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User Reviews for Flagyl

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
1 review 78 medications
3 reviews 13 medications
Dental Abscess
9 reviews 35 medications
1 review 186 medications
Clostridial Infection
6 reviews 31 medications
Helicobacter Pylori Infection
4 reviews 61 medications
65 reviews 32 medications
11 reviews 9 medications
Bacterial Infection
142 reviews 171 medications
Intraabdominal Infection
2 reviews 58 medications
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
1 review 65 medications
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection
2 reviews 162 medications
Summary of Flagyl reviews 7.0 247 reviews

Reviews for Flagyl

Marie · Taken for less than 1 month August 15, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "Will never take this medicine Flagyl again. The first day I started with a headache. Then came the lack of appetite and nausea which caused me to lose 3 pounds. Next was feeling tingly in my hands and full out panic, anxiety and depression. I called my doctor BEGGING to get off of this medication. Thankfully I just took my last dose. I will never take this again."

AW August 10, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "I am taking this alongside Amoxicillin prescribes by the dentist for gum infection. Never had problems with Amoxicillin. I’m into the third day and I am feeling sick. Woke up in middle of night, vomiting and limbs were in pain. Never have a experienced side effects of a drug this severe. It has help though as the swelling and pain in my gums have gone."

Pukingnonstop August 1, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "I have not stopped puking for 3 hours now . This is a horrible medication. Be very careful before taking it."

Anonymous July 31, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "Flagyl also ruined my life. I was healthy and now I have panic attacks and muscle weakness. Only took 2 days worth but three weeks later still feeling like someone else. Dizziness and nausea. Be careful with this."

Feeb · Taken for less than 1 month July 30, 2019

For Dental Abscess "I am not one to write reviews but this has to be done. I am based in the UK and was given this medication for wisdom tooth pain. I was told to take it three times a day for 5 days. After two days I was unfortunately a victim of being the 1 in 10,000 to receive rare side effects from the medication. I had external dizziness & blurred vision every 30seconds. I went to go GP(doctor) and they said I was given a high dosage and it should of been 2 tablets per day. After 9 painful days the antibiotic was cleared from my body and I am dizzy and blur free. I wrote this reviews because of the hours of research I have seen no one state how long it took for the side effects to disappear without hospital treatment. Hopefully this helps someone. Overall the tablet got rid of the pain but the extreme dizziness as a side effects was not worth it"

Cindyoz · Taken for less than 1 month July 30, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "Yesterday I finished 5 days of twice daily 400mgs of Flagyl. If my husband wasn't with me I would have despaired. Horrible nausea, heartburn, pain chills swollen face knees and feet. No sleep in 3 days. It was up there with heroin withdrawal. Seriously, been there done that. Flagyl was a BEAST. One day later much better but not out of the woods. Hopefully my BV has gone. This sucked. I took it with food, horrible metal mouth eew. Still felt steamrolled. Hopefully anyone reading this has no bad side effects. I advise asking family or friend to help as I could barely walk. Oh and weird red patches pin prick weirdness. User beware. Hope your body responds better than it did with mine."

Diverticulitis and Cat bite · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 29, 2019

For Diverticulitis "I have Lupus and Diverticulitis/IBS along with other health issues and then my cat bit my arm on top of Diverticulitis flare up so my doctors treated both with Flagyl and Cipro. I would comment more but this site will not let me please be careful with these medications"

Jessica · Taken for less than 1 month July 25, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "It ruined my life!! Caused dizziness brain fog and horrible panic attacks. Two years later and I'm still dealing with the side effects!!"

Misery · Taken for less than 1 month July 17, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "I got Bacterial Vaginosis two months in a row from the birth control I was on. The first time I took Flagyl it worked like a charm. My infection disappeared within a few days and I felt a lot better, no side effects or anything. This month, I got prescribed for it again at 500 mg 3 times a day for 7 days. I got two days in and got hit by a train. The nausea and dizziness from this medication forced me to call off work twice. I finally downed the dose to 2 a day and now I'm forced to eat every 2 hours to avoid the nausea. Also had to start taking probiotics to avoid the C. Diff that other users got. Overall, I'd say try something else. When it was bad for me, it was like being run over by a cart on fire."

Anonymous July 8, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "I felt it was important for anyone prescribed Flagyl and looking at possible side effects. I delayed treatment due to reading comments and becoming horrified at the stories of other people's experiences. For me NOTHING HAPPENED!! I am the most sensitive person when it comes to medications. I had no side effects on this medication except for a slight headache on Day 1. That could also been attributed to me coming off of sugar and caffeine also. NO SIDE EFFECTS. All I did was put coconut oil around the pill, threw it to the back of my throat, and washed it down with juice. Problem solved reagarding awful pill taste. I did not touch alcohol. I cut out caffeine and sugar as to not add to any potential anxiety. There could be many reasons others have side effects including other prescription drug interactions. Please don't get thrown off by other peoples horror stories like I did. Just follow directions, eat properly, stay away from the alcohol, and get better."

Tummy trouble · Taken for less than 1 month July 8, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "This is my third time with diverticulitis and have taken Flagyl and Cipro combo each time. I'm currently on day 7 of the course and it has relieved the pain early on each time. So for that it is highly effective. The down side is that you can't drink alcohol. It also leaves a terrible metallic taste as well as dry mouth which is hard to deal with and annoying to say the least. Slight nausea from time to time as well."

Na-Na · Taken for less than 1 month July 6, 2019

For Trichomoniasis "I have taken this med in 4 doses at once a few times and done it a different way every time. I ate more than normal and then took it with a phenergan because phenergan is for nausea and causes drowsiness. This is the only way if you are a drinker."

Missy · Taken for less than 1 month June 25, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "After battling with BV for two freaking years on and off, I gave my body a two year break with flagyl and used the boric acid suppository and peroxide douche. Those only worked until I had sex or my period again so the cycle continued. I went for a pap June 11th and I had BV so I gave flagyl a try and it worked! I was on the medicine one day and my period started. I noticed my period was shorter and my cramping wasn’t as bad. I would suggest trying to take the medicine around the time of your period since your uterus is self cleaning anyways. I also took diflucan two days after finishing the medicine and I’ve been fine since."

Madhatter · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2019

For Clostridial Infection "I am currently on day 5 of a 14 day course of Flagyl for c diff colitis. It has helped with the diarrhea and I am already feeling better. So far I haven’t noticed many side effects. Maybe a little more anxious at times. The worst part was the taste and swallowing the pill before it started dissolving. A coating of peanut butter solved that problem. Makes it super easy to swallow. Now let’s just hope it makes the c diff go away."

Georgi · Taken for less than 1 month June 11, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "I only took it for 2.5 days the adverse reaction was horrible severe nausea the worst taste in my mouth and headache Lasted for over 2 weeks I ended up in the ER because of this medicine I would never take it again"

Vetusnak1 · Taken for less than 1 month April 22, 2019

For Diverticulitis "Used Flagyl in combo with Cipro after 4 days of IV antibiotics for a bad diverticulitis flare up. No major side effects provided that I used probiotics and yogurt religiously during the week long course. I would take a probiotics about 1-2 hours before dosage, then eat a yogurt, then another probiotic 1-2 hours after each dose. I was on a soft diet anyhow. Very little nausea but quite manageable with ginger and peppermint tea and some rest. Also drinking lots of water helped as well keep things moving and somewhat normal."

AT and T · Taken for less than 1 month April 10, 2019

For Diverticulitis "This is the 4th time I have had diverticulitis and one of the things I dread is having to take 500 mg of cipro (2x a day) and 500 mg of Flagyl (3x/day) for 10 days. The nausea and stomach ache are horrible. I am now on the 7th day and this morning I began thinking about why the problems remain so many hours after I take the drugs. I thought perhaps the drugs were not dissolving properly, so I cut the pills in half and took them in 2 pieces. I have not had nausea or stomach pain today. It did not help the fatigue and weakness however."

Antonia · Taken for less than 1 month March 27, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "Just finished a 14 day course of Xifaxin and Flagyl for SIBO -C (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth with constipation). I was admittedly anxious about taking it at all due to some of the horrible reviews in general on the internet. However, I was fine. I actually stuck the pill inside a blueberry, and took it on a spoon of applesauce. It worked like a charm. I also followed the instructions to take the flagyl every 8 hours which meant keeping a weird eating schedule. I experienced virtually no metal taste issues, had some minor side effects, but generally felt well with good energy. I wanted to comment, as I believe people who tolerate it do not tend to make the effort to comment. The only way to know, is to try. I am hoping this course of antibiotics will reduce the bacteria in my gut, and help on the journey to healing."

TGuy · Taken for less than 1 month March 20, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "This antibiotic was the worst possible one I had to take! Anyone saying there are no side effects with this medicine is one of the lucky ones. This drug damages your digestive system, it tastes nasty, you have that taste all day come back up. I didn’t sleep well, and it affected the way I was breathing. Outside of that, it gave me yeast infection on my tongue. I’d never take this drug ever again! This drug cause more harm than good. If you need an antibiotic, find a functional dr. Natural medicine has been around for years and it works."

Na · Taken for less than 1 month March 12, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "I have taken flagyl multiple times for bv. I hate it each time. I tried Clindamycin but it wasn’t as effective. I took the pills with chocolate milk for the first few days, then orange juice then I finally saw where to wrap fruit roll up around the pill. I wish I would’ve known about that a long time ago. It helped a lot. My side effects were: dizzy, drowsy, stomach ache, heartburn, kinda blurry vision, headaches, back pain, frequent urination, dark urine, not much diarrhea, nausea, finally didn’t have a metallic taste but the after taste was awful. After taking the medication, it did give me a yeast infection which was expected. Really please try the fruit roll up method, it help a lot even with my last tablet."

SIGLEINDA · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 2, 2019

For Diverticulitis "I have had Diverticulosis for years. The first attack was awful. Went to ER. So very very sick. Did the Flagyl/Cipro routine. felt worse. Over the years I have discovered many things. First of all you DO NOT WANT TO TAKE CIPRO. Google up Cipro. It is poison and even have groups of people with horror stories about Cipro. FLAGYL: All you have to do is ask your doctor to write brand medically necessary and the pills come coated with a smooth blue coating that slides down easily and do not dissolve in your mouth so no bad taste when taking taking Flagyl. If you have diverticulosis and get flares of diverticulitis do not wait. IMMEDIATELY start on flagyl A lot of the symptoms you all describe are not from the pills they are from the disease. No Cipro and start Flagyl immediately. I keep a supply always in the house."

indigogirl · Taken for less than 1 month February 4, 2019

For Helicobacter Pylori Infection "I can't believe the complaints on here for a antibiotic that is going to heal your infection. I am on Tetracycline, Flagyl, Bismuth and Lansaprazole, I hope you all feel better. Drink lots of water and eat before you take this antibiotic. Love and Light"

Samiam · Taken for less than 1 month January 30, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "Within the second day, the smell from the BV was gone. It does however leave a bad after taste. To solve that, after taking it I drunk a whole bottle of water and then chewed a piece of gum that helped for me."

boriiiiii99 · Taken for less than 1 month January 27, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "I'm taking it for a bacterial infection and it makes me feel so awful I have to take it 3 times a day for 10 days (500 mg). I learned taking it with passion fruit or guava juice masked the horrible taste completely !!! But honestly the side effect are so terrible I'd rather have that horrible taste in my mouth than feel how it made me feel."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 10, 2019

For Bacterial Infection "Only cures bacterial vaginosis (BV) for about a week for me."