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User Reviews for Unithroid

Unithroid has an average rating of 5.0 out of 10 from a total of 10 ratings on 40% of those users who reviewed Unithroid reported a positive effect, while 60% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Underactive Thyroid   10.0
2 reviews 33 medications
Hashimoto's disease   5.5
2 reviews 25 medications
Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal   3.2
6 reviews 27 medications
Summary of Unithroid reviews 5.0 10 reviews

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Reviews for Unithroid

Samantha · Taken for 10 years or more December 1, 2020

For Underactive Thyroid: “Unithroid is first FDA approved thyroid meds. I noticed when my mother took this over synthroid she was more alert. I have been on it 20 years. No problem.”

10 / 10
jrb · Taken for less than 1 month October 26, 2020

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I had a partial thyroidectomy. I took generics for years and the Sandoz distributed generic made by Cediprof disappeared after a distributing war. I needed a brand so this won't happen again. I felt terrible on Unthroid from the moment I took it in the morning, with nausea, finger pain and overall ill feeling. I didn't take it the next day and the symptoms went away. My Dr recommended Levoxyl and all those symptoms went away and it's cheaper. Unithroid puts a bunch of rubbish in their meds and clearly it does make a difference.”

1 / 10
Redhead · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 16, 2020

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I started on levothyroxine after my thyroidectomy due to cancer after about 7 months I decided to switch to brand name and my doctor picked this. While my body adjusted to the new stuff I felt awful. I had a couple days I felt really good and then boom it all went down hill. My period was four days early and horrible. I also became extremely anxious and depressed. This med is not right for me and I am hopeful to get to switch and try something new. If I have to be on it for life, better make sure it suits my body.”

3 / 10

Frequently asked questions

kingkrab · Taken for 10 years or more December 28, 2019

For Hashimoto's disease: “When the medication was made by Johnson-Stevens, it worked very well. I’ve been on it for over 10 years. The past couple years, something changed and it stopped working. After taking it in the morning, I had a metallic taste in my mouth and made me very tired. I will report these side effects to the FDA. Had to switch to another brand made in Austria, but works very well.”

1 / 10
Zitenisu July 24, 2019

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I received a prescription of Unithroid 75MG/BID after having major problems with Nature Throid. DR said that this medicine is better for people with IBS and other GI problems who've had problems taking other synthetic T4 mediation. This medicine supposedly contained very few ingredients and dyes. I was skeptical but started it. After only taking medicine for 2 days, my stomach made loud noises and shook and churned like a washing machine. Adverse reaction started quickly & intensity increased fast with this supposedly gentle medicine. This medicine is no milder or easier on your stomach than the other preparation. Unithroid contains lactose and dyes in every strength but the 50 mg tablets. I haven't had my labs yet to see if absorption is also an issue but even if it absorbs well, if it cause GI distress, what good is it?”

3 / 10
otaku-guy · Taken for less than 1 month August 29, 2018

For Underactive Thyroid: “I was on generic Levothyroxine for just about under a year or so. At first it was ok. Then when I recently went to get my refill the pills had a very strong odor. It's hard to describe. Like a strange mix between a chemical smell and dirty feet. Makes you want to gag when taking them. I learned about Unithroid from a family member and asked my doctor to change me to Unithroid. It is really reasonable ($) like the generic but Unithroid has no nasty smell. I also just found out that it is made in the USA so that's cool. I am happy about switching over.”

10 / 10
Tabbyknight January 20, 2018

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “This medication gave me severe gastric upset. And it messed up my levels so bad. I was on Sandoz brand for years and got switched to this. All of a sudden I'm severely overdosed. This med does absorb better then most so doctors beware.”

2 / 10

More FAQ

Shafett September 20, 2016

For Hashimoto's disease: “I take it in the morning and with the help of my Dr. my numbers have been stable.”

10 / 10
Tom140721105 · Taken for 10 years or more August 26, 2016

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “My thyroid was removed in 1978 due to cancer. I started out on Armour but was eventually switched over to Synthroid. I have had no side effects from the drug and my doctor and I have been happy with the results. Frequent blood monitoring dictated that I alternate between 175mcg and 150mcg doses per day in order to fine tune my "numbers."”

9 / 10
Nadiakash February 6, 2016

For Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I get sick, angry and depressed from the medicine. I get migraines, I can't take it but through my research I am going to ask for Armour , it is natural but it replaces two hormones and you do need a prescription”

1 / 10

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