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User Reviews for Synthroid

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Myxedema Coma 9.0
1 reviews 19 medications
Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal 6.5
52 reviews 26 medications
Underactive Thyroid 6.2
80 reviews 32 medications
Hashimoto's disease 5.6
29 reviews 24 medications
Summary of Synthroid reviews 6.2 162 reviews

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Reviews for Synthroid

Anonymous March 17, 2020

For Hashimoto's disease: “Synthroid is terrible it fave me an exacerbation of mental health symptoms! Nervous, restless, anxiety, fatigue, constant dark thoughts and depression. My TSH dropped from .50 to .02 and still no symptoms of hyper just the same symptoms of hypo. Weight gain, tired, depression. I thought I was losing my mind! Trying to adjust psyche meds thinking that was the issue didn't work cuz it was the levo causing the problem. It's difficult to separate symptoms of mental health problems from thyroid problems because they can be similar. Got a referral from PCP to see an Endocrinologist. They switched me to Armour. Significant improvement. Levothyroxine stinks! I'd rather take no thyroid medication and suffer the consequences than take Levothyroxine. ”

1 / 10
jrb · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2020

For Underactive Thyroid: “I had a partial thyroidectomy in 2007. I've been on generic Levo 88mcg for about 10 years now. Maybe it would be different had I been started on Synthroid from the get go but I've tried Synthroid two times, once at 75mcg and this week at 88mcg and the results were the same. Within three days I had muscle weakness, muscle spasms, more pain in neck and extreme fatigue. Regulation mandates 95-105 % of the active ingredient be present. I've taken Unithroid 88mcg and I never had the extreme symptoms like with Synthroid. I steer clear of this med because I can't afford to miss another week of pay fiddling around with it. Generic and Unithroid aren't perfect but at least I can function.”

1 / 10
Doesn’t matter · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 3, 2020

For Hashimoto's disease: “This stuff is just awful ! I’ve had my TSH go as high as 52.0 (wasn’t aware is was that out of control) and felt better than, than I do now on years of treatment on brand name synthroid! Endocrinologist just doesn’t seem to agree ? And now I have a whole new set of symptoms such as itchiness all over, horrible anxiety, headaches, weight gain, the list goes on and on, and nothing new has been added to my daily routine, I know it’s this medication, I hate it. Just throwing this out there for anyone else that so that you know your not crazy ! Good luck !”

1 / 10
Cookie · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 28, 2019

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I had a total thyroidectomy in 2016 after being on thyroid pills for ten years for hyperthyroidism and graves . I also had huge nodules and tumors. After surgery I started on a low dose of Levothyroxine and without even reading my blood work after surgery my Endocronolgy doctor changed my meds I felt fine and wasn’t gaining weight . Then he kept changing it and I started gaining . I went from 90 lbs to 155 lbs in three years and I barely even eat . My current thyroid doctor won’t do a full thyroid panel nor change my dose-age and ignoring my symptoms. I felt better at 125 mcg of Levothyroxine because I was able to lose but he put me back on 100 . I barely eat and get exercise yet I still can’t lose and keep gaining it’s very frustrating.”

1 / 10
Hyper by Nature · Taken for 10 years or more November 23, 2019

For Underactive Thyroid: “I am a 57 year old women who has hypothyroidism been taking 100mcg of synthroid for 10yrs I dread taking this pill every morning I feel like I have a out of body experience blood rushes to your brain and the anxiety hair loss now experience muscle and joint pains itch all over brain fog insomnia. For the past week I have been cutting it in half I will be stopping this crazy cycle I have lost so much weight just from the anxiety and insomnia I do not want to have to live off a synthetic pill and Klonopin and be told I am depressed I feel better without it”

4 / 10
Spudth November 13, 2019

For Underactive Thyroid: “Mine is a long story. I began taking synthroid in 1993 after a required dr visit. All I can say is WOW! It was not a sudden boost but a lifetime of feeling listless and tired was gone. I have been on the medication now for about 22 years. If I miss a dose, generally doesn't feel bad. Miss it for several days and I start getting tired etc. Can't imagine being without it. Certainly changed my life. Didn't do it overnight but it sure did take away that sleepy feeling. In 1997 the doctor told me it was known to be uncommon for men to have thyroid issues. Well, I think thats because men aren't tested as much. Now in 2019 I believe the treatment rate for men is probably just below that for women. Good deal. Never had a real bad experience. Not sure though where the meds come from and the whole concept of changing brands. I'm sloppy in taking it as I do it in the morning then drink coffee and often can eat breakfast right away as well. Good Luck to all.”

10 / 10
Pebbles · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 25, 2019

For Underactive Thyroid: “I do not notice any difference with the medicine, I’m still suffering from depression and I have extreme hair loss and weight gain even if I don’t eat more than 1500 calories a day. High protein, low carbs”

1 / 10
Dore · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 8, 2019

For Hashimoto's disease: “So sorry some of you are having this experience with Synthroid. I have been on this medication for 8 years now. When I started out with it, I had many of the same symptoms of all of you for about nine months. During that time I went thru 5 medication adjustments. Started out at 25 mcg , then ended up at 100mcg. Then went to taking the 100 mcg 5 times a week and cutting the pill in half two days. What worked for me is the following: -Take exactly the same time every morning -Do not eat or drink anything within the hour after that -Some medications and supplements interfere with the absorption of it. Take them 4 to 6 hours before or after. This is important because Synthroid is a narrow therapeutic dosing drug. In other words, if your dose isn't just right, you will experience all the negative side effects of both hypo and drug side effects. - If your dr isn't willing to adjust the dose for you like my dr has, find another dr.”

JaclynB · Taken for 5 to 10 years August 7, 2019

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “Lately I have been experiencing flu like body pains. Feeling achy weak legs and arms. This medicine is ruining my life. Every time I increase the dosage even by small amounts I feel so nervous and withdrawn.”

1 / 10
Nani July 30, 2019

For Hashimoto's disease: “I was drinking Levoxyl and I was living a normal life and my doctor changed me to synthroid and it’s being a living nightmare my doctor doesn’t want to change me back to Levoxyl because he thinks it’s just my mind ”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 19, 2019

For Hashimoto's disease: “Was diagnosed with hashimotos about 2 months ago. I would wake up feeling very fatigued and I would have to take a power nap at work before I could drive home. I had seen the endocrinologist and he put me on 50 mg of Synthroid once a day. After about two weeks I felt great, l was back to my normal self minus the weight I gained (10 lbs in 2 weeks). Now all the sudden I woke up this past Monday with a migraine and no appetite. Today is Friday, still battling the migraine and have lost 7lbs. Every time I think of food I want to vomit. Had labs done and everything came back normal. Body feels very hot and a lot of sweating. Doc lowered me to 25 mg on Wednesday but still no changes in headache or appetite.”

1 / 10
Alex June 14, 2019

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I have been on a roller coaster ride for the last 3 to 4 years. Every time my levels are checked then come back off. I had been on levoxyl 100 for years and don’t recall having any issues. Due to health insurance change I was switched to levothyroxine 100 and problems started happening. On levothyroxine 100 my levels would be out of whack and the doctors switched the dosage to 112 and I thought I was dying. Within a couple of days my joints, back, neck and feet would ache. Started getting palpitations felt like I was having a heart attack. Ended up in ER because of fast heart rate and heaviness and numbness of the left side of my body. Doctors thought I was having a stroke. I was switched to Syntheroid 100. 6 days on it. I have such bad pain through out my body and joints. My legs feel as if they are swelling. I have tried armour and immediately developed double violin and dizziness. I have stomach issues and gluten sensitivity.”

2 / 10
RD · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 10, 2019

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I'm so sorry to read all of the terrible experiences some people have had. I can only speak to my situation. I had my thyroid ablated about 5 years ago. It was absolutely the right & necessary thing for me. I am currently taking 88mcg Synthroid, daily. It works great for me. I'm extremely sensitive to meds, so my dr opted to start me on a low dose & check my levels every month until I got a "normal" result. It took a few months. I now am tested every year, but also go by how I'm feeling. My dr is very understanding. FIND A GOOD DR. This med has worked great for me. I'm able to maintain a healthy weight, my hair stopped coming out, my nails are stronger, I have plenty of energy. My other lab numbers are great. I hope this helps someone.”

9 / 10
Wonttakesynthroid · Taken for 10 years or more February 16, 2019

For Underactive Thyroid: “I was on Synthroid for 10 years. I was in so much pain in my joints, I couldn't function. This is a known side effect of this medicine. My numbers were where they were supposed to be per the doctors, but I still felt tired and my hair was still falling out. After my husband and I did research, we worked with my doctor and switched to Armour Thyroid. Within 6 weeks my pain was gone, I felt better. I wasn't tired and my hair was falling out. No matter what medicine you use - you know how you should feel. Do the research and work with your doctor. Only you know how you should feel. Don't depend on the doctor to tell you.”

1 / 10
Retazlaw · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 21, 2019

For Underactive Thyroid: “To be honest I'm not a person who has ever taken medications. So when my physician told me I had a under active thyroid I didn't really know what to think because I didn't feel as though I had any of the common symptoms. I just thought the symptoms the doctor mentioned were just normal ageing since I am 55 years old. I have been taking this medication now for a little over 4 months and have started to see some noticeable changes. 1) my hair stopped falling out. 2) nails started growing faster and stronger. 3) All around much more energy. 4) Able to focus better. So far I have been very happy with the results. I cannot give this a total 10 because everything has room for improvement.”

9 / 10
MissBailey · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 1, 2018

For Hashimoto's disease: “I've been taking generic (levothyroxine) for 2.5 years. I took for a little while about 4 years but I didn't keep up with my health as I should have. My TSH was 58.8 and I started on 50 mcg. After seeing my GP and now an Endocrinologist, I am now up to 150 mcg and the last TSH was .99 I have had no side effects from either Synthroid or the generic. The medicine does what it's supposed to do. My hair grew back, the fog lifted, got my energy back, severe muscle pain went away, joints no longer hurt and my cholesterol went down from 280 to 200. I take it in the morning but don't follow any rules. The endo just said to take it. I usually take it with my Vitamin D, prescription pepcid, and Vitamin C. I take it with coffee or milk. The endo said it really didn't matter, just take it because not taking it is not an option.”

10 / 10
Art · Taken for 10 years or more August 21, 2018

For Underactive Thyroid: “I have been on Synthroid for 12 years and I have had no side effects. I only have good things to say about this drug. However, when you start blood tests are essential to determine the right dosage. You must take on an empty stomach and no food for about an hour. Also, you need to keep the Synthroid level constant in your blood system. If you skip a day or two It is like you have to start over to get back to the dosage you were prescribed. This drug works. Use it as your Dr. tells you to and have blood tests on a regular basis.”

9 / 10
Thyroid Girl August 10, 2018

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “It was discover that I had a nodule/goiter on one my thyroids and the other wasn't functioning at all. After all the tests, I was put on Levothyroxine generic. I had all the symptoms named in all the other comments. But to come to find out, I couldn't take the generic. I was switched to synthroid and have been on it for over 30 years. I had to get it adjusted correctly, over the years, finally got it settled. All the symptoms gradually went away and I have been doing great since. This one has done the job for me. The only thing I have to say is that once on this medication, the weight maintenance has been constant with good diet and exercise. I have always separated vitamins and thyroid med, vitamins in the morning and meds at night. It has worked so far and feeling great. I will continue on this medication. To all, do not give up. There is something that will work with your body and it will be like a miracle. This was my miracle.”

10 / 10
LoveNatural · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 12, 2018

For Underactive Thyroid: “Originally my doctor put me on Levothyroxine when I first had symptoms of hypothyroidism. I continue to have the symptoms and ended up putting on a total of 43 lb! I then asked to see an endocrinologist and Bug them to put me on nature thyroid.. do to my persistence they put me on 82. 75 MCG of naturethroid. After 3 weeks of it in my system, I began to have energy again, stomach aches went away, slept better and was able to work out daily again! My new endocrinologist insisted that Synthroid was better then nature thyroid... So I will switch to Synthroid.. stomach aches and fatigue came back.. Synthroid and Levothyroxine don't help.”

3 / 10
D · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 4, 2018

For Underactive Thyroid: “I have a hard time tolerating this medication. I have many side effects and in general do not feel as well as I used to.”

2 / 10
Annette · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 2, 2018

For Underactive Thyroid: “I was taking Synthroid for three years. I was extremely ill during that time and it worsened. I could not eat, walk without falling, gained 30 pounds and my numbers did not go down. Finally my endocrinologist agreed to put me on Armour Thyroid medication. I lost all the weight I had gained in two weeks, could eat and walk. My whole life changed dramatically. Doctors are giving Armour a bad name, but I can tell you from my experience, it changed my life.”

1 / 10
Paw · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 18, 2018

For Hashimoto's disease: “Had my thyroid removed 2 years ago. Was put on synthroid and have felt terrible ever since. Weight gain, joint and muscle pain, blurred vision, tremors, hair loss, constipation, irregular heart beat, stomach problems and the list goes on. Doctor tells me my numbers are fine and I should be put on an anti-depressent. Really. That's because they don't know enough about thyroid disease and keep pushing the drugs. This drug is next to poison but no one listens to us . We are held hostage to these doctors that don't care. Where do we turn to because I we are suffering. Help!!!”

1 / 10
Powerless · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 2, 2018

For Underactive Thyroid: “So far so good”

8 / 10
Nibbs577 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 21, 2018

For Underactive Thyroid: “I had peeling of the hands and a facial rash”

NoMoreSynthroid · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 8, 2018

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “After taking synthroid for less than a year, I have been confined to a wheelchair and have permanent breathing/respiratory issues.”

1 / 10