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User Reviews for Cymbalta to treat Depression (Page 5)

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Cymbalta Rating Summary

User Ratings
25% (126)
17% (86)
11% (56)
6% (33)
4% (22)
5% (24)
4% (20)
4% (19)
6% (29)
19% (96)
6.4/10 Average Rating
511 ratings from 544 user reviews

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Reviews for Cymbalta

MEL-Columbus February 23, 2018

“I've been on every depression med available. (Including Trintellix -- one of the newest). Trintellix worked really well, but I gained quite weight on it, and the $300/mo copay got old after a while. I'm really surprised and pleased with Cymbalta so far. I'm taking the lowest dose (20 mg?), and have not had any major issues (had headaches at 1st which happens with all new meds I try, and I always take with food to avoid nausea). I experienced horrible fatigue on Prozac, but I need to take this med in the a.m. I'm a runner and so usually constantly ache , but I'm actually feeling "lighter" and less stiff since I've been on this. I've also lost some weight/appetite which I love. This may be a result of ending the Trintellix, but whatever the case, I'll take it. I've always been really constipated, and Cymbalta has helped with that as well. (Does this mean that "regular" people might experience diarrhea?). I'm not agitated nor nervous, so all in all, Cymbalta has been really good for me.”

9 / 10
Mez · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 22, 2018

“This awful drug killed my son. He died of serotonin syndrome within 2 months of taking it. Ensure you have a vigilant doctor who cares for you and follows up how you react to the drug.”

Gia19287 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 4, 2018

“I was prescribed 20mg Cymbalta and while I was on the medication (3 months), my depression settled and I felt happy & motivated. However coming off cymbalta I experienced night sweats, low moods, mania, paranoia, anger and I convinced myself I had many mental disorders. I tried to put myself into psychiatric care. Please DO NOT take this medication, it is very new and doctors shouldn't be recommending it.”

Anonymous January 29, 2018

“This was the first antidepressant I had ever taken. I had one 30mg dose of this drug and within 15 minutes I felt electric shocks/ tingly sensations throughout my body (mostly arms and legs) as well as a burning sensation which continued for several days. I felt extremely nauseous and had flu like symptoms of feeling hot and cold. My doctor advised me to take this drug before sleeping as it would make me drowsy. However, after taking the drug I was not able to sleep at all for 2 days and developed fractal like hallucinations due to the drug. I had to go to the ER as I could not cope with the hallucinations and was not physically able to sleep. I was advised by the hospital doctor that these side effects occur in only 1-5% of people who take Cymbalta, whom are elderly. I am 19 years old. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!!!!!!!”

1 / 10
Lilla Molnar January 27, 2018

“27 years old, female. This medicine has helped me a lot, it literally saved my life. I was prescribed this medication for moderate depression and severe GAD after I stopped Prozac as it couldn't help anymore. So far Cymbalta is working for me, changed my entire life, and solved all my mental problems (not only mood swings and GAD). My doctor wanted me to take 60 mg dozes, but I started off with 30 mgs and I felt that is enough, so I'm still taking it now in this dosage. I haven't had any side effects. I still have some mild mood swings during my period and I'm still very sensible, but I feel this to be normal and connected to my basic personality type.”

10 / 10
Milli G · Taken for 10 years or more January 27, 2018

“I've been on Cymbalta since 2004 for major depression. I take it every day, 60mg when I wake up & 60mg before bed. This medication has absolutely saved my life. I went through trial & error for years, with every antidepressant out there, my psychiatrist even went back & had me try different combinations of those med's with no success. It is a fast working medication, (pro) within days of starting Cymbalta I felt/showed signs of improvement, (con) if I miss one day, it's definitely obvious to those around me, & I digress emotionally. Besides major depression, my neurologist has also diagnosed me with "suspected CTE,(Chronic traumatic encephalopathy)" due to multiple TBI's & concussions. I am a retired National level athlete.”

10 / 10
rebjen Take for fibromyalgia January 17, 2018

“Great for my fibromyalgia, anxiety/depression A plus”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 21, 2017

“I have been on so many different antidepressants because of my heart tablets I have just been put on over a year ago. I'm also going through menopause which doesn't help and adds to lower sexual sensation to the mix. I found a lot of other antidepressants gave me bad side effects then I have been put to try duloxetine as my very last resort as all the other meds haven't worked so far. So good sensation is a little better, depression is better. The only side effect I get are dry mouth but only been on for a few months but feel al ot better but again everyone is different”

7 / 10
Y5nthon5a · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 8, 2017

“I was taking Cymbalta for 2 1/2 months (along with Lamictal, which I still take) to get rid of the depressive side of bipolar. It made me super down and extremely on edge for weeks. I was on 20mg.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 2, 2017

“These capsules enhanced made me feel worse. I am gradually removing these awful meds from my life. The withdrawals are so intense that it leaves me incapable of driving, gives me spasms and brain zaps, uncontrollable shaking and twitches. Do not ever even start taking Cymbalta.”

1 / 10
Mariam valdes October 13, 2017

“Took cymbalta for depression for about 6 month, first 30 mg which my doctor increased little by little until it got to 90 mg. She increased it because the medication seemed to work but after a while the symptoms were present again. I went on vacation and when returned, couldn't get the prescription on time, that was the beginning of the nightmare. Symptoms of withdraw going from vomiting, electric zaps, severe nausea, severe dizziness sensation that I am falling down, head pain and so on for more than two month. I didn't stop taking the medication, it was only a gap on treatment what put me in that situation. Since that day I asked to my doctor to help me discontinue it even following her directions, it is so bad that I don't recommend it ever”

1 / 10
Seriouscatlady · Taken for less than 1 month September 16, 2017

“I took my first dose of generic Cymbalta last night of 60 milligrams. It's now 5:47 PM & I've not eaten all day due to the severe nausea. I'm also very jittery, anxious, have a super, really bad headache (I'm also prone to migraines.), & my tinnitus is worse in my left ear. I also have slept most of the day, besides. I have depression & mild PTSD & anxiety & migraines, I've been on other anti-depressants before. Prozac increased my migraines the last time. I think this generic of Cymbalta won't be for me.”

1 / 10
Tina50 August 18, 2017

“I was put on this for a while. It made me very depressed, anxious and withdrawn. It was only when my friends told me how bad I was that I realised I was having a real "breakdown" on it. I went to see my doctor who changed me to Sertraline which suits me a lot better. I was depressed before I took Duloxetine but I went in to a very dark place that I had trouble getting out off. We are all different and different medication suit different people.”

2 / 10
ShaeFox · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 10, 2017

“I've been taking Cymbalta for depression for two and a half years. My doctor titrated me up to 120mg. I was at 120mg for over two and a half years and almost constantly I was severely depressed, severe anxiety, some paranoia, no energy, over reaction, self harm, extreme anger, just to name a few. That's not to say I do have some of those problems normally, but not as severe or as constant. So Cymbalta was overlooked as a cause to my worsening issues. Two weeks ago I was admitted into an inpatient hospital to basically save my life. While I was in there I was abruptly taken off, then titrated up to 60mg. I'm a totally different person now. I did a complete 180°. I can't believe what a difference it makes being on the right dose.”

5 / 10
Jodie c July 24, 2017

“Very effective worked immediately”

Meghan k · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 30, 2017

“Ok so I'm a 19y/o female and, After a month and a half of super minor side effects (groggy, dizzy, no appetite) cymbalta started to work really well, however about a couple months ago I began experiencing mood swings more and more gradually. Now I have days where I'm in a completely crabby mood (I don't want to do anything), or I'm in an ok mood (I'll go out and try to do a couple of things to build confidence), or I'm totally pissy and mean all day and I cry and flip out. (like literally cry and like threaten to leave him for nothing) My poor boyfriend who doesn't even understand the medicine (who tries to because he respects my choices) I plan on changing my medicine my next doctor's visit cuz the mood swings are making it hard to get a job.”

6 / 10
Shannon262 June 28, 2017

“Had panic attacks and major depression. This medication changed my life for the better. Been on this medication for almost a year. Takes about 3 months to feel the full effect. If the dose is too strong you may feel worse. Its trial and error.”

10 / 10
Kay F. · Taken for less than 1 month June 23, 2017

“Just took it at its smallest available dose this past week. I was replacing my Zoloft because I felt that my depression is more of a reaction to my anxiety, so my doc put me on this which is known to treat both, unlike Zoloft which only treats depression. I have yet to experience any bad side effects like many do in the beginning, and if anything it actually treated the side effects of getting off Zoloft, like nerve tingliness. It gives me an overall sense of calm, and unlike other anxiety meds, it doesn't sacrifice by concentration and memory which is very important since I'm a full time student. It calmed my anxiety and allowed me to sleep, which in result, I don't feel depression. A+ on this medication so far.”

10 / 10
houdini95 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 21, 2017

“This drug has changed my life. Before taking Cymbalta I was depressed, anxious and borderline suicidal. Within a few weeks of my first dose (60mg) I noticed that I was more outgoing, friendly and that my mood has significantly improved. Although I experience some sexual side effects, the drug has been incredible on the whole. I'd highly recommend it.”

9 / 10
Anonymous June 15, 2017

“It works one of the few antidepressants that I can take that doesn't have any side effects I can notice. Other antidepressants in other families, I.e. SSRI's I know I cannot take due to the side effects. With cymbalta, I don't feel any side effects, and I seem to function alright. I know it works because off it, I can't pull it together and am in bed most of the time, so it works. I give it a B+ because I can't take it at its highest dose without getting too overstimulated. I take it at 30mg.”

caden byran · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 12, 2017

“It alleviates my depression. But I have some headache, I am not sure if it is caused by the drug”

9 / 10
joebloe256 · Taken for less than 1 month May 17, 2017

“I've been having anxiety and depression issues recently and since I've had back surgery and residual pain, my doc put me on 40 mg of Cymbalta. About 3 hours after I took my first dose I had the worst migraine I've ever had in my life, coupled with nausea, finally vomiting, cold chills, auditory hallucinations (low rumbling sound, plus my tinnitus got worse,) sleeplessness, loss of appetite and everything tasted like aspirin. The next morning my wife and I attempted to have sex. While I did have an erection, after almost two hours of trying I never even got close to an orgasm. Now I'm in some discomfort. For a drug that's supposed to make me feel better, I'd never take it again.”

Kypr May 11, 2017

“Previous med Lexapro quit working after several years. Cymbalta seemed to work for the 1st week but I think it may have been placebo effect, after about a week my body started hurting and feeling hot from the inside especially my legs below my knees. After about 3 weeks stiff neck, hot flashes, restlessness, anxiety, headaches. 4 weeks all these plus talking in sleep, joint pain, body aches, stiff feeling, trouble focusing and I asked to be taken off it. I was only at 30mg.”

1 / 10
lonesomecharlie · Taken for less than 1 month May 9, 2017

“Horrible headache, drowsiness, feeling of paralysis, and diarrhea”

1 / 10
sylla April 27, 2017

“I just started it , but felt it working already. Compare to Citalopram that I used before. I'm excited cause I have hope that Cymbalta will help with my depression and my back pain”

8 / 10