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User Reviews for Metoprolol to treat High Blood Pressure (Page 2)

Also known as: Metoprolol Tartrate, Metoprolol Succinate ER, Toprol-XL, Lopressor, Kapspargo Sprinkle

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Metoprolol Rating Summary

User Ratings
13% (25)
9% (18)
14% (27)
10% (19)
7% (14)
8% (15)
6% (12)
6% (12)
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17% (33)
5.6/10 Average Rating
190 ratings from 211 user reviews

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Reviews for Metoprolol

Taybay · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 23, 2019

Metoprolol Succinate ER (metoprolol): “Prescribed for my extremely high blood pressure and constant PVC's. Has lowered my blood pressure but has done nothing for my PVC's.”

3 / 10
Anonymous August 21, 2019

“I've been on this almost a year for high blood pressure and an uneven heart beat. Since I started my heart beat is fine but ended up in ER numerous times for sky rocketing blood pressure. VERY EXPENSIVE! I thought maybe by switching to the brand name I could fix it but after several months on it found out AstraZeneca doesn't even make it anymore so I was paying 6x as much for, basically, the generic rubbish. Finally, a wise cardiologist took me off the time release and put me on the 2x a day dosage of the tartrate and my blood pressure has been really good since then. If you're having any problems with it bouncing around I would suggest switching. Due to all of the issues this has caused I've lost a bunch of weight and am exercising and on a low salt diet. Hoping to get off of this soon. Oh, and DO NOT take the time release twice a day even if your dr tells you to. That should only be taken once a day. It's been a long road but I've learned a lot. Do your research.”

5 / 10
Chin · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 13, 2019

Metoprolol Succinate ER (metoprolol): “My blood pressure (BP) since 2017 ablation and hybird maze has been 130/90 heart rate 50 before 2 x Tikosyn , 1x 50mg Metoprolol. I take the drugs 1 hour apart, as soon as take the metoprolol BP goes to 165-180/ 130-120 heart rate 60-70. Feel dead, fatigue, to the point of fall asleep, sedentary, short of other words all the symptom's described by all. My EP dr said increase to metoprolol to 1x 100mg, I told him my cardologist suggested take two 50mg when my rate increased as needed. He said make an appointment to see cardologist that has known my condition for 2 monthss. Cardiologist said BP is not that high recommended no changes. I'm besides myself and lost faith in my Cardiology Clinic”

1 / 10
indigogirl · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 10, 2019

“So two years ago I went on Effexor/Venlafaxine for anxiety panic disorder I was on Celexa for 10 years prior felt it wasn't working. Okay so, my dose was upped to 150mg the Effexor and ended up in emergency with my heart at 180 beats per minute. They slowed it after two shots of two different meds, was put on metoprolol at the hospital. Not thinking it was Effexor that it just happened and got all tests done saying I had a benign superventrical tachycardia. My bp was high, I decided to get off Effexor which was awful not even close to an exaggeration. My BP dropped back to normal and so did everything else. I am off of metoprolol because I was on 50mg in am and pm and after I got off of Effexor it made my blood pressure very low and heart rate very low as well. I was getting really dizzy and had to lay down because everything was spinning. After I stopped it all went away. Crazy Ride. I can't live like that, no orgasms, depressed and sad, no motivation on Metoprolol weak, no energy. Pass”

Linda August 7, 2019

“Beta Blocker Rebound.....the Docs will tell you that this metaprolol is out of your system in 3 days. It may be out of your blood but it is not out of the nervous system for at least 3 months. Thus.....there is no longer inhibition of norepinephrine which causes the elevated HR and the anxiety reaction. It crosses the blood brain barrier and is lipophilic (stored in fat tissue) which stays in your system longer Both myself and a friend of mine have weaned off this drug and we are still having mild Rebound symptoms with elevated HR shaky knees and sweating. While taking the drug they side effects were very intense. Dizzy racing heart muscle weakness exercise intolerance palpitations constipation flushing etc. This is a horrible drug and I wouldn't give it to a dead dog! Try to be patient with the rebound effects. I was told it does eventually subside so you will fell normal again. Hope and prayers for all getting off this drug!”

1 / 10
Chicken · Taken for less than 1 month August 4, 2019

“I have picked up my rx of metopolol and am afraid to take it ..I have celiac disease and very sensitive stomach..Google seems to mention stomach problems with this drug..I am starting on 12.5 mg...did anyone take this and NOT have side effects”

1 / 10
Nellie · Taken for less than 1 month August 1, 2019

Metoprolol Succinate ER (metoprolol): “I have been on Propranolol for over 6 years and a new cardiologist switched me to this drug. I wasn't very happy and now I feel swollen inside, even my lips feel swollen. I don't really notice a huge difference from propranolol. I am checking all reviews from both drugs but I am going to switch back just as soon as I know it's safe to do so.”

5 / 10
Annette July 21, 2019

“I have been on metoprolol for some time now and late last year they raised the dosage because they took me off another med. While it does an ok job of blood control, I have been worried about it raising my blood glucose level. Since the raise in the dose of metoprolol that I take a day I have found it impossible to get my blood sugar back down to where it was before the dosage was raised. I called my doctor and she wanted to give me a medicine that has worse side effects to help to bring the blood sugar down. I refused to take it. I am now in the process of doing research to prove my point. It is not my diet that is causing my sugar to stay high it is the raised dosage of metoprolol. I think I may have to fight with my doctor about this, but I see no reason to take more meds to counteract the side effects caused by a med I am already on. I think that med should be changed.”

5 / 10
Constant · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 18, 2019

Metoprolol Tartrate (metoprolol): “I am on this for tachicardia and the metoprolol seems to do fine in lowering pulse rate as mine would be @ 125-130 at resting. Blood pressure was a little elevated. Seems to get to low now. I take 25 mg in morning and evening. I'm a 55 years young female now diagnosed with PVC and sinus tachycardia. No blockages. Also COPD.”

8 / 10
Roadhog July 13, 2019

“Taking metropol for 18 months now 25mg. Trice a day, I had triple bypass, I feel so tired everyday, even try to do 2 miles on tread mill everyday too. 60 Years old. Dr. Doesn't want to change my meds. But it makes me feel so old. I have always been on thin side and exercise. Bad genes I'm told. Really don't care for this medicine though.”

5 / 10
Leuy June 27, 2019

“Metaprolol us a horrid drug. I was started on 25mg 2x a day and only for the past 2 months. MD said it was a TINY dose. Nothing tiny about it. I have been so dizzy ...blurry vision... So I am trying to wean off and it's a miserable ride. I have palpitations...some chest pain...I wake in the night with ringing ears and racing heart. This is Beta Blocker rebound and I'd rather have craniotomy. I have headaches, tinnitus, poor exercise tolerance.(I was athletic) in addition to the palpitations and chest pain. I am trying to wean at 12.5 and now down to 6.25 daily until I can ditch this horrid drug. It seems many people have had the same struggle. I pray I can get off and get back to normal soon. Good luck to all of you working hard to get off this drug.”

1 / 10
Weenie · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 23, 2019

Metoprolol Succinate ER (metoprolol): “I have not only super high blood pressure but also very high pulse & physical anxiety symptoms. It's idiopathic; I'm young, slim & female, with good diet & no aggravating lifestyle factors. I've been this way since age 18. Tried several solutions including OTC & prescription medications, diet changes & hippie-dippie placebo stuff like breathing exercises/meditation. Currently I'm on 3 meds for my BP. The only one I really miss when I skip it is metoprolol. If I skip my ACE inhibitor or my diuretic, there's barely any difference. Skip my metoprolol? I'd better call in sick. You shouldn't give a hoot about my experience; my body chemistry has nothing to do with yours. Your body may not give a damn about beta blockers but care everything about a calcium channel blocker for all we know. All bodies are different, with a different reaction to different meds. I can't believe we're still reviewing medication like it's a one-size-fits-all deal that we can take each other's advice on.”

10 / 10
Mag · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 31, 2019

Metoprolol Succinate ER (metoprolol): “I hate this drug. I had been taking 25mg for years along with another Blood pressure pill, amlodipine. Worked okay although the metoprolol took me a long time to adjust to. It makes me feel really lousy. The side effects are terrible. Last year I had to have open heart surgery to have my aortic valve replaced. Afterwards, they put me on 100 mg of the metoprolol extended release. Oh My!! I’ve been on it for 7 months. I might as well be dead. This dosage makes me dizzy, light headed, depressed, extremely fatigued, I sleep all day, weight gain, headaches! I took half a pill each day for a few days and actually felt better. I hate this drug. I’m going to tell my cardiologist to lower my dosage way back or I’m just going to stop taking it. I feel worse then I have ever felt in my life. But hey, my BP and pulse is great!”

2 / 10
Grumpy49 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 17, 2019

“I have been on blood pressure medicine for 40 years. I had bypass in 2016 and prescribed metoprolol afterwards. I have had terrible muscle pain since. Doctor told me was not metroprolol, repeatedly. Went back to previous med and pain subsided, so yes metoprolol side effect is muscle pain!”

1 / 10
TJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 29, 2019

“I had good experiences with metoprolol for about 6 months after which time I developed paroxysmal swelling in the left forearm, and eventually that swelling became both forearms and shins and face.”

4 / 10
Bird · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 3, 2019

“Dr prescribed this drug several years ago. I took it every morning. I kept complaining about diarrhea during this time. So I ran out and VA was slow to refill. During this 3 weeks I realized I had NO diarrhea. I asked Dr and was told this was not a side effect of Metoprol!! I went online and indeed it is. I quit taking it! it has been 4 months now and no diarrhea. I told Dr I would rather die of stroke than live with diarrhea every 2 or 3 days for the rest of my life. Went to cardiologist and have new BP med. Hope this works better than Metropol”

6 / 10
Dove · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 22, 2019

Metoprolol Tartrate (metoprolol): “I was given metropolol in the hospital in December 2018 after valve surgery. 25 mg morning and night. I was already on Micardis for high blood pressure. I guess that is standard with valve surgery. Well here it is March and I have tremendous joint pain all over. My toes are blue and I am cold all the time. Have a call into my cardio as I want to get off of this med and hope this pain goes away.”

1 / 10
Concerned · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 19, 2019

“My husband has always been happy, driven and energetic. He had bypass surgery and was prescribed metoprolol. He's recovered to a point but is depressed, lacks drive and is tired all the time. He's also developed a cough that won't go away. After reading these comments,I'm going to get him off of this terrible med.”

1 / 10
OJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 18, 2019

Metoprolol Tartrate (metoprolol): “I had to stop taking metoprolol as it gave me an irregular heartbeat. Rapid pulse and did not lower my blood pressure. I had to stop taking it.”

2 / 10
Mars12 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 14, 2019

Metoprolol Tartrate (metoprolol): “I've been on metroprolol for 3 months at a dose of 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night. I've had by-pass surgery and a valve replaced. This keeps my heart rate low but my blood pressure is up with metoprolol, as high as 170/80. I take in along with furosemide (40mg).”

2 / 10
Kittyjo · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 11, 2019

“Does anybody get sleepy after eating?”

3 / 10
oldman · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 27, 2018

“It will slow heart rate down and lower blood pressure”

10 / 10
Marilii November 27, 2018

“I am a 66 yr old female. I've been taking Metoprolol Tartrate for 2 years to control high blood pressure . My initial dose was 25 mg once daily. Didn't lower BP. The doctor doubled it and when that didn't do enough, he changed it to Metoprolol Succinate at 50 mg twice a day. After 2 weeks of taking this form of Metoprolol, I began getting hallucinations. I started seeing my bed's blankets moving up and down as if the bed was breathing. I watched the walls start moving as they, too, were breathing. The only thing different in my life was the change in medication. I immediately stopped taking it and went back to using the Tartrate form, which I still had. I told my primary physician about my experience and she laughed it off.”

3 / 10
swergin · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 5, 2018

“does not work and it makes me feel sick after four months of use.”

1 / 10
Jane · Taken for less than 1 month August 15, 2018

Metoprolol Succinate ER (metoprolol): “Worked well to control my blood pressure but couldn’t tolerate the side effects. Caused constant headache as well as a pressure feeling in my head and made me feel somewhat swollen all over (even though I wasn’t)”

3 / 10