lower dose because it was working. I had an occasional headache, I can deal with that. Others may have minimal side effects, and that's great. However, I didn't, I had many with 50mg. Also I have seen only a hand full of people with muscle weakness, and eye twitching I'm guessing it can effect the nervous system in some of us.”

6 / 10
Skippy · Taken for less than 1 month October 14, 2019

For Urinary Incontinence: “I had a bad experience with this drug. It did stop my bladder leakage but it caused my blood pressure to spike which in turn caused headaches, blurred vision, confusion, and chest pain. It also caused sleepiness, dry mouth and sinus, joint pain and my hair fell out by the handful. It wasn't worth it to me.”

1 / 10
Donnie · Taken for less than 1 month October 11, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “I took this medicine for 2 weeks. The side effects are horrible. They started with very dry mouth and sinus, as I continued the drug I developed blurry vision, headaches, joint pain that also caused weekness in my hands, chest pain, heart racing, diarrhea, upset stomach and my hair fell out by the handful. I have been off the med for 3 days now and still feel awful.”

1 / 10
Punk rocker · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 2, 2019

For Urinary Incontinence: “I have been taking this for eight months with great results and no side effects. I have incontinence with pulsating bladder that only stops with this medication. Only downside is it just stops working for two days every other week. Then it's back to being the best thing I've used. My insurance company is refusing to pay after one more month. I will be back to bladder underwear and multiple bathroom trips each night.”

9 / 10
Peach · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 18, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “My Dr. prescribed Myrbetriq for my overactive bladder. I was getting up 3-4 times at night, & going every hour or so in the day. After 5 weeks, I called it quits. It did calm my bladder down, so that only going once at night & every few hours in daytime. The downside? I started having urge incontinence, & couldn't make it to the bathroom when I finally felt the urge to go. Just bending over to get out of bed, I would gush. Leaking through 2 pads a day. Nope, I'd rather be going often than peeing on myself. BTW, if you do take this med & find it too expensive, you may quality for free meds through the mfg. of this drug. I did.”

5 / 10
Rarinsharon · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 16, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “Took 25 mg of Merbetriq samples then bought another months drug. I took a total of 40 days. It helped my urinary frequency at first, then my headache started during afternoon - evening hours, but I slept fine for first few days. Then headache became constant. Worst headache pain I have ever felt. Intense, constant stabbing pain. I became lethargic, did not want food and found minimum relief with ice on my head. Several nights with no sleep and then acquired fast heart beat, pounding in my ears. Often had vomit rising in my throat and I became totally immobile. Stopped taking Myrbetriq on September 12th, 2019. I am still nursing headache 4 days later. But pain is now intermittent with sparks or flashes of pain like starburst in my head. I ate oatmeal and scrambled eggs for first time today. Glad for the people this drug helped but recommend caution prior to using the drug.”

MEME · Taken for less than 1 month September 12, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “Had prostate removed. Later started to have a painful bladder from refer nerve pain from the nerves that use to go to the prostate. Caused bladder pain over whole thing and when pain gets really bad would maybe leak a little but the main problem was pain over bladder, a pressure type pain. This medication gave relieve almost within the first 24 hours. I cannot afford the full price so checking in with the company to see if they have any programs that help patients. I had zero side affects after taking it for five weeks. After missing one full day bladder pain is returning as I ran out of the med.”

10 / 10
BTBWmom · Taken for less than 1 month August 22, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “My bladder was so happy and calm for the first time in years when I started taking Myrbetriq. I was thrilled then one of the side effects kicked in. I had severe constipation and could not go at all. I ended up at urgent care I had such a stomach ache. It took several treatments of Miralax after discontinuing the drug to get my body eliminating on its own. I was disappointed. Have an appointment with the urologist again.”

1 / 10
CinderAngelkc · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 7, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “I've been on and off this drug for several years now. I was told nothing about side-effects and the information I was given spoke at length about common side-effects and only mentioned as possible some of the things I've gone through. We (the doctor and I) just stopped this medication for the third time. Mybetriq begins working fairly well, but it stops working and makes it worse. The first time I took it that took 6 months, the second time 4 months and this time I only made it about 6 weeks before it turned around and started making me feel awful. I've always had thick hair and half of it is gone. The GERDS was a nightmare for me. The worst was the UTI's that started after a short time of taking it. All of this sneaks up on you. I am glad for those who can take it, but I'm not one of you. I thought I was. Watch this drug and what happens to you. It can be wicked. Plus it was covered by insurance but is no longer by my plan. It is very expensive.”

3 / 10
Mischief July 25, 2019

For Urinary Frequency: “I was going 8x a night. Now the most I go is 3x. Also have had a couple of nights without going at all.”

9 / 10